Review of the model range of Motoblocks Agromash. Specifications, reviews

Motoblocks “Agromash”: model range and nuances of use

Motoblock “Agromash” is optimized for plowing and tillage, but it can interact with a wide range of attachments. Thanks to the trailer equipment, loads can be transported on the device. The drive from the engine pulley allows you to perform some stationary tasks.


Motoblock “Agromash” is equipped with an AGROMASH 170-PRO engine with a capacity of 7 liters. With. air-cooled. The starting system consists of a manual starter with decompressor. The transmission is reinforced with a double-sided belt, there is a chain transmission.

The walk behind tractor can drive in two gears forward and one reverse. The wheels are characterized by an outer diameter of 50 cm, the basic package contains six knives. The mass of the two-wheel tractor without attachments is 90 kg. The device develops a transport speed of up to 9 km/h, a working speed of 1-4 km/h. The scissors cover a width of up to 90 cm with a strip processing depth of up to 30 cm.

Production of Agromash engine blocks is located in the city of Cheboksary. The factory is equipped with modern, high-quality machines. Until 2015, the units were actually made in China, and in Russia the company appeared due to import substitution.

Production is certified according to Russian GOSTs. In addition to high-quality equipment, the company only uses domestic components. Agromash produces up to 10,000 walk-behind tractors annually. The models differ slightly in equipment and costs.


“Agromash” M-20 is especially popular among users, since it is most often sold from a wholesale warehouse. The model has an affordable price and has been known on the market since 2010. During this time, the device has established itself as a functionally practicable technology. The main technical characteristics of the machine are fundamental:

Seven hp petrol engine with a tank capacity of 3.6 liters;

Mechanics in the gearbox;

drive with chain coaster;

Wheel sizes 4*10.

The most important element in the design of a walk behind tractor is the engine. The Agromash M-20 has a W170F. This is an analogue of the Honda engine developed in Japan. The type of ignition in the model is electronic, and cooling is air.

The reduction gear is represented by a gear chain type. The configuration has good strength. The shift fork is improved and comfortable. Types of gears provide devices with two speeds forward and one backward. The transmission unit has high reliability and simplicity. The transmission of this unit is V-belt, toothed, reinforced. The steering column is set to 4 steering modes.

Agromash M-21 has similar technical characteristics, but is equipped with a Lifan 170 Pro engine. This is a Chinese development adapted to Russian conditions. All technical characteristics are identical, only the steering column is set for two modes.

The main advantage of the Agromash models are the following characteristics:

  • reliability and serviceability;
  • the presence of electronic ignition;
  • high quality of the offered engines;
  • improved transmission;
  • the possibility of using hangings.


In addition to the engine, which is mentioned above as the main device, the two-wheel tractor also has:

  • transfer
  • This;
  • Chassis;

Management elements.

The classic internal internal combustion engine is marked by standard systems. Such devices that are operated on petrol are used in normal cars. Heavy motor blocks are often equipped with diesel power units. All modern devices are equipped with four Stroke engines.

Only outdated models are equipped with two Stroke stream units.

  • The engine operating systems contain certain elements.
  • Fuel supply. It provides heating of the fuel mixture. The elements combined by the system are fuel containers, hose, carburetor and filter. The fat of moving parts is provided by the lubricating system.

  • The mechanism of the start of the engine is called the starter. It promotes the crankshaft due to distribution elements. United elements: cylinders and valves. If the tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with a battery, it also refers to the starting system.
  • The cooling system removes excess heat from the engine through air masses. The ignition system is responsible for uninterrupted sparking. This includes candles, flywheel and various electronic circuits.
  • The gas distribution is responsible for the movement of fuel. The main component of this part is a silencer that is also responsible for reducing noise.
Preparing the soil for tillage - which power tiller to choose?

The gearbox is connected by the engine and the wheels. The main components of the system: gear, differential, coupling, gear. The details are structurally separated, but combined into a building. A gear is often taken as a gearbox, it is responsible for changing the speed limit.

  • Part of the transmission is the clutch. Its functionality is associated with the ensure that the unity moves smoothly. The chassis is shown by a regular metal frame with the main nodes and wheels specified on them. The course of the device changes with the steering wheel. The line bodies contain various levers and traction. The main components in this system are lever:
  • Emergency braking;
  • Coupling;
  • Cycling;
  • Gear shifts;

turning back.

The main nodes of different motoblocks are similar. If you need spare parts for the transmission and the Agroma adapter, it is not necessary to look for marking details. The brand elements can easily be replaced by other options. It is only important to choose components with high quality.

Unmounted equipment

  • “Agroma” can be operated with such hinges:
  • Brush to clean the snow cover;
  • Potato cutting edge and steamer;
  • Braids that are supposed to put lawns in order;
  • Mills, plows, cigns for soil processing;

Pendants that are required to transport goods at short distances.

Almost all attachments with the exception of cutter are bought separately. All elements can be divided into the expected and posterior.

  • In addition to brush mechanisms, you can hang on a walk tractor for cleaning snow:
  • Dumps-Lopats;

Rotor cleaner.

The simplest design is a dash shovel, it is cheaper. The suitable width for the Agrom units – from 0.8 to 1.5 meters. The angle of inclination and the angle of rotation are adjustable. The better performance is the rotation design.

With the device you can also remove very high snow drifts.

In order to get the lawns in order, there are also motorcypts. It is convenient to pour the diagrams on the engine lines on which it is impossible to carry out a stationary water supply. The device works due to the movement of the power shaft.

  • There are two types of mowers:
  • Rotation;


The first type is considered more maintenanc e-friendly. However, the clutch on small lawns is uncomfortable. The second type is more suitable for supplying suburban areas. The functional principle is similar to that of a hair cutting machine.

Potato roters are fan or screen. Both types of devices work due to the tap wave.

  • Hiller deserve special attention from owners of han d-led tractors. They are:
  • on e-row or tw o-row;

Disc or rotation.

The first types can be used on both light and heavy han d-led tractors. Tw o-row designs are suitable for powerful devices. Circles loosen the ground well and weeds weed. In the case of disc hills, the earth comb turns out to be better. The price of these two types of devices is similar.

Universal tailors are usually delivered with a han d-led tractor. They are designed for processing loose soils. Plants can cope better with heavy layers of earth. The standard device is a wide knife attached to a sheet. An improved version is called Rotary. The design consists of two knives that are attached to each other at an angle of 90 degrees. This option simplifies the processing of difficult areas.

DIY enthusiasts and enthusiasts invent and reproduce various new types of plowing in home units.

User Guide

  • It is assumed that the use of the Agromash aerosstractor is only possible after prior refueling with oil that is required for the operation of the engine. After five hours of operation, the fuel must be drained off and filled with a new portion that can be used completely. The singl e-axis tractor may only be used as intended. The main task of the technology:
  • Edit loose soils in one pass;

Processing heavy floors in several visits.

If the device is not used as intended, it loses the maintenance guarantee granted by the manufacturer. The guarantee applies from the date of purchase, but does not apply to cutting devices, wheels, belts and straps. These parts tend to wear out, even if they are used for their intended purpose.

  • The most important instructions are:
  • Workspace;
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personal security.

For example, it is forbidden to start a han d-led tractor in the house. A wel l-ventilated area is essential because the carbon monoxide handed in by a motor can be very dangerous. Personal protection requires the mandatory use of protective clothing. It is important to check the functionality of the device not only at the beginning of commissioning, but also at every further start. It is forbidden to use a technically defective singl e-axle tractor.

The area to be processed must be free of foreign bodies that can get under the knives or can wrap rotating parts. You cannot overload the motor of the han d-led tractor, it should be cooled in time. Because of this, the work is done qualitatively.

The use and maintenance of the product when the engine is switched on is prohibited. Factory settings and engine elements must remain unchanged. Do not bring your hands and feet close to rotating devices at high speeds. It is important to use essays with the capacity recommended by the manufacturer.

The engine and silencer must be freed from dirt in good time. This prevents the device from catching fire. Cutting elements must also be provided with clean edges. The singl e-axle tractor must not be sprayed with water or other liquids.

Cleaning or repair is only possible with the engine and stowing moving parts.

Special rules of the instructions indicate the obligatory absence of wires, pipes and other communications in the processed area. In the zone closer than 2-3 meters from you and a working tractor there should be no people and animals. When observers appear, it is recommended to turn off the equipment.

Special attention is required when rotating the device. A security threat can occur when driving on trails, trails, and highways. It is recommended to move the product to another workplace with the engine turned off. It is important to organize breaks in work – this way you can reduce the effect of vibration and the load on the operator’s hands.


The owners of the Agromash engine blocks have positive impressions of technology. Agromash M-20 is rated as convenient in work even in small areas, for example, in greenhouses. The unit rubs the ground evenly, breaks the clips well.

The engine block in conjunction with the trailer allows you to carry products to the market, which makes it possible to earn additional income.

Users also note the constructive identity of devices with other domestic production options. This suggests that consumables and component s-spare parts for models are interchangeable. If you monitor the instrument of the Agromash tool as in the instructions, then nothing will happen to the device. It will work without breakdowns for more than one season.

There are a few negative remarks about the work of the Walk engines in the most loaded mode. This approach to using the device only harms the engine and components of the devices. In general, the car pays for itself in the season. The equipment can be processed from 10 to 100 hectares of land. A trading company that operates Sales Agromash also interacts with customers via the Internet. This is especially convenient for residents of remote villages and villages.

The cost of the new Agroma M-20 Motor note with a standard mill set is a little more than 30,000 rubles at the beginning of 2022.

Motoblock Agromash M-20: reviews of owners reviews

The widespread in our summer residents and villagers were relatively inexpensive and quite reliable compact agricultural machines of the Agromash brand. One of the most popular models of such machines is the M-20 Agromash Walk block with a gasoline engine. How are the quality, capabilities and repayments of direct owners of motoblocks of this brand rated?

The first motoblocks under the Agromash brand appeared on the domestic market in 2010. For a short time, they managed to attract interest and establish themselves as a worthy assistant to any owner on Earth. The performance of the motoblocks and the ability to use them for processing various soils, including even virgin ones, turned out to be worthy.

Who is the manufacturer, what reviews do about its products?

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In particular, sellers of the compact technology note that the Agromas h-Motornels are our domestic product. Two manufacturers. The first is Cheboksary Machine Technology LLC in the city of Cheboksary, Chuvashia. The second is PJSC “Kaluga Engine”.

But “produced in Russia” – this, of course, is said out loud. It is not produced, but he goes there from Chinese components.

In addition, the Cheboksary LLC is a typical “horn and hooves” company, registered in 2015 with a minimum capital of 10,000 rubles.

Motoblock Agromash M-20: Reviews of the owners

And on the official website of PJSC “Kaluga Engine” there are no switches “Agromash”. Only motor blocks of the brands “Ugra”, “Oka” and “Avangard” are represented there. Perhaps the Kaluga Motobobloks “Agromash” are some kind of semi-official products under the auspices or simply under the sign of PJSC “Kadwi”.

Incidentally, Agrom is actually a brand of a large mechanical engineering company (albeit already insolvent) for agricultural purposes that do not produce handmade tractors.

Despite all these obvious inconsistencies, the acceptable quality and reliability of these products, the use r-friendliness, the high productivity and the successful “hits” in the notorious combination “Price – Quality” are confirmed by a considerable number of positive ratings about Agromash M-20 on various agricultural Forums, portals and blogs. Most owners report that they are satisfied with the work of the han d-led tractor and that they were not wrong with their choice.

Via the model range of the Motoblocks brand Agromash

  • Motoblocks Agromas are produced in Tscheboksary in four modifications:
  • Three petrol engines: Agrom S-20, S-20T, M-20;

And a diesel: Agromash M-30.

Agromas M-20 is a model that was launched in 2017 as a modernized and updated version of compact agricultural machinery with improved performance and engine life. All of this is achieved by the engine and the gearbox of the han d-led tractor, a new model.

About the technical properties of the hand-led tractor Agromash M-20

Who is the manufacturer, which reviews do about its products?

  • The scope of delivery of the han d-led tractor is included: two wheels 4.00 x 10, crow’s foot cutter – 2 pieces, instructions and a tool set. The milling cutters have a decent quality. They loosen the soil quickly and efficiently, even medium and dense soils, also remove weeds, shred it or even wrap it all literally.
  • The diameter of the landing wave is 24 mm.
  • Depth of soil processing – 280 mm.
  • The width of the processing strip is 800 mm.
  • Agrotechnical distance – 145 mm.
  • Space width – 500 mm.
  • Motor type – petrol, fou r-stroke, model W170F, displacement 212 Cu. see, performance 7 hp
  • The shape of the fastening hole is a hexagon.
  • Gearbox – mechanical, drive (reduction gear) – chain.
  • Cup type – straps.
  • Number of gears – 2 forward, 1 backwards
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.
  • Noise level – 96 decibels.
  • The weight of the singl e-axle tractor is 69 kg.

Guarantee – 12 months.

Via motor and gearbox of the hand-led tractor Agromash M-20

The Chinese engine of this han d-led tractor – W170F – is not just a offspring or analogue, but a simple copy of the world’s most popular engine in the Honda GX series with air cooling and electronic ignition. Such engines are reproduced in infinite number and can often be found on various compact vehicles. They are simple, economical, unpretentious and reliable.

The Agromas M-20 has a Japanese carburetor and oil sensor as well as a decorative decorative for easy starting. The decompressor helps to start the engine without any problems in all weather and temperature conditions.

About the technical properties of the engine block Agromash M-20

Motoblocks Agromash M-20 are equipped with improved turning drives. This type of equipment is known for its high efficiency and establishes a reliable connection between the transmission and the engine.

The most important operating properties of this gear are:

Reinforced and hig h-strength cast iron body.

Gear and chain design with high safety freedom.

Six canteen form of the output shaft for safe seating of the wheel hubs.

Camp made in Japan – a new design and a longer lifespan.

Reinforced chain with high traction, up to 180 kgf.

2 gears forward and 1 reverse gear.

New switching fork.

The torque of the engine to the gear is transmitted using a girdle using a belt with a high line using an extended cuneiform transmission. This design has been tested for a long time after the time, inexpensive, simple and reliable. The torque transmission is also used using a wedg e-shaped belt profile “A”. Until recently, gear belts were also used in the tractor of the walk behavior.

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A motor block can move at speed: in the 1st gears to 3.8 km/h on the 2nd to 5.3 km/h on the back of 2.9 km/h.

A comfortable steering column is regulated in four levels, which makes control of compact equipment in this class as comfortable and effective. The gearbox fabric is updated, which largely facilitates the equipment process.

Agromash M-20 installed devices for the walk-in tractor

  • The use of a belt drive and a successful design enables the use of the Agromash-M-20-Motblock not only as a floor manufacturer, but also with the greatest possible spectrum of fastening equipment:
  • for planting and harvestin g-with potat o-adversary, cun, potat o-cap, etc.;
  • For cleaning the territory – brushes, snowboards, etc.;
  • for mowing grass;

To transport goods-a mini print.

When buying attachments, you should pay attention to the diameter of the landing shaft. For a normal merger with a tractor with a walk, it should be 24 mm (also referred to as the “type 900”).

The opinion of an owner of his engine Block Agromash M-20

In general – satisfied.

The undisputed advantages of this technology describe a democratic price, a broad compatibility with any kind of attachment device.

As a deficiency, the owner says that the Agromas M-20 motblock requires small improvements right after unpacking from the box.

About the engine and the gearbox of the Geromas M-20 motorized coin blocks

At the same time, this person is not a great farmer and a landowner – he has acquired a cultivating more as a toy for physical exercises in the fresh air (in the garden). But when I selected an acceptable option, I considered models in accordance with the criteria for reliability, practicality and discount. In his opinion, this unit can be described as a compliance with all above requirements.

What does he mean by refinement?

It is necessary to collect mills very carefully, which the manufacturer simply escape in the form of 16 weighty clumsy and four waves folded in a box. If there is no adequate experience in the reserve and there is such an opportunity, ask best to put them together directly in the shop.

Because if there is no experience, you have to search the Internet for a long time looking for instructions and advice. After all, the manufacturers of manufacturers are not a good thing in the M-20 Agromash Motoblock: Even a person with a technical training doesn’t help. And all other impressions of working with the cultivating and its quality are very dependent on the correctness of the assembly.

This owner was a little disappointed by the gear management management. Before that, only Suzuki boat engine was the only small equipment. There are reverse modes – neutral – they switch slightly forward, like a clasp of a machine gun. And in the walk-in engineer, Agromas M-20-Sie has to nudge an incomprehensible thin tube and try to turn on the program you need. And sometimes you have to help a slightly clutch or manually sweet to the device of not easy on the floor.

Like other products of Russian-Chinese cooperation (Chinese production and Russian assembly), this compact agricultural sector needs the owner of ingenuity, attention and small improvements. For example, a praised emergency sensor was not connected anywhere in the copy of this owner – his terminal was only hung in the air.

A large practical lamb that sets the steering wheel disturbs the first gear, so that the lambs can best be changed to the usual M10 nut on the left. It is better not to create a control point of a control point with a standard extension cable, but to leave it so that it is so that it is easier to catch the position of the gear.

In general, the agricultural machine Agromas M-20 did not disappoint its owner. With the processing of his approximately twenty hectares (a little less), he made it in half a day – of course with rest and smoke interruptions. And taking into account the lack of great experiences in agriculture and the treatment of motorcycles. This can be described as a pretty good result. From the specified area, about half fell on a bastar d-smelling part of the garden, almost virgin. There the cultivator became noticeably harder, but finished with dignity.

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A good plus of this model is in its excellent compatibility of hinge devices with other famous Russian manufacturers of Chinese devices (e.g. NEVA) as well as tim e-tested, widespread, reliable and reliable motor “Japanese blood” and Chinese production.

Opinion of another owner Agromash M-20

Another owner also evaluates the quality and reliability of the Agromash-M-20-accessible engineer as good. He not only bought this technology in this way, but also from the presentation of his neighbor. He bought Agromash M-20 directly from the manufacturer at an affordable price, which was exploited for two years and was very satisfied with his choice.

What did the tests of the new technology show on the garden show? The main thing is where the four had to bend the whole family by almost a whole day, now the owner was cared for for an hour.

In order not to use the motoblock, and not bored it most of the year, the owner of the unit gradually bought all types of additional devices and nozzles for hi m-karktel dialect, cigns, mower, pendant and potato trailers. And then the snow breakdown. This is how the Georom e-Motblock also proved to be loaded in the winter season. And he has finished completely with her (at least a few years – then there is no information from the owner).

Opinion of the third owner about his Motoboblok Agromash M-20

The opinion of an owner of his engine Block Agromash M-20

In the past, this owner used the “older brother” of this walk-in tractate die cascade, so he has the opportunity to compare himself with something. The main thing that he distinguishes is that the brackets of management (pens) have become much more effective (perhaps the wishes of consumers have been taken into account here). They became harder and lighter to regulate the corner of slope and height, which is really important when checking and rotating the tractor of walking.

There is an essential “but” – a no n-great gear. However, if this motblock does not force and change the oil in time, it cannot be killed. But with round waves, according to this owner of the tractor of the walk, “people are pretty much.” The Agrom has 6 mills and wheels. I immediately bought a perch, a potato cutter and a axis shaft wave. He did not take the floors – he believed that the Zhiguli bikes would come down. That’s how it is . “Nothing bad happened to him for three seasons of working with Agromash M-20 because I follow him carefully.”

Resume in conclusion

But the opinion is negative:

“This motblock is weak. It would be made with a capacity of 9-10 hp or even as an assistant and the gear chain, but also as a gearbox, but with steel gears and good quality. “

But in general, the Motromash M-20 motor block naturally costs its money. According to the owners, the following can be argued: The hiking injuries of this brand are reliable and economic units that are equipped with temporally tested engine s-Chines e-Sian, but of Japanese origin.

When working with motoblock in this model, it is necessary to avoid regular overcharges and stressed operating modes. Don’t forget the regular maintenance that basically refers to all devices. Particular attention should be paid to the timely exchange of oil and reduction lubrication. The machine pays off completely and is ideal for land extension of up to 70 to 100 acres per season.

Agromas M-20 is the most common, “average” Chinese middle farmer, who gives many on the market under various “names and last names”, and everyone works. In the design, Agromas M-20 differs from other similar devices, except in color and sticker. With regard to the quality of the assembly, this motblock is no worse than the Motplate from Oka and Neva.

It is important that all consumables and components of these different models are completely interchangeable. At the same time, the Motor 20 M-20 engine note has an extended transmission that expands the resource of its company.

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