Review of the Caiman Vario 60s engine unit. Features, reviews

Caiman Vario 60s TWK+ Reviews

Advantages: The engine is gasoline, four stroke. Combined oil air filter. With the help of the pump it is very easy to start.

Comment: Cultivation is perfect, a processing strip of about 90 cm. Large rubber wheels and a comfortable third transport bike.

Prices in online stores

49890 76990

Advantages: There is a wide profile on the wheels on the wheels so that it does not put in the ground and does not slip. The mills contained in the kit are not lost due to quality metal and during the year of the use of properties.

Comment: I bought such a walk tractor at the beginning of last summer. I also liked the opportunity to adapt the handle into different directions. This allows you to work next to the hedge without any problems. Vibration is not as strong as that of the old tractor for walk injuries.

Comment: I bought this Walk behavio r-tractor 2016. In the second summer I work with him as new, even though they advise them to replace the belts what I will do. Everything is quick with him – I plow 10 tomorrow before lunch, then there is no need to apply strength, the tractor of walking is like clockwork. In general, I am glad that I had such a “friend” who took over my land tasks.

Comment: I am an enthusiastic summer resident. I really like to work in my garden. But with age, forces disappear. Everything changed after my daughter advised me to go to the online shop and choose a walk-in tractor. I found what I need !! Nice and easy to work. To go unpretentious. However, the most important thing is a small consumption of gasoline and not “biting” price. I am glad that I understood it.

Comment: There are no difficulties at work. The grip of the starter begins easily and the hiking loss tractor works perfectly. I also like the fact that the motor block handle turns and that what has already been processed has not kicked with fee t-a very convenient function. There is no resistance when working, everything runs like clockwork.

Autumn cuts or a few words about chainsaws

Comment: All gardeners face the problem of digging the garden, my problem is solved. This motoblock has become an integral part. The technology is really efficient and not available, I will not serve for 2-3 years, but much more. The capacity of 6 HP is enough to plow the field, and in this I see a big one is great and wear, there will be fewer capacities. It is very easy to use, the weight is almost not felt. It is fed with a floor (bought for two families), no problems. I advise everyone.

Comment: Bought for a summer house for private use and immediately polonium a hinge compartment and a car. I am very happy about the model. It works 3 years and never failed.

Disadvantages: 1st high price 2. The leg of the transport bike is short. 3. Sold with wheels and wings (removable) are not suitable. 4. The trailer is not entirely located. 5. The gear shift is not very clear (often sees).

Comment: Why did you choose this model? In 2007 I bought a Caiman Grubber with a Subaru EX13 4.5 hp engine, assembly pure france. He worked 40 hectares for 4 years. Now it is less – 15. I only changed the straps (well, the maintenance is of course on time). Excellent on both virgin ground and on arable land. When I decided to buy a han d-led tractor (the reason was a trolley), there wasn’t even a question of the brand – only Caiman! Bought. The meeting is clearly no longer France. The steering wheel setting mechanism is not up to date. I immediately extended the leg of the transport bike (only 5 cm!) And it became much more convenient and easier to roll. The transport bike itself could be made wider. The declared plow depth is 32 cm, actually – 22 cm (with millings under the wings). It cuts perfectly, there are no complaints. It turned out to be very cumbersome to hang up the trolley – the royal cone could not be assembled (a beautiful green plastic fence), I left the bolt. Of course I had to worry about the design of the symptom. It was worth a ride on a dirty road – it flies out in all directions under the wheels. Normal removable wings do not fit. Self-made. The gear shift was also disappointing: it often stuck, you have to move the singl e-axle tractor a little to switch. Of course, everything seem to be little things, but for such a price you can expect better quality. Well, in general, the impressions are good: it perfectly fulfills the tasks and goals for which it was created.

Motoblock Weima WM1100. Overview of changes, properties, reviews

Advantages: Automatic transmission that makes driving easier, economical fuel consumption, practical strut clutch, light gentle start.

Comment: One of my successful purchases, I used to run after a tractor, paid a lot of money, then I took this han d-led tractor in installments and have been plowing two gardens since the third year. It plows fine and clum p-free like after a tractor. Then I start landing immediately. Furrows dig evenly.

Advantages: good of f-road suitability, tens e-free work, you can plow a field in one day and only your legs are tired, you don’t have to apply serious physical strength

Comment: The season worked without any problems. A good choice, I think. A separate plus is the option of adjusting the speed of the knives independently of the load. I recommend!

Note: There is an additional absence wheel for transport. In the kit I have a set of quick change meters Razor Blade. The handle is vertical (can be set to any height) and adjustable horizontally – so as not to step on a plowed field and maneuver between fences and bushes.

Advantages: irreplaceable helpers in the garden. When I bought this device, my husband freed me completely from the weed and potato plants. Now everyone can brag about how powerful and even with a gear I dreamed of it all the time. The singl e-axle tractor can cultivate everything and cut furrows, the only shortcoming is that weeds are not pleasantly large, but otherwise an excellent device

Disadvantages: everything. But it is his own fault, he put it on the wrong model. And the quality – the clutch roll breaks constantly and the strap is shaggy, users say it is a common thing, but they are not cheap

Comment: Complete nonsense, I regret that I contacted – overlooked, burst. If you have more than 3 hectares of land, I recommend choosing another model, preferably domestic, with a tap wave, wheel locks and the availability of spare parts. With this squid, even the front yard becomes stupid – while making a turn to turn, turn the lattens fence. And for serious work you have to buy a few iron

Motoblock Zubr PS-Q70. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Disadvantages: price, but it’s worth it. This model was stolen 2 years ago. If it were probably easier, they would not have been stolen.

Advantages: convenient in operation, perfectly cultivated, reliable Japanese engine, gear, cutters.

Disadvantages: an expensive drive belt worth 1200 p. For the original, the speed switch temporarily sees gear oil in the operating state.

Comment: I use this Walk behavior tractor as a cultivator for the fourth season. I am quite satisfied with the purchase. When changing the speed, you have to get used to the variator box, which must press the walk tractor down or backwards depending on the selection of the traffic mode. The Mitsuboshi LA45 (for agricultural machines) Drive belt is difficult to find in sales. So you have to buy an expensive original with the inscription Pubert. Otherwise there are no complaints, only pleasant impressions when working with Caiman Vario.

Comment: I bought it for the cultivation of land. Everything was very satisfied. The virgin areas grave perfectly on a mill on each side, and then I have three with three each, they crunch in fluff. I used a lot with a trailer for travel to the forest for mushrooms and strawberries. Children have a lot of fun and the one who controls the gym no longer needs . There is no differential.

At Rubig.Ru you can examine flat prices, the characteristics of the Caiman Vario 60s TWK+ and watch the video check. Choose the best offer from 0 online stores from Rubel in the Russian Federation. In addition, our visitors often look for Hammer UDD1200A and are interested in the prices of the Hyundai T 1500E.

Caiman Vario 60s engine blocks. Review, characteristics, application features

Caiman Vario 60s

CAIMAN VARIO 60S is a productive multifunctional unit of 6 HP, which is designed for the processing of virgin countries in areas with up to 30 hectares. By specifically sharpening saber with razor blades, you can effectively motivate any floor.

Last cleaning - overview of the work in the late autumn house garden

In the aggregation with a variety of excluded tools of the motoblock, various household working years can be operated effectively. Pneumatic bikes are optionally delivered.

Technical characteristics

Engine type 4-stroke, gasoline
Maximum Performance 6 PS
Number of front gears 2
The number of rear gears 1
The maximum processed area 2500 m2
The brand of the engine is used Subaru EP17
Engine volume 160 cm3
Start method Handbook with a starter
Cooling type Air
Type of liability mechanically
Type of bikes Pneumatic

Functions of the application

For soil processing, harvesting goods, transportation of the territory of snow and garbage, the Motorblock Kaiman Vario is perfectly summarized with additional devices, such as: B.:

  • Plow
  • helper
  • Potato carrier
  • Rotor mesh
  • mowing machine
  • adapter
  • Miniepret and carts
  • Light-off shovel
  • brush
  • Snowman.

Caiman Vario 60s

Kaiman Vario is equipped with a drive for front folding units. The rear devices are connected by the rear adhesion of Vario. In order to ensure the necessary traction, floor surfaces are installed. Vario adapter is used when installing the anterior active trailer coupling.

With the adjustable handles of the ellipse, you can create comfortable operation depending on the growth of the operator. It is useful to work near the fences and not to trample the previously processed diagram of the earth. Thanks to the ergonomic system of the right equilibrium, the load on the shoulders and the spine of the work, it is redistributed so that it is not more difficult to control the tractor for the walk than to just keep it on the handles.


The owners who managed to work on the motor blocks of the Caiman Vario 60s notice sufficient simplicity of the operation and maintenance. Kaiman Vario 60s consumes high-quality AI 92 petrol, and recommendations for the viscosity of the oil in winter and summer should also follow.

Before operating the engine block, precautionary measures.

The high costs for a walk tractor are most frequently emphasized by the defects. Sometimes no noise in the engine’s work, increased gasoline consumption. The price of the model on the market is 52-57,000 rubles.

The operating instructions of the Caiman Vario 60s motor block here.

Review of the model range of Motoblocks Agromash. Specifications, reviews

Video evaluation of the work

Caiman 60s Motoblok: sparkle plows

Motoblock Kaiman Vario 60s works with a snowman

Reviews of the owners

Alexander, Mozhaiisk:

“Motoblock Kayman Vario 60s I have the third year. I mainly use for the cultivation of the country and translate protocols, boards. Satisfied with technology. The service is easy, easy to manage, do not contact you, it works normally. “

Vladimir, Ufa:

“I bought a Kaiman 60s walk tractor for the cultivation of land, a plot of 35 hectares. Justified. The price is of course large, but it is worth the technology. “

Nikolai Petrovich:

“Motoblock Kayman Vario 60 Without wheels I have season 4. The engine starts like a watch, a teenager can do it too. Of course it took a time to get used to the variator. The virgin countries dig a mill perfectly on both sides. From the disadvantages – oil in the gears and leaks during work. “

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