Review of the Daewoo DLM 4600SP gasoline lawnmower. Features, videos and reviews

Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP

We’ve collected 13 positive and negative customer and expert reviews for you on the Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP Lawn Mower. The average customer rating was 4.23 points. In their reviews, users have described all the disadvantages and advantages of the Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP compared to the Daewoo Power. If you have experience using the Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP, add a review and share it with other customers! Read all reviews about Daewoo Power Products.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP law

Features wheel drive. Grass side discharge. Very high quality plastic, sticker and metal paint. Height setting for all bikes at the same time.

Speed is not adjustable.

The mower was bought for the country house to take care of the lawn of 5 acres. From the first use, its advantages over the old electric mower were evident! It is very convenient that it runs on gasoline and it is not necessary to carry an electric extension cord and a very powerful engine.

Self-coating. Excellent quality of all parts. It comes with a mulching nozzle and side discharge. Deposits add up quickly and reduce memory size. In addition, the handles can be adjusted in height, which is important for people with different heights.

There are no remarks on the quality and operation.

The lawnmower differs from most in the quality of parts and assembly. I have not found analogues in their price. Mows the grass and collects it perfectly. Even if a branch or bough hits the lawn, it gets and picks everything up. The lawn is always clean. Satisfied with the product.

Paintings, self pickup (more on that below).

Not the highest quality parts.

After a month of use, the wheel failed. After a close inspection found a burst disk drive roller, the metal in the destruction looks like silumin, repaired under warranty, but in the end they wrote – the knife if it will bump determine (but will repair for free). I recommend to make a pin from normal metal (it is a square section of 5 × 5 mm, I do not remember the length). Wheel drive was recently rejected (May 2019), haven’t disassembled it yet, but it looks like a pinion or pulley mount. Starts without problems, mows well, as mentioned here, the grass catcher is not always fully filled (apparently Chinese horses). Considering the price, mowing is not bad, but not perfect.

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It mows well, has a good grip on bumps and hills. Even collects wet grass well. There is a side exhaust.

There was some oil coming out of the system on the new engine. Couldn’t figure out for a long time or not. Called service, they said to drain and pour in new oil.

I liked the mower. I don’t have any problems with it when it starts up. The work is simple. Mows the grass, very evenly. Collects cleanly. Everything is good.

In terms of appearance, high quality.

The first day the starter was frustrating.

It mowed well, but the first day, about 20 minutes into the job, the starter started.

Good. Very high end components. There is side publication and mulching. Works great.

The mowing speed is not adjustable. For a woman, it goes a little faster than we would have liked.

The lawnmower surprised me with its quality and especially with all the components. I didn’t even expect that from the Koreans. It is the level of European brand. It runs very smoothly and quietly. It picks up the grass almost 100% without leaving any trash. Even the fallen branches and all grinds and collects in the collector. I like my lawn mower very much.

Review. It has great value for money.

The grass catcher box is not filled up completely. It drives on in the cold for 7-9 times. Rides a little faster than optimal speed.

Grass catcher fills up immediately when grass is just above average. After 5 reviews rejected wheel drive, turned in under warranty, turned out to be incorrectly installed on the drive pulley. I am satisfied with the fact that those who recommend the warranty service “Benzolux” in St. Petersburg on Kalinina 13 eliminated the warranty defect in 20 minutes.

Makes a good grass cutter and collects inside. The speed is comfortable. It works well. Very nice looking exterior.

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The wheels are small in diameter, so on an uneven surface the lawnmower wobbles a lot and clings to the bumper. With a higher cutting height this is normal.

It works without problems. There is both a page and mulch (included immediately). For me the best option both in width of mowing and in terms of power. I agree with all the reviews about the quality. The level is very high and, most importantly, not only beautiful but also properly assembled from quality parts. I was satisfied with both the technique and its appearance.

Functionality. The lawnmower+ has everything to be quite compact. When choosing a model with 51 blades, they seemed overly wide and generally beautiful.

Very lacking instructions, the instructions say to vibrate three times in the end the candle was left dry. Can not adjust yet, but the feeling that the starter only reaches the end of the stroke, ie it is, you need to pull the cable for full control of the damper. This is implemented in the more expensive models, but still.

All in all, I am satisfied. Mows very fast, the speed is quite high, but that’s a habit.

Nice and easy start, mowing perfectly, nice body wash system.

No problems with the external and functional parameters.

Saw the mower for the first time in the store. Soft and resilient, no counter reactions or rattling. Mows positively and can mow lawns from 25 to 75 mm in height. Leaves no debris and the lawn stays clean from the first pass. Even if you mow wet grass. There is no adjustability, and at first we thought it was going too fast. Then when you get used to it, you realize it’s just slower. It’s the flushing system itself. There is a special nipple on the body, you put a hose on it, turn on the water, start the engine and the blade, and everything washes itself. It is better to wash immediately after mowing, or the grass will dry out in the tray like buckwheat and you will have to pull it off with effort. I am satisfied. Thank you very much.

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Beautiful in appearance, very well made in quality.

Manufacturer’s position. The warranty should cover all components except consumables.

The mower was used by a woman. I mowed eight times on only 15 acres. As a result, the starter cord got stuck. I got to the service, they couldn’t get the starter motor cover off right away because the spring and antennae were jammed, caught tightly in the motor nameplate. I had to use brute force and break through this wreck to gain access to the starter motor spring antennas. As the master said, it was their own fault, they should be more careful. So I had to shell out 1925 rubles, because the manual starter is not covered by the warranty and is an expendable item. What the heck is a mower that needs to change the starter after 16 hours of work! I advise to pay 4-5 thousand rubles at once and to take the usual, checked American mower, but not an unfinished “Korean”.

It is self-propelled and inexpensive. It has a fullness indicator on the bag.

Would not start well, it would start after standing in one place only in 5-th time. Not enough force to throw the grass into the collector. Engine is rather weak for the claimed mulching.

Suitable for lawn care/trimming, given timely mowing and no tall grass. Or trim the grass after the trimmer. Mows tall grass poorly by itself, constantly tends to stand still.

High quality of all units and mechanisms. The engine starts easily and runs quietly, even under load. Perfectly mows and picks up even the wet grass.

A good and reliable mower. The store reminded me of the importance of timely oil changes and filter cleaning. Thank you very much.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP.

Before you buy the Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP at the lowest price, check out the specifications, video reviews, pros and cons of the model, and customer reviews.

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Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP video reviews

Daewoo Power Products DLM 4600SP Specifications

General features *
grass box soft, capacity 60 l
mowing width 45 cm
Type Self propelled lawn mower, rear wheel drive
cutting height 25-75 mm
mulching there is
installation option mulching head
grass ejection into the collection garbage can, from the side, from behind
cutting height adjustment yes, central, number of levels – 7
Number of speeds 1.00
Engine *
fuel tank 0.8 l
performance 4,50 hp
displacement 145 cc
engine brake there is
Manufacturer Daewoo
engine Gasoline, four-stroke
structure *
number of wheels four-wheeled
body material steel
handle height adjustable folding handle
lid material steel
wheel material plastic
Dimensions *
Weight 30 kg

* Check with your retailer for exact specifications.

Read, review reviews, and then visit the store to compare lawn mowers in person. Everything becomes more than clear. This mower is worth its money. I recommend it.

Mows and picks up lawn grass with flying colors. Can work even with very high grass – it is necessary to attach a plastic guide to the side discharge. It is convenient to wash out the body of grass (in order not to stink and not to rot) with the help of hose fitting. Basically, the entire mower and bag can be flushed with water from the top of the HP washer. After a year of constant operation, everything has fallen into place. It works perfectly.

After a year of use (about twice a month during the summer season), the drive wheel broke.

The work is not difficult. She walks alone, picks up the grass clippings clean. It goes fast enough, you have to keep up. The main thing is not to try to slow her down, otherwise the load on the drive is several times higher than it should be. The deck is well made. No signs of rust or corrosion. Thanks everyone. I hope this will be helpful to someone.

Anyway, when it was unpacked and ready to go for almost three months, I was dissatisfied after the lawn mower without the drive. To mow 30 acres – one pleasure, the grass distribution function was fine with me. But the impression is that everything is made of raw metal, as if the gears in the gearbox were licked from foil to zero. I do not advise to buy that it is better to add 4 thousand and get a patriot.

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Runs and malfunctions without notice. Petrol and oil from the car is suitable, do not be fooled by the advice of stores to buy special oil at three prices.

In general, I am satisfied with the device. Tried it on a lawn of 5 acres, and then on an uneven surface, for which I took only a gasoline trimmer. Great! Saves a lot of time compared to the electric mower.

If we don’t take into account the oil situation, the lawn mower lived up to all expectations. It mows great, picks up the grass perfectly. No need to push. Also drives well with a full basket to collect the grass. Mowing 2 hectares, in a circle, takes 30 minutes, with breaks to empty the bag. Be careful with the oil and you can safely buy it!

The mower is really cool. I have a few things to compare it to and it is not Chinese. It works great and with proper operation and regular oil changes I’m sure it will last a long time. Very surprised by the people who write not so good reviews. Understandably, a lot of time is usually lost when something bad happens, but this model has been on the market for several years. Obviously, there are more buyers than there are people who write reviews. Write if any users are reading! And in general, it would be helpful to everyone.

The warranty service is terrible! They do not want to do anything at all, half of the summer has passed, the season will soon be over, and they do nothing. Calling is useless. If you did everything under warranty, I would give it 4 stars.

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