Review of the Caiman Vario 70S TWK+Walk behavior tractor. Features, reviews

Engine block petrol Caiman Vario 70S TWK+. Review, features, application features

Reliable French quality, perfect design is the Caiman Vario 70S TWK+ Motoblock with a 7 hp Subaru Robin petrol engine. The technique is produced by the famous Pubert under the Kaiman brand.

Kaiman Vario 70s TWK+

The kit features Mills, Coupon, Pneumatic Wheels with a Tractor Profile Two Wheels Kit. When connected to the Caiman engine note, vario of additional hinge guns is possible throughout the season.

Technical characteristics

Perfomance: 7.0 HP
Engine: Robin Subaru EP
Number of speeds: 2 forward/1 before 1
Motobo block type according to fair: Average (according to GOST 28523-90)
Plow width: 90/60 cm (6/4 cutters)
plowing depth: 30 cm
Coupling: brush
reducer: Mechanical chain serves fast gear
Gear: Motoblock, 6 earth loosening mills, pneumatic fire, axle stretchers
Special feature: Minimum thickness of gear and chain drive
Engine, Parameters ::
Model: EP21 OHC
Manufacturer: Robin Subaru (Japan)
Engine type: Gasoline, carburetor, 4-stroke
cylinder volume: 211 cubic meters. cm
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L
oil volume: 0.6L
FROM THE: lung disk
Sales of VOM: from 28 to 165 rpm
Chassis: Single axle, wheel formula 2×2
wheel size: 4.00×8 in inches (pneumatic)
Track: The variable step is adjustable
steering gear: Serve, fold adjustable steering wheel
The diameter of grinding cultivators: 32.5 cm.
The number of mills: 6 (It is possible to reduce to 4)
The number of knives on the cutter: 4
FREEDE speed: From 40 to 120 rpm
The weight: 75kg
Country of Manufacture: France
Warranty: 3 years

Features of the application

Kaiman Vario 70s TWK+

Thanks to the front drive of the attachment equipment, Vario 70S TWK+ in aggregation with various attachment devices effectively performs agricultural work, transport of goods. In the aggregation with a shovel, a comprehensive brush, a rotary snowman, a lawn mower is effectively used for economic purposes.

The excluded equipment, which does not require an active drive, is connected to the Cayman Vario Motor Note with a coupling clamp and a clamp: a plow, a miniber, a potato storm, a hip. A special mount is purchased as an option for installation on the front of the articulated frontal guns – brushes, weighting, rakes, garbage copies.

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The high level of ergonomics of the Vario 70S TWK+ is provided by the adjustable soft-touch handles with conveniently located control levers. You can conveniently configure the walk behavior tractor by the growth of the operator. In a horizontal plane it is possible to establish works so that they move around the virgin lands and not on processed ground. With the help of the front auxiliary wheel, the motor block Kayman Vario is moved to the workplace.

Caiman Vario 70S TWK+ device

  • Powerful solid professional Robin Subaru ER carburettor engine with the upper position of the camshaft provides uninterrupted operation in the operating conditions.
  • Thanks to the innovative mechanical transmission VarioAutomat with a linear arrangement of the gears (similar to that of a car), the operator has the option of quickly selecting the optimal operating mode.
  • The collapsible chain reducer has a unique design: the presence of special moisture-proof seals to protect internal bearings, the minimum thickness of the case and “eternal” lubrication.
  • The working depth can be conveniently adjusted using a double-sided share with a straight end. Plunging into the bottom of the bent end, work on viscous soil is more efficient.
  • Adjustable Razor Blade tines offer a working width of 30/60/90 cm at 30 cm depth.

Maintenance of petrol Caiman Vario 70S TWK+

Before commissioning, the Caiman Vario 70S TWK+ two-wheel tractor is run in for better grinding of the main components and mechanisms. Initial – a mode with minimal load at idle with a gradual increase in speed. They check the function of all systems of the two-wheel tractor and the correctness of the switching speeds.

The running-in period is up to 50 hours, after the intervention the oil is changed. In the future, the engine oil will be changed every 50 hours. High-quality AI-92, AI-95 petrol and SAE 10W-30, 20W, 30W oils are used for the reliable operation of the Caiman Vario two-wheel tractor.

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Review of the Caiman Vario 70S TWK+Walk behavior tractor. Features, reviews

Motoblock Caiman Vario 70S TWK+ is a representative of reliable, high-tech, French-made professional agricultural machinery. The device is designed for cultivating new land and, complete with attachments, for all types of agricultural work.



The petrol Caiman Vario 70S TWK is equipped with a Japanese four-stroke single-cylinder Subaru EP 21 OHC engine. The motor is protected from overheating by forced air cooling.

Subaru EP21 OHC engine

The power of the walk-behind tractor is 7 hp, while the weight (75 kg) and compact dimensions make it easy to transport the device in the trunk of a car. The engine is started manually with a hand starter. The car has excellent soundproofing. High-quality gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 92 is recommended for fuel.

Features of the Caiman Vario 70S TWK+ two-wheel tractor:
  • The VarioAutomat mechanical transmission allows the operator to choose the optimal speed of the walk-behind tractor, taking into account the characteristics of the attachment and the type of soil worked. Three speeds are arranged linearly, and reverse gear is between front low and front high. This design allows you to quickly shift into reverse regardless of speed.
  • Front wheel drive is available so you can add a mower, snow blower, blade and other sheds to the walk behind tractor.
  • Wide pneumatic wheels with tractor treads improve traction with the ground and increase machine throughput.
  • The center of gravity of the device was specially underestimated by the designers, which increased maneuverability and improved control of the walk-behind tractor.
  • Adjustable folding handles in the shape of an ellipse allow people of different heights to work with the two-wheel tractor.
  • Steering columns of a special shape allow you to turn the car 180 degrees from one place.
  • The chain reduction gear in the housing with “for life” lubrication gives the two-wheel tractor maximum performance without loss of power. All moving parts are enclosed in an oil bath where dust and dirt have no access.
  • The brake system from the drum type provides the required high braking force, which the device also stops on the slope.
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Perfomance. 7.0 PS
The weight 74 kg
The width of processing 30/60/90 cm
The area of ​​processing 30 tomorrow
Type of the processed soil Virgo
Engine manufacturer Subaru
Engine type 4 tact
Engine model EP21 OHC Professional
The maximum speed 2500 rpm
The volume of the cylinder 211 cubic meters
cooling Air
transmission Chain gear/reverse gear
coupling mechanically
Pto Ribel disk on the motor shaft
Fuel tank capacity 3.6 L
fuel AI-92 petrol
Depth of work 32 cm
The number of speeds 2 forward/1 before 1
Type of grip Folds, adjustable
Dimension dimensions (in*sh*g) 80x60x80

Unmounted equipment

Kaiman released in a large range to attach devices for his walks.

Pflow lawnmowing adapter snowbrush teducer two-row potato engineer cultivation cutter rotor mowing bear-bearing linen help frame brush

The Caima n-Vario is equipped with anterior and rear wheel drive so that you can stick to the fastenings on both sides.

User Guide

Before the first start of the Caiman Vario Walk behavior, it is necessary to get to know the device in more detail. This is possible with the help of instructions for the operation, which is included in the package of any model of the tractor of the walk behavior. The following sections should be paid in particular to the owner of the motorized unit:

  • Operation.
  • Technical service.
  • Typical breakdowns and ways to eliminate them.
  • Mounting device.

The tractor for a walk should be carried out before the start of the work. While running, which begins with a minimal voltage in idle, all moving parts of the walking behavior tractor is ground and hardened. Especially the engine wins. The performance gradually increases to the maximum value. The duration of the run of 12 to 48 hours.

Cutting a tractor for walks is an obligatory process that provides the machine for a long service life without any information.

The maintenance not only includes cleaning the tractor for the foot that was created during operation. It is also a replacement of oil in the crankcase every 50 hours, filling from gasoline in the fuel tank, preservation for the winter period, etc.

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Oil filling and border stand

This is necessary before active operation:
  1. Make sure that the fuel tank has the required amount of gasoline.
  2. Check the oil level in the crankcase and add it.
  3. Check the screws and nuts.

At the end of the company, all functioning parts of the walking tractor must be cleaned of dust and dirt.

Video review

Checking the work of the Caiman Vario 70s TWK+ Wal k-behavio r-Tractor

Reviews of the owners

In the forums you can familiarize yourself with various reviews about Caiman Vario. The owners notice its functionality, high performance and performance.

Dmitry, 56 years old:

“All Caima n-Vari o-Blackblocke are goo d-the steering is excellent and fits the handles in height and horizontal, excellent brakes, the engine begins in any weather. But the manufacturer did not work with the handles themselves – they disperse in their hands. Of course, this is the little things in life, but it is better to be prepared for such surprises. Kaiman is perfect with the tasks, I want it to work more with cutter “goosebones”. The plow is still idle. I drive almost all field work – I cultivate, plants, hills, fields, harvest and transport them to the deposit. The French have justified the consumer’s trust. “

Fedor, 26 years old:

“My Vario singl e-axle tractor is in use for the second year. No failures during this time! I only use it for soil processing and seasonal field work. Mowers and snow blower are not yet required. The han d-led tractor is obedient, it works with a minimal noise level, which was valued by the neighbors. There are no claims against the manufacturer.

Gleb, 39 years old:

“Hello. My assistant is already five years old. During this time we traveled up and down the entire area. I drive it in both raspberries and a greenhouse, in a field without Kaiman Vario in general, as if without without Hands. At the moment I have all the attachments that I use. I couldn’t choose a mower for a long time, but I still preferred the front mower. The snow clearing unit snail with knives. With the purchase of a han d-led tractor, all agricultural work has become much easier. “

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