Review of the adapter and trailer to MTZ motoblocks

Adapter and trailer MTZ Motorborn. Models of devices. Homemade options, video reviews and reviews

Motorcycles have greatly simplified agricultural work in the field for many farmers. They have made tillage, plowing and planting easier and faster. But the design of the walk-behind tractor is such that the operator has to follow it, which after a while causes fatigue and becomes hard. The effort is especially felt after processing large areas, as the weight of the walking behavior often exceeds 100 kg.

Adapters were invented to make walking behavior work much easier, and in Belarus in particular, adapters were attached to the device and made all the work sitting down. A feature of the adapters is that all attachments are already connected, rather than being on the walking tractor. Using an adapter preserves the mini tractor with a comfortable occupation and the ability to work tired.

Models from the manufacturer for the MTZ

The manufacturer has not provided an official model, but those who want to upgrade their recreational tractor should look at other manufacturers.

Third-party analogs for MTZ

One of the popular adapters is the arable youngster of the virgin land, which is adapted for the use of the motor Belarus. The adapter consists of high-quality materials and allows you to get a seat and control the power tiller. Thanks to the additional pneumatic bikes size 4 * 10, the design will be stable on each floor.

To give versatility to the model and facilitate the implementation of brakes on the adapter has a band brake. The speed that the MTZ power tiller can reach up to 10 km/h when the adapter is connected. Since most attachments are not capable of such acceleration, this is quite enough for agricultural work. Weight of the field adapter is 50 kg.

Horsam IS-2 adapter.

An excellent alternative, turning the running tractor into a mini-tractor, is a horse-drawn adapter IS-2 made by JSC “GMZ”. The design is equipped with a seat and steering wheel, and the driving part of the walking tractor is attached at the back. It is expedient to use it in gardens, vegetable gardens and in private households. The comfortable seat and steering wheel, reminiscent of a motorcycle, provide comfort and convenience during field work.

All important MTZ line organs are placed on the steering wheel for the operator to get comfortable. The operator can easily reach the throttle, brake and engine start, as the cones are configured to connect the MTZ 09H. In addition, you can connect a plow, tiller, dipper, potato trencher and trencher, all snow spreaders, mower, and more.

The advantages of Hors are:
  • Small size to maneuver between obstacles;
  • Ease of operation of a walking tractor;
  • Weight of about 70 kg;
  • The same width between the wheels on the front and rear axles.

Homemade version for MTZ

If you want to save money on buying an adapter from the manufacturer, you can assemble such a design yourself. Below is a drawing and diagram of the attachment of all parts with a seat rest on the tractor going to the rear. The drawing shows how to mount the seat with the bracket behind the two-wheeled tractor.

To make an adapter for MTZ you will need:
  • Prepare a steel profile 180 cm long.
  • Vertically weld another section of the profile 50 cm long, this part will be the axis of the rear rail and will determine its width. Therefore, the length of 50 cm is conditional. It can be made longer or shorter if desired.
  • Attach the wheel posts to the ends. Usually the length is taken from 25 to 40 cm.
  • Don’t forget to weld the stiffeners to the sleeves. Their size depends on your design and its original dimensions.
  • Make a frame for attaching the hitch. Attach them to the wheel posts with the side rails.
  • Attach the seat in the middle of the frame. It is mounted over the frame so that the operator can position his feet comfortably. You can choose any seat as long as you like it and it attaches to the frame.
  • When attaching the seat, pay attention to where the steering wheel is and how far it stays. The steering wheel should be within reach.
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Video review of

Below is a video review of the MTZ walking tractor adapter.

The video review focuses on assembling a homemade adapter for the MTZ

Video review demonstrating the use of MTZ front adaptor

Possible ways to use the front adaptor for MTZ

owner reviews

Many owners in their reviews note that the use of the Belarusian crawler tractor with an adapter has become much more convenient and efficient.

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I got tired of running after my MTZ 09H tractor and decided to buy an adapter. It became easier to work with it, but there are a few nuances. On level ground, the movement is perfect, with no jumps, provided I use the cultivator and plow. But with the trailer is a little more difficult, because if a lot of load on the trailer, the two-wheeled tractor will reverse when hitting a bump.


I decided to weld a homemade adapter, because I didn’t see anything complicated in the drawings and diagrams. Besides I had the necessary material and wheels and seat. I adjusted everything to my size and it turned out to be cheaper than the store one. I adjusted the steering to my height and it was easier.

Trailer for MTZ

Since the characteristics of the walking tractor MTZ can carry up to 300-500 kg of cargo, it is simply impossible not to use this opportunity. It is very convenient to transport not only crops, but also various materials, tools and other goods.

Relatives from the manufacturer

For power tillers, the Belarusian Smorgon mechanical plant presents a trailer of the PM-00.000 brand. Externally, the carriage is a classic version, which uses a trailing device as attachment equipment for a power tiller. The advantage of the model is that there is a seat in the form of a tank, where you can put the tool. The seat is very comfortable and the handlebar is easy to reach.

Trailed PM-00.000 power tiller

The PM trailer can carry up to 300 kg, although its weight is 200 kg. Stability is achieved by installing pneumatic wheels with an outreach of 27 m. Robust steel was used in the construction of the body. The volume of the body is 0.705 cubic meters. The disadvantages are inaccessibility of design functions for self-discharging, because the body is welded to the frame.

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Third analogues for MTZ

Analogous is the improved model MP-480, which has several advantages: the ability to take care of the cargo weighing up to 500 kg and folding type. Improved design ensures unloading of the trailer during cargo transportation. The body includes additional shields, which can increase the height of the page with special brackets. The seat is made in the form of a practical box, in which you can store the necessary tools.

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Trailer MP-480 Trailer TM-360 Trolley T-500

At different manufacturers you will find not only a large number of supports of different shapes, but also carrying capacity. BelarusMash presents models TM-360 and 350, Akimov Metallurgical Plant TM 500-700. The design principle is the same, but the differences in some nuances, such as the presence of wings over the wheels or the ability to set the body back.

Homemade version for MTZ

The car can be made with your own hands. At the same time, the homemade version from the firm side is not recognized in anything. It is important only to carefully study the program presented below.

The technology of making a “Prilery”:
  • Make a frame from a square tube.
  • The best option – a dump truck with hinged pages, so we’ll do it. Prepare the body from iron or aluminum sheets, whichever is available.
  • Attach the frame to the body and allow independent support for the body.
  • Install a seat in front of the body. This is necessary for a comfortable ride on the camping wall. You must calculate the distance from the handlebars to the seat so that it is easy to steer.

Video review of

The video review shows how you can assemble a support for Belarus

Review of the support for the MTZ power tiller

owner reviews

Reviews of owners confirm that the use of a tractor of walking behavior for transportation of goods is quite real and very common. In fact, the power tiller can replace the tractor.


I did not want to make a trailer myself for the simple reason that my hands are not from that place. That’s why I bought TC-350 and I didn’t regret it. I have to work almost every day and the trailer not only makes it easier to move around but also to transport the crop. It’s easy to operate. My “Belarus” pulls perfectly under the hill and on the hill.


Using a trailer is certainly a good thing, but it is important on what street. If the floor is washed out and there is mud everywhere, the “Belarus” can stall. And with a good road and speed up to 10 km/h. It works. If you spin it, you have to reduce the charge. But it’s better than nothing.

Review of the adapter and trailer to MTZ motoblocks

Working with a walking tractor on large areas is very difficult, because you have to walk behind it all the time. It’s physically detailed and you have to steer it in the right direction. This is difficult with an estimated weight of about 150 kg.

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MTZ-09N rotary tiller

The adapter makes it easier – it’s a structure that connects to the tractor walker and allows you to steer the tractor walker while sitting. And all the attachments are additionally attached to it. That is, in fact, you get “mini-tractor” with a little less skill.

From the manufacturer

There are no such machines from the official Smorgon factory, but other manufacturers offer you their adapters.


There are several options for MTZ walking tractor adapters from other manufacturers.

Agricultural module Celina

The most extensive and frequent works in Belarus are connected with soil cultivation and tillage. Agricultural adapter is installed on the MTZ-09H power tiller and allows connecting a reaper, harrow, barrow and plow. It greatly facilitates all work processes and allows you to perform them while sitting.

Tselina PM-05 adapter for MTZ combine harvester

Feature of Celina PM-05 adapter:
  • This adapter is equipped with 4×10 pneumatic wheels. There is a band brake on the rear wheels, which helps make steering more versatile.
  • The track width is 62 cm.
  • Maximum operating speed is 10 km/h. Most attachments operate at a slower speed, so this speed is sufficient.
  • The field adapter weighs 50 kg.
Attachments of IC-2.

Produced by JSC “GMZ”, this adapter is a mini-trailer with a seat and steering wheel. It is designed to work in gardens, vegetable gardens and private plots in any climatic zone.

Horsam IS-2 adapter for MTZ power tiller

With the help of this adapter the two-wheeled tractor MTZ turns into a full-fledged “small tractor”. The operator’s workplace is designed with maximum comfort and versatility, the steering wheel is made in the style of power tillers.

It is understood that this is not a car and it can not be used on public roads.

At the same time, it has all the main control levers of Belarus: gas, brake, clutch, gearshift (including reverse), engine on and off. And it all sits properly, and there are no problems with controlling the horse.

In addition to being plowable, the model is compatible with a variety of work attachments, such as:

  • a plow, cultivator, dipstick, harrow;
  • potato planter / digger;
  • Bucket, dozer blade, snow clearing equipment
  • Various mowers, etc.

Tiller KS-1 Tiller KM-1 Tiller OK-2 Ploughs PU-00000-01 Tiller harrow KB-00000 Snowplow SM-0.6 Rotary mower KRM-1

More details about the range of compatible devices you can find in the article on our site: Overview of attachments for two-wheeled tractor MTZ

Advantages of the horse include:

  • Compact size;
  • Convenient steering;
  • Light weight (only 70 kg);
  • The same track width of the rear and front wheels (70 cm).

Homemade version

The adapter is not a complicated construction, and if you want you can even make a homemade version by the horse type. However, more common are conventional adapters in the form of a seat to connect to the back of the tractor walker.

Scheme of homemade adapter for hand tractor MTZ

Design of a homemade adapter
  • Homemade adapter for “Belarus” is made from a steel profile with a length of about 170-190 cm.
  • Another profile, 50-60 cm long, is welded perpendicularly to it. If you need a narrower groove, reduce it, if a larger one, on the contrary, increase it.
  • Attach the wheel posts to the ends of the vertical base. They are usually about 25 to 40 cm high.
  • After that, additional stiffeners – brackets – are welded to the sleeves. The choice of their size should be based on the design angle.
  • The next step is to make a frame to connect to the mounting devices. Its side rails are connected to the wheels of the wheels.
  • The seat is installed in the middle of the wheel frame, where the two profiles were connected. It should be located directly above the frame, so you can comfortably place your feet when moving the homemade adapter with a MTZ engine note. Anything at hand will do, the main thing is to be comfortable.
  • The place for the seat should be chosen based on the location of the steering wheel.
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Review of the adapter Konek IS-2
Review of making a homemade adapter for MTZ power tiller


Here are some reviews shared on the forums by experienced adapter owners:


“On a level plot when driving with the adapter there are no problems at all, as well as when cultivating the soil with a plow or cultivator cutters. The only nuance occurred when driving in Belarus with an adapter and a trailer. The walking tractor stands on its hind legs if there is a big load in the trailer and on a bump. This problem is not observed when the speed is increased. “


“If you ask which adapter is better, purchased or off-the-shelf, there is no clear-cut option. On the one hand, Hors is good in that everything is almost ready-made. On the other hand, all this ready-made can be adapted to your MTZ and your needs. And the price for this is not trivial. It is better to do it yourself. Yes, it is longer, but it will be oriented among you and you can always adjust its work. “


Trailers are an integral part of any Belarus and allow you to transport goods over long distances.

From the manufacturer

Smorgon factory offers to buy such a vehicle from them.

Trailer PM-00.000 is a standard type of trailer, which is connected to the tractor with a hitch. At the front there is a seat for comfortable driving with loading and steering Belarus.

Pm-00,000 for MTZ motoblock

Feature of the PM-100.000 trailer
  • The maximum payload is 300 kg. And the weight of the trailer itself is 200 kg.
  • The trailer is equipped with pneumatic wheels. Ground clearance is 27 cm and track gauge is 120 cm.
  • The body is made of high quality steel. The total area is 2.36 m 2 or 0.705 m 3 volume.
  • The overall dimensions of the trailer are 308 cm long, 151 cm wide and 92 cm high.

This machine has a small disadvantage. Its platform is welded to the frame. And you will have to unload the cargo yourself.

When transporting loose substances (e.g., grain crops), it is much more convenient self-discharging versions.


Other manufacturers have a more advanced model – the trailer MP-480.

Carrying capacity is 500 kg. The frame is additionally reinforced to give the trailer a more stable performance and prevent it from toppling over during operation.

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MTZ MP-480 suspension for MTZ motoblock

Feature of the MP-480 trailer
  • It has a foldable side board that makes it easy to unload the load from the trailer.
  • If the height of the body is not enough, you can additionally increase it with the special shields, which come with the body.
  • Under the seat there is a handy box for carrying various tools, so you can always keep them handy and, if necessary, make repairs to the body.

There are a large number of calipers for different tastes and colors, for example: TM-360 and 350 made by “Belarusmash”, TM 500-700 steel plant Akimov, etc. But their designs are similar.

Hanging TM-500 trailed TM-350 trailed TM-360

The only difference is whether it is a dump truck or not. Take this point into account when choosing a trailer.

Homemade version

In fact, there is nothing better than what is made with your own hands. And there are no problems with the trailer. And special skills are not needed. If you have on hand a chassis, metal, a grinding machine and a welding machine, you can assemble the trailer yourself.

Scheme of making a trailer for the hand tractor MTZ

  • First you need to create the frame. It is best to use a square tube for the frame.
  • Then we move on to the body. When installing the structure, you need to provide for the possibility of tilting the pages, which makes loading and unloading much easier. And if you want, you can even create a tipper version so you don’t have to unload.
  • Then just put everything together and install a comfortable seat in the front, because without it, driving the MTZ and tractor with a trailer is impossible. The distance between the seats should be calculated according to the position of the steering wheel, so that the steering is comfortable.

If you are interested in making a homemade dolly for Belarus, you can look at the forums. There you will find a lot of information about drawings, diagrams, trailers, the nuances of assembling tilt and conventional carts and much more.

Video review of

Review of langgut (firewood) transportation on a single-axle MTZ tractor



“I hadn’t even considered doing it myself, I know how to handle tools and metal. But I don’t have the time. I work every day, and sometimes on weekends. You could buy a new trailer, not the best option, but in my situation I saw no other option.” I have chosen TC-350. It fits me perfectly. It can go up and down a small hill (only on the hill you have to drive). In addition, the small size makes it easy to handle. The small charging capacity is no longer a problem, I no longer need to “


“I used to haul 10 bags of potatoes uphill. And I would like to say that in this case, outside you have to fix when the floor gets softer – it doesn’t happen. The hand-held tractor just goes up and can’t take the load. Take it and go back. I tried it that way, but in this case the ground didn’t have enough traction and the “Belarus” slid. I had to reduce the load and haul five pockets. Longer, but still easier than carrying by hand.”

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