Review of the Oleo-Mac G 48PK lawnmower. Technical features. User Guide

Review of the Oleo-Mac G 48PK lawnmower. Technical features. User Guide

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Among many manufacturers of lawnmowers, trimmers and garden equipment, the Oleo Mack brand is one of the most popular on the Russian market. The Oleo-Mac G 48PK Lawn Mower is included in the evaluation of the most popular products in the Italian company.

The model is available in two variations: Oleo-Mac G 48PK (Oleo-Mac G48 PK Comfortplus) and G 48PK Comfort SD. The second lawnmower has great strength than the first option, but at the same time many other characteristic features, for example the lack of a bag for collecting grass.

Oleo-Mac G 48PK

Due to its popularity, the classic model Oleo-Mac G 48 was continued in other models:

  1. Oleo-Mac G 48TK (gasoline lawn mower).
  2. Oleo-Mac G 48pe (electrical model with an engine output of 1.6 kW).
  3. Oleo-Mac G 48te (powerful (1.8 kW) lawnmowers for carrying out work in a suburban area).

The Oleo-Mac G 48PK lawnmower is a small petrol model that is provided for working in the garden or in a personal property. The device is based on a powerful fou r-stroke engine. The maximum attack of grass recordings is 46 cm. If necessary, the user can set the height of the grass mowing. The height of the mowing varies between 2.8 cm and 7.5.

Smartedes grass can be compiled in a special rigid bag with a capacity of 60 liters or distributed in the passed area by the mulching system.

The note! The type of bag can be divided into two categories: hard and soft by the type of bag.

Hard bags are tanks made of plastic, metal and other solid materials. As for soft bags, these are usually fabric bags. The advantage of this type of bags is the possibility of folding. This is relevant during storage and transport. In addition, the abundance of a soft bag can be observed through the eye without indicators. Manufacturers also differentiate between combined pockets, in which the upper and lower part consists of different materials.

It is worth noting that the Oleo-Mac G48 PK Comfortplus model has a combined type of bag and a larger performance than the standard option.

The engine can be distinguished under the additional functions of the model.

Technical characteristics
Engine: petrol
Perfomance: 4 L.S.
Cutting system: rotation
Capture width: 46 cm
The amount of the mowing: From 28 mm to 75 mm
Gras collector: 60 l
The weight: 25.4 kg
Minitor Htz. Overview of the lineup, attachments, reviews

Oleo-Mac G 48PK Comfort SD

This is a more compact model of the lawnmower. The manufacturer creates this model in two variations: Oleo-Mac G 48PK Comfort SD, Comfort Plus and Oleo-Mac G 48TBQ Comfortplus. The lack of a bag for collecting grass is the lack of the characteristic features of this device. The variations of the model are equipped with a combined or soft type of bag.

Depending on the release year, the line of the line is characterized by structural properties. Oleo-Mac G 48PK Comfort SD has two haircut modes: mulching and side emission from grass. The model refers to the household class and is intended for regular use in small areas. The width of the nobility is 46 cm. Compared to the previous variation, the manufacturer increased the engine power.

As far as other functions are concerned, the technical properties differ practically from the classic model. The manufacturer slightly changed the appearance of the lawn mower compared to the previous option.

Technical characteristics
Side sheets There is
Weight (KG 24
Haircut height, mm 28-75
The capacity of the grass collector, L no
Tail emission no
Building material steel
Engine model K 600 A OHV
Mulch There is
The volume of the fuel tank, L 1
Cylinder volume, cm³ 140
Processing area, m² 1400
application Private
lever Fold with adjustable position
Type of lawnmower No t-sel f-propelled
Engine type petrol
Grass collector no
Central haircut height setting no
The width of the mowing, cm 46


  1. Oleo-Mac G 48PK lawnmower.
  2. Guarantee voucher.
  3. User Guide.
  4. Key to assemble and repair the device.
  5. Fuel mixing containers.
  6. Instructions for setting up and operating the engine of the lawnmower.

Legal instructions

Oleo-Mac G 48PK does not require any special memory and maintenance conditions. In the operating instructions, the manufacturer specifies the basic safety rules:

  1. When working with a device within a radius of 15 meters, outsiders should not be. It is also recommended to bind or protect pets from the work area.
  2. It is forbidden to work with a lawnmower after drinking alcoholic drinks or drugs.
  3. When the engine is switched on, it is forbidden to bring the limbs into the compartment of the grass collector, in the wheels and in the lower part of the product.
  4. In order to protect against injuries and damage, it is recommended to attract rubber shoes and clothing that fit the body well.
  5. Before working, you have to carefully familiarize yourself with the operation principle of the lawn mower.
  6. In the presence of damaged or worn parts, it is recommended to replace them immediately.
  7. When repairing, the manufacturer recommends twitching the spark plug.
  8. If the work area is under the slope, the operator must adhere to a stable position.
  9. It is not recommended to work on wet grass.
  10. Before you start the lawnmower, it is recommended to adapt your grip and other details of the structure.
  11. It is forbidden to operate users with poor physical training for instrument management and children under the age of 16.
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Complete instructions for operation for the Oleo-Mac G 48PK lawn mower can be displayed on our website.

For fuel and oil, the manufacturer recommends using Oleo Mack’s certified products. Oleo-Mac 4T Sae oil or other manufacturers for four-stroke engines are perfect as oil.

Video review

Reviews of the owners

Konstantin, Tyumen:

I bought Oleo-Mac G 48PK two months ago. I am satisfied with work. He did not stick to the instructions for the company and worked on the damp grass. I had to go through the same area again with a lawnmower. Among the shortcomings: rustling strongly. It is well suited to work small in terms of the area.

Oleo-Mac G 48 PK comfort plus lawnmowers

Photo of Oleo-MAC G 48 Pk Comfort plus lawn mowerPhoto 2 - Oleo-mac G 48 Pk comfort plus lawn mowed

The color in the picture can differ from the actual pattern.

Photo 2 - Oleo-mac G 48 Pk comfort plus lawn mowed

Rating based on the opinions of 34 buyers

Manufacturer Oleo Mac
engine Gasoline, four-stroke
number of wheels four-wheeled

Average retail price: 29 990 ₽

Technical data lawn mower Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus

General properties

Complete information about the product, manufacturer, configuration, technical characteristics and functions is included in the technical documentation.

goods description

34 reviews about lawnmower Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus

Experience: over a year

Advantages 1) Quiet during operation (compared to the old mower then with a plastic grass catcher) at maximum power it works, what can one Hear the person without straining your hearing, meaning you can speak loudly and not shout. 2) power. Grass sometimes reaches a height of 15 cm, and this is not a problem for it, the most important thing is whether there is enough force to push it (this is more for areas with not particularly flat terrain), since it does not have any special requirements Efforts on a flat surface. 3) profitability. The tank is enough for about two haircuts of a plot of 9 hectares with tall grass and for about three at a height of 5 cm 4) Ergonomics. At 189cm tall I feel comfortable, if anything their handle is adjustable. 5) Haircut. When cutting, sometimes sticks and small stones end up in the grass. The knife has never been sharpened, although it is clear that it has been beaten, it still cuts normally, it cuts the grass finely. 20, the background noise from the lawn mower has not changed.

Planting and pruning of trees and shrubs

Cons 1) For 3 years of operation the throttle cable has stretched causing the grip to go into engine power mode. 2) It doesn’t always start with the first jolt of a cold. 3) The grass catcher is not full, about 70-80% of its volume, and the mower starts throwing the grass under it.

Comment This device was purchased in the summer of 2013 at a price of 13,000 rubles, which was a normal value at the time. When choosing, I was not guided by brands and reviews, and first of all there was a plastic grass collector (perhaps a bag is better, but there was no operational experience with such a grass collector) and, of course, the price. I’ve seen Husqvarnas that cost 50k+ now (2012 25-30k) but I didn’t want to spend big bucks. In the end I made the right choice.

Experience: over a year

Remarks Thanks to its handy compact shape, the lawn mower takes up little space when stored. Convenient and easy to use, even for me. The fuel consumption is low. There is also a spacious bag for collecting mowed grass, which significantly reduces the time spent cleaning the area.

Experience of use: several months

Benefits Ease of use, efficiency, performance

Comments A month ago I bought an Oleo Mac lawnmower for my summer house. I liked the fact that it has a steel body and a powerful petrol engine. Italian assembly. Most importantly, even my wife can use it because the lawn mower is easy to use. In general, a great option for a country house.

Experience of use: several months

Advantages Convenient and easy to use.

I can’t find any disadvantages so far

The commentary was bought for parents (they have their own home in the village). Our property is large, so the electric mower is not suitable. And this is necessary. It is convenient that there is a mowing union, a capacious plastic box for grass. Grandchildren are often out of town, helping their grandfather’s household. Even teenagers easily copy with this mower (their handle is adjusted in height). We are very happy with the purchase!

Motoblokschneider - assembly, cultivation, review and owner reviews

Experience: over a year

The benefits are used well and easily. Fuel consumption is not great. Even at maximum power, it is not particularly heard.

I didn’t see the flaws.

The commentary as a whole I am satisfied and can fully cope with my duties.

Experience of use: several months

The advantages of the volumetric grass collector, which is conveniently set at an adjusted height of movement

The flaws are all great

The commentary is an excellent assistant on the site, cuts it evenly, the wheels ride perfectly, do not get stuck, the herbs do not break.

Experience of use: several months

This summer comment in the courtyard, an outdoor youth volleyball court was defeated in the yard.) The lawnmower became an excellent assistant in this matter. The work was completed thanks to a powerful gasoline engine five with a plus! The site turned out to be perfectly flat! Management was able to figure it out with no problem. And the Italian assembly gives us confidence that we will keep a lawn mower for many years! Playing volleyball now is a complete pleasure!

Experience of use: several months

I liked the comment first of all simple, easy handling and economical consumption – the tank is enough to bring down the lawn behind the bath three times. At the same time, it does not work so loudly that it does not drown out all voices and sounds with its engine. In addition, there is a grass collector that does not allow flying along the newly mowed lawn.

Experience: over a year

The benefits are absolutely no whimsical lawn mower

I bought her comment last summer and still haven’t caused any complaints. Everything for them needs to add oil in time, clean the filter and periodically lubricate the working parts. The presence of a grass collector and the ability to adjust the grass ledge also pleases.

Motoblocks Forza - reviews of models, descriptions, reviews of owners

Experience: over a year

The comment bought such a lawn mower immediately after moving to a private house. So there is a grass collector. No need to run around the grounds and collect grass. Very manoeuvrable, light. The wheels walk well even on an uneven surface. The grip is comfortable, hands do not slip. The fuel uses a little. He’s perfect at his job.

Experience: over a year

The advantages are easy in management, powerful and makes no noise. The pen is adjustable for human height.

Comment for uptime, and this is season 3, there was no need to sharpen the knives – it will cut them like new. The fuel does not “eat” much – enough for two or three haircuts of the place of seven hundred parts.

Experience of use: several months

I voted the comment long enough. There are many offerings on the market now, but it was her who immediately liked it. They arranged all the technical characteristics and their price. A big positive moment is gasoline. I used an electric one before, but it was bad to drive with large size, to irritate a large number of wires with kosba. The woman tested and said it was very convenient to mow and quite economical in terms of fuel consumption.

Experience of use: several months

The advantages in the headphones are the most, you hear the music and you don’t notice the slightest noise of the lawnmower. Quite economical: two plots of the site are quite enough and believe that I have a lot of lawn. Easy to roll, doesn’t need to take much effort, even the child will handle it.

I didn’t find any flaws.

Immediately after mowing, the commentary is shaken out of the pocket and that’s it, no need to work with a rake and collect all over the site.

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