Review of the Caiman Vario 60s TWK+WAL K-BREI T-TRAKTOR. Features, reviews

Caiman Vario 60s TWK

The Caiman Vario 60s TWK is a versatile power tiller that has long been common on the global market. The model is considered the most popular in its class because of its balanced features. The equipment supports all glue devices. Thanks to this, the functionality of the Caiman Vario 60s TWK expands. The machine is in demand not only in Western countries, but also in the former Soviet Union, including Russia itself.

Designation and construction features

CAIMAN VARIO 60S TWK has a standard norm of useful devices, which are an integral part of the tractor for walking behavior. Among them we can find comfortable handles with the ability to set in three directions. Also pay attention to the folding design of the tractor for walking behavior – thanks to this there are no problems with the transportation of devices. The selected equipment is knocked down so that the speed is between the two front gears. Such an algorithm ensures efficient cultivation of all types of soil and at maximum load.

The track of the walker can be increased up to 900 mm. A slope with a high headlight is provided for greater ease of tillage, which is a good aid when cultivating the soil. In addition, the Caiman Vario 60s TW K-Block tills the soil with cutters, which greatly increases bike liability. Control of the equipment does not require professional skills, and thanks to the large “teeth” of the power tiller and the presence of a reduced gear, you can work the most difficult surface, even stony soil.

Non-mounted equipment

The Wave Walk selection is already equipped in the basic package with attachments that can be used to install various options. Let’s take a look at the most common attachments for the Caiman Vario 60s TWK:

  • Potato hood
  • Potato digger
  • Propeller
  • Wizard
  • plow
  • Machine

The standard version of the recreational tractor consists of six cutters made of hardened steel. Specifically, these cutters use patented razor blade technology. The basic set also includes a floor hook, basin, problem and excavator. Unlike many competitors, you don’t have to buy all of this.


A Subaru EP 1 7-Ohc engine from Japan is responsible for the performance of the walking tractor. It has excellent performance in terms of electricity and reliability. Decent engine parameters have had a positive effect on the efficiency of the walking behavior. For example, the engine has a low weight, which has a positive effect on controllability and maneuverability. Notably, this engine has a 36-month warranty from the manufacturer.

The Subaru engine is a different 4-stroke type. The cylinders in it are mounted vertically and the liners are made of cast iron. Due to the high potential of the undercarriage, professional devices can be used with this engine. The engine uses proven technology that is still considered progressive. The device is perfectly adapted to winter conditions. For example, it can be easily started at minus 30 degrees, but it is better to use a mechanical starter. The engine is characterized by a low noise level, which reduces vibration and thus increases the service life of expensive MTOBLOC parts.

The Caiman Vario is supplied with a manual starter as standard and can be replaced with an electronic starter if required. The fuel tank holds 0.6 litres of fuel, which allows 4-5 hours of operation at maximum load until the next refill. As for the filled engine oil, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Thus, the manufacturer recommends buying oils with viscosity 10W-30, 20W-30, 20W-40 and 30W-40. The power plant supports gasoline not lower than AI-92.

With a working volume of 0.2 liters, the engine develops 5.7 hp. Weight of the product is 72 kg. Dimensions of the engine – 800x600x800 mm. Among other things, processing up to 320 mm and width of processing up to 900 mm.

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The power unit is aggregated with the gearbox, which is a classic automobile variator. The box itself is two tiers with the same speed of retreat and forward movement. The gearbox shifts smoothly and almost imperceptibly, and this advantage is appreciated by all Walk behavior tractor owners. It’s noteworthy that the variator has a full-service design. The fact is that this unit is enclosed, with protective moisture-proof seals. The box is factory lubricated, which is also unnecessary. The transmission mechanism is quite reliable, since it is made of stainless steel. This feature allows to exclude possible breakdowns even in case of moisture ingress. The transmission chain is fully protected from external influences. It is also maintenance-free, as it has an almost perpetual life. High quality hardened steel is used for its manufacture.

performance features

The Caiman Vario 60s TWK is a reliable and relatively inexpensive, low-maintenance walking tractor. Its construction is concealed in a sturdy body, and all moving links have protective gaskets and seals. At the same time, the manufacturer himself admits that the greatest wear is subject to only one part – the belt drive, which is an important clutch element. You can replace it yourself. All other original parts have a long service life.

The power tiller in question is notable for the fact that it does not need to be prepared for preservation before the winter. It is enough to wash it thoroughly from the outside, and if necessary maintenance may be required, in which special attention should be paid to the condition of the JIMs.

Thanks to its compact size and flexible design, some parts of the walker can be disassembled or folded, which makes it easy to transport or store for long periods of time.

Admittedly, the Caiman Vario has quite a lot of weight, which is both a plus and a minus. However, a physically trained person can easily handle this machine. With a large mass, it is possible to work without a trencher when cultivating the soil to a great depth.

Prices in Russia

Caiman Vario 60s TWK has several varieties. The modification 60s TWK is priced at 60 thousand rubles. That’s what a new walker in the basic configuration costs, and the price for more equipped versions reaches 80 thousand. In addition, there are many offers on the secondary market. In particular, you can find a copy in good condition, which will cost in the range of 40-60 thousand rubles. At the same time, the car is well equipped.

Among the analogues of the Caiman Vario 60s TWK Motornote are Vanguard, Husqvarna TF-338, as well as Iron Angel GT500 and Pubert Vario 60 SC3.

Reviews for the Caiman Vario 60s TWK+

The Caiman Vario 60s TWK+ ratings can be trusted. The Caiman Vario 60s TWK+ has many negative and positive owner reviews.

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– 5, Tikhon Makarov.
Professionals: The motorcycle does not take up much space. The power is more than enough.
Cons: The only downside – a little noise, can be heard even by older people.
Review: Satisfied, now no need to bend my back on the site.
– 3, Dmitry S.
Professionals: Supplement to enough power. Reliability. Very pleasant dealership in Khimki. High level.
Cons: Started with trimming the wheel cam nipples – initially skewed – sections, ended up replacing the splines and replacing the cams. When working on the seam broke off the muffler – replaced under warranty (but go to the warranty service – a separate pleasure – 150 km one way, the loss of time. In view of the fact that the cause of treatment was an apparent defect – the muffler was lost during normal operation, if the weed). Then broke both cables – clutch and throttle.
Review: Worked in a small garden in a smelly, loose, grass mowing, snow removal with a blade, car hauling. The dream was that it would mow tall grass over a large area – 2-3 hectares (didn’t materialize). Bottom line, nice engine, nice dealership. If it manages to break down under warranty, you won’t get screwed. At the same time in my case there were sensitive components like mufflers and throttle cables, clutch – it broke. Breakdown leads to stopping work, going to the dealer, downtime, wasting time, gasoline, and money. Parts are either in the dealer’s warehouse, or if something important, you order it from Europe. Given the very high costs (consider the cost of ad d-o n-ons – impossible to work with regular bikes in the field or on Snowpe t-that it slides, so I bought steel with primers. Went about 100t. p.), quite significant limitations in terms of possible work – used to work with a plow in the garden – had to overpower with the force – the operator checked it, and the second person buried 60 kg to dig into the ground hard (This is not a drawback of this model, but the plow as a class B principle). I think that owners should buy a used Soviet tractor with less significant areas of 0.5 hectares or more.
– 5, Nikolai Ivanov.
Professionals: Engine power, warranty
Cons: Can’t find it yet
Review: Picked it up last season this year. Very helpful in working the land. Easy to use.
– 5, Ivan I.
Professionals: Very reliable and powerful device.
Cons: As such, there are none. The main thing is the careful handling.
Review: Been using it for 4 years now. I till 20 hectares in spring and 20 in the fall. I change oil only before every season. I haven’t had any breaks at all. In 5 years I need to do a thorough inspection.
– 5, Anton Zhigunov
Professionals: The walk-behind tractor showed high cross-country capability and also pleased with the automatic transmission. There were no problems with digging the site.
Cons: The price is a little bit bitten, but considering the properties of the tractor undercarriage, it is quite a bargain.
– 5, Semyon Pakhomov
Professionals: The wheels have a wide profile so you don’t have to dig into the ground and bump. Cutters included do not lose their properties due to the quality metal and during a year of use.
Cons: Overall happy with the machine, hopefully will tease a lot more ground.
Review: Purchased this walking tractor early last summer. I also liked the ability to adjust the handle in different directions. It makes it easy to work next to a hedge. The vibration is not as strong as with the old walking tractor.
– 5, Jumabaeva Nakasia
Professionals: Practical equipment, easy to start
Cons: Didn’t notice
Review: There is no difficulty in working with it. The starter engages easily and the tractor seems to work fine. I also like the fact that the tiller handle swivels and the fact that what has been worked on does not kick the legs – a very handy feature. When working there is no resistance, everything runs like clockwork.
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– 5, Prokhorova Emma
Professionals: No replacement garden helpers. When I bought this machine, my husband completely freed me from weeding and planting potatoes. Now everyone has to deal with the gearbox, which dreamed of a powerful and even with a gearbox, he dreamed of it all the time. The power tiller can handle everything and cut furrows, the only downside is not conveniently large, but otherwise a great machine
Cons: None
– 5, Ivashov Michael
Professionals: Engine like clock starts child 13 years old. The interior is sophisticated.
Cons: Price, but it’s worth it. This model was stolen 2 years ago. If it was possibly simpler, it would not have been stolen.
– 5, Oksana Krasovskaya
Professionals: Great power tiller. It is easy to control and turns on clearly. The motor is great.
Cons: Not for the money
Review: Bought for working the land. Was very happy with everything. The virgin land engraves great on each side of the tiller, and here I have three of them with three each, they are crisp in the fluff. Used it a lot with the trailer for trips to the woods for mushrooms and strawberries. The kids have a lot of fun, and who doesn’t need a trainer anymore? No differential.
-4, DM15-07-76
Professionals: Easy to use, handles the soil great, reliable Japanese engine, gearbox and cutter.
Cons: Expensive drive belt at a cost of 1200 p. For the original, the shifter temporarily sees gear oil in operation.
Review: Using this moto for the fourth season. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. When shifting gears I have to get used to the variator gearbox, which has to push the tractor undercarriage down or back depending on the choice of driving mode. It is difficult to find Mitsuboshi LA45 (for agricultural machines) drive belt on sale. Therefore, we have to buy the expensive original with the Pubert label. In other issues I have no complaints, only pleasant impressions while working with Caiman Vario.
– 4, Maxim Ts.
Professionals: Reliable enough, easy to work with cutters, quality grinding cutters
Cons: Often in the vegetable garden metal, but never carried himself, virgin land not filled with concrete metal, but never had to carry it, the load is too heavy, the load is too heavy, the load is too heavy, the load is too heavy, the load is too heavy. Unable to carry it, cultivating man more, cultivating man more, cultivating man more. Like a power tiller.
Review: Too expensive scales and spare parts, bought it because of the 4 year warranty, but the service closed in our town because not often bought this hand tractor, I started sneezing, looked it up on the internet, it’s all a matter of the carburetor, have to go to Kolhoz, the amount for the hand tractor is not small, but it is all the time that I have to take to the service, but after half an hour it starts with Niese, I pour good gasoline alone, but the problem remains
– 5, Drozdov Damir
Professionals: Lightweight hand tractor, 70kg.
Review: There is an additional folding bike for transportation. Has a set of Razor Blade quick change meters included. The handle is vertical (can be set to any height) and adjustable horizontally – to avoid stepping on a plowed field and maneuver between fences and bushes.
– 5, Duchowski Arnold
Professionals: Adequate durability. Weight is optimal: not light, but not completely overpowering either. Usable, the equipment is easy to mount and fits into the VAZ2104 cabin for transportation. On the second gear, the cutting unit loosens the hard soil with 3/4 of the throttle into a fine powder.
Cons: Didn’t find any special ones. The only thing missing is the force transfer to the floor through the standard iron rollers: the hand-operated tractor digs into the ground easier than pulling the plow forward. I had to weld an expander, doubling the width of the rollers. There’s no wave diverter.
Review: Took it in 2013, now in its sixth season, just plowed yesterday. My parents have 37 acres, my mother-in-law has 6 acres. Plowed and planted in spring, plowed in fall. I have not had any problems with it yet, I just changed my oil and watched the clutch once. My gas mileage is excellent. I wash the air filter element often.
Pepper and tomato seedlings
– 5, Vladimir Karnev
Professionals: Bought it in 2013 and started plowing it, here is my review under the nickname “Arnold Duchowski”. Since then we have been plowing 2 times a year. The scale can be seen in the photo – this is only in the village, and sometimes work on the construction of my mother-in-law, but there is little and not every year.
Cons: It’s not, it’s a car. Lucky enough.
Review: I broke them this winter and waited. The upper left pinion fold is almost jammed, this comes from the idler wave of the pinion, the balls were angular. I replaced it and the right pinion oil seal because the oil started pressing, not much, but there is. Changed the oil in the gearbox. Cleaned the gear shift and locking sector and adjusted its cables. Stuffed the lard back into the gear and drilled a hole so I could add lard (later editions have this hole from the factory). There wasn’t enough grease in the gearbox stocks, I opened their covers and greased them. There are signs of wear on the plastic strap, but not critical yet. No comments on the engine yet, only changed the oil and the seal between the carb and air filter housing. The spark plugs are in excellent condition, there is little soot in the combustion chamber. Hand starter cable is a little frayed, but it takes 5 minutes to replace. I put a thick support wheel under the clutch roller drive axle so that the roller itself comes out a little to the left and approaches the belt with the other edge, since the roller had already started to wear. Also, I poured grease on the pulley fold as it was already dry, the pulley was starting to whistle. All in all, for a 9 year old, everything looks good. The repair was inexpensive, did not take much time.
– 4, Sergey K.
Professionals: Ease of use
Cons: none
– 5, Loginov Boris
Professionals: According to the hand tractor the floor is soft and fluffy. I even clean the beds without any problems. As a means of transportation I also use the hand tractor, and with the trailer you can transport potatoes from the vegetable garden and hay from the field.
– 5, Elizarov Ivan
Professionals: To plow a 20-acre garden, I relied on my neighbor’s advice to buy a tractor with a walker. He relied on basic criteria: durability, stability in operation and versatility.
Review: 6 horsepower. There are two gears forward and one reverse. It is possible to install additional devices. Economical in fuel consumption. Thanks to the tractor with the walker, the garden is plowed much faster.
– 5, Georgy Malyugin
Review: I am an avid gardener. I love to work in my garden. But as I get older, my strength wanes. That all changed after my daughter advised me to go to an online store and choose a walk-behind tractor. I easily found what I needed!!! Beautiful and easy to work with. Low maintenance. But most importantly, low gasoline consumption and not a “throwaway” price. I am glad I bought it.
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– 5, Sakharov Julian.
Review: All gardeners face the problem of digging the vegetable garden, my problem is solved. This two-wheeled tractor has become an indispensable assistant. My problem has been solved with this two-wheeled tractor and it has become an indispensable helper. The power of 6 hp, it is enough to plow the field, and I think this is a big plus, because the power reserve is great and the wear and tear of the characteristics will be less. Very easy to handle, the weight is almost not felt, copes with any floor (bought for two families) without problems. I advise everybody.
– 1 , details hidden
Professionals: Beautiful appearance,
Cons: Everything. But my own fault, put it on the wrong model. And quality – the clutch pulley constantly breaks and the belt is chunky, users say this is common, but they don’t come cheap
Review: Total nonsense, I regret that I applied – I missed it, I blabbed. For those who have more than 3 acres of land, I recommend choosing another model, preferably domestic, with PTO, wheel locks and availability of parts. Even the front yard gets silly with this octopus – while you do turn after turn, you’ll flip the fence. And for serious work, you need to buy a pair of irons.
– 5, Vadim Malikov
Review: Indispensable helper at an affordable price. It differs from other models at the same price by a pretty good performance, which, in fact, depends on the quality of work. Returns speed. French engine, not China. I was completely satisfied with the motorblock.
– 5, Nikolai Dobronravov
Professionals: Light weight large diameter wheels.
Cons: Price.
Review: Bought this bike in 2016. Second summer working with it, like new, although they advise changing the belts, which I will do. Everything goes fast with it – I plow 10 hectares before lunch, no effort required here, the running tractor runs like clockwork. In general, I am satisfied that I have such a “friend” who has taken over my dacha duties.
– 5, Vasilyev Sasha
Professionals: Subaru engine
Cons: None
Review: Bought it for personal use at the cottage and immediately poled it with an attachment and cart. Very happy with this model. Has been working for 3 years and never once let me down.
– 5, Dobrydin German
Professionals: Automatic transmission for easy driving, economical fuel consumption, practical belt clutch, easy smooth start.
Review: One of my successful purchases, used to run out for a tractor, paid a lot of money, then took this walk-behind tractor in installments and has been plowing two vegetable gardens for the third year. Plows great and no lumps, like after the tractor. Then I start planting right away. It plows the furrows evenly.
– 5, Derzhavin Vladimir
Professionals: Good cross-country ability, no stress, you can plow the field during the day and only feet get tired, no need to use serious physical force
Review: Worked the season without any problems. I think it is a good choice. My favorite feature is the ability to adjust the rotational speed of the cutter regardless of the load. I recommend it!
– 5, Sanja ch.
Professionals: Reduced the vegetable garden, Ascot Kortofel, completely cultivated and recultivated. Went all summer as a helper.

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