Review of Soyuz chainsaws: Description, properties and rules of use

Soyuz chainsaws and electric saws: the model range in review

Despite the perfection of expensive gasoline and electric imports, budget models are still in great demand. For the most part, these are Chinese products, which more or less successfully copy the best developments of European brands.

Versatile in many areas of work Soya household saw is designed for use in private and agricultural enterprises, utilities and construction companies with small production volumes.

Soyuz chain saw

Informational support

The list of advantages of the brand’s model range includes a large selection of models with different power and technical equipment. The official website of the manufacturer provides detailed information on the products and features of gasoline and electric saws, the production of which is mastered in the near future.

The relatively low service life of Chinese chain saws of different categories is compensated by the increased power of the drive, simplicity of design, standardization of spare parts and other consumables.

Operational properties

Soyuz chain saw

Inexpensive and economical in the enterprise, chainsaws “Soyuz” focus on a fairly wide range of sawing jobs.

Skills with the tools of this brand extend to:

  • Felling timber, firewood;
  • Trimming wood;
  • Construction and production of decorative wood elements for the yard and landscape design.

The performance of the more powerful and technically advanced models is as close as possible to the skills of semi-professional chainsaws.

The instruction manual included with the standard set has become more informative, so that owners can install the fuel equipment, set up the saw headset and make simple repairs to the equipment at home with their own hands.

Despite their cheap price range, Soyuz chainsaws are equipped with complete systems for quick starting, fail-safe ignition, perfect air purging and safe operation. Most notably:

  • Emergency stop mechanism actuation time has been reduced to 0.12 seconds to meet current standards;
  • Measures have been taken to extend the life of the engine, saw system and other components, which operate in difficult conditions with high temperatures, static and dynamic loads.
  • The carburetor adjustment was significantly simplified, and access to the chain tensioning mechanism became more convenient.

When developing the latest versions of the series numerous reviews and wishes of the users who use “Soyuz” chain saws in different regions of the country were taken into account.

Setting the carburetor

The regular “Soyuz” chain saw carburetor provides the optimal quality of gasoline-air emulsion, supplied to the engine cylinder, and stability of traction parameters at all operating modes. With a little skill the tuning of the carburetor can be done by the owner of the saw himself.

The main criteria for a correctly tuned fuel supply are quick RPM, stable idle speed, no smoke from the muffler and no knocking in the engine cylinder.

Setting the saw chain tension

It is strictly forbidden to operate the chainsaw or its electric-driven counterpart with the chain glued or broken. In the first case, it is not excluded from its exit from the hoop and the creation of a traumatic moment. Because of the excessive tension, there is intense jamming of both the chain itself and the guide bar.

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A comparative review of branded models of the chainsaw Union

The products of this brand are presented in the market of household appliances several models, the features of which deserve a separate analysis. The basis for the development of several successful in all respects options served as a chainsaw Union PTS.

Union PTS-99371

Soyuz chain saw

Semi-professional model with high performance weighing only 5.1 kg is designed to work with a diameter of up to 400 mm. The tool is equipped with a 2-stroke carburetor engine, the working volume of the cylinder is 38 cm3, and power output – 2.7 hp.

The pulling power of the compact and economical drive is sufficient to drive the 450 mm long performance saw. This series of saws is equipped with modern and effective systems for easy starting and automatic chain lubrication.

The standard Dasader vibration damper and the emergency device, which activates if an injury situation occurs, are more effective. Productive work contributes to the modern design of the tool, improved balancing, increased volume of fuel tanks to 550 and 260 ml.

Banopeil Union PTS-99452

Soyus PTS-99452T

This series will appeal to users who prefer to have a significant amount of power and torque in reserve tools. The presence of a 45 cc carburetor engine with a capacity of 3.2 hp determines the suitability of the model to work with thick or frozen wood.

Structurally, the tool differs from the previous development in weight of 6.2 kg. There are a number of improvements aimed at strengthening the body and improving the reliability of loaded nodes.

Available reviews of the owners of this chainsaw are mostly positive, but there are comments on the assembly, in particular on the dampening of the fastener threads and the average adjustment of the carburetor.

PTS-99520 Union

Soyus PTS-99520T

Exploitation capabilities of the semi-professional chainsaw 99520T series have been expanded by increasing the power of the single-cylinder carbureted 52cc engine to 3.5 hp. The total weight has increased slightly – to 6.3 kg.

The availability of light starting system and booster pump allowed adapting this model for full-fledged operation in the northern regions of the country. Durability of the power unit was increased due to application of wear-resistant chrome-nickel coating on the inner diameter of the cylinder and parts of the permanent connecting rod piston group.

The semi-professional class of the tool has a positive effect on working comfort, complaints of vibration and noise have been greatly reduced.

An overview of the electric-powered union

The operational possibilities of electric saws are limited to connection to a stationary or mobile power supply.

On the other hand, the moderate autonomy of these models is compensated for:

  • Compact size and less bulky;
  • no problems with winter starting;
  • simple design;
  • improved maintainability and cost-effectiveness.

Electric saws are included in the product range of many well-known manufacturers. The Union brand is represented by two popular models of the PCS-9922 and PCS-9926 series.

Husqvarna LC 356awd with full drive

Union PCS-9922

Soyus PCS-9922

The 2200 watt motor is characterized by its simple design, stable traction parameters, and operational reliability. The private utility tool is equipped with a transverse electric motor, a relatively short 12″ guide bar, and an automatic saw head lubrication and cooling system.

The advantages of the tool are the increased comfort of work on difficult areas of the locks, the safety of sawing wood from different provinces, the expanded list of the factory equipment.

Soyuz PSS-9926

Soyus PCS-9926

Electric saw of this series is identical to the previous model in design and construction, but the range of use is wider. The tool weighs 3.9 kg and is equipped with a high-speed motor power of 2600 W and a saw bar of 400 mm.

The saw unit provides a visual check of the chain oil level in the integrated tank, easy access to the chain tensioning mechanism and the air intake filter.

advantages and disadvantages

Gas and electric products of the brand differ from similar developments of other manufacturers with a combination of optimal performance and affordable cost for household needs.

Models, presented in all respects on the market of household appliances, meet the current production requirements, operating standards and safety regulations.

The list of shortcomings contains justified claims to the quality of a number of materials, in particular, the plastic housing. Also noted weak tightening of threaded nozzles, moderate life of the sawdust set components on time.

Owners reviews

After a small test of all systems and suitable suspension Union went to work. I have two years incomplete without any problems.

The machine is not particularly satisfied with the quality of units and assemblies, but justifies the money invested in the purchase after careful refinement. Kirill Vasilievich

Model area of the chainsaw. Operation and maintenance, fuel and oil for chainsaw Union

Bannia Union: A new brand in the market of garden equipment

Union is a completely new Russian brand, the products of which have been represented in the domestic business for several years already. Most Russian manufacturers traditionally have their offices in China. Take this fact into account when buying tools. At the same time, it is worth noting that Profsoyuz, like other instruments from the company, is assembled at the factory and meets all modern quality and safety standards.

Speaking of the quality of the Union products, it is worth noting that the company’s chain saws are supplied to the European market under the name Union. The high quality of the chain engine is combined with a very attractive price. Today you can buy a chainsaw of this manufacturer at a price of 4,300 rubles.

Switching system of chainsaws Soyuz

At present, three models of Soyuz chain saws are produced, with the technical and operational features of which we offer our readers to get acquainted with.

Soyuz PTS-99371-16

This domestic model is designed for cross and longitudinal sawing of wood, repair and construction works, felling of trees, logging and sawing of lumber. The saw is equipped with a 38 cm3 cylinder engine with 2.7 hp. With such parameters, the chainsaw can be fitted with a 40-link bar and a 57-link saw chain.

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The chainsaw is equipped with all the important systems that ensure the operator’s safety and make his work easier. In particular, it is equipped with an easy-start starter, a primer for fuel priming, and a multi-point vibration damping system. Safety of the operator is guaranteed by the metal chain catcher and instantaneous chain stop brake in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Today, the model Soyuz PTS-99371-16 is available in domestic online stores at a price of 4,400 rubles.

Soyuz PTS-99452T-18.

The manufacturer refers this model to the semi-professional class, which is confirmed by its technical and operational properties. The device is equipped with a powerful two-stroke engine rated at 3.2 hp, which allows the use of an 18-inch guide bar and a saw chain with a length of 72 barrels. At the same time, the chainsaw has a fairly moderate weight – about 7 kilograms when equipped.

The creators of the model Soyuz PTS-99452T-18 have taken care of the comfort and safety of the operator. The saw is equipped with an “Easy Start” function, the engine startup in cold weather or after a long downtime is best done by primer fuel. The effective vibration damping system and the reliable chain emergency brake are also worth mentioning. The chainsaw can be used both at home and by forest and local workers.

Today such a tool can be purchased at a price of 4 300 rubles.

PTS-99520 Union

Another semi-professional model of the Russian brand. The chainsaw is equipped with a powerful engine of 3.5 hp and a working volume of 45 cm3. By default, the saw is equipped with an 18-inch guide bar and saw chain with 76 links. Such technical characteristics allow the tool to be used intensively for longitudinal and crosscutting cutting of wood, cutting and chopping of firewood, construction and repair work. The model is suitable for work at low temperatures, it is recommended to use a primer when starting a cold engine.

Like previous models, the Soyuz PTS-99520T chain saw is equipped with an effective multi-point anti-vibration system on steel springs, a starter with an easy start function and a balanced, ergonomic body with a convenient control system.

Buy a semi-professional chainsaw Soyuz PTS-99520T is available at a price of 4,600 rubles.

Some tips for operation and maintenance

When buying a chainsaw, you will receive an instruction manual, which contains tips on operation and maintenance of the Soyuz chainsaw. In addition, the new owner of the tool must learn the safety rules for working with chainsaws, remember and always follow them.

  • Before starting the chainsaw, check that the assemblies and parts are securely fastened, tighten the fastening screws and nuts if necessary;
  • Reassemble the saw system according to the recommendations in the instruction manual. Pay special attention to the correct assembly and adjustment of the saw chain;
  • Prepare fuel and fill the engine and add oil to the automatic chain lubrication system;

Important: Never fill fuel or oil tank while the engine is running. Never prepare a fuel mixture in the tank while the engine is running;

  • Check the chainsaw body for oil or gasoline leaks. If you find any, look for the cause of the leak and repair it;
  • Turn on ignition with primer and pump fuel into carburetor. Engage the inertia brake, lock the chainsaw with your foot and start the engine.
  • Check the operation of the automatic lubrication system.
  • Make sure there are no bystanders or animals in the work area or in the vicinity, and make sure that the map, wood or log to be cut is securely fastened.
  • If there is a guide bar hidden in the kerf, stop the chain immediately and carefully release the chainsaw.
  • Particular care should be taken when cutting old boards and logs where nails, screws, and other metal debris may be present;
  • At the end of the season, clean the chainsaw body and air filter.
  • At the end of the season, drain off any remaining fuel and oil, clean and lubricate the union, and store in a dry, well-stocked area.
Protecting garden equipment from frost

Union chainsaw fuel and oil

As mentioned above, the Union chainsaw is equipped with a two-speed engine with forced air cooling. The rubbing parts of such engines contain oil in the fuel mixture, which can be prepared at home. For this purpose the necessary amount of AI92-95 gasoline is poured into a measuring tank and engine oil is added in a certain ratio. The oil/gasoline ratio for the engine of a Chinese chainsaw is 1/25. It is necessary to work out a tank or two of such a mixture at idling speed with periodic ngazovkoy for 20-30 seconds.

Important: it is necessary to set the saw before starting the engine, it is also forbidden to operate the engine only at idle speed – it can lead to a decrease in its power and a significant reduction in the service life.

After running the engine, switch to a 1/50 fuel mixture and make several fillings in a smooth mode, without overheating or overloading the Union.

List of recommended engine oils for the Union chainsaw:

  • Union MSS-0104B;
  • storm om0201b;
  • ZMD-2-M Standard ZMD;
  • Echo Jaso FD with donor;
  • Husqvarna HP.

Your power tiller is equipped with an automatic sawmill lubrication system that requires high quality oil. Don’t skimp and don’t pour different surrogates into the tank and work harder.

Recommended chain oils:

  • ZMP M-expert Bison;
  • Echo Premium B&C;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • Oleo-mac Polar Lubricant;
  • Stihl Forestplus.

Adapting the Kettenschiff Union carburetor

Your chainsaw is equipped with a high carburetor whose settings have been determined by the manufacturer. First of all, there is no need to adjust this assembly, later the user may encounter certain problems arising from improper operation of the carburetor.

When trying to set the settings, it is possible to ask for help from the service center. However, it is possible to repair the assembly with a chainsaw at home. To do this, you will need an ordinary screwdriver and a little knowledge. You should remember that the adjustment of the carburetor is carried out by three screws: H (high) is responsible for the supply of fuel at high speeds, L (low) regulates the operation of the engine at idle, and T, which is responsible for enriching the mixture, is. More detailed instructions on adjusting the carburetor of a Chinese chainsaw are given in this video:

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Pros and cons of the Union chainsaw


  • Optimal combination of price and quality;
  • Effective steel spring vibration system;
  • Availability of a hand pump (primer) to pump up the fuel;
  • “Easy start” function that facilitates engine startup;
  • Soyuz chain saw is suitable for use in various weather conditions.


  • Poor plastic quality;
  • Some users have complaints about the carburetor;
  • Emits a lot of noise.

Video evaluation of the chainsaw “Soyuz

Review of the professional forester about the chainsaw “Soyuz”:



The first start of “Soyuz” chain saw:



Soyuz chainsaw – hit a tree in the taiga:



What they write on forums: Reviews of owners of Soyuz chainsaws

Anton Matzkevich, 38 years old, Smolensk region:

Chainsaw Soyuz PTS-99520T was bought at the end of 2016. For such a price was ready for the disadvantages, but they turned out not so much: the plastic is not very high quality and a lot of noise. The noise is understandable – quite a powerful motor. I do not use the saw that often – mainly for logging and sawing firewood. So far it has never failed me. Trees, cut down with the roots and with the diameter of 50-55 centimeters – it saws perfectly. The device starts up very easily and in any weather. I would like to note the successful construction of the starter.

Ivan Shestakov, 36, Altai Territory:

After buying a chainsaw Soyuz PTS-99520T I had to sweat a lot to remember it. The saw is not assembled very well – half of the bolts and screws are not tightened, parts are loose. After I filled up the fuel tank I realized that it was leaking and had to be repaired. When I worked, the saw vibrated a lot and made some noise, but later it seemed to work. In general, I got a totally compatible device with a powerful motor and a very low cost. I don’t use it much, so I don’t know how it will do in an intensive mode.

Advantages: Inexpensive, powerful motor, starter motor, again – the price;

Disadvantages: poor build, leaky tank, I often have to adjust the carburetor.

On our site you will also find descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline) of the following brands: Bosch, Oleo Mac, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Lesnik, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Sturm, Parma, Bison, Champion, Hauter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Friendship, Kruger, Kalibr, Stihl, as well as reviews of chainsaws of these brands, If they have something to say about the quality of processing and experience with certain chainsaw models of these brands, Write your assessment in the comments, it will be very useful to our readers.

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