Review of the Caiman Quatro Max 70s TWK+Motor Block. Features, reviews

Review of the Caiman Quatro Max 70s TWK+Motor Block. Features, reviews

The Quatro Max 70s TWK+ Petre l-Wande r-Traktor is a worthy idea of ​​the French company Caimam, which appeared on the world market in 2003 and immediately became popular. The agricultural technology of this manufacturer is reliable and technological.

Motoblock Kaiman Quatro Max 70s TWK+

The heavy motor block Caiman Quatro Max 70s TWK is designed in such a way that it processes virgin areas that require special attention.


The Caiman Quatro Max 70s TWK model was equipped with a Japanese single cylinde r-Vie r-strok e-Subaru EP 21 (OHC) engine. Overheating is violent aircraft.

Subaru EP21 OHC engine

The performance of the Japanese Subaru engine is 7 hp. The engine is launched manually with the starter. The ideal fuel for Kaiman Quatro is unhealthy gasoline from the AI ​​92 brand.

Features of the Caiman Quatro Max 70s TWK+:
  • A special design of grinding, sharpening, lon g-lasting steel – everything contributes to the simple entry of the blade even in the worst floor. Thanks to all of this, the developers have almost completely eliminated the vibration, which negatively influenced the management of the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • Adjustable handles make it possible to work comfortably with the device drivers of different growth.
  • Pneumatic bikes with tractor protection offer the densest liability on the ground and increase the passage of the unit under different conditions (regardless of whether it is viscous or dry soil).
  • Gears with chain wheel, six movement speeds, 4 of which are in front and 2. The operator has the option of choosing the optimal speed when a wal k-in wing is moved with a canopy.
  • Any load can withstand a chai n-unrestrictable gear in a permanent case with eternal lubricant.
  • With the power supply you can repair all fastening devices.
  • The brake system of the drum type offers a high braking force.
  • The reduced focus of the migration tractor facilitates the control of the unit, its maneuverability has increased.
Moto blocking energy industry. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews


Engine type Petrol, 4-stroke Subaru EP 21 (OHC)
Engine power 7.0l.s.
Engine volume 211 cm³
Fuel tank capacity 3.6 liters
The width of processing Up to 90 cm
The depth of processing Up to 30 cm
transmission Chain (reinforced, selected)
coupling brush
transmission gear
The number of speeds 4 forward/ 2 before
From the There is
Speed ​​with a trailer 15 km/h
The area of ​​processing 3000m²
The weight 76 kg
Manufacturer France

Unmounted equipment

In addition to the cultivation of all types of floors and with this model of a motorized device, other agricultural work can be carried out on a country diagram of 40 ACRES:

  • Cut the furrows;
  • Plant potatoes;
  • Hill plants;
  • Fight against weeds;
  • Harvest;
  • Harvest hay for cattle;
  • Transport mass and general goods;
  • Clear snow etc.

For all this work, you need the corresponding attachment that the Caiman manufacturer also provides in a large range.

Rotary mower snowbrush School Brush Bumshift Two-stroke plow shovel-fasting cultivator mill floor-containing potato traitor adapter lawn mushroom mushrooms

Additional accessories may be required for work:

  • Coupling;
  • Weighting;
  • canopies on wheels;
  • plant protection etc.

The unit is front-wheel drive, so attachments such as a snow blower and mower deck can be attached to the front of the unit. An optimal working depth of 32 cm is achieved with a caiman quatro two-wheel tractor weighing 80 kg.

User Guide

If you have bought a walk-behind tractor, do not rush to start using it immediately, but first read the instruction manual, which is always included in the package. This document contains the following information:

  • Device model caiman quatro max 70s twk.
  • Safety requirements when working with a motorized device.
  • First engine start, gear change, stop.
  • Maintenance, which includes a description of the rules for changing the oil and preserving the walk-behind tractor for the winter period.

You can study the instructions in detail by clicking on the link: Caiman Quatro Max 70S TWK User Manual

Opening grapes in spring

Before starting work with the two-wheel tractor, a running-in period is required, which lasts at least 8 hours at 2/3 of the engine power. After running in, the engine adapts to the loads and can be used at full power.

Oil filling and border stand

Check before starting work:

  • The presence of fuel in the gas tank.
  • Oil level in the crankcase.
  • All fasteners prone to loosening even with minimal vibration.

After fieldwork:

  • Thoroughly remove dirt from the two-wheel tractor.
  • Wash and dry the device.
  • Lubricate all the main components and mechanisms of the device with grease and suitable oils.

Video review

Overview of the Caiman Quatro 70S TWK two-wheel tractor

owner reviews

You can read reviews about this model on the forums. Basically, the owners note its power, maneuverability, build quality and high functionality.

Anton, 31 years old:

“For the past three seasons I’ve been working my summer house with this walk behind tractor. Impressively high performance with relatively low weight and dimensions. Completely converted from manual labor to mechanization. Happy with the result. The car is powerful, obeys the controls perfectly, without problems from 3 years. The reinforced gearbox is impressive, I just need to add oil and fuel in time and clean the worker thoroughly. I tried a walk-behind tractor with a plow and tillers (there were also crow’s feet) – I prefer tillers, the earth is instantly crushed to dust.

Ilya Ilyich, 58 years old:

“I traveled through the whole village with my caiman quattro max – that’s my part-time job, feeding and watering. The machine is powerful, there are practically no vibrations compared to the Niva, thanks to which the hands do not get so tired. For seven years of operation I bought all attachments, now the whole season is in use. The walk-behind tractor has an excellent steering and braking system. Thanks to the adjustable handles, I can plow the soil almost close to the fence. Maneuverability is top-notch.”

Review of the Caiman Vario 60s TWK+WAL K-BREI T-TRAKTOR. Features, reviews

George, 54 years:

“He succumbed to his son’s persuasion and bought this Walk Fehind tractor last season. The season was not easy – unpredictable, the earth was like stone. Caiman directed and facilitated all work in the garden, speeding up the processes (heat at 50 degrees in the sun, you will not work for a long time). I was afraid that the tractor of the walk would overheat at this temperature, so I went to work in the morning or in the evening. The overheating system kept it burn-free, but without a Kayman I don’t know how I survived this season. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, I recommend buying a reliable assistant that will be in the snow and in the heat – always at hand! By the way, I haven’t bought a snowman yet, I don’t know which model to choose (maybe someone will advise?) And winter this year does not spoil the snow … “

Caiman Quatro Max 70S Plow2 TWK+Motoblock. Review, features, application features

Multifunctional Caiman Quatro max 70S Plow2 TWK+ with a capacity of 7 hp. Designed for various agrotechnical works on heavy virgin lands of up to 40 hectares. A tractor with a walk with additional tools for communal and household purposes is successfully used.

Caiman Quatro Max 70s Pflug2 TWK+

Technical characteristics

Turning back There is
Wheels Pneumatic 4.0-8
maximum torque 13.9 nm at 2500 rpm
The brand of the engine Subaru
engine model EP 21 OHC
lever Fold with adjustable position
coupling belt type
Engine type 4-stroke petrol
type of gearbox Chain
type of transmission Varioautomat
The number of speeds 2 vario forward / ahead 1 ahead 1
Plowing depth, mm 320
Engine volume, cm³ 211
The volume of the fuel tank, l 3,6
Processing area, m² 3000
Plow width, see 90

Features of the application

The heavy engine block Quatro MAX 70S PLOW2 TWK+ differs from the modification of Quatro Max 70S TWK+ Specific configuration: 3 pairs of bottom, protective wings, bilateral coupling, special phytosanitary discs.

Minitor Centaur T 18. Overview, characteristics, instructions

A plow kit consists of a strong repair plow made of pubert, pneumatic wheels, hubs, counterweights and weights. Thanks to the special design of the original explosion plow, the operator can process the soil in the forward/backward directions just by changing the position of the plow, saving time.


  • The Japanese premium Subaru EP21 OHC class offers reliable, uninterrupted work with powerful tools and is characterized by efficiency, reduced noise and harmful emissions.
  • The Caiman Quatro Max 70S Plow2 TWK+ motoblock is equipped with a professional Fast Gear III transmission, characterized by increased strength and high maintainability, minimal thickness of the case walls and high performance.
  • Thanks to the 4 forward / 2 forward / 2 pre-skewed steel gearbox, the operator has the opportunity to set the optimal operating mode.
  • Adjustable handles allow operators to customize the device individually for themselves. Thanks to them, it is also convenient to work next to the fences.

Read more: Motoblock Gasoline Caiman Quatro Max 70S TWK+. Review, features, application features


Before operating the tractor of Walk behavior, the main nodes and mechanisms pass (within 50 hours) – first idle, and then gradually increase the speed and load mode.

At the end of the procedure, oil (you can use the SAE 10W-30, 20W, 30W brands) in the engine is changed. In the future, oil replacement is carried out after 50 motorized hours, and more often with intensive operation.

The Caiman Quatro Max 70S Plow2 TWK+ walk-behind tractor requires high quality AI-92 gasoline.

The manufacturer’s recommendations at the time of routine maintenance, practical information on the operation, secure working techniques and features for connecting attachments are listed in the operating instructions for the han d-led Tractor Caiman Quatro Max 70s PLOW2 TWK +, which can be found under.

Video review

Motoblock Caiman Quatro Max 70s PLOW2 TWK+

owner reviews


“I bought a Cayman native tractor with air wheels and turning plow for an advertising campaign, very successful, actually the plow cost twice less. I am satisfied with the equipment, I have always dreamed of a French han d-held tractor, my relative also has a Cayman, so I managed to appreciate it. Excellent assembly, maintenanc e-friendly, easy to start, the attachment device is easy to attach. The turning plow cannot be praised. “

Why is grapes fall

Ilja, Saratow:

“The Caiman Quattro Motoblock with rotary plow is my agricultural operation. A large tractor does not drive towards us and everyone has to edit the country. It happens that he works from morning to evening in hot weather and everything is fine. The machine is designed for longevity both technically and with regard to the possible uses. I don’t regret the purchase at all. The only drawback is the price, but it pays off quickly when used full of use. But reliable, without breakdown.

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