Review of Texas Motor Blocks. Popular models, their properties and video work, reviews

Texas engine blocks. Review of the installation, properties, attachments, use and operation

For almost 60 years, the Danish company Texas produces agriculture, economic equipment, various inventory and devices. Thanks to the wide range of cultivators and motifs in Texas, there is a great opportunity for a practical choice for gardeners, summer residents and specialists.

In addition to motor breeding, the concern produces snowball players and cleaning staff, lambs and ATVs, trimmers and lawnmowers, generators and garden tractors, universal overalls. All products of the famous brand are well serving, characterized by ergonomics, unique original design, solid production, security.

Swimming series of Motoblocks Texas

Motobogloks and breeders of the company are produced in several series that are characterized by specific features and purposes.

Overall, light models can be differentiated that perform cultivation, loosening of the soil in small areas and universal modifications with extended functionality. In the aggregation with additional tools, such motoblocks Texas are not only used for simple agricultural work, but also for harvesting, irrigation of systems, the cargo transport and for economic purposes.

Constructive advantages of Motoblocks Texas
  • Hig h-qualit y-brigs & stratton and powerline engines that are installed on cultivating ones have a large motorcycle tour.
  • Ergonomic steering system.
  • Light weight thanks to a light rear console.
  • The engine is protected from pollution and other influences by a bumper.
  • A significant improvement in the compensation of cultivating due to the reduced weight of the rear console.
  • With the presence of a reverse gear, you can optimally control the Texas engine block when processing various floors.
  • The focus of the units is reduced due to the special design of the frame, which made it possible to improve maneuverability.
  • The possibility of cultivating the soil at low speeds influences the safety of the fertile layer of the soil.

Texas Mini

Texas Mini motor block

The series is represented by a compact, very light Texas Mini Tex 204R cultivator with properties: petrol engine performance 1.1 hp, cultivation width 15-26 cm, processing depth 20 cm, 4 mills, mass-12 kg. The unit is intended for cultivation, loosening and weed beds.

Series Texs Lilli

Texas Lilli 534TG cultivator

Texas engine blocks of this series have high performance with medium weight. The most popular models are Texas Lilli 532 TG 5 PS, 534TG – 5.71 PS, Texas Lilli 530TG (removed from production). Units process the earth with the width of the recording of 85 cm to a depth of 33 cm, accessible with additional hinge tools via special devices.

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Texas Fusion

The series is shown by the Texion 10 TG Vario, 10b Vario engines with a capacity of 5.2 hp. This is a new development, rather productive, sem i-professional units that approach a heavy group – their mass is more than 90 kg.

Motoblock Texas Fusion 10 TG Vario, 10b Vario

The presence of 3 speeds (2/1), an improved transmission, an ergonomic handle, transpural bikes with camps, foldable mills – such properties enable the operation of the Texas Fusion Motorbic Block not only for cultivation, but also the implementation of various agricultural work Complex soil under the intensive working conditions. Offers soil processing with a detection width of 35 to 90 cm to a depth of 38 cm.

Texas Futura Motoblocks

The line of the Motoblocks Texas Futura – cars of the future, powerful, multifunctional, highly productive.

Equipped with a lon g-lasting chain gear, an adjustable movement speed, 1-force program/1 iszad. Texas Futura 600b, 6003 TG cars easily carry out the entire complex of agricultural work in large areas and work effectively in intensive mode. The American TG650B engine is installed on the Futura 6003 TG cultivating with an enlarged motorized resource.

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Texas Pro Trac Motobobes

The Pro Trac Texas Motoblocks are powerful machines that are designed for professional use in the processing of large land plots and for the performance of economic work in intensive mode. The series models are simplicity and simplicity of the company, affordable price, reliability and the possibility of combining different additional devices. Large pneumatic bikes give the machines an excellent ability to cross.

Comparative properties of Texas Trec Texas are shown in the table:

Indicators, model Per trac 555 r Per trac 500 R Per trac 700 R Per trac 900 DE (electrical start)
Power, L.S. 5,0 5,0 7,0 9,0
Fuel tank, L 3,6 3,6 5,2 5,2
fuel petrol petrol petrol diesel
Programs 3/2 1/1 3/2 4/3
Mass, kg 65 51 123 125

Checking the hinge devices for Motoblocks Texas

The manufacturer presented the creation of modifications of Texas and cultivators for different areas and processing parameters as well as various aggregation options with additional devices. Light models of cultivating mini, hobby, el-tex are designed so that they cultivate and loosen the soil.

More powerful machines of the TX, LX series with hinge devices carry out weed diseases, have dug up root plants and treat complex soil. Professional and sem i-professional series Fusion, Lilli with a problem, are successfully operated in intensive mode. Futura Motor Blocks in Texas Pro Trac are the most productive and effective modifications and are available with various agricultural and household weapons.

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Potato pendant potato adode teddy cigarette to mitc h-rotary trailer adapter

Additional sound devices for Texas Motoblocks:

Sitting adapter, metal wheels and primroses, rubber, plowing, potato traffic police and potato youth, various loads, mowers, rags, snowfall, clergymen, extensions for wheels, goose legs for grinding, rakes. Hanging devices are bought separately.

Motoblock Texas dig potatoes

Operating characteristics, maintenance

The motor blocks in Texas are characterized by a wel l-covered design, use r-friendliness, reliability. They consume petrol AI-92, AI-95 for different modifications that differ, which should be taken into account during operation. Motor oil is recommended by the SAE 30 brand, which is carried out after 5 hours.

The lubrication of mobile nodes is carried out with original universal lubricants.

In order to maintain good operation, the engine block transmission must add the time of fat (60 ml) every 5 hours every 5 hours.

As a preventive agent, it is recommended to leave a certain amount of gasoline in the fuel tank after completing the work, which avoids the formation of condensate and rust.

The advantages of operating Motoblock Texas:
  • Economic Benzinconsum
  • Quality assembly
  • Guarantee for strong mills – 5 years
  • Simple design, in which it is easy to navigate, navigate with factory instructions
  • The ability to expand the functionality of cultivists by installing additional tools.

First start, play

For the reliable operation of the Texas Motoblocks, the shops of components and mechanisms initially carry out the position of equipment. The process begins with idle work for 10-15 minutes and then tested the work with a low performance of 3-5 hours. A reasonable maintenance is carried out after the run has been completed.

Basic malfunctions, repair of Texas technology

Cultivating and Motboblocks Texas are quite reliable and marked by firm production and simple maintenance. Nevertheless, like all devices, like all equipment and malfunctions, often with the operation of machines that are not for direct purposes. Before the work is carried out, the owners should carefully familiarize themselves with the manufacturers of manufacture and operate a hike, as they only take part in prescribed work.

Pruning orchids step by step

Damage can also occur due to the contamination of the territory with stones, remains of trees roots and problems with automation. If the cultivator is immersed in the ground, it is necessary to reduce gas, install the wheels in the medium position and set the coulter. Simple problems can be eliminated independently. With more complex problems, it is better to contact the service.

The owners are found of the defects of the Texas Motoblocks:
  • Expensive repair of Motoblocks Texas
  • High corrosion load
  • Lack of hymns at the entrance wave
  • Unregulated handle (in separate modifications)
  • The cultivator cannot be inclined or flooded on the side
  • The use of too thin, no n-durable plastic in the production of extension cables.

Video Review by Technik Texas

Texas Motoblock EL-TEX 750

Motoblocks Texs Fusion

Texas TG620 motorcycle unit

Reviews of the owners


“I have been working for the Tehas 532 motor block for 7 years. My property with a slope is easy, initially buried while adding, so I changed the mills to places and started working normally. In general, it does not bury 6 mills. I have installed a special coupling for the cigarette and is good – it works well. He made the floors himself. In general, it works stable, never failed, it starts without any problems. “


“Texas 500 Motoblock was bought in 2015. Its strength is sufficient for my website. So far it works without serious collapse. It became much easier to cultivate the country. “


“I bought a Texan cultivator with a good discount with plow and potato capsule. I work 6-8 hours a day in the season, the rest of the time is less. The fuel lasts 2-2.5 liters per hour. The quality of gasoline is not demanding. After 2 years of work, a leak appeared under the box and the engine. I have been repairs, now I’m trying to load moderately. Spare parts, of course expensive. It is good that the aluminum housing is produced. He has not already studied all of his advantages and disadvantages that are generally reliable. “

Review of Texas Motor Blocks. Popular models, their properties and video work, reviews

Recommend: 100%


Texas Company

The Russian consumer has long known the Texas company, which represents its products all over the world.

The Danish company was founded in 1960 and since then the production of tillage equipment has been constantly improved and modernized.

The identification of a comprehensive solution for the implementation of works to improve garden and park areas was set as the main direction.

One of the company’s activities is the production of generators, motors and water pumps, which are popular with consumers.

Modern equipment used in production allows us to produce high-quality and reliable units such as walk-behind tractors, cultivators, snow blowers, lawn mowers, etc.

The company has now relocated part of its capacity to China, so that parts are manufactured there. This had a significant impact on cost reduction, but did not degrade quality as control was still thorough.

The preparation

Texas Hobby 300B

The Texas Hobby 300B Walk Tractor is one of the smallest units in the entire line.

The power of the petrol engine is only 3.5 hp, but this is enough to process up to 50 hectares.

The transmission has only one gear. The height adjustment of the handle ensures a comfortable position of the operator during working hours.

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There is a manual way of starting, the engine is cooled by air.

engine 3.75hp Briggs & Stratton Classic35
The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 148cc
Speed ​​of rotation of the cutters 130 rpm
fuel tank volume 2 л
working width 38cm
working depth 20 cm
Number of cutters 4
Number of gears, forward motion 1
Height adjustable handle +
transport wheels 1
The weight 28kg

Texas Hobby 500

The Texas Hobby 500 series is represented by three models of walk-behind tractors: 500TG with an engine power of 4.75 hp, 500B with an engine power of 5.5 hp. and 500TGR with 3.12 hp.

All models run on gasoline and have the same number of speeds – 1 forward and 1 reverse.

Only the 500 TG has no reverse gear.

The weight is also almost the same for all models 42-43 kg.

These cultivators are suitable for work on small and medium-sized farms.

The use of additional equipment allows them to perform a wider range of work.

Specifications Hobby 500V
engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
engine model B&S 650E series
The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 190cc
Rated power at operating speed Energy 2.61kW
rotation speed of the blade 91 rpm
fuel tank volume 1.4L
working width 50cm
working depth 33cm
cutter diameter 320mm
Number of cutters 4
trailer hitch Worm gear with belt drive
Number of gears, forward motion 1
Height adjustable handle +
Horizontally adjustable handle
folding handle +
The weight 41.5kg

Texas Hobby 501

Motoblock Texas Hobby 501 is a representative of the middle class, as it is designed to work on farms up to 1 hectare.

The engine power is 5.5 hp, which is quite a lot for its weight of 40 kg.

The presence of a headlight on the model allows you to use it in the dark.

There is a manual start mode and the gearbox is only 1 forward gear. The width of the processed row is 60 cm.

engine model TG485
perfomance 5.5 hp
The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 139cc
Rated power at operating speed 4,045kW
working width 50cm
working depth 33cm
Number of gears, forward motion 1
Height adjustable handle +
The weight 40kg

Texas Lilli 532 TG

The Texas Lilli 532 TG Motoblock is equipped with a 5 hp petrol engine that allows you to process the site up to 1 hectare.

Supplied in the kit Trees cultivating the soil to a depth of 30 cm. The device is started manually.

2 speeds provide maneuverability, and a small weight of 45 kg can easily carry a tractor for walks.

However, weights may require a tight floor.

engine model TG 500 streamline
perfomance 5 hp
The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 163cc
Rated power at operating speed 3.7kW
fuel tank volume 3.6L
working width 55 cm
working depth 30 cm
Number of gears, forward motion 1
Number of programs, reverse movement 1
Height adjustable handle +
transport wheels 1
The weight 45kg

Texas Hobby 600 Br

The Texas Hobby 600 BR Motorized Car is a mid-range car because it is equipped with a 5.5 hp petrol engine.

Air cooling is provided that requires no additional maintenance from the operator.

The volume of the fuel tank is 1.5 liters, which differs significantly from the Texas Hobby 600Tgr model, where the tank can contain 3.6 liters.

4 risers are supplied in the kit providing an extension for a width of up to 50cm.

engine model B&S 650E series
perfomance 5.5 hp
The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 190cc
Rated power at operating speed 2.61kW
fuel tank volume 1 л
working width 50cm
working depth 33cm
Number of gears, forward motion 1
Number of programs, reverse movement 1
Height adjustable handle +
transport wheels 1
The weight 45kg
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Texas 601 days

The Texas 601 TG engine block is used for both small farms and large ones.

A capacious fuel tank of 3.6 liters, small fuel consumption and engine power of 5.7 hp make a model popular with consumers.

Manufacturers tried to increase the comfort of working with a tractor for walks.

The quantity of milling equipment supplied in the kit is 6 pcs, and the processing width is about 85cm.

engine model Texas Power Line TG 720s
perfomance 6 hp
The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 212cc
Rated power at operating speed 3.3kW
fuel tank volume 3 л
working width 30-55-85cm
working depth 33cm
Number of gears, forward motion 1
Number of programs, reverse movement 1
Height adjustable handle
transport wheels 1
The weight 55kg

Texas TG620

Texas TG 620 Motoblock model that will surprise the owner with its capabilities.

The petrol engine is only 4.9 hp and the weight is just over 50 kg.

Thanks to detachable cutters, the processing width reaches up to 100 cm, which contributes to greater coverage of the processed area.

The engine is carried out manually, but thanks to a special system of easy start-up efforts by the operator, the operator is not required.

engine model TG 500 streamline
perfomance 4.9 hp
The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 163cc
fuel tank volume 3.6L
working width 30-55-85cm
working depth 30 cm
Number of gears, forward motion 1
Number of programs, reverse movement
The weight 46kg

Texas Vision 700TG

The Texas Vision 700TG MotorBlock uses the TG 650 Power Line Brand Engine. This is a 4-stroke model using petrol as fuel.

With a power of a motor 5.7 hp. The aggregate is considered traction and hardy, optimal for plowing dense soil.

The steering column is regulated so the operator can configure the controls for himself.

The weight of the device is 81 kg, which automatically takes a walk to one of the heaviest in the ruler.

The manufacturers tried to reduce the noise level of a work engine so that the operator works as comfortably as possible.

The presence of 2 front speeds and 1 at the rear are regulated by the gas lever.

engine model Power line TG650B
perfomance 4.2 kW/5.7 hp
The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 196 cm³
fuel tank volume 3.6L
working width 30-55-85cm
working depth 38cm
Number of gears, forward motion 2
Number of programs, reverse movement 1
The weight 81 kg

Types of connected devices

Motoblocks Texas, if additional devices are used, become real traces of work.

As a rule, only cutters are delivered in the kit, but you can buy the necessary devices in all centers of the dealer network.

The following types of attachments are considered the most popular:

  1. The capture plow is intended for plowing dense soil and the breaking of the country of the earth
  2. Soilofraz – The main equipment of the hiking tractor, which cultivates all types of soils. There are two types of mills: active guy and “goose legs”
  3. Metal wheels with floor rooms cling to a wal k-in tractor if the regular bikes cannot pass due to the viscosity of the soil
  4. An adapter is a bike steam with a fixed seat and a problem that attaches this design to the g o-handed engineer itself. The comfortable device management gives the operator comfort
  5. Rakes are useful to clean the territory

Usage characteristics

  • All Motoblocks made of Texas are delivered to a dealer network without oil and fuel. The manufacturer recommends the owners of the units independently of one another before use.
  • According to the instructions, it is necessary to use 30 motor oil and unhealthy gasoline with an octane number of 92 or 95.
  • The company reserves the right to deliver a gear with or without lubrication. If the transmission was usually not originally lubricated, the kit contains a bottle with a lubricant.
  • The gearbox must be added to the gear every 5 hours after operation of 60 ml. If the gearbox has been lubricated in the factory, this refueling is sufficient for the entire operating time.

It is not recommended to open the gearbox to replace or add lubrication.

If the transmission has to add a lubricant, the following actions must be carried out according to the instructions for the operation:

  1. Remove the spark plug
  2. 2 screws weaken
  3. Add the hole fat
  4. tighten screws
  5. Install the cap of candles in place
  6. Start the engine and develop it

The operation of an engine block with a low oil level or its complete absence is prohibited.

The storage of the Texas Motoblock is best carried out according to a series of procedures with which the device is saved for a long time in work:

  • After all the work has been completed, wash the cultivator out of dirt and floor
  • Clean the gear shaft from the weed stick and grass
  • It is not recommended to use wet wash under high pressure and cleaning agents
  • After drying the walk, wipe it off with a cloth that is slightly available in oil. This is necessary to prevent corrosion

Reviews of the owners

We recommend that you leave your review of Texas Motoblocks if you are the owner of one of the brand models.

If you have managed to identify the advantages or disadvantages of your unit, share it with our readers, for which your assessment can become a decisive factor when choosing an assistant.

Pavel: “I bought a Motoblock Texas 501 TG 5 years ago to make working on the websites easier. From the advantages I only want to determine the economic consumption, the simplicity of the company and the ability to fill 92 petrol. It starts from half a change throughout the entire period in which I have it. The disadvantages can encompass a poorly adjustable handle because I have to bend strongly. This is not scary if you work for 2 hours, but if 5-6 hours, your back begins too. The gas adjustment handle is not set in maximum position, so that you have to avoid independently. In one season, a candle and air filter flew. The ant i-corrosion coating is very weak. “

Kostya: “I recently bought the Tehas 501 engine block and don’t get enough. The flour ended during plowing. In 2 hours I plow the whole garden, which used to master in just 3 days. In the future I plan to buy a potato interruption and try this kind of work. I have not yet revealed any defects. “

Alexander: “3 years ago I bought a Motoblock Texas 530 TG and recognized what effectiveness is without tension. Frases do an excellent work with the cultivation of soft soil. A powerful unit that breaks forward. No special efforts have to be made with plowing – it works. I really liked that the noise of the engine does not put pressure on the eardrum. “

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