Review of the new COAT STIHL FS 56 engine. Features, video and reviews

Shtil FS56 chain saw. Description of the model, trimmer maintenance. Advantages and disadvantages of the model, video evaluation

Under the lightweight model of benzokoshares, the Stihl FS56 brushcutter is characterized by an ergonomic handle made in the form of two hands. The power of the unit is 1.1 hp, which means that it can perform high grass mowing in medium-sized areas, destroying weeds and vegetation. The model belongs to a group of gasless budget allocations.

Shtil FS56 Motokos Stihl FSA 56 Battery Pack

The Motokos chain saw line includes the Stihl FS 56 with a battery-powered motor. This model is equipped with the AutoCut 2-2 mowing attachment and can run for 40 minutes without recharging. Unlike Benzos, the FSA 56 Calm cordless brushcutter is much cheaper.

Technical features of Stihl FS56 brushcutter

Brand homeland Germany
In a compact GSB 230-2 blades, AutoCut 25-2 spool, double belt
Chainsawyer type household
throughput 1.1 PS
dumbbell simply
Motor power 0.8 watt
rotation speed 8500 rpm
Motor location Top, above
Diameter 2.0 mm
Engine Features Two-stroke
Weight 5,1 kg

Description of FS56 Motokos

This modification is characterized by a comfortable device, which features an optimal angle of the mowing head, which ensures a high quality of mowing. Advantages of the model:

  • The 2-mix engine develops great traction.
  • Small size and low weight.
  • The shuttle button has an easy start-up with an auto-return function.
  • Equipped with a standard autout 25-2 mowing head for working in confined areas and a hard disc with cutting edges for mowing tough grasses that have been bound.
  • The dual craft degree handle (similar to a bicycle) is conveniently adjusted with a screw.
  • The control levers are compact, which is handy when working.
  • The manual fuel pump is operated by a simple key switch.
  • Safety goggles and shoulder strap make the tiller easier to control and safer to operate.

Performance data

The FS56 is ideal for tending lawns, patches, hard-to-reach areas near trees and mowing paths.

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Recommendations for the care of gasoline trimmer Stihl, the correct installation of the mowing body, safety precautions during operation, independent adjustment of some nodes and working mechanisms are described in detail in the factory manual, which can be found by clicking on the link.

Operating instructions for the Stihl FS56 gasoline trimmer

It is important to remember that Motokosa is demanding to the brand and quality of fuel and lubricants. Unsuitable fuel and engine oil or inappropriate fuel mixes will cause serious damage to the engine, o-rings, tubes and fuel tank. The fuel mix for chain saws is made from 50 parts AI-92 gasoline and 1 part original Stihl oil in a separate container. It is not recommended to keep the prepared mixture for more than 3 months.

Some fast-moving parts of the Tranquility Car column are subject to natural wear and tear. They should be replaced promptly with new ones: air and fuel filters, cutting tools and guards, spark plug, starter, braid fasteners.

advantages and disadvantages

The model is characterized by reliability and high quality of processing. The Stihl FS56 chain saw is easy to wait on and has high performance. Thanks to the 2-mix system, the engine is economical in terms of fuel, the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is significantly reduced.

Of the disadvantages of the Benzokos Shtil FS56 owners find some difficulties with starting, which are easy to fix according to the manufacturer’s detailed instructions. Sometimes malfunctions are related to the adjustment of the carburetor.

Video review of Stihl FS56 brushcutter

The Stihl FS56 brushcutter in action

Gasoline Stihl FS56 to repair and diagnose the carburetor

Reviews of owners

Vladimir Ivanovich:

“Bought a Stihl trimmer 4 years ago, very satisfied. I work with pleasure without fatigue: in the garden of trees and near the paths under the fence. If in doubt, I advise. Now there are already on sale more powerful models, newer. “

Spider mite on tomatoes

Stihl FS 56

I can share my humble experience with my Shtil universal power tiller. The scythe has an easy start. A convenient handle with two hands. Net weight is not large, about 5 kg, power 0,8 kw. This is quite enough for domestic grass cleaning. A pleasant bonus is the reduced noise level of the motor. For the engine I use only high-quality fuel. And I can also recommend using only a network with official Shtil service. The equipment is complicated, it’s better not to get fooled.” />

Before you buy a Stihl FS 56 at the lowest price, study the specifications, video reviews, pros and cons of the model, customer reviews.

Video reviews of the Stihl FS 56

  • All 203
  • Reviews 36
  • Repair 3
  • Tests 3
  • Reviews 1

Features of the Stihl FS 56

General properties *
Noise 104 dB
Blade speed Up to 8100 rpm
Type Trimmer
Mulch no
Engine type petrol
Engine speed 8500
Motor location Top, above
throughput 1.10 HP.
Fuel tank up to 0.34 l
Working volume 27 cubic meters
Handle height-adjustable
dumbbell simply
Handle shape T-shape (bike)
Wheels no
More info *
transmission disc/knife
Dimensions *
Weight 5,1 kg

* Check with your dealer for exact specifications.

The Shil FS 56 is an excellent all-rounder with a simplified starting system. It weighs as much as 5.1 kg, and the shoulder strap makes its weight less noticeable. The handy multi-functional handle with all the engine controls makes it very easy to operate the tiller. The ergonomic handle makes moving the brushcutter very natural, which also makes it easy to work. The brushcutter is ideal for the garden and vegetable garden for private use.

The Shil FS 56 is an excellent and inexpensive option for use in the Motokos at home. I bought it last year. Last season and in this context, I can fully operate it, I can guarantee its ease of use and a small gasoline connusum. The only thing is to buy expensive fuel so that the engine of the brushcutter does not get clogged. I trust the service of Motokos service center Shtil, you know what to clean and what to fix.

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Of all the chain saws from the manufacturer, the Motokos FS 56 style may be one of the lightest, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t productive. Its durability is enviable, and it handles tough stems and shrubs quickly and instantly. The 270mm cutting disc diameter also provides a large area. With this trimmer, the grass can be cut quickly enough. For my countryside, it is enough for me, I am satisfied with the purchase.

I can share my humble experience with the universal motostick. The scythe has an easy start. Handy handle with two hands. Weight of the net is not big, about 5 kg, power 0.8 kW. This is quite enough for domestic grass cleaning. A pleasant bonus is the reduced noise level of the motor. For the engine I use only high-quality fuel. And I can also recommend using only a network with official Shtil service. The technique is complicated, it is better not to be deceived.

To work at the cottage I bought a lightweight Shtil FS 56 power tillers. This power tiller has sufficient power of 1.1 hp with a weight without fuel of about 5 kg. The volume of the fuel tank is optimal, because between refueling I allow myself to cool down for 20-30 minutes. This model is equipped with a comfortable padded belt, during long work my arms and back do not get tired. I use only high quality fuel and oil. Once a year I get it serviced by an authorized Shtil service center. In my opinion, this is the key to a reliable Motokos.

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