Review of the Parma electric chainsaw: description, features and rules of operation

Features and characteristics of the electric saw “Parma”

Electric saw “Parma” is well known to the Russian consumer. Today, the company of the same name, founded almost 40 years ago, is engaged in the production of construction tools and professional welding equipment.

features and device

Electric saws “Parma” are produced in two types, each of which has its own design features, purpose and performance characteristics. In this case we are talking about proven and reliable chain models, as well as no less powerful disk samples. The first came to replace the once popular gasoline-powered devices, borrowing from them the main nodes and units.

The construction of such models is quite simple: they consist of a solid body with built-in electric motor, a saw bar equipped with a cutting chain, the tensioning mechanism and the chain lubrication system.

The principle of operation of Parma chain saws is to transfer the torque of the engine to the cutting wheel through the gearbox and the drive sprocket. Simultaneously with the engine is introduced an oil pump, which supplies lubricant from the oil tank on the bars and keeps the moving parts of the tool in working order. Unlike gasoline models, Parma electric saws have no clutch, carburetor and air filter, so they require minimal maintenance and do not need adjustments.

Parma electric saws are resistant to voltage fluctuations and short circuits, and the high motor life allows the engine to work without power loss even in case of a voltage drop of up to 5% in the mains.

All models of Parma electric saws are equipped with a chain brake, which disables the engine when the tires come into contact with solid objects. The brake activates the protective shield in front of the working handle. If a nail is hit, the saw is thrown upward and the operator inadvertently hits the guard. The motor shuts off immediately, making injury from contact with the cutting element impossible.

Some Parma models are equipped with a built-in thermostat that quickly shuts off the motor and increases the load above the permissible level. This prevents the motor from overheating and greatly increases its service life.

In addition, many units have a soft-start feature that protects the motor winding from overheating and prolongs motor life. Chainsaws also include a chain tensioner, which is actuated by both a special handle and a wrench.

advantages and disadvantages

The high demand for circular and chain saws “Parma” is due to a number of important advantages of these devices.

  • Unlike their gasoline counterparts, electric saws are compact and small-sized. This is due to the absence of a fuel tank, carburetor and air filter in their design. In addition, the cost of electricity is much lower than that of gasoline. If on this basis, comparing the electric models with battery-powered devices, then the palm belongs to
  • And the primacy belongs to the electric tool. Such saws weigh much less due to the lack of batteries, so it is much easier to work with them
  • beneath it.
  • Compared to chain saws, electric models do not have the problem of cold starts. This greatly simplifies the use of the saw and eliminates the need to take additional steps to warm up the engine.
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Parma electric saws are highly environmentally friendly, as well as low noise and vibration levels, which makes it possible to use them without restrictions in enclosed spaces.

Thanks to the domestic origin of the electric saws, there are no difficulties with the acquisition of spare parts, as well as repair and maintenance.

Like any other electric tool, the products of the company “Parma” also has disadvantages. They are inherently full power-dependent models, which imposes a number of restrictions on their use.

In the field it is impossible to use the device without access to a source of electricity. In such cases, gasoline models and batteries have priority.

The second, no less significant disadvantage is the ban on the operation of power tools in the rain or in conditions of high humidity. Ignoring these restrictions can lead to electrical injuries or damage to the device.

The third disadvantage of electric saws is the need to take five-minute breaks every 15-20 minutes. This is due to the high load on the motor and the risk of its premature overheating.

  • Properties of the models
  • The scope of Parma electric saws is represented by chain and circular models.

Under the chain saws, it is possible to highlight the Parma M electric saws, which are a reliable and proven device. The device is equipped with a 2 kW motor, which is a good indicator for devices of this class. The weight of the saw is 5.6 kg, the length of the bar – 40 cm, the number of limbs – 57. The bar, the chain and the driving sprockets are constantly supplied with grease in the course of work, which considerably increases their resource and prolongs their service life. Oil barrel with a capacity of 100 ml is equipped with a special window that allows you to visually monitor the condition of the lubrication clamp. The device is also equipped with a key for putting on a chain, a plastic cover for a bar, several additional brushes and an instruction manual in Russian. The cost of “Parma-M” is 4 436 rubles.

Of the models with a hard drive, it is worth considering the saw Parma 200 D 02.004.00003. The device is equipped with a 2 kW motor and has a cutting diameter of 20 cm. The tool is designed for longitudinal and cross cuts, which are performed both directly and obliquely (at an angle of 45 degrees). The weight of the device reaches 7.1 kg, and the electric wire length is 1.8 m. The maximum kerf is 6.5 cm, so you can saw not only chipboard, plywood and sheet materials, but also wooden boards Can work and timber. The saw is equipped with a key for replacing the disc, a ruler, a front handle, a proposal for stationary installation and an instruction manual. Such device costs 4.283 rubles.

Electric circular saws

Parma circular or circular saws are modern carpentry tools and are often used in construction, repair and at home. Unlike chain models, they do not have a long protruding bridge and are characterized by compact size, low weight and high ergonomics.

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The area of application of the circular saws is very wide. They are used to cut chipboard and fiberboard, cut wood of various species, cut grooves and channels in wooden workpieces, and are also used to cut slate, organic glass, plastic boards, multi-layer materials and even sheets.

The design of Parma circular saws is also not complicated. The device consists of a sturdy plastic housing, a collector asynchronous electric motor and a saw blade, which is enclosed in a protective cover at the top and bottom. The saw has a handy handle with an on/off switch, a lock button, and a speed regulator. It also has a front stop handle and a parallel stop for a more precise cut.

Subtlety of your choice

Before proceeding with the choice of the Parma chainsaw, it is necessary to determine what amount of work with the tool is to be performed. So, if you intend to cut firewood or industrial wood production, the electric tool for such work is not a helper. Here you need to buy a chainsaw that can work for several hours without interruption.

Parma models are more designed for private, non-professional use, they are simply indispensable when working at the cottage.

However, in this case, you should take into account what they should be used for. For example, if you often have to chop firewood to ignite the sauna or fireplace, it is better to choose a chain model. Also, it should be purchased for cutting dry branches and for other works that do not require a particular condensation of moisture.

If you buy a tool for repair or construction work, however, you should choose a model with a hard disk. In addition, some Parma circular saws have the ability to connect a chip extractor, with which you can keep the workplace clean.

  • Owner’s Manual
  • Operation of the Parma chainsaw should be carried out with some simple rules, the implementation of which makes working with the device comfortable and safe.
  • Before you start using your new chainsaw, it must be properly assembled. To do this, put on the nitre, tension the chain, pour oil into the barrel and check it according to the instructions.
  • Before you connect the saw to the mains, make sure the power cable and connector are intact.
  • Be sure to separate the tool from the power source when checking the circuit voltage.

Clean the vents on the saw in good time and check the oil level in the oil tank. The chain is constantly being lubricated during operation, so be sure to keep a close eye on the lubricant supply.

It is not recommended to open the body of circular saws, disassemble the motor and change the tensile springs in chain models by yourself. Disassembly and repair of such devices should be carried out only in service centers, with the exception of minor malfunctions, which are clearly specified in the instructions and can be corrected by yourself.

Frequent malfunctions

Sometimes it happens that when you turn on the device, the motor does not turn on the chain. The cause is often a tightened chain brake, which only needs to be loosened. If the problem persists, most likely the motor has failed.

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The second common error is a dry chain. This can be due to a lack of lubrication in the reservoir or clogged oil channels.

And the third common failure is a prolonged chain stoppage. In this case, the cause is likely to be friction clutch problems, which requires a call to the service center.

Parma chain saws: the model range. Tips for operation and maintenance

Parma chainsaw: a quality tool from the Russian brand

According to various sources, the Parma brand was founded in 1980 in the Italian city of the same name. However, the company failed to gain a foothold in the European market, so in 1997, the brand was purchased by the Russian concern Uraloptinstrument. Since then, all the production facilities of the brand were transferred to China, where Parma chain saws are now produced.
  • In addition to chainsaws, in the catalog of the manufacturer, we see many other products, in particular perforators, drills, lawn mowers, welding machines, heat guns, concrete mixers. All Parma devices are manufactured at the factory in accordance with technological standards and on modern equipment. Parma chainsaws meet all quality and safety requirements, as evidenced by the relevant certificates. It should be noted that the prices of goods from this manufacturer are moderate. In particular, a modern chainsaw Parma can be purchased at a price of 3,400-5,200 rubles.
  • Characteristics of electric saws “Parma”:
  • Factory assembly from high-quality components;
  • Long inter-repair period and high maintainability;

Information support from the manufacturer;

Availability of a large number of original spare parts in the market.

Model range of electric saws Parma

The company pays great attention to the production of power tools, including chainsaws. In this test, we present the most interesting models of electric saws Parma.

Parma M2

The model belongs to the domestic class of tools and is characterized by reliability and safety in operation. The electric saw is equipped with a medium power motor (2.0 kW), equipped with a guide bar of 400 mm and a saw chain with 57 links. The Parma m2 saw has a transverse engine, which has a positive effect on the ergonomics of the body and reduces vibration. The tool is equipped with an automatic chain lubrication system and an inertia brake for an emergency stop of the chain; moreover, the safety of the operator is ensured by a blockade against accidental engine start.

The model is noteworthy for its economical oil consumption and low noise level. Parma M2 chainsaw is made in China and costs from 4,760 rubles.

Parma M3

This universal saw is designed for domestic use. With their help, you can perform any household work, including logging and sawing firewood. The machine is equipped with a powerful 2,200-watt motor, 18-inch bars and a 62-link saw chain. For operator safety, the electric saw is equipped with an inertia brake with an instant-stop gearshift and an interlock against accidental engine starting. Also note the presence of double insulation of the electric motor, electronic protection against overheating and overload, and soft-start system of the engine.

The model M3 Parma is very reliable. You can buy this tool at a price of 5,150 rubles.

Parma M4

Electric saw with a longitudinal positioning of the engine – stacking (photo) power of 2 000 watts. This placement of the engine provides a good balance of the body and reduces the load on the operator. The model belongs to the domestic class of tools, which can be used in the construction and repair of various buildings, to provide garden maintenance, cutting and sawing firewood. Safety and comfort of the operator are ensured by the blocking of accidental engine start, automatic system of protection against overload, instantaneous chain stop brake.

Also note the presence of double motor insulation and upgraded clutch. With such technical and operational characteristics, the M4 Parma electric scooter has a relatively low cost. Today the model is available at a price of 4,800 rubles.

wintering pots

Parma M5.

Universal model with a transverse arrangement of the engine and excellent body balance. Parma M5 electric scythe will come in handy during construction or repair work, can be used to care for garden trees and hedges, is widely used for the preparation and sawing of firewood. The tool is equipped with an electric motor rated at 1600 watts, has a guide bar with a diameter of 400 millimeters and 57 saw chain links.

For the operator’s convenience, the oil tank is equipped with a viewing window (photo), through which the oil level in the automatic lubrication is monitored. Safety is ensured by a system of automatic lockout against accidental start and a chain brake. Also note the presence of engine protection against overheating and overload.

The total weight of the Parma M5 electric saw is 5.5 kilograms, and its price starts at 4,200 rubles.

Parma M6.

The lightest and most compact electric saw in the range of this manufacturer. With a small weight of 3.3 kilograms, the saw is equipped with an electric motor of 1,000 watts, which allows you to use it for construction and repair work, as well as for bronzing trees and pruning hedges. The model has a cross-motor power and is equipped with a 12-inch guide bar and a 45-link saw chain. The saw is equipped with all modern systems for operator comfort and safety and is equipped with an upgraded clutch.

  • Today, the Parma M6 electric saw can be purchased for a price of 3,400 rubles.
  • A few tips for operation and maintenance
  • When buying an electric saw, conduct a thorough visual inspection of the tool, make sure it is complete and there is no visible damage.
  • Read the manual carefully, paying particular attention to the instructions for use and the safety rules that must be observed when working with electric saws.
  • Check that the brackets on all components are secure and adjust them if necessary and carry out this check at regular intervals.
  • Check the insulation condition of the motor, mains cable and extension cable. If damage is found, replace the cable or extension cord. Do not repair insulation damage with insulation tape or use old cables repaired in this way.
  • To connect the Parma chain electric saw, use only breathing electric magazines with standard power parameters: 220W. +/- 10W./ 50 Hz;
  • Observe the automatic lubrication function of the saw and don’t forget to check the presence of oil in the tank. Use only high-quality chain oils from reputable manufacturers. Do not fill the tank with military, performance or other substitutes;
  • Use only a good carpet chain on the job. This not only increases productivity but also prolongs the life of the saw’s motor.
  • Eat your electric saw so that you don’t overload or overheat the motor. Get the job done and let the tool cool down.
  • Wear personal protective equipment: gloves, goggles or face shield and sturdy shoes when working with the electric saw;
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Clean and lubricate the tool thoroughly at the end of the season;

Regularly reduce the engine carbon brushes. Reducing the tool for this procedure does not require much time or special skills.

  • Electric Parma magic: advantages and disadvantages
  • Pros:
  • Reliable engine at high rpm:
  • Upgraded clutch system;
  • Lockout against accidental engine starting;

Protection against overheating and overload of the electric motor;

  • Window to monitor oil level in the system.
  • Cons:
  • Some models are very heavy (up to 7 pounds);

Some owners call operating the inertia brakes labor-intensive;

Poor quality chain in the basic package.

 Cons: the low quality of the native chain, clutch and drive sprocket parts are made of low-quality materials.

Video evaluation of electric saw Parma

Test and video review of the electric chainsaw Parma M6:

 Cons: the low quality of the native chain, clutch and drive sprocket parts are made of low-quality materials.

Video evaluation of electric saw Parma

Test and video review of the electric chainsaw Parma M6:

 Cons: the low quality of the native chain, clutch and drive sprocket parts are made of low-quality materials.

Video evaluation of electric saw Parma

Test and video review of the electric chainsaw Parma M6:


Electric chainsaws Parma: Reviews of owners

Pavel Abramov, 49 years old, Leningrad region:

I live in the countryside, we can’t do without a saw. For a long time I used a gas-resistant tool, then I also bought an electric saw “Parma”. I use it for chopping firewood, repair work and other budgetary needs. I can’t help but notice the economic efficiency of the tool – I don’t need to buy gasoline or machine oil, electricity costs kopecks. As for the saw itself, it is assembled efficiently, the engine is reliable, the engine power is enough for the household. I regularly replace the brushes, disassemble and inspect the clutch, gearbox, lubricate the rubbing parts – this is the maintenance and care of the tool.

Vitaly Kondakov, 33, Kirov region:

Parma M3 bought the electric saw as a second tool for the farm. It is often very cold and windy, and this tool can work indoors and is positively different from a gasoline-powered tool in terms of economy. There are nuances in terms of assembly – China. There are also questions about reliability. The first failure occurred a year and a half after purchase – star drive flew, we disassembled, looked and realized that it was necessary to change the clutch. The parts were made of not very good quality alloy and after a year and a half they were completely worn out. About the chain, which comes in the basic package, we can say in a few words: it is not very good.

Advantages: price, efficiency, environmental friendliness, ease of maintenance and operation;

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