Review of the Hooper 900 motor blocks. Characteristics, advantages, checks

Motoblock Hope 900 MQ

KHOPER 900 is a popular Motoblock of Russian production that enjoys wel l-processed recognition in a series of CIS countries. The machine has a universal design with which you can install many additional devices and thus make an engine block more functional. The apparatus is produced by a famous Russian company that works closely with Chinese manufacturers. Mark Hope appeared in 2010 and over seven years after his existence, he seriously strengthened in the transport industry. KHOPER 900 is one of the most affordable motoblock on the Russian market.

general information

We find that almost all components of the Walk behavio r-Trac t-Chinese production. Ready details are delivered to Russia for the final assembly. It is worth noting that the model scope of the Hoper company, to which the KHOPER 900 belongs, is largely uniform and is copied with original motive blocks of the important companies of Kadvy and around around. Nevertheless, the Khoper 900 is in no way inferior to its “ancestors”. In addition, the cost of the model is much lower than the originals.


The high popularity of the machine is mainly due to its low price, otherwise nobody would buy the model, given the rigid competition on the market of the engine blocks. The equipment can be equipped with a variety of devices, which significantly increases the versatility of the model. Depending on the type of attachment, Hope 900 can perform the following tasks:

  • Fruits made of plowed floor
  • Root plants
  • Mow grass and small shrubs
  • Existing trailer for transporting DUG roots and other loads
  • Cleaning and sweeping the territory
  • Potato. You can also plant other plants
  • Ripe root plants dig
  • The presence of special nozzles for snow cleaning.

With high functionality and strength, we can operate a funnel of 900 almost 24 hours a day and so all year round. And, together with additional devices, the tractor of the walk behavior is able to replace heavier and clumsy devices such as tractors. Hooper 900 is easy to master and does not require skill, so there should be no problems with the company. The power of the machine is so that it can process small areas. At the same time, your area should not exceed 1 hectare.

Pruning grapes in the middle belt


Motoblock has a number of undeniable advantages in its price category. For example, it is possible to adapt the floor depth of soil processing. We also notice the reliable work of a thre e-stage box, in which two gearboxes are the front and one of the rear. Modern gearbox improves maneuverability and smoothness and enables you to quickly return to missing raw areas if necessary. The design also offers belt coupling. His simplicity of the service deserves great praise.

Thanks to massive bikes, Hopper 900 is ideal with heavy terrain. In addition, even the processing of virgin land and cleaning the frozen soil of this technology are subject to the processing. Thanks to the compact dimensions of the Hopper 900, its owner experiences maximum ease of use when processing areas with various obstacles such as trees and large stones. In any case, the singl e-axle tractor was originally designed as a means of soil processing at difficult to access. In addition, the han d-led tractor can be easily adjusted due to the presence of horizontal and vertical settings. Large rubber wheels were developed to overcome a variety of obstacles, and real terrain.

Another important advantage of the han d-led tractor is its engine. We are talking about the Lifan power plant. The engine known as the index 168 has proven its worth in the successful implementation of most operations. And a special metal holder is intended for the comfortable transport of the han d-led tractor. There is also a housing in the equipment list. It is a kind of protection against flying earth during processing.


The basic equipment of the singl e-axle tractor includes milling instructions and the technical pass cutter and wheels. For additional equipment, consider the most common attachment devices for KHOPER 900:

  • Mower – rotary or segment mower. With this option, depending on the type, you can mow large quantities of grass and small shrubs efficiently and gently.
  • Sympics – increases the mass of the han d-led tractor and thereby improves its loa d-bearing capacity and also enables work with heavier soil or virgin floor.
  • The EGGE is an extension element for real professionals. With its help you can edit the floor depending on the width.
  • Potato rotoder – there are several types. Judging by name, his main purpose is to dig root fruits.
  • Potato plants – the same, only from the opposite type – for planting potatoes.
  • Hiller. This allows you to spoil a variety of cultures.
  • cutter
  • Shovel dome – a kind of “cleaner” of the territory of rubble and snow
  • Grouser – prevents slipping and on tough soil. Ideal combined with symptoms and thus doubles the traction properties of the singl e-axle tractor. The serial wheels must be dismantled to install the option.
  • Car – enables the transport of different goods
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Run in

Before using the Hopper 900 singl e-axle tractor, it is recommended to drive it completely. To do this, you have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Check the oil and fuel stand and refill if necessary.
  • Let the engine run for 5-10 minutes at the first time
  • Switch off the engine and let it rest for about 20 minutes, then start the engine again and check how quickly all gears are inserted in the gearbox. In addition to the gearbox, it is advisable to check all important components and assemblies for function during the entrance time.
  • The total input time is approx. 12 hours. Do not exceed the load by more than half to avoid overheating. After driving in, the oil and fuel stand should be measured again and, if necessary, fluid should be filled.


Motoblock Khoper 900 has a fairly compact size. The mass of the device without attachments is 75 kg. The length of the body is 1300 mm and the width and height 550 or 1100 mm. The processing width and depth is 1200 and 1300 mm, the top speed 8 km/h.


The technique is equipped with a Lifan 168 gasoline engine. This 4-stroke engine has proven itself in the garden equipment segment. He is reliable and unpretentious, although it refers to the non-professional segment. The main advantages of the engine are economy, ease of maintenance and endurance.

The Chinese one-cylinder unit with a working volume of 0.2 liters develops 6.5 horsepower.

fuel consumption

Hooper 900 with a 0.2 liter engine consumes about 1.8 liters per hour. The tank capacity for fuel is 3.6 liters.

Prices in Russia

Motoblock Hope 900 can be found in new and serviced condition. But, as exercise shows, due to the low price, the car is often bought in a new form. In addition, supported copies do not differ in a low price and are still in a deplorable state.

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The price of the new Khoper 900 is at least 47,000 rubles.

The closest competitors of the model include the OOCO MB-1D1M10 LIFAN 6.5 and UGRA NMB-1N7 LIFAN 6.5 motor blocks.

Review: Motoblock Gasoline Khoper 900 is one of our most successful and necessary acquisitions.

Buying a wal k-tractor is by no means spoiled, and it is simply necessary when:

– You have a sufficiently large site; – You have few men in your family, and a landfill with shovels is too long. – the soil dries unevenly in the spring (this is like ours – the top of the garden is already ready for processing, and the soil is still very wet – all agricultural work is inhibited!)

We bought our Hoper three years ago in winter, because this technology is sometimes cheaper in winter. We don’t need to need the cultivator, so we chose a regular gasoline motblock at a more budget price:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

I really hope that it never occurred to my husband to use a tractor as a vehicle for a walk (they probably saw craftsmen clinging to trailer hitches – and go), then I’m just a lover.

I am for purposeful use, that is, for plowing. Plowing is carried out using two side cutters with a diameter of 35 cm, which are carried instead of wheels:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

And the plow itself:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

We turn to the technical characteristics.

The dimensions of the Wal k-Fehd tract 130x55x110 cm, and most importantly we are bent from the “wingspan” – to drive a hoper into the barn, we need to remove one of them, although the door is not small in width. Well, where is it without her?- The work is quite dusty, but the engine does not like dust:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

In principle, if you do not pay attention to these inconveniences, then you still can not call them with a big makhina:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Despite this, this “baby” weighs as an adult – 74 kg (net). It will be difficult for a woman (especially if the earth is loose – the plow digs, sometimes the motorcycle block has to swing).

How to adapt a garden tractor for winter?

About the engine: -Th e-kontakt singl e-cylinder with forced air coolin g-standard for motblocks (although there are also diesels). To be blunt – I won’t say 6.5 litres. With. Of course, there are two cylikals with a large number of horses, but they are worth an order of magnitude (in the store it was 60 thousand so domestic).

The engine is tilted up:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

IM AllGemeinen War Der Motor IM AllGemeinen, ALS WIR NUR DARüBER NACHDACHTEN, EINEN Spaziergan g-traktor Zu Kaufen. Und um ehrlich zu Sein – wir haben noch nich nie einem motor wie 168 f-2 (chinesisch) Gehört (Mein Mann Istomechanaker, und Meine ausbildung urfahruglicht, mir, Aber Der Preis War Verlockend Schmerzhaft und Sie Gaben Ein Jahr Eine Garantie. Der Motor Scheterte Bisher Nicht (übrigens War Der Benachbarte Motor des Hausmotors Ein Jahr Später Abgedeckt). Wir Haben Auch Nicht Alles Einwandfre i-Der Moto r-Jacin g-knopf Ist Schnell Fehlgeschlagen, Wir Müssen Die Masse Schließen. We refuel the 92nd gasoline (on the advice of the seller), the oil is costly expensive, on the one hand, (300 rubles per liter – a special, for fou r-stroke engines), but on the other hand, we poured it alone – the very first time – and more while it is more so far Nicht Erforderlich). Benzin Isst Auch Nicht Viel, Einen Liter Von Dreihundertmal Zweimal. Starterhandbuch, Es Funktioniert Nicht Sofort, Sie Müssen Dreimal Ziehen:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Der KraftStoffank Ist Klein Von 3.6 Litern:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Der Hals Mit Dem Limiter:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Aber diese einheimischen technologien ärgern Mich Immer (Ich Meine “Verrückte Stift” – Hausgemachte Trichter und All das)

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

ES ist Sehr Bequem, Dass Fast Die Gesamten Verwendung Auf Dem Fall Angezeigt Werden. ICH Poste Drei Fotos – Aber Er Ist Alles in Denen. Eigenschaften, sicherheitstechniken, notizen, Erinnerungen USW.

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Die Befestigungselemente des Mahlens und des pfluges sind sehr solide, ihre Stärke ist Im Zweifel. UM DAS RAD ZU Entfernen und Den Cutter aufzulegen, Müssen Wir Den Wanderverlus t-traktor Neigen – Wir Machen Das Mit Meinem Mann. Wenn Sie Einen Spaziergang in Einem Geneigten Zustand Mit Schwerpunkt Auf Einem Rad Aufbewahren, War Der Ersatz Buchstäblich 5 Minuten Dauert:

Motor cultivator Champion.Overview, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

IM Prinzip Ist Alles Fertig, Sie Können Pflügen. ES IST NOTWENDIG, IM Frühjahr Zweimal Zu Pflügen. IM Herbst Gibt Es Genug und Einer (Nach Der Ernte des Bodens ist Bereits Gestickt):

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

NACH ZWEI Solcher Frühlingspassagen Geht Die Schaufel Direkt Am Bajonett in Den Boden:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

WAS DAS Geräusch Betrifft, So Ist Es Nicht Mehr Als Während Der Arbeit Anderer Modelle und Hersteller. Für Die Vorarbeitung Von 10 Hektar Dauert Wir Also Ungefähr 40 Minuten. Wenn Das Geld ihnen Also Keinen Teuren Traktor Für Spaziergänge Machen Kann, Schauen Sie Sich Dieses Modell Genauer An – Mit Uns Hat Als Einfach Wunderbar Erwiesen!

Py. Sy. Wie man blütenblätter zusammenstellt. SIND DIE Blütenblätter Mühlen? Wenn Ja, Dann Sind Hier Die Erklärungen Mit Dem Foto Auf Dem Linken Mahlen:

Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos


Motoblock Benzintrichter 900 Fotos

Die Stumpfe Seite Stammt Vom Reittier, Die Akute Wird Zum Boden Geneigt (Sie Stürzt Hinein):

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