Review of the model range of lawn mowers “Kalibr”: description and characteristics

Kalibr lawnmowers and trimmers

The Russian history of the Kalibr brand of power tools and garden equipment began in 2001. One of the main advantages of the products of this brand is the availability of a wide range of consumers. The main priority in the production of devices was functionality, but not “contrivance”, as this equipment is very popular among the average population.

What varieties of lawnmowers and trimmers are produced under the brand Kaliber, namely the advantages and disadvantages of different types of devices, as well as the most common breakdowns – you will learn all this by reading this article.


Under the Kaliber brand, gasoline lawnmowers and trimmers (brushcutters, gasoline mowers) and their electric counterparts (electric motor and electro-KOS) are produced. Each type of equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of gasoline models:

  • high power and productivity of the technique;
  • autonomy of operation – do not depend on a source of electricity;
  • Ergonomic and compact size;
  • easiness of control;
  • The body is made of durable materials, which ensures the durability of products;
  • The possibility of adjusting the height of the mowed grass;
  • Large grass catchers (in mowers).


  • High noise and vibration levels;
  • Pollution of the ambient air by products of fuel processing;
  • The fuel for many models is not pure gasoline but a mixture of gasoline and machine oil.


For electric models, the advantages are as follows:

  • low weight and compact size;
  • noiselessness;
  • environmental friendliness and safety for the environment;
  • In most models it is possible to adjust the height of grass cutting.
  • The bodies of products are made of durable plastic material;
  • Simple and easy to use and maintain.

The disadvantages include:

  • relatively small power of the equipment;
  • Dependence on the power supply.

Brief specifications

The following tables summarize the technical characteristics of Kalibr lawnmowers and trimmers.

Petrol lawnmowers models

Cutting width, cm

Cutting height, cm

Grass tank, l

Dimensions in package, cm

Petrol lawnmowers models

Cutting width, cm

Noise level, dB

All models have a rather high vibration level of 7,5 m/s2.

Electric mower models

Cutting width, cm

Cutting height, cm

Grass tank, l

Dimensions in package, cm

electric models

Cutting width, cm

Packed dimensions, cm

Cutting width, cm

Noise level, dB

Packed dimensions, cm

As you can see, electric models are on average less powerful than their gasoline counterparts. But the lack of exhaust and a small amount of work make up for the small mantle.

User’s Manual

If you buy gardening equipment in special stores, the user manual should come with the product. If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to use it (lost or you

You drank the equipment out of your hands) and read a summary of the basic rules. The first item in all the instructions is the internal structure of the devices, drawings and diagrams describing the details. Then the technical properties are given


The next point is a safety technique for the operation and maintenance of the device. Let’s think about it in more detail. Before use, it is necessary to carry out a visual inspection of the equipment for damage. Extraneous damage, extraneous odors (burned cables or spilled fuel) are a good reason for failure, work and repair. It is also necessary to check the correctness and reliability of all elements of the construction. Before switching on the unit (trimmer or mower) it is necessary to clear the lawn area of coarse and hard dirt – foreign objects can fly around and hurt you.

  • It is therefore advisable to keep children and pets away from the working equipment for more than 15 m.
  • If you buy a device that runs on gasoline, follow all fire safety requirements:
  • Do not smoke while refueling, refueling, or waiting.
  • Operate the unit only when it is cooled and away from the engine;
  • Do not operate the starter at the fueling station location.
  • Do not check the operation of the unit on the premises;
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It is recommended that personal protective equipment – goggles, headphones, masks (with dry air) and gloves – be worn when operating the unit.

Shoes should be sturdy with rubber soles.

When working with electric trimmers and lawnmowers, it is necessary to follow the rules of working with electrical devices of increased danger. Pay attention to electrocution – wear rubber gloves, shoes, ensure safety of power cables. When you have finished working, unplug the devices and store them in a cool, dry place.

Exercise extreme caution and vigilance when working with all such devices. Turn off the unit immediately at the slightest sign of malfunction – increased vibration, changes in motor operation, unusual odors.

  • Typical problems and malfunctions you can correct
  • Any malfunction can occur for several reasons. For example, if you can’t start the engine of a gasoline-powered unit, it could be for the following reasons:
  • You forgot to turn on the ignition;
  • The fuel tank is empty;
  • The fuel pump button is not pressed.
  • Fuel is full in the carburetor;
  • Wrong fuel mixture selected;

Spark plug installed incorrectly;

The line is too long (for a chainsaw).

  • These problems are easy to fix with your own hands (change the spark plug, pour in fresh fuel, push the buttons, etc.). The same applies to the condition of the air filter and the contamination of the blade head (line) – all this can be repaired by yourself. The only thing you can’t do without in the service department is carburetor adjustment.
  • The main violations are related to electrical devices:
  • With voltage plots in the supply line or mechanical damage to the cables;

with excessive overcharging of units;

with non-observance of operating conditions (work in snow, rain or fog, in poor visibility, etc.).

For repair and elimination of consequences it is necessary to invite a specialist.


The opinion of most consumers about Caliber products is positive, people note the availability for almost all segments of the population, the optimal ratio of price and quality, as well as the reliability and durability of the units. Many like the simple equipment of the devices – as they say, everything for work, nothing extra, and if desired, you can buy any nozzles (for artistic lawn mowing) and hang them.

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Some customers complained about poor quality wiring (not designed for large voltage fluctuations), poor blade sharpening and quick failure of the air cleaning filters. But in general, consumers are happy with Caliber mowers and trimmers because they are simple, comfortable and reliable equipment.

The following video will give you an in-depth review of the Caliber 1500V+ electric trimmer.

Review of Caliber brand lawn mowers. Description and technical characteristics

Let’s start the review of lawn mowers brand “Caliber” with a brief mention of the manufacturer of the devices. It is a Russian-Chinese brand “Caliber”, which produces garden equipment (trimmers, lawn mowers, mini-tractors, etc.) and household power tools. The devices of this brand are notable for their low price and high performance and functionality.

This manufacturer entered the territory of Russia in 2001 and was immediately appreciated by consumers. The main production facilities of “Kalibra” are located in China, where the components of the tools are developed and manufactured. Russian partner is engaged in the assembly of finished products and sales of goods in the controlled territory.

  1. Caliber series lawnmowers
  2. Caliber brand produces several lines of lawn mowers:

GKB gasoline line.

  1. Electric line GKE.
  2. Gasoline versions are represented by the following mowing units:
  3. Gasoline mower “Kalibr” GKB 3/400.
  4. Gasoline mower “Kalibr” GKB 4/460m.
  5. Gasoline lawnmower “Kalibr” GKB 4/510m.
  6. Gasoline lawnmower “Kalibr” GKBS-3.8/46.

Gasoline mower “Kalibr” GKB-2,8/410.

  1. Gasoline mower “Kalibr” GKBS-4/450.
  2. Let’s talk about the advantages of gasoline mowers “Kalibr”:
  3. Independence from the power source.
  4. Four-stroke engine.
  5. Ergonomic design.
  6. Light weight, compactness.
  7. Easy control.
  8. Maneuverability, increased stability.
  9. Availability of self-propelled and non-self-propelled aggregates.
  10. Large grass catcher box.
  11. Adjustable cutting height.

Robust body.

Robust ruler.


Let’s consider each model in more detail.

“Kalibr” gasoline lawnmower gkb 3/400

This is a non-self-propelled modification for mowing grass along the roads, park lawns, lawns on private estates, etc. Lawn mower is equipped with a four-stroke petrol engine 1P56F with an output of 3 hp.

The power unit is started with a manual starter. Three-step adjustable cutting height above each of the four wheels from 3,5 cm to 6,5 cm. The lawnmower weighs just 17 kg. The body of the lawnmower is made of durable plastic and the grass catcher box is made of fabric with a capacity of 45 liters. Mowing width 40 cm Adjustable folding handles.

We suggest you get acquainted with the characteristics and instructions of this device:

Gasoline lawnmower “Kalibr” GKB 4/460m

The weight of the homemade gasoline lawnmower is 32 kg. The body and the deck of the device are made of stainless steel, durable plastic. Starting the power unit from a hand starter. The engine power of the brand is 1P56F 5,5 hp. the cooling is forced air. There is a function of emergency engine separation. Setting the height of mowing in 7 centralized positions, the maximum height of 7 cm, not less than 2.5 cm.

Grip width during mowing is 60 liters. The unit has four wheels, the rear pair with drive. The handle has adjustable folds.

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Purpose: mowing lawns, parking cresses, steps, medium and large areas.

We suggest you read the features of the model GKB 4/460M and read the instructions for it:

Lawn mower “Kalibr” GKBS 4/510m

The weight of the Kalibr self-propelled rear-mounted gasoline mower is 33 kg. Four-stroke engine-1P65F has a capacity of 5,5 hp. The engine is started by a manual starter with a mutual start mechanism. There is a provision for emergency engine separation.

Ignition system is electronic. The body and the deck are made of steel, the grass catcher box of 60 liters, four bikes made of durable plastic, an adjustable folding handle. The device is designed to mow large and medium areas (up to 17 hectares without stopping).

Height adjustment of central net from 2,5 to 7 cm on seven modes. Mowing width is 51 to 53 cm. Release into the grass catcher box at the back or side of the mower, there is a function of mulching.

We suggest to get acquainted with the properties of the mower:

GKBS-3.8/46 tone height caliber.

This self-propelled rear-wheel drive model weighing 26 kg is equipped with a gasoline four-stroke engine rated at 3.8 hp.

The engine is started by means of a starting rope, there is a lever of an emergency stop of the power unit. Adjustment of the cutting height is from 1.5 to 7 cm from the central value. The working width is 46 cm.

The mower can mow up to 10 acres. The body and all four wheels are made of durable plastic. The folding handle is height adjustable.

Gasoline mower

Gasoline “Kalibr” 2.8/410

This is an inadequate lawn mower, which is designed for mowing lawns, parking lots, personal and medium-sized household plots. The mower weighs only 15 kg. Gasoline four-stroke engine has a power of 3 hp.

There is an emergency lever at the beginning of the starting cable. The body and all four wheels are made of plastic, there is no drive, the movement of the lawnmower is forward. The cutting height is adjustable in five positions from 2,5 to 7,5 cm. The cutting width is 40 cm. The handle is adjustable when folded.

Gasoline mower “Kalibr” GKBS-4/450

This self-propelled model has been developed for mowing grass on medium-sized plots of land and is equipped with a petrol power unit 1P65F with the power of 4 hp. Starts from an inertia starter, forced-air protection, and there is an emergency lever. The handle is removable, adjustable and foldable.

Weight 32 kg, body and deck made of steel, plastic wheels are driven by the rear bicycle set. Adjustment of height of mowing is carried out centrally in 7 positions from 2,5 to 7 cm. the rest of grass is thrown into the basket for gathering up soft grass with capacity of 60 liters.

  1. electric ruler
  2. Electric lawnmowers “Kalibr” are represented by the following models:
  3. Electric lawnmower “Kalibr” GKE 1600/38.
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Lawn mower “Kalibr” GKE 1300/38.

  • Electric lawnmower “Kalibr” GKE 1000/32.
  • Let’s talk about the advantages of electric lawn mowers “Kalibr”:
  • Very lightweight.
  • Peaceful.
  • Compact.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Controls with keys, simple.

Easy to maintain.

  • Housing made of durable plastic.
  • Disadvantages include:

Dependence on the power source;

Less performance in comparison with gasoline ones.

Let’s get acquainted with the properties of electric lawnmowers of the “Kalibr” brand.

Gasoline mower

Electric lawnmower “Kalibr” GKE 1600/38

This is a non-self-propelled model, equipped with an electric asynchronous motor of 1600W. There is a brake. The central cutting height adjustment in 5 positions (from 2 to 6,5 cm), the width of the connection 38 cm.

The grass is collected in the grass box with a capacity of 50 liters. The body, wheels and grass basket are made of lightweight, durable plastic.

Kalibr GKBS-4/450 Gasoline mower

GKE 1300/38 Kalibr lawnmower

The non-mounted electric lawnmower weighs 14,2 kg and is designed for mowing lawns up to 6 acres. The electric motor has an output of 1300 watts. Three cutting positions from 3 to 6.5 cm and a working width of 38 cm. The body, basket and wheels are made of plastic. Grass residue is collected in a 42-litre grass bag, no mulching function. Folding handle.
power input 1300 W
engine speed 2800 rpm
cutting width 380 mm
Cutting height 1/2/3 pos. 30,0/47,5/65,0 mm
Grass basket capacity 42 l
Packaging dimensions (LXBXH) 690 x 455 x 320 mm

Weight (gross/net)

16,5/14,2 kg

Electric lawnmower “Kalibr” GKE 1000/32

Lawn mower is not self-propelled, weighs 11,5 kg. Electric motor power is 1000 W. It is designed for plots up to 5 hundred square meters. There are three height settings from 3 to 6,5 cm, the surface is covered with 32 cm.

The body, wheels and fishing baskets are made of plastic. Grass is lifted at the rear of the mower into a 26-liter grass basket. There is no mulching function. The handles are foldable and height-adjustable.

  1. Instructions for use of “Kalibr” lawnmowers
  2. The company “Kalibr” produces electric and gasoline modifications of lawnmowers. To familiarize the new owner with the purchased device, the instruction manual, which is necessarily included in the delivery of the device, is attached. This document contains the following information:
  3. The design of the mower, detailed assembly, after drawings, descriptions and instructions.
  4. Table of properties of a particular modification.
  5. Safety requirements for the operation and maintenance of lawn mowers.
  6. Preparation for start-up, start-up, enema.
  7. Maintenance (including).

Typical malfunctions.

Let’s dive a little into the instructions.

  • Getting ready to run
  • Electric units are the most unpretentious. Preparation of such a lawnmower comes down to the following:
  • Check whether the threaded connections are tight;
  • Check the integrity of the wire;
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Check the presence and magnitude of the mains voltage;

  • Connect the unit to the power cord.
  • With a gasoline lawnmower you will have to deal with a little longer:
  • Check the connectors;
  • Fill the fuel tank with fuel (unhealthy gasoline AI-92)
  • pouring in engine oil;
  • Run the high voltage wire to the spark plug;
  • Make sure there is contact on the spark plug.

Start the power unit (the manual details how);

Start the engine.

Gasoline lawnmower game “Caliber”.

The duration of the current period is 5-8 hours. At this point, the power should be reduced by at least half. The purpose of the run is to lapping all engine parts to increase the life of the lawnmower. At the end of the battery life, a complete change of engine oil is mandatory.

  • Maintenance
  • Electric lawn mowers are unpretentious here. The service includes:
  • checking the condition of the mains cable;
  • timely replacement (sharpening) of the blade;

air cleaning;

  1. Cleaning of the housing and grass catcher box.
  2. Pool mowers are more demanding here. Maintenance consists of the following steps:
  3. Changing the oil in the engine.
  4. Maintenance of the air filter.
  5. Timely sharpening (replacement) of the cutting element.

Replace spark plugs.

Maintenance for the period of idle time.


  • Problems with the operation of electric scooters may be as follows:
  • The electric motor does not start:
  • The mains voltage is low or completely missing.
  • The power cord is damaged or not connected.
  • The electric motor has failed.

Loose fasteners;

  • Blade is deformed or out of balance.
  • Grass cannot be seen:
  • Incorrect high grass cutting mode.
  • Wet grass;

blunt blade;

Grass caught on the cutting element, blocking its operation.

  • Gasoline lawnmowers have the following faults:
  • Engine won’t start, turns on:
  • The fuel tap is closed;
  • Out of fuel;
  • Oil is inadequate;
  • Poor fuel or oil quality;
  • Spark plug burned out;
  • High voltage wire is broken;
  • Worn gaskets, no compression in engine;
  • Magneto burned out;
  • Ignition not adjusted;
  • Carburetor settings are out of tune;
  • Dirty filter;
  • Clogged carburetor;

No contact through the spark plug;

  • Fuel lines clogged with dirt.
  • Uneven lawn mowing:

blade swing;

  • Mowing mode selected incorrectly.
  • The device vibrates heavily:

The blade is loose or deformed;

Loose fasteners.

Video review

And now we recommend watching a short video review of the work of the Kalibr lawnmower:

Reviews of lawn mowers “Kalibr”

Eugene, 39 years old, Odessa

“I have a gasoline lawnmower working for the second year. Platforms mow up to 6 acres, the body is steel, the wheels are plastic, occasionally unscrewed. It is convenient that it is an independent procedure. There were problems with the ignition, the spark plug also died, spare parts are not easy to find. Justifies the price. “

Stanislav, 42, Simveropol

“This year I bought an electric mower. Bought with a cord of 50 m. Now I go back and forth across the plot, works properly. The main thing is not to fly into the stones. “

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