Review of the Bison chainsaw: description and technical characteristics

Besmen chainsaw: Overview of the list

The Russian company “Zubr” specializes in the development of a large number of household appliances and spare parts for them. The list of products includes several domestic class models with a capacity from 1.6 to 3.3 hp.

A large selection allows consumers to buy a tool that is 100% appropriate to the level of sophistication and properties of the next company.

Zubr chainsaw

Bison brand chainsaws are characterized by:

  • Classic layout of internal and external equipment;
  • Modern industrial design;
  • Close to modern technical solutions.

The basis of stable consumer demand

When developing the basic concept of the brand chainsaw, the manufacturer highlighted the main areas:

  • Increased comfort and safety;
  • Reliability and long service life of the product;
  • Stability of working properties and efficiency of the content.

Zepye Zepye chainsaws are manufactured on modern units using proven assembly and mounting technologies. By controlling the working processes it is possible to stabilize the quality of the final product at a proper level.

In terms of technical and functional characteristics the domestic gasoline trucks meet the requirements of the normative documentation and the current European standards.

The quality and performance indicators of the entire list are at a high level, which can be verified by reading the positive reviews of the owners, published on the Internet.

On the official site of CBR, published in the Internet, there is a full catalog and prices for the whole range of brand name chainsaw equipment, address coordinates of the regional representative offices and telephone numbers, by which you can get additional information.

Comparative overview of operating parameters

In the domestic market the Bison chainsaw stock is represented by several developments with different powerful characteristics, which are in very high demand among domestic consumers.



The ZCPB-370 is a lightweight and small house saw of the ZCPB-370 series focused on use in private households and agriculture. The model is also included in the equipment of scientific expeditions, tourist groups and outdoor enthusiasts.

The saw is equipped with a 37 cc, 1.6 hp two-stroke frosty engine and a worn 14-inch saw setup.

Budget costs are equipped with:

  • Automatic circuit lubrication and cooling unit;
  • Economical Walbro brand fuel equipment;
  • Groundhog pump;
  • Efficient air intake filter.

Service life of the power tiller is increased at the expense of strengthening of metal by special processing, thus a thin layer of porous chrome is applied on the internal diameter of the cylinder. The autonomy of operation is provided by the fuel mixture and chain oil supply into the expendable tanks with the useful volume of 390 and 210 cm3.

ZADS ZCPB-490-450

ZADS ZCPB-490-450

Semi-professional class model is of interest for owners of construction organizations, private, agricultural and timber yards. High traction and torque capacity are offered by the standard 2.95 horsepower 50cc engine.

Pluses of this model include:

  • High-performance consumption with 18-inch saws;
  • Capacious container tank (260 and 550 ml);
  • Availability of modern starting, fuel and emergency systems.

The design of the tool takes advantage of automatic cooling and lubrication of the saw equipment, fuel economy and stability of traction parameters in all modes, as the best valag e-import carburetor is simply installed in its category.

Extended overhaul life of the product carries:

  • Quality with high build;
  • Cylinder level chrome plating;
  • Efficient filtering power drive power supply component.

Zubble PBC-380 35P.

Zubble PBC-380 35P

Domestic purpose with a curb weight of 4.6 kg and power up to 1.9 hp They are equipped with elements that are more typical of semi-professional devices. The model is equipped with a heavy-duty – rack-and-pinion guide bar with a half life and a saw chain with functioning teeth, which are made on the basis of wear-resistant alloy steel.

The mini version of a garden on the balcony

The PBC-380 35P series is one of the few models with minimal noise and vibration. Traction properties of the engine are stabilized by installation of additional compression ring.

Safety of complex shafts and saws is guaranteed:

  • The ergonomic shape of the body and the good balance of the tool as a whole;
  • Manual and inertia controlled emergency stop brake;
  • Modified design of the catcher of torn or broken chain.

Zubble PBC-400 40P.

Zubble PBC-400 40P

The tool in the group is a simple, reliable home-grade chainsaw with developed business qualities. Special features include:

  • Enhanced air-cleaning quality;
  • The design of the pump pump has been finalized;
  • Improved access to the headset chain fitting mechanism.

Economical and easy to fit a 2-cone ice cream maker, which includes a 400mm guide bar and saw chain.

Even with a tight layout of internal devices, customer evaluations confirm the availability of easy access to the carburetor adjustment screws and gas tank neck.

Zubr PBK-M450 40P

Zubble PBC-M450 40P

The use of modern manufacturing and monoxalology has allowed the manufacturers of the Zubr PBK-M450 40P series bison to increase the warranty period. Carries a 45-foot 2.2 hp power source. Offers full travel on a 16-inch tire.

The torque reserve compensates for the load typical of dealing with troublesome, dense or frozen wood of the appropriate diameter. Fuel and oil consumption are 560 and 280 ml. Enough sawdust for work for 50-70 minutes.

The list of advantages of this model is proved in practice:

  • Increased comfort of the complex, including diagonal and longitudinal sawing work;
  • Two-stage full air purification system;
  • Reduced maintenance;
  • Various types of chain oils that replace proprietary designs.

Zubble PBC-M560 45P.

Zubble PBC-M560 45P

Considering the wishes of users who prefer to use productive devices in everyday work with sufficient power reserve. In terms of performance, the 2.86 horsepower 55-core model is identical to the single-type brand-name models.

The key difference is that the M560 45P series saw is adapted for low-temperature operation in terms of starting safety and other parameters. Considering the interests of future owners, the factory set is supplemented by a spare starting coil.

advantages and disadvantages

The appropriateness of choosing a chainsaw tool from the Zubr model range is largely determined by:

  • the ratio of affordable cost and productive performance parameters;
  • unification of the repair range and consumable lubricants;
  • Service and repair facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.

There is a large selection of inexpensive genuine parts that will allow you to repair your saw yourself at a reasonable cost.

Informative instructions will provide effective help in the choice of fuel and lubricants and the preparation of the fuel mixture, development of maintenance skills and mastering the sequence of fuel and sawing equipment adjustment.

The list of detected disadvantages:

  • large compared to counterparts with the same power-to-weight ratio;
  • presence in the instructions of recommendations on the use of obsolete and discontinued lubricants;
  • Installation of carburetors, not adjusted in accordance with the average data.

A distinctive feature of some budget models is the moderate quality of body plastics and saw kits.

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owner reviews

Bought two years ago, 2-stroke chainsaw “Zubr” was not particularly popular, but also did not disappoint. In all the time I have replaced the high-voltage wire from the ignition unit and plugs, two studs with poor threads, renewed the air intake filter. The wear on the brand tires is within normal limits. I alternate two chains for even wear on the drive sprocket, with the new one stretching faster than the one that came with it. Stas

My chainsaw Zubr M450 40P turns 3 years old in 2 months with perfect operation. The machine is perfect in every way. If it will work without problems for the next 3-4 years, then you can consider that the money was not spent in vain. The price-quality ratio of the entire Zubrov assortment is at an acceptable level, so the plan is to buy more branded products, a lawnmower and a screwdriver. Igor Tikhonovich

chainsaw akk. Review of the model range, properties. Tips on how to prepare the chainsaw for work

Zubr chain saws: a qualitative tool from the domestic manufacturer

The history of the commercial and industrial company Zubr began in 2005. That’s when an electric impact drill appeared on sale under this logo. Soon the company was able to significantly expand the range of products. In particular, chainsaws, jigsaws, rotary hammers, grinders, fasteners, bags and cases for storing and transporting Zubr equipment appeared on the market.

It should be noted that the company has never had production facilities in Russia; all ZUBR equipment is assembled in China. However, this fact does not detract from the quality of Zubr chain saws. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, all devices are made on modern equipment and under the strict control of Russian specialists, and secondly, some components for chain saws are supplied from Russia and Japan. In this regard, it is not surprising that the Zubr products meet all modern standards of quality and safety, as evidenced by the relevant certificates.

Decent quality of the zubr chainsaw is combined with a reasonable price of the tool. Today, the cost of the saw depends on the model and ranges from 6,100 to 13,800 rubles.

ZUBR chain saw range

Today the company produces two chainsaws: Master and Professional. Buyers are available six professional and three domestic models from the manufacturer. All chainsaws differ in their performance characteristics and have different purposes.

The “Profi” series


The most compact chainsaw in this series, and its weight seems quite acceptable – 5 kilograms. The unit is driven by a 1.6 hp engine, which is enough power for a 35 cm guide bar saw. Among the undeniable advantages of the machine are the effective multipoint vibration protection system, the presence of primer and the chrome coating of the engine rings and cylinder.

The chainsaw is excellent for longitudinal and transverse sawing of wood, repair and construction work, and the price of this tool does not seem overpriced – 8,770 rubles.

ZUBR PBTS 380 35P.

Features a more powerful engine (1.9 hp) from the previous model, for other characteristics there are no significant differences. The chainsaw can be used for various types of work, including the preparation and sawing of firewood. Pay attention to the high-quality sawdust, which is supplied with the device. According to the manufacturer, the native chain lasts up to 1,200 cuts before the first sharpening.

You can buy the model ZuBr PBTS-380 35P at a price of 9,500 rubles.

ZUBR PBTS 400 40P.

Universal model, which is designed not only for home use, but also for use by forestry workers and utilities. The device is equipped with a powerful (2.0 hp) engine with a Japanese Walbro carburetor with a primer for easy starting at low temperatures. Safety of the operator is guaranteed by the presence of the chain catcher made of metal and a double brake (main and auxiliary) for an instantaneous stop the chain. An electronic ignition system and an improved air filter are important for stable engine operation.

Today, the ZUBR Pbts 400 40P model can be purchased in domestic online stores at a price of 11,000 rubles.


Powerful professional chainsaw for carrying out various works in cross-cutting and long sawing of wood. The manufacturer claims that this model can also be used in non-professional cases. It is equipped with a 2.4 hp two-stroke engine. It has a 400-millimeter guide bar and a 66-tooth saw chain. The main parts of the piston group are chromed, the stable operation of the engine is guaranteed by the Japanese Walbro carburetor and the modern air cleaning system with a low-impact nylon filter.

In domestic stores, the chainsaw Zubr PBTS 450 40P can be purchased at a price of 11,500 rubles.


A powerful and reliable professional tool for long hours of intensive work. The chainsaw is powered by a three horsepower engine, equipped with an 18-inch Oregon guide bar and a saw chain with 72 links. The main application of this model is construction and repair work, cutting and sawing firewood as well as felling small diameter trees. Stable operation of the engine is provided by the electronic ignition system and Japanese carburetor from Walbro. In their reviews, the owners of the tool note the balanced body of the device and the convenient location of the control buttons.

To buy the Zubr PBC-490 45DP model, you can pay from 12,000 rubles.

Zubr PBC 560 45DP

The most powerful and durable chainsaw in the company’s range. The powerful and durable 3.3 hp engine makes it an intensive machine for the most demanding felling jobs, longitudinal and transverse cutting of planks, logs, and timbers. The chainsaw is equipped with a high-quality carburetor, chrome-plated piston parts, and two compression rings increase engine life. The disadvantages of this model include a very high weight – more than 8.5 kg in the curb weight.

With good performance characteristics, the chainsaw Zubr PBTS 560 45DP has a rather high cost: about 13,800 rubles.

Master Series

Accessories Zubr PBC M370 35P

The lightest and cheapest chainsaw in the range of the company. The tool is powered by a 1.6 hp engine, complete with a 14-inch Oregon guide bar and a saw chain with 53 links. The device is designed to perform a variety of tasks, ideal for pruning trees, personal plot maintenance, preparation and sawing firewood for the sauna or fireplace.

Buy the chainsaw Zubr PBTs M370 35P today at a price of 6 100 rubles.

Accessories Zubr PBC M450 40P

Perhaps this is the most popular saw in the manufacturer’s lineup. The device is equipped with a medium-power engine (2.2 hp), a 15-inch guide bar and a 66-link saw chain. The saw is equipped with a Japanese-made carburetor and an improved air purification system. These innovations, as well as the chrome parts of the piston group, increase the reliability of the tool and extend its service life. The PBC M450 40P chainsaw is widely used in everyday life, it is used for construction and repair work, cutting and sawing of firewood, gardening and backyard maintenance.

In domestic online stores Zubr model PBC M450 40P is sold at a price of 6 570 rubles.

Accessories Zubr PBC M560 45P

Another chainsaw from the series “Master”. The model belongs to the domestic class of tools. This chainsaw can be used for cross-cutting and band sawing wood, pruning trees and non-professional felling of trees. The unit is powered by a powerful 2.9 hp engine, equipped with a 72-link saw chain and a 450 mm bar. The saw is equipped with a primer for easy starting in the cold season, a pump for forced oil injection into the saw headset and a multipoint anti-vibration system on steel springs. We should also note that this model is equipped with an improved air filter and has a double chain stop brake for emergencies.

With sufficiently high performance, the model Zubr PBK M560 45P can be purchased at a fairly moderate price – from 7,500 rubles.

Some tips on preparing the chainsaw for work

  • If you buy a saw, we recommend that you carefully inspect the tool, make sure there is no visible damage or malfunction. If the seller needs, run a test version with the engine to make sure it works.
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Important: Domestic legislation provides for a period of 14 days from the date of purchase, during which you can demand a product replacement or refund if a factory defect is established.

  • Carefully read the instruction manual, study the technical features and design of the Zubr chain saw, and familiarize yourself with the safety instructions.
  • Assemble the chain saw and set the chain tension.

Important: Productivity and tool life depend largely on proper chain tensioning. Adjust the chain so that no link hangs below your own weight. In this case, the chain should move slightly on the guide bar. Also make sure the cutting edges of the saw teeth point toward the sprocket.

Load the instruction manual, season the engine and the automatic lubrication system. Check for oil and gasoline on the chainsaw body. Find the cause of leaks if you find them and restore the tightness of the system.

  • Engage the mechanical chain brake;
  • Place the chainsaw on the floor, fix the rear handle bracket with your foot and start the engine according to the instructions in the Zubr chainsaw instruction manual.
  • When working with the tool, always use personal protective equipment: goggles, headphones, gloves, sturdy shoes. Make sure that there are no foreign objects, animals or other people in the working area.
  • At the end of the work day, clean the chainsaw of debris and sawdust and pay special attention to the cleanliness of the air filter.
  • At the end of the season, allow the metal parts of the tools to drain. The Bison should be stored in a dry, well-loaded area.

Fuel and Lubricants

The Zubr is equipped with an internal combustion engine.

  • Pour the required amount of A92-95 gasoline into a measuring jug;
  • Add engine oil for two-stroke engines to gasoline at the ratio of 1/25 when the engine is running or 1/50 afterwards. The use of a regular medical syringe is recommended for more accurate oil dosage.
  • Stir the mixture.
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List of recommended engine oils for bison chainsaw:

  • ZMD-2-m standard ZMD;
  • Echo Jaso FD with donor;
  • Husqvarna HP;
  • Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T;
  • Champion Jaso Fd.

Normal operation of the automatic lubrication system is very important for fuel chain performance and longevity. It is not recommended to fill the system with conventional motor or transformer oils. Do not use power, training, or other stock as a lubricant.

Recommended chain oils:

  • ZMPM expert bison;
  • Echo Premium B&C;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • Oleo-Mac Polar Lubricant;
  • Stihl Forestplus.

advantages and disadvantages


  • Powerful engine with chrome plated cylinder and piston walls;
  • Double brake (main and auxiliary) to stop the chain;
  • Forced oil supply to the working area;
  • Multipoint anti-vibration protection on steel springs;
  • Availability of pump (Primer) for fuel priming when starting the engine in cold weather;
  • Upgraded air purification system with nylon filter.


  • Heavy weight of some models (up to 8.5 kg curb weight);
  • Poor quality material for fuel and oil line;
  • Increased consumption of fuel materials.

Zubr chainsaw inspection video

Zubr chainsaw – working in the woods, sharing my impressions:



Unpacking, assembling and testing the Zubr PBK 400 chainsaw:



owner reviews

Nikolay Syrovkin, 43, Arkhangelsk region:

I spent a long time choosing a chainsaw and decided to buy a tool from a domestic manufacturer (at least, that’s what the salesman told me). It turned out to be an ordinary Chinese. From the advantages of the ZUBYR PBK-560 45DP model, I single out a powerful engine, a quality vibration system and a good compensation of the body. I use the tool for household needs: small repairs, pruning the garden, cutting and chopping firewood. I tried to cut trees with a small diameter (up to 55 cm). As for the disadvantages, it is, above all, a large weight and increased consumption of fuel and oil.

Sergey Gorshkov, 52, Pskov region:

Zubr PBK-M450 40P was bought for unnecessary at home. The tool was bought in the store, the engine started immediately, visual inspection showed no problems. I liked that there is a quality headset from Oregon in the basic set, the busbar – the third season. As for the drawbacks, there are many. First, the plastic from which the fuel and oil tank is made causes symptoms – it tears in the cold. Another problem: increased fuel consumption – consumes a lot of saw, and often it is necessary to refill the oil tank to lubricate the saw properly.

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Advantages: design, price, powerful engine, good body ergonomics;

Weaknesses: the low quality of plastic, high fuel consumption, heavy weight.

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