Review of the chainsaw Husqvarna 353. Technical data. Usage features and safety instructions

Review of the chainsaw Husqvarna 353. Technical data. Usage features and safety instructions

Recommendation: 100%


Model description

The chainsaw Husqvarna 353 is a professional tool for active use. The chainsaw can be operated at high speeds without the risk of overheating the engine. It is used for construction work in connection with wood processing, the firewood harvest, the sawing of large trunks and boards.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 353

The outstanding properties of the Husqvarna 353 chainsaw are high performance, cheaper focus, easy operation and a reliable engine.

The Husqvarna 353 engine is a two-stroke gasoline in-cylinder engine. The volume of the cylinder is 51.7 cubic meters. See engine power is 2400 watts. The maximum speed is between 9000 and 13000. The idle speed is 2700 per minute.

Basic equipment

Husqvarna 353 Equipment:

  • Chainsaws;
  • Tires;
  • Chain;
  • Cardboard packaging;
  • Instruction, guarantee;
  • Housing for tire protection;
  • Hand protection.

The original Husqvarna 353 chainsaw is mounted in the USA or Sweden depending on the batch. The assembly area is specified on the packaging and in the instructions of the product. Husqvarna is a manufacturer based in Sweden.

Husqvarna 353 chainsaw price

The costs for the chainsaw Husqvarna 353 are 26,990 rubles, 10,999 UAH. Used models can be purchased for about half of the price of new chainsaws.

Technical characteristics

Technical data Husqvarna 353:

  • Engine power 2400 W;
  • Torque 2.7 Nm;
  • Average fuel consumption 1.26 l/h;
  • Village type: Champion RCJ7Y, NGK BPMR7A;
  • Tire length at least – 33 cm, maximum – 50 cm;
  • Chainsaw weight 5 kg;
  • Sound load level 115 dB;
  • Vibration – from 3.1 to 3.2 m / s².

Features of the Husqvarna 353 chainsaw

Technical features of the Husqvarna 353 chainsaw:
  • Air purification with the Air injection system-reduces the wear of the chainsaw, the air filter does not have to be cleaned too often;
  • Oil pump with a control function – delivers lubricant if necessary;
  • The air filter holder can be quickly removed for easy cleaning;
  • The chainsaw is easy to start;
  • stable operation of the engine;
  • Chain tensioner – it is comfortable to tighten the chain with the side lever;
  • Magnesium aluminum crankcase;
  • Good antivibration system that improves the performance of the chainsaw.
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When working with a chainsaw, note the following safety rules:
  • Do not switch on the tool in the rain;
  • Do not smoke near the chainsaw switched on, refuel the tool with gasoline far from fire and gas sources;
  • Use protective equipment during operation (as in the photo).
  • Do not drop the switche d-on chainsaw on the floor.

Photo of protective equipment for working with a Husqvarna chainsaw.

Chainsaw, maintenance instructions

Husqvarna 353 chainsaw: body part with two simple steps, saw blade with chain. Chainsaw maintenance intervals:

  • Once a year – carburetor setting, possibly chain change;
  • once every six months – cleaning of the fuel filter;
  • Once a month – cleaning of the air filter, checking the candle, fresh fuel;
  • Once a day – an external inspection after completing work.

Fuel and oil, lubricant

Fuel recommendations: hig h-cleaning petrol. Huskvarna oil for 2-engine, half-synthetic. Mix petrol and oil for refueling the chainsaw: 50: 1. To lubricate the chain: lubricating oil from Huskvarn or other manufacturers of chainsaws.

Two-stroke luxury 2T oil Husqvarna HP 2-stroke-litol-24

The duration of the chainsaw of the Huskvarn 353

The average duration of the chainsaw is 40 minutes. The consumption can increase depending on the load.

The main deformation of the chainsaw of the KHUSKVARNA 353 and the possibilities to eliminate them

One way to solve the problem

Advantages and disadvantages of the Husqvarna 353 model

Advantages of the chainsaw of KHuskvarna 353:
  • High performance (professional powerful tool);
  • Adaptability to intensive loads;
  • Cheap focus;
  • Relatively small weight for a professional chainsaw model;
  • Details resistant to wear.
Disadvantages of the chainsaw of KHuskvarna 353:
  • high price;
  • The need to clean the air filter with constant load and lon g-term work.

Video evaluation of the work

Reviews of the owners

Alexander, Chernigov:

“My assessment is more for beginners. Those who work professionally with wood are already aware of a brand like Khuskvarna. The chainsaw 353 is powerful, and although the manufacturer writes directly in the properties – light, I don’t think it is easy to at least have a small ability. Otherwise the tool is great! A combination of strength and functionality. I recommend”.

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Overview of the chainsaw of KHuskvarna 353. Description, technical specifications and user ratings

Huskvarna 353 Chainsaw is a professional tool from the Swedish company Husqvarna, registered in 1689. The development of gas tools, garden equipment, husqvarna has been involved in 48 years since the company was only specialized in the production of weapons for the army.

The expansion of production has an advantageous influence on the development of the company and increases it to the world level. Today Khuskvarna holds a leading position in the number of devices sold.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 353

Husqvarna chain chain overview 353

Huskvarna Chainsaw 353 models is a professional unit that was developed for a long hard operation with increased loads. These chainsaws can be found in forestry, in a construction area, in supply companies, farms and even private land ownership. The chainsaws of this level are designed for firing for forests, for sawing large and medium tree trunks and boards, gardening, fuel bridges.

The professional chainsaw Husqvarna 353 weighs 5 kg without accessories. A two-stroke carburetor power plant equipped with the X-Torq system supplies the saw with a power of 3.2 liters. With. The system reduces the consumption of the combustible mixture by up to 20% and ensures a cleaner exhaust at the outlet (up to 70%). Starting with the Smart Start system, decompression valve, additional inertia spring on the manual starter – have a positive effect on starting the device. Three-part crankshaft, forged. The fuel mixture is pumped into the diaphragm carburetor with a fuel pump (primer). Combined throttle control. Air purification (Air Injection) centrifugal two-stage, increases the resources of the air filter. The LowVib® damper anti-vibration system reliably protects the chainsaw operator’s hand from the negative effects of vibrations. Lubrication is automatically supplied to the chain, its amount can be adjusted. Thanks to the built-in Eco-pump system, the lubricant supply is interrupted when the machine is idling.

Important! For work, tires with a length of 33-50 cm can be used with appropriate chains.

Husqvarna 353

Chainsaw properties

The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 51.7cc
perfomance 2.4KW / 3.3HP (I)
Neutral 2700 speed, rpm
top speed 9000 speed, rpm
cylinder diameter 45mm
cylinder stroke 32mm
ignition system SEM AM50
Ignition module air gap 0.3mm / 0.01″
spark plug Master RCJ 7Y, NGK BPMR7A
gap between the electrodes 0.5mm/0.02″
carburetor model C3-EL17
fuel tank volume 0.5L
Volume of the oil tank 0.28L
Type oil pump Adjustable flow
oil pump flow 5-12ml/min
chain pitch 0.325″
Recommended tire length, min-max 33-50cm / 13″-20″
Chain speed at maximum power 17.3m/s
Equivalent vibration level (ahv , eq), front/rear grip 3.1/3.2m/s2
Sound pressure at the operator’s ear 102dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power, dB(A) 115dB(A)
Weight (without cutting equipment), kg 5kg
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  1. wear resistance.
  2. Durability.
  3. Perfomance.
  4. Resistant to extreme temperatures.
  5. Intelligent starting system.
  6. decompression valve.
  7. Fuel pump (primer).
  8. Air Injection centrifugal air purification system.
  9. Two-stroke engine with X-Torq technology.
  10. Vibration damper LowVib®.
  11. Reduced fuel consumption.
  12. Environmental friendliness.
  13. band brake system.
  14. Comfortable handle.
  15. maintainability.

Also, here is an overview of the device of the same model series – chainsaw Husqvarna 445e ii.

Husqvarna at disassembly

Husqvarna chainsaw manual 353

The operating manual is the first aid and guide for the owner of the gas appliance. It includes the following sections:

  1. Gear.
  2. Features of the 353 model.
  3. Husqvarna 353 chainsaw device.
  4. Security.
  5. Work experience.
  6. Commissioning of the Husqvarna 353 chainsaw.
  7. shrinking
  8. Maintenance.
  9. Troubleshooting.


The kit consists of:

  • chainsaws Husqvarna 353;
  • saw set (chain and bar of specific sizes at operator’s choice);
  • handguard;
  • tire cover;
  • Management;
  • warranty card;
  • Package.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 353

preparation for work

We propose the following algorithm:

  1. Preparation of the fuel mixture (ratio petrol to oil 50/1): petrol grades 90-93 and Husqvarna 2-stroke engine oil.
  2. Assembly of the chainsaw.
  3. Mount bar and chain, tighten chain.
  4. Refuel with technical liquids for petrol tools (chain oil fuel mixture).
  5. Start the device.
  6. Review of idle, braking and lubricating conditions.

Run in

The inlet time is 10 hours. The main condition is a gentle mode of operation for less than 50 %. Grate the engine parts.

Maintenance of the chainsaw Husqvarna 353

Let us emphasize the most important points:

  • Cleaning the tools after work;
  • Time up in time;
  • Filter and spark plug expectation;
  • Cleaning and adjusting the carburetor;
  • Control of the condition of the guide;
  • Sharpen chain sharpener;
  • Cleaning of Tyrsa oi l-bearing channels.


Consider the reasons why the chainsaw Husqvarna 353 does not want to start or the slightest stress stops:

  • The air filter is clogged with sawdust and chips;
  • Bad quality of the fuel mixture;
  • No more fuel in the tank;
  • Piston group failed;
  • lost the carburetor settings;
  • The ignition system does not work;
  • The candle does not sparkle.
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Husqvarna renovation

Video review

We offer you to watch a video that shows the chainsaw Husqvarna 353 in operation

Reviews of the owners

Peter, 54 years old

I have been breeding fruit trees, a kind of agriculture for 20 years. Care for apple trees is constantly required, in my life the Husqvarna 353 is the third saw, and I stopped with it. The bison did not justify itself at all, Calm worked perfectly and for a long time, but it worked out himself. Husqvarna is a little easier than Shil, but the performance features are excellent, the fourth year in operation.

Advantages: durable, robust, powerful, comfortable.

Paul, 41 years old

I have been working as a roofer for more than a year, I can no longer imagine a Husqvarna 353 chainsaw: it cuts across and lengthways and weird, gets along with hard stones. I am very satisfied with the saw.

Advantages: Husqvarna is comfortable, powerful and versatile.

Disadvantages: expensive in price and maintenance.

Kirill, 39 years old

I bought a 353 Husqvarna model for a summer residence a month ago. The entire site was overgrown with bushes and old trees. Now I’m going up. The saw is excellent, cuts like clockwork.

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