Review of the Motornote Salute 100K-M1. Reviews of the owners

Review of the Motornote Salute 100K-M1. Reviews of the owners

The 100k-M1 Salute Motorization Block belongs to the “100” line of engine blocks, which were given a sonorous name in honor of the 100th anniversary of the manufacturer “Salut” NPC. This is an average of a motoblock force.

Motoblock Salute 100 K-M1


When working on the engine grade, the salute of 100 k-m1 does not require special knowledge, only skills and personal experience. Before operation, the owner must familiarize himself with the instructions, description of the main nodes and find out the specifics of work, technical parameters and device capabilities.

Features of the Motornots Salute 100 k-m1:
  • Is a grinding motorcycle cultivator;
  • Designed for prolonged operation when doing a lot of agricultural work on the field from 10 to 50 acres;
  • Withstands the temperature regime withi n-30 ° C +40 ° C, and serves most productively at plus temperatures.
  • An engine block can easily be folded for transport in the trunk of a passenger car.
  • The Walk behavior tractor includes: 6 mills, a coupon, a pair of pneumatic wheels.


A distinctive feature of this tractor for walking is the Kohler engine (Courage SH series), gasoline (US production), a single cylinder, professional class, with a capacity of 6.5 hp.

Motor Kohler SH 265

AI-92, AI-95 gasoline is used, the volume of the gas tank is 3.6 liters. In the warm season, branded oils SAE 10W, 10W-30 W are used, in the cold – 5W-30, the volume is 0.6 l.

When creating a walk tractor, manufacturers used a number of innovations, thanks to which increased the service life of the unit: the reliability of the unit:

  • The crankshaft is dampened with cast Eire sleeves of the cylinder made by casting. The lubrication system is pressurized and the ignition is electronic.
  • Valve resource and power with a lower working volume are increased, which ensures significant fuel consumption.
  • Thanks to the design, Easy-Pull has an optimally fast start regardless of the conditions.
  • Air-cooled twin cam technology.
  • Reduced noise – the use of dual systems in piston balancing.

Important! In the first 25 hours of operation, the engine and transmission are used, so you should not immediately load the tractor of walking.


Gearbox with a mechanical adhesion mechanism and an oil gearbox (a wedge gearbox with a tension roller). The gearbox is installed in the aluminum body, its volume is 1.1 liters.

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Gear gearbox of a motor block salut 100

Thanks to the toughened connection, the gearbox has a high level of reliability and durability. The gearbox can withstand high loads, especially from blows from foreign objects.

For the first time, the TM-5-18 oil (TAD-17i) is poured into the gearbox at the end of production after 25 hours, then every 100 hours of operation.

Thanks to the four front and two rear speeds that alternate with the handle on the gearbox, it is convenient to control the 100k-m1 salute, the 100k-m1 salute and maneuver in areas of different cross-country ability.

Motobo block control handle Salut 100 K-M1

The speed is adjusted by shifting drive belts on the leading pulley from the first speed range to the streams of a different diameter of the driven pulley. The target plow is carried out in first gear at a speed of 2.8 km/h, and the transport of cargo with a trolley at a speed of 7.8 km/h (fourth gear).

When connecting active devices, the shit cover with lung disc with cuneiform transmission is used. In contrast to other modifications, you can also change the speed range.

Builder Gear Pulley on the Motorblock Salut 100

In this way, switching on the pulley are carried out:

  1. Remove the shom.
  2. Turn 180 °.
  3. Install it.
  4. Fix straps on other streams.
  5. To adjust.

Rama representations The frame base of the 100K M1 greeting consists of two steel squares. It was fixed by the engine, steering wheel rack, protective wing, gearbox and support.

Motoblock Salute 100 K-M1

Thanks to the placement of the engine in the lower front of the tractor while walking, its focus is near the floor, which protects the greeting from tipping over.

Club bracket

Club bracket – is at the back. Since the front block has no front pen in this design, a mechanical connection of a variety of excluded devices is carried out directly or through a universal coupling.

Club bracket for an engine block Salut 100

When a steering wheel spreads, 180 ° is installed a front problem.


Sushnik expresses the function of the limitation of the cultivation depth, it is defined in the back of the Salute 100k-M1.

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Sushnik for a motor greeting 100


Cutte r-are a universal trailer coupling that is included in the equipment of the Walk behavior. They are mounted on a leading axis instead of bikes, with the right and left power into account. Losing weight is carried out without turning the floor layers.

Freak of a motor block 100 K-M1

The width of recording depends on the number of solid mills: 350 mm; 600 mm; 800 mm, diameter of the cutter – 310 mm.

Pneumatism wheels

While operating with hinges and the transport of the walk, which transports the tractor for the walk, pneumatism wheels are hung with a deep profile.

Pneumatika wheels with a diameter of 41 cm for a engine salut

With the use of expansion sockets, it is possible to increase the road release from 110 to 120 mm. The wheels are installed with a diameter of 390-410 mm.


Perfomance: 6.5 hp
Engine: Kohler Couraage SH 265
Number of speeds: 4 forward/2 before (2/1 in two areas)
Motobo block type after trade fair: Average (according to GOST 28523-90)
Plowing width: 80/60/35 cm (6/4/2 of the cutter)
Plowing depth: 25 cm
Coupling: brush
Reducer: Mechanical, gear
Reducer oil volume: 1.1 L
Gear: Motoblock, 6 mills for loosening the earth, pneumatic fire, axis conductor, a voucher
Motor type: Petrol, carburetor, 4-line
Cylinder volume: 196 cubic meters. cm
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 l.
Oil volume: 0.6 l
The angle of transversal static stability: At least 15 degrees
FROM THE: Lung disc
Chassis: Singl e-achs, wheel formula 2×2
Wendekreis: 1.5 m
Steering gear: surcharge
The diameter of the grinding cultivating: 31 cm
The number of mills: 4 (it is possible to climb 6)
Freed speed: 20-130 rpm
Dimension dimensions, GKHHV: 1510x620x1335 mm, no longer in the work position
The weight: 62 … 82 kg according to the instructions

Optional equipment

The possibility of working with a large number of specific devices and devices salutes a motorcycle to 100 K-M1-universal devices.

In addition to the company equipment, the greeting adapts well to the folding units of other manufacturers.

The most frequently used fastening equipment is assembled as follows:

With the help of a trailer class:

Scandinavian garden

Trolle y-ikon potat o-tan k-potato

With the SH, the installation of active drive devices is carried out:

Sno w-proof brush mower mower

The axles are assembled:

Grind cutter pneumatic wheels freight

Reviews of the owners

Savenko Stepan, Zhytomyr

“You advised you to try the K-M1 greeting instead of my local milling cutter. In spring that I used for beds, furrows are normal good depth. After cultivation, the earth is immediately suitable for landing and sowing. Then he hung potatoes, the result is excellent – the tubers do not harm quickly. And so satisfied with the greeting, the main thing is not to overload the instructions and read the instructions. “

Lesov Igor, KHerson region.

“My first motoblock is a greeting 5. I recently expanded and bought a model of 100 km1. The first thing I noticed is the convenience of management. In addition, he was convinced that one should not be lazy at the new order speed and that the straps should be arranged correctly – in order to maintain the alignment between the belt slices of the gear and the engine so that the belts serve longer. “

Reviews of Salute 100-X-M1

Greetings 100-X-M1 reviews that you can trust. The greeting of 100-X-M1 has many negative and positive reviews of the owners.

The bleaching agent of the teeth is at home

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Motor cultivator Prorab. Lineup, Features, Reviews

– 4, Andre V.

Professionals: Easy and comfortable to work.
Minus: The quality of the belt and possibly the roller of the belt tensioner is bad.
Review: Bought an engine block greeting in spring. The local belt scattered into the trash a month after the purchase (in May). What they asked in the factory – I don’t know and it was not possible to determine the brand of a belt torn. The video is not okay either. Picked up the AVX 13×1125 belt. I bought it for 190 p. Globelt Belt, the packaging shows the country of production – the Czech Republic. And also the video from the VAZ 2112. Now the season is over – I decided October to spend it before winter. To my surprise – the belt is dark, not stretched, but the marking is read. No advertising, maybe this information will be useful.

– 5, Yrij B.

Professionals: Comfortable, not difficult everything works well
Minus: I haven’t noticed it yet. I haven’t denied myself for 3 years
Review: Honda engine is traction. Continue the oil on time.

-4, Nubik-00

Professionals: A word Honda is one and the only dignity. Starting with a rope floor
Minus: China is China. The gearbox hums the frame of the curve. The gaps are big on tailors and bikes, everything is on the axis

– 5, Eugene K.

Professionals: In 1997 I bought a tractor for walks when I worked on a greeting for 12,500 with an American engine with all the sound devices and a cargo car with a freight consumption of 350 kg. It works without any problems all the time. You have to follow the technology and it will help you with everything.
Minus: no

– 5, Safarov Zhasur

Professionals: Bought it well for a long time! I used 3 years
Minus: I can’t find the drive belt

– 3, Alexey

Review: The weight of the ignition on the tractor of the walk behavior was not connected, there is no switch (stop button), the cabling was screwed on the bolts. The sem i-financed products are sold at such a price – they could not collect normally, be finished themselves.
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Greetings 100-X-M1 reviews:

Would you like to buy a Salute 100-X-M1? Read the reviews written by visitors to the website. The management of the website does not have a vision for the possibly strict content of the checks via the Salute 100-X-M1.

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