Review of the Belarus MTZ-06 engine note. device, characteristic

Motoblock MTZ-06. Description of the model, features of application and video reviews

Model Motoblock MTZ 06 Belarus is one of the main representatives of units of the same axis objects of agricultural machinery. This device is used to carry out work in agriculture, farmhouses and various household plans. The latest version of the MTZ-06MKR motblock, which has a modern powerful and functional engine, is capable of processing the soil at a considerable depth. Currently, this Walk behavior area is of great popularity in the post-Soviet space. The weight is almost a ton and 6 liters fit in the tank. It has a full year warranty from the manufacturer.

The engine of the Walk behavior tractor has four strokes, gasoline only uses only gasoline to operate this device. The engine volume is 0.277 liters. It has an oil level control system that automatically stops operation when the lubricant is lower than the norm. The engine of this walk behavior tract has an air cooling system as well as oil cleaning and gas distribution. It is launched manually without using any additional equipment.

Tree and wheels can be installed on the Walk behavior’s tractor, which allows expanding the functionality of this device, and also allows you to use it for a variety of work. Thanks to the design of this model, you can install goods for ballast on the device and make changes in the width of the track. To increase comfort, the handlebar has a decreasing vibration with handles and support. A device fully adapted to the harsh climate of our country has a transmission module that offers good smoothness.

This agricultural machine can go forward and reverse and has the ability to reach a speed of 15 km/h. The use of autonomously moving wheels makes it possible to expand the device at a significant angle (up to two hundred and forty degrees) without any effort. Differences that reduce the radius of rotation are also said to increase the wheelbase to some extent. This allows the Walk behavior tractor to obtain more significant stability and maneuverability, which is very important when processing agricultural crops.

It should be noted that the MTZ-06 microdistrict has many analogues between the aggregates of both domestic and foreign production. The cost of this variety of agricultural machinery depends on the level of configuration with different implements. The price range for this device is from fifty to ninety thousand rubles.

Engine block MTZ 12

Among the motor blocks of the individual axes of the MTZ, the MTZ 012 model is considered the most powerful, heavy and productive. With this device, one person can treat heavy soil in an area of ​​​​5 hectares, transport a heavy load and carry out municipal works.

Thanks to the features of the design, the machine can be easily modernized in a mini-actor with a current selector and allows using the block as a drive for a variety of mechanisms. In addition to these amenities, the unit has many advantages of the technical plan that we must familiarize ourselves with.

Technical characteristics of the MTZ 12 walk behind tractor

  • Engine – four-stroke, carburetor SK-12;
  • displacement – 0.277 l;
  • cooling type – air;
  • Engine power – 11 liters. With.;
  • number of speeds – 6;
  • clutch – friction with manual control;
  • running system – reliable pneumatic wheels;
  • tire dimensions – 150 * 330 mm;
  • shaft speed – 1000 rpm;
  • Weight – 148 kg.
Minitractor Xintai 244 - description and characteristics

Since such a device is great for complex processing of large areas, owners of small plots prefer less powerful devices.

Noting the not very convenient rod steering, many owners of the MTZ 12 engine block often ask the question: “How to improve the grip and make the work more comfortable for the operator?”. It should be noted that the handle is height adjustable and you can change the position by an angle of 15° to the left or right.

Engine block MTZ06

Motoblock MTZ 06 is considered one of the highest quality and most profitable units in all plans used for cultivating land on small areas. The device has a modern and incredibly powerful WEIMA 177F engine and a really serious tillage depth (up to 0.3 m).

In the post-Soviet space, the walk-behind tractor is especially in demand, since it is perfectly adapted to difficult working conditions and will cope with almost any soil. The engine is distinguished by the presence of an air cooling system, gas distribution and oil air purification. The device has many features, but you should get to know them in a more compact format.

Motoblock MTZ 06: specifications

  • The four-stroke carburetor engine has a capacity of 5.5 liters. With.;
  • volume – 245 cm³;
  • Main gear – several bevel gears with spiral teeth;
  • clutch – friction, multi-disc clutch;
  • Wheels – powerful pneumatic;
  • tire size – 150 * 330 mm;
  • track (adjustable) – 400, 650, 700 mm;
  • ground clearance – 300 mm;
  • There is a PTO;
  • handlebar;
  • Weight – 135 kg.

operational characteristics

Before the purchased two-wheel tractor is used for the first time, the following work is carried out:
  • Check all connections;
  • Pour in the required amount of oil and gasoline. Gasoline must be clean, without moisture contaminants and various particles;
  • Carry out a break-in period, which will positively affect the operation of the engine and increase the life of the device.

The run-in takes about 50 hours of operation. Upon its completion, the following actions are performed:
  • wash your device;
  • Change the lubricant in the engine pan, wash the oil filter element;
  • wash the fuel filter;
  • Pour new lubricant into the gearbox and gears;
  • Check the operation of the clutch and throttle control mechanisms.
  • Check all connections.

Engine block MTZ05

The first tillage mechanism made in Belarus is the MTZ 05 walk-behind tractor. This device was used to facilitate the process of agricultural work, and this equipment coped with the task with sufficient quality. Initially, even a special carriage went to such a mechanism, which also performed some of the important functions.

MTZ 05 Motoblocks can demonstrate their work results in small areas, such as: For example: a garden, a greenhouse, a personal property, a vegetable garden. The special properties of the design enable you to make actions with the beds, since the size of the floor intake can be set independently of one another. And there are other advantages of the device. Let us take a closer look at the types and descriptions of the technical features.

This model of the device is currently being set. Accordingly, in the event of a failure of spare parts for the hand-guided MTZ tractor, it will be difficult to make a selection, it is necessary to look for a high-quality alternative. A little later they started producing a similar but optimal version called MTZ 09N. This device consumes less fuel than a standard MTZ and also consists of light materials, which makes the hand-led tractor easier than its older counterpart.

Peculiarities of feeding grape bushes

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Motoblock engine MTZ 05

The engine for the hand-led tractor MTZ 05 was installed in a single-cylinder petrol engine UD 15. It has the function of sel f-cooling and also has a more convenient arrangement of the valves in the upper part of the mechanism. The engine rotates at a speed of 3000 revolutions per minute. This device is resistant to mechanical damage, unpretentious and also has a simple design.

Equipment suitable for MTZ singl e-axisstractors

The modernization of the hand-led MTZ tractor can be carried out independently. You can add devices that expand the range of functions:

  • Hiller;
  • individual plow;
  • assembled mower;
  • Grubber’s blocker;
  • a trailer that can wear half a ton;
  • Harrow.

All of these attachments together enable you to increase the number of functions carried out. When choosing an additional part, rely on the tasks that the han d-led tractor will run. You can convert it into an ATV, a plow or a potato rotor – you should choose the option that is necessary in a certain situation. This device is an excellent labor mechanism, and its completion can be completed at any time, all accessories are available separately.

Improvements by experienced owners

The many years of experience in the operation of the hand-led tractor MTZ 06 Under different climate, topography and soil quality conditions, enables consistent modernization of the device, its components and design elements, both by the manufacturer and by the craftsman. The most common improvements are improved ergonomics. Backwards and gear levers extend with a bend to the driver, the arches of the control bar also bend and form an analogue of a motorcycle steering wheel.

Specifications walk behind tractor mtz 06

Motoblock can work with attachments

Experienced owners use additional springs and cylinder rods for a smooth entry of the differential lock and switching. Many are not entirely satisfied with the speed of movement on normal wheels – 9-10 km / h. By changing the wheel size (there are examples of the use of R16 wheels) and the gear bikes of the gear shaft, some samples reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. Options for retrofitting engine start devices with a starter, a generator and a headlight are practiced everywhere, ie the creation of a ful l-fledged electrical system. The network has many examples of the creation of various adapters, adapters for the versatility of attaching attachments of various kinds and the adjustment of the load during torque transmission.

Overview of 5 models of han d-led tractors made by MTZ and their analogues

Most mechanical engineering companies of the USSR started intensively in the nineties of the last century with the production of models of compact devices for processing small areas – during the time of the active development of small agricultural companies that became the catalyst for minute devices.

Shantui SD22 Bulldozer - Description and Specifications

At this point, the Minsker tractor plant, which started in 1978 with the development and production of compact machines, already produced the small tractors MTZ-082 and MTZ-112 as well as the hand-led tractors Belarus-05.

The further production of motoblöcken focused on the Smorgon Agregate, which opened in the summer of 1986, was planning a branch of the Minsker company in the Grodno region.

The model range of the han d-led tractors from Minsk includes models with various capacities with the indices 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 and 12. Under the units listed at different times, models with the indices 05, 08, 09 and 12 Most asked.

Today the main models of the single-axle units produced by MTZ-Holding are machines with indices 06 and 09.

The main advantages of the sel f-driving tractors produced by MTZ:

  • A high degree of versatility that enables models with all types of attachments for soil processing and a large number of local and transport equipment, including local brushes and snow mills;
  • Maneuverability, compactness, simple operation and maintenance;
  • High repair suitability;
  • Simplicity compared to the quality of the fuels and lubricants used;
  • Availability of service and purchase of spare parts.

advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of a han d-led tractor include:

  • good performance;
  • Reliability;
  • High functionality;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • Maintenance friendliness;
  • A large selection of attachments;
  • Manufacturer guarantee;
  • affordable price.

The disadvantages of the device include the following factors: a long installation of attachments as well as periodic problems with the gear shift and the differential lock.

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Medium-heavy hand-held tractor MTZ-06

MTZ-06 is one of the smartest representatives of the family of the one-axle, whose main area of ​​application is the commitment to agricultural work in household parcels and small farms.

Equipped with a licensed Weima 177F engine, the latest version of the MTZ-06MKR unit, which processes the ground up to a depth of 0.3 m with a floor surface cover of 1.1 m, still very much on the markets of the post-Soviet countries asked .

Power Point

The device is equipped with an oil level control system with nine engines and a volume of 0.277 liters with an oil level control system, which automatically switches off the engine when the lubricant volume falls below the permissible level with a four-stroke power plant.

The air-cooled engine is equipped with air and gas distribution oil cleaning systems and a simple starting device.

The engine is started in manual mode.


The possibility of installing milling cutters and bikes on the unit extends the functionality of the model and enables the use for cultivation, soil preparation before sowing and the processing of crops from different cultures.

The design of the model enables you to attach ballast weights to the machine and change the track width of the wheels.

In order to increase the comfort of the maintenance unit during the operating operation, the block is equipped with a supportive vibration with a support and vibration handles installed in the steering rod.

In the climate adapted to the conditions of the pos t-Soviet countries, the machine is installed, which ensures smoothly with a mult i-disig module with gear wheels in oil.

Small tractor MotoBlock Salyut. Instructions, schemes, drawings.

The machine moves forward in two gears and on one back and reaches a speed of 15 km per hour in a transport mode.

With autonomously moving bikes, you can develop the device at an angle of up to 240 degrees without much effort.

Reducing differentials of the rotation radius also serve to increase the wheelbase and offer models with greater maneuverability and stability.

Costs and analogues

The new MTZ-06 microdrict, whose analogues are the motor blocks of the MTZ line and other units of domestic and abroad production with narrow operating features, depending on the equipment with supporters and stage equipment at a price of 56 to 90 thousand rubles.


Which comments go MTZ 06 users. Here are some reviews of this unit:

  • The tractor of the walk behavior has a fairly powerful and reliable engine. With the design of the device you can install the main types of fastening devices. The machine can successfully operate on both hard floors and on soft ground. It is possible to install additional charges on the tractor of the walk behavior, and you can also change the size of the route in a fairly wide range.
  • The unit has good speed and maneuverability. Ruts and vibrations that were reproduced by the device are at an acceptable level. There is a system to protect the installation from a low oil level in the engine. Problems with spare parts also do not occur because they are widespread.

Heavy Motoblock MTZ-09

The MTZ-09N developed in 1992 is a serious model of a professional level that is the largest under the MTZ brand, the main area of ​​which is the use of small agricultural production of small agricultural production, urban agriculture for snow cleaning and garbage cleaning and transporting small goods.

By 2009, 15,000 machines of this modification were produced, the geography of which included the countries of the Baltic States, Venezuela, the USA and Ukraine.

Review of the Belarus MTZ-06 engine note. device, characteristic

The MTZ-06 motor block model has been known since the Soviet period. The wal k-in tractor is used on floors with medium lake in a small area. It enables them to treat the soil at large depths. An improved model of MTZ-06 microdistrict is now available.

Motoblock MTZ-06MKR


  • Weighs 135 kilograms;
  • It has a 4-stroke engine that is operated with gasoline. The gas tank is designed for 6 liters of fuel.
  • MTZ-06 is equipped with an oil control system. If it is not sufficient for the normal lubrication of the engine, it will be switched off;
  • The engine’s air cooling system enables the optimal operating temperature to be maintained.
  • Motoblock MTZ-06 is compatible with a variety of attachments. This allows you to make all agricultural work easier. If necessary, the weight of the Belarus can be increased with weighting agents.
  • Unique steering wheel design. Thanks to the special technology, you can reduce the transferred vibration and facilitate management.
  • The maximum speed is 15 km/h. The gearbox gears offer 6 steps: 4 speeds forward and 2;
  • Thanks to the differentials, it is possible to turn on a minimal area, which increases the area of ​​u200bu200bthe treated surface and improves maneuverability;
  • MTZ-06 is designed for use in all climatic zones;
  • The manufacturer gives a 1-year guarantee on all engine parts.
Blade for motoblocks Neva. Overview of the Neva attachments for snow removal

Technical characteristics

Air-cooled four-stroke SK-6 with carburetor

User Guide

Motoblock Belarus MTZ-06 has no special requirements for use. Here are the basic rules of operation:

  • A running-in phase is required before the first start;
  • Be sure to monitor the fuel and oil levels in their respective tanks;
  • Before putting the two-wheel tractor into operation, carry out a visual inspection to ensure that the connections are intact;
  • If necessary, install weights;
  • All attachments must be firmly installed to avoid interference during operation;
  • Do not use the walk tractor if you are intoxicated or taking any medication that causes drowsiness or reduced alertness.

Motoblock device

Scheme of the MTZ-06 motoblock

The picture above shows a schematic design of the Belarusian walk-behind tractor. Its design is simplified to the maximum, the location of the parts and their purpose are intuitively clear. In case of repair, you can take the manual and fix the problems. Or use the internet to find a solution to the problem and fix it yourself.

The difference between the MTZ-06 model and the MTZ-05

Motoblock MTZ-05

The 5th model of Belarus was the first and the simplest model of walk-behind tractors. It was created in 1978. It was in great demand among farmers and many copies were made. However, they are no longer produced.

  • MTZ-06 has a larger engine power, a wider range of compatible attachments, higher speed and loading capacity when used as a trailer;
  • For a small garden plot, the light and simple MTZ-05 was ideal;
  • In medium ranges, the use of the 06 MTZ model is recommended due to the improved technical properties.

video ratings

The use of a walk-behind tractor for tillage

Snow clearing with MTZ-06


On the forums there are a huge number of different opinions on the operation of MTZ-06. Here people talk about the pros and cons of this model. Here are some of them:


“Now there are a large number of foreign walk-behind tractors on the market. But I don’t want to buy them with Chinese spare parts because they often break and it’s not realistic to fix them yourself, just a full replacement of parts. Therefore, I chose a simple, proven Soviet version of the MTZ-06 walk-behind tractor. Just because it is not produced now, that is, its modification is MTZ-06mkr. Works like a clock, it has everything you need to cultivate the land on my land. And who says that it is better to take imported, do not believe them. After all, only in the CIS countries can they assemble devices that would be convenient to use in our country.”


“In Soviet times, everything was done with high quality and conscientiousness. So when an opportunity presents itself, I’ve always taken it. That’s what I did when I chose the MTZ-06 walk-behind tractor. Finding parts for him is not a problem, during the repair there are no problems and you can always do it yourself. They are made of high quality materials and if we draw a parallel with cars, they are Mercedes with a “millionth engine”. Even my grandchildren will work on it without any problems.”

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