Review of Sno w-offers Hauter SGC 8100 and 8100C

Comparison of models of the snow attacks of the Huter brand

If you have to clean large areas of snow, it is difficult without foregoing a bulky car, which means that you need an operator who can control it, and a garage for its stand and a supply of details to use large devices in to maintain ranks. In a personal property, however, there is no need to clean the streets or even a small area of ​​the company for such expensive devices. However, there is the possibility to replace it on gasoline with mobile snow machines.

The market for small snow attacks today represents more than 100 brands (and this is only the most funded). And there are guides among them. The German brand Huter is among them. We understand how the units of your catalog differ and which should solve your specific problems.

Snowofoffers Hauter

One of the first places (at least one stable hit in the top 10 of the last 5 years) provided the evaluation of the users of Huter’s small snow platform technology:

  • – High reliability (almost all family models gather in Germany and are an example of the German stability of road equipment);
  • – Panelability (each review model is equipped with cycling – blocking a wheel you can easily expand a fairly heavy machine).
  • – repair resistance;
  • -kompetential by an N-shaped or p-shaped handle;
  • -Problem e-free engines (from 6.5 to 13 hp, a cylinder fou r-stroke piston with a separate cooling system).

The models differ in the performance of the petrol engine, the width of the rut, the capacity of the fuel tank, which determines the time of a work cycle and equipment. At the same time, all of the equipment is equipped with hig h-quality snow mechanisms (range 5 to 15 m), a wel l-though t-out system for protecting movable parts from breakdowns (runners are also a gear shoes. From crop screws and a metal bucket that the Prevention of comments). The material of the working bodies is strong steel, which “grind” melted snow even icy pieces.

Snowbrushes from Hute r-Rad

In the catalog of cycling models we consider the unconditional leaders of the preferences of the users:

Everything you need, nothing superfluous – the snow machine Huter SGC 4000

The simplest (and cheapest) version of the device is a compact snow snow, Huter SGC 4000. The model is decorated with practical U-shaped handles and carries out the necessary minimum tasks. The machine removes the snow quickly and efficiently, only starts by hand, the discharge takes place with a practical handle. The systems of an electric steamer, headlights or heating equipment do not have.

Technical characteristics:

  • – force – 6.5 liters. With.;
  • – The width of the cleaned track is 0.56 m;
  • – maximum capture height – 0.42 m;
  • – speed mode (forward*back) – 4*2;
  • – The capacity of the fuel tank is 3 liters, this is enough for 1-1.5 hours of work.
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The model differs in small weight (65 kg) and is perfect for maintaining a place of house (both a teenager and a pensioner will be completed).

Simple snowman with an electric steamer Huter SGC 4000V

A more advanced version of the budget class – the Snowmaker Hauter SGC 4000V – has almost the same properties as the previous version:

  • – force – 6.5 liters. With.;
  • – wheel track and handle height – 56 and 42 cm, respectively;
  • – speeds – 4 forward and 2 reverse;
  • – the fuel tank is designed for 3 liters.

However, unlike the basic version of the Huter SGC 4000, this version is already equipped with a 12V battery to start the engine with a starter. In addition, you can work with the Huter SGC 4000B not only during the day, but also in the evening thanks to a powerful halogen headlight. Additional options made the device slightly heavier, its weight is 69 kg. Handles with anti-slip grips increase safety at all times.

Modern snowblower Huter SGC 4000E

The third version of the series is the compact Huter SGC 4000E snow blower, a compromise in many respects. It weighs a little more than the most basic version, but less than the Huter SGC 4000B – 67 kg. It is also equipped with an autostart system, only its electric starter is powered not from an autonomous battery, but from a standard 220V network, the model does not have optics and heated grips.

  • – 6.5 hp “under the hood”;
  • – the machine makes a track with a width of 56 cm;
  • – Detection of snow at a height of up to 42 cm;
  • – speed forward + backward – 4 + 2;
  • – Capacity of the fuel tank – for 1-1.5 hours of operation 3 liters.

New generation – Huter SGC 4100 and Huter SGC 4100 Wide

Two other options for low powered 6.5 hp snow blowers are the Huter SGC 4100 and 4100 Wide. They differ from each other in the width of the created track. Both machines lack optics, handle heaters and electric starters, which positively affects their price. Operation by a U-shaped handle. Equipped with fuel tanks with increased capacity (work up to 2 hours) 3.6L.

Features by models:

options Huter SGC 4100 Huter SGC 4100 wide
Forward + reverse speed modes 5 + 2 5 + 2
track width, cm 56 62
catch height, cm 54 54
weight (kg 71 76

Energy-saving device for day and evening cleaning, Huter SGC 4800

The latest version of the low-power device 6.5 liters. With. on review – Huter SGC 4800. Unlike previous models, this unit already has its own electric starting system (the starter is powered by a 12V battery) and a powerful halogen light (a headlight), there is just no heated grips more powerful versions .

What you need to know about the Huter SGC 4800:

  • – petrol engine power – 6.5 hp;
  • – track – 62 cm;
  • – The height of snow capture is increased up to 51 cm compared to analogues of the same performance.
  • – fuel tank – 3.6 l;
  • – optimized weight – 64 kg.
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Huter SGC 8000 high-performance snow blower

If the previous models are primarily for use in country houses, country houses or for cleaning country roads, small areas in question, then the Huter SGC 8000 is already a serious device that is also suitable for industrial companies. It remains easy to drive, but brings almost twice as much power and forms a wide track. Due to its maneuverability and low weight, the machine can be used both on flat terrain and on relatively difficult terrain.

Its properties:

  • – Power – 11 liters. With.;
  • – width of the cleared path – 0.7 m;
  • – catch height – up to 0.54 m;
  • – speed modes forward * backward – 6 * 2;
  • – Autostart – from an electric starter (with a 12V battery);
  • – there is a halogen headlight;
  • – there is a grip heater;
  • – tank capacity – 6.5 liters (for 3-3.5 hours of continuous operation);
  • – Weight – 110 kg.

Top kit, Huter SGC 8100

  • – 13L. With. Energy;
  • – track – 0.7 m;
  • – snow guard height – 0.54 m;
  • – fuel tank – 6.5 l;
  • – Weight – 110 kg.

Crawler snowblower Huter SGC 8100C

The only caterpillar option among the Hauter snowy cheers in question is the SGC 8100C. It also starts manually and automatically, only the starter is not fed by an autonomous battery, but by a standard 220 V network.

The machine is ideal for harvesting terrain with difficult terrain, where maximum stability of the equipment is required. The rest of the properties is in the best tradition of the series:

  • – Power – 11 liters. With.;
  • – track – 0.7 m;
  • – fishing height – 0.54 m;
  • – There is a halogen headlight and a heated handle;
  • – handles – with nozzles for simple control;
  • – fuel tank – 6.5 l;
  • – Weight – 110 kg.

Like the mobile versions, this mechanism is equipped with an optimized rotating system (the operator can block a track, the device turns almost effortlessly).

Checking the snow blower Huter SGC 8100 and 8100C

Recommendation: 100%



Huter SGC 8100 and 8100C are similar in their properties. The main difference is the drive. With the “8100” models, this is air bikes, for the “8100” chains. In this respect, your scope also changes.

Snow mill Huter SGC 8100 snow blower Huter SGC 8100C

The Huter 8100 is designed for use in mediu m-sized urban areas. It cleans parking spaces, entrances and similar areas even after strong snowfall.

The Huter 8100C offers its owners great opportunities thanks to the caterpillar drive. It is used to clean suburbs if there is no hope of supply companies and cleaning must be carried out independently.

Turning the caterpillar module is tougher than for air wheels. Therefore, the 8100C has special levers for turning.

Thanks to the caterpillar drive, “Hooter 8100C” can work completely autonomously. In this model, too, the position of the snail is adjusted with a special lever in height.

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Huter SGC 8100

engine 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine power, PS 11
Tank volume, L 6,5
Forward/backward speed 5,2
Recording width, mm 700
Height, mm 540
Heated handles no
Farah There is
weight (kg 84

Huter SGC 8100C

engine 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine power, PS 11
Tank volume, L 6,5
Forward/backward speed 6,2
Recording width, mm 700
Height, mm 540
Type of movement sel f-driving (caterpillars)
Farah There is
Packaging length, mm 1180
Packaging width, mm 750
Pack height, mm 760


  1. The snow blower Huter SGC 8100 and 8100C are able to clean even under the extreme conditions of the strict Russian winter. These are sel f-driving devices, the drive of which not only goes to the pulley, but also on the wheels. A handlebar heating is also intended for the convenience of the owners;
  2. Ahead is the snow blower equipped with a light halogen headlight, with which you can also work in the evening;




  • Do not use the snow blower for other purposes or if the operator is tired;
  • During the operation, the direction of the snow is monitored so that there are no other people, animals or glass objects in the way.
  • During the operation of the snow plow, it is recommended to wear protective equipment (glasses, gloves, special shoes, etc.).
  • Use the device carefully on inclined surfaces, never drop the handlebar when you move;
  • It is not allowed to remove snow with a snow blower Huter SGC 8100 near open fire sources, and it is also forbidden to smoke while operation of the snow blower;
  • The engine tank should be carried out before the start of the work.

It is forbidden to refuel the heated engine or directly during operation.

  • Before starting the Snowman Huter SGC 8100, check the voltage of the bolt connections.
  • After the end of the work, it is necessary to switch off the engine and clean the device of snow residues. This happens with a brush or water stream. If water is used, it is necessary to carefully remove your residues so that the details do not form ice cream. It is also necessary to take into account that the engine should cool down and only then placed the snow pipe into a closed room.
  • The forums describe how the Snowpocking Machine Huter SGC 8100 can be properly saved if it is not used for more than a month. To do this, it is necessary to let go of the gasoline and oil from the device, to completely clean the snow residues, to pour a little engine oil into the candle ignition, to change the lubricant in the gear, to cover the car and only then put them in the warehouse.
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The design of the Snowman Huter SGC 8100 is simple and intuitive.


The operator takes place with special levers near the steering wheel and enables us to make a convenient setting during the movement.

There is a control panel on the steering rod on which there are two levers. On the left it is a lever to adapt the reflector. The gear lever is on the right side.

On the 8100 model for turning on the left and right side of the steering wheel, there is lever for the direction of the caterpillar module.

In order to release the required height of the screw, a lever is used on the bar near the engine.

User Guide

Before using the Snowmaker Huter SGC 8100 or the Huter SGC 8100C, the operating instructions must be examined that describe the nuances of Smashina, its assembly, care, the main structure and the possibilities for solution.

Huter SGC 4000 and 8100 instructions are general for the line of snow machines. You can say it via link


Before the full operation, it is necessary to operate a small fist. This implies to use it in half the strength.

Before the first start, oil and gasoline must be poured to work because they are missing in the factory configuration.

The engine shouldn’t work at all while running. During the movement, the details are lubricated and rubbed with each other. In this way you can extend the lifespan of snow rip without repair.

If the snow has not yet fallen, you should increase the screw screw over the floor as far as possible and just drive it. If the snow is already on the floor, curves have to run slowly and at least.

Snowman Huter SGC 8100C in action:

Oil change

An important condition for the correct and lon g-term operation of the Huter snow pipe is to maintain the required oil level in the crankcase. For refueling it is recommended to use synthetic oils 5W-30 or 5W-40 because they have a lower area of ​​use. In fact, it is the low temperature properties in winter that are extremely important.

Synthetic oils 5W-30

In the instructions for the use of the Snowman Huter SGC 8100, it is recommended to completely replace the entire oil after 25 hours.

It is necessary:

  1. Warm up the engine
  2. Replace the capacity for drainage under the oil tank,
  3. Pull out the cork, let the oil drop out for about 15 minutes, enter the cork and pour new oil.

The entire procedure takes no more than half an hour, but it significantly increases the working time of the Huter’s snow whistle. There are many reviews on the forums regarding the usefulness of this procedure.

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The main disturbances

If you experience malfunctions when working as a blizzard, the manufacturer recommends contacting a service center for qualified advice.

However, he is far from always near. People often turn to forums where the owners leave their reviews about solving breakdowns. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to independently correct some common breakdowns.

What could be the reason why the engine does not start?

  • The fuel ended up in the tank.
  • Just pour new gasoline.
  • There is old dirty gasoline in the tank.
  • Complete the remains of the fuel mixture and pour pure fuel.
  • The fuel valve is in a closed state.
  • If closed, just open it.
  • The high voltage wire is not connected to the candles.
  • If they are separate, connect them.
  • The air shock is in the wrong position.
  • Scroll through the lever and close the air shock.

Snowman references no snow

  • The gutter clogged

This is the most common cause of this problem. It is necessary to turn off the engine and remove the spark plug. This is done to prevent accidental involvement of the engine. Then remove the stuck snow and ice from the gutter. And also clean the inside of the snow pick-up.

  • The switch of switching a screw is not adjusted correctly

Due to this malfunction, the screw does not develop the necessary power and simply cannot push snow through the gutter. In this case, adjust the position of the cable.


Consider several reviews of forums from owners of the HUTER SGC 8100 and 8100C car.

Igor writes:

“A very reliable thing. Choosing between pneumatic wheels and caterpillars, they stopped at the second version. Since it is much more reliable and will last longer. It has already been managed to clean a hundred meter street. The height of the snow was about 40 cm. They got off in about 40 minutes. The impressions are only positive. Get haste like a terrain vehicle. The animal is easy! Nothing scrolling and works stable. We are careful. We hope there will be no significant collapses. “

And here is Vladimir’s review:

“I’ve seen a lot of reviews on the forums about how cool it is to have a Caterpillar model. And here I have a hut on the tires. A very convenient thing. Thought I’d buy into the tracks because the pluses in the form of patency are obvious. However, when it comes to reliability and maintenance, the wheels are better. They are much easier to replace and are cheaper. If the caterpillar breaks, the repair flies into a penny. That’s why I chose the tires. I use the second year, only positive sensations. Comfortable and slim setting. The screw is fast and efficient. I recommend”

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