Review of Pubert’s walk-behind tractors. Characteristics of popular models, video works, reviews of owners

Review of Pubert’s walk-behind tractors. Characteristics of popular models, video works, reviews of owners

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about the company

The Pubert company was founded in France in 1840. At that time, the first plow intended for plowing the land with a horse-drawn carriage was made at the factory.

The brand has successfully developed, creating new technical opportunities and improving agricultural machinery.

The production of garden tools was transferred to the industrial stream in 1960 and since then the turnover of manufactured products has only increased.

Production was initially based in western France and later moved to Chanton. Now the geography of dealer sales has expanded to the point that it has already extended far beyond Europe.

The company has regional representative offices in many countries around the world.

Meanwhile, Pubert devices have proven and proven themselves as high-quality and reliable products.

A wide range of industrial goods is represented by cultivators, mowers, engine blocks, aerators, snow blowers and other household useful equipment.

The preparation

OFFER 45 pcs2

Motoblock Pubert PROMO 45 PC2 is a representative of models of the budget class.

A 5 hp petrol engine ensures the efficiency of field work.

The manual type of start is not a problem for the driver as it helps to start the engine with half a turn.

Air cooling is provided, which not only reduces the cost of the model, but also simplifies maintenance.

The processing width varies depending on the number of knives used.

The diameter of the cutters allows cultivation to a depth of 28 cm.The low weight of pubert and the presence of transport wheels simplify the movement of the walk-behind tractor.

Technical characteristics
processing area up to 1000 m2
engine power 5.0 HP
energy source: petrol
engine manufacturer puberty
reducer Chain
number of gears 1 forward / 1 back
coverage 30/60/85cm`
cutter diameter 28cm
capacity of the oil tank 0.6L
capacity of the gas tank 3.1L
The weight 55kg

Puberty transformer 60P TWK

Motoblock Pubert Transformer 60p twk is an improved semi-professional model equipped with a 6hp 4-stroke petrol engine.

With a fuel consumption of 1 l/h and a tank volume of 3.5 l, continuous operation without refueling is guaranteed.

The gearbox has 2 forward gears and 1 reverse gear.

You can use milling cutters to change the processing width, which is particularly advantageous when processing different rows.

The plow depth is 32 cm.

The handle is ergonomically designed, making it easier for the operator to control the walk behind tractor.

Technical characteristics
engine power 6.0 hp
energy source: petrol
engine manufacturer puberty
reducer Chain
number of gears 2 forward / 1 back
coverage 60-90cm`
cutter diameter 32cm
capacity of the gas tank 3.5L
The weight 73kg

Puberty Vario 70B TWK

The Pubert Vario 70p twk walk-behind tractor is considered a professional model because the power of its petrol engine is 7 hp and the possibility of using attachments makes it an indispensable tool for cultivating large areas.

Thanks to the presence of 6 cutters, the width of the processed row can vary from 30 cm to 90 cm, while the processing depth is always the same – 32 cm.

The presence of two forward speeds allows you to reach speeds of up to 15 km / h with one carriage.

The design of the presented model is distinguished by a collapsible constructor, which can be repaired in the event of a breakdown.

Unit weight 70 kg. This is enough to use it without weights.

Technical characteristics
processing area up to 2500 m2
engine power 7.0 HP
engine Briggs & Stratton 950 Series 208cc
energy source petrol
engine manufacturer puberty
reducer Chain
number of gears 2 forward / 1 back
coverage 30/60/90cm`
cutter diameter 32cm
capacity of the gas tank 3.8L
The weight 72kg

Puberty ELITE 65B C2

Motoblock Pubert Elite 65VS2 is intended for plowing gardens and garden plots, as well as for cultivating virgin land.

Thanks to a powerful engine and sharp knives with a chopping depth of up to 25 cm, it copes perfectly with the cultivation of new land.

The start is done manually without causing any problems.

Air cooling saves time when servicing the walk behind tractor.

A feature of the model is the presence of reverse and forward travel, a fence for plants and the ability to adjust the handle in height.

The last factor determines operator comfort. An equally important advantage is the reduced noise level.

The weight of the model is only 57 kg, which makes it easy to transport.

Technical characteristics
processing area up to 1500 m2
engine power 6.0 hp
engine Briggs & Stratton I/C OHV – 206cc
energy source petrol
reducer Chain
number of gears 1 forward / 1 back
coverage 60/90cm`
cutter diameter 32cm
capacity of the gas tank 3.8L
The weight 50kg
Motoblocks virgins - reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

Puberty NANO 20R

The Pubert NANO 20 R walk-behind tractor is one of the new products from the Pubert company and combines small dimensions, low weight (25 kg) and a 2.5 HP petrol engine.

Thanks to the slow-running gearbox, it works particularly well on moist soil.

This compact model is best suited for small areas, greenhouses and gardens as the row width is between 20 and 46 cm.

The volume of the fuel tank is 1.5 liters. The advantages include the presence of an oil level control system, which blocks the engine from starting if there is not enough lubricant.

Technical characteristics
processing area up to 500 m2
engine power 2.5 hp
engine Puberty R100C
energy source petrol
reducer Chain
number of gears 1 further
coverage 20/30/46 cm
cutter diameter 24cm
capacity of the gas tank 1.5L
The weight 32kg


The Pubert VARIO 55B TWK+ walk-behind tractor is a mid-range model designed for tillage in areas of medium complexity.

4-stroke petrol engine with 5.5 hp ensures fast and efficient cultivation.

The advantage of the model is the adjustable handle, which can be adjusted both in height and by turning it sideways.

Air cooling does not require additional intervention, and the manual way of starting is simple and reliable.

Technical characteristics
processing area up to 2500 m2
engine power 5.5 hp
engine HONDA GX series
energy source petrol
reducer Chain
number of gears 2 forward / 1 reverse forward
coverage 85/60/40cm
cutter diameter 32.5cm
capacity of the gas tank 3.1L
The weight 70 kilograms

types of attachments

The design of all brand block puberts includes the use of attachments that the company produces for its units

  • The plow is the most popular device because you can effectively plow the floor
  • The floor plans are delivered in the kit and are designed for the weeds and loosening of the soil, the uprooting of weeds, etc.
  • The adjustable hip is used to cut the grooves
  • Potato cumulator/potato residents significantly facilitates the collection/planting of root plants. The design is easy to attach to the hiking behavior tractor, loosen the floor, separate it from potatoes
  • The Sämaspiel is intended to facilitate the process of sowing grain drives and the considerable reduction in time in sowing
  • The Harrow is operated in the virgin countries and dense soils
  • Ploskorets delivers fast and effective weeds of the soil between the rows
  • The trailer is designed for the transport of goods. Can only be used for powerful and heavy models
  • Couplings are different in shape and size. Developed to contact a wal k-in engineer with fastening equipment
  • Mood effective devices for mowing grass and grain plants
  • The adapter turns a walk tractor so that the operator is sitting

Usage characteristics

The manufacturers offered a puberty motor block with transport oil for sale, which is recommended to be drained and replaced by SAE 10W-30.

For all gasoline models you can use gasoline with an octane number of 92.

The manufacturer recommends regular maintenance that warn the appearance of breakdowns.

The instructions associated with the Walk areas of behavior are provided with a visual illustrated manual for the assembly of the model.

Before starting the use, it is necessary to carry out a runway with a tractor for a walk, since all nodes and details are lubricated and rubbed.

This procedure is the key to the long service of unity. It is also advisable to run after a long downtime of the machine.

In the following you will find the sequence of work, thanks to the curren t-in is carried out correctly:

  1. Check the oil and fuel level in tanks and add it if necessary
  2. Take an engine with you and let yourself work at low speed for 20 minutes, carry out the gangway, whereby the engine speeds are increased significantly and reduce it immediately. Test 4 hours in this mode
  3. During the test, it is necessary to change the programs when the design of the tractor implies
  4. After 4 hours you can continue, but the wal k-behavio r-tractor is only permitted half of the strength. This means that the transport of goods or cultivation to thick ground is not
  5. After 8 hours, let the used oil run completely and tend the hiking loss horizontally, as the company’s representative advises. Then pour a new oil

Детальная инструкция по техническому обслуживанию двигателя Honda, который используется на некоторых моделях мотоблоков Пуберт по ссылке—>

Test of the HUSQVARNA ST 276EP snow blower. Description, instructions, owner reviews

Preparation for the work:

  1. Before you continue with the operation of the cultivator
  2. Check the engine unit for the detection of liquid leaks before starting and make sure that all nodes and fastening elements are not damaged
  3. No machine may use without protective covers

Reviews of the owners

Based on the evaluations of the owners in the forums, we can draw the conclusion that Pubert tractors are characterized by processing quality and a functioning engine that is easy to start.

However, many people wondered how the old oil could be drained, whereupon the company representative recommended that the machine turn and wait for the machine until the oil flows out.

Makar: “I bought a hand-led transformer tractor and could hardly wait until the earth dries out. I drove in accordance with the prescription, changed the oil and started. I did not expect such mobility from him – I did new territory with a bang! Easy to manage and no effort required. The truth growles like a tractor, but over time you get used to it. “

Maxim: “I bought a singl e-axle tractor Pubert Elite 65b C2 and was basically satisfied. The advantages include simple commissioning and simple operation. When cultivation, you don’t have to make an effort at all, the back does not hurt because the handle is adjustable. I didn’t like the steel used for the knives at all. It gets blunt pretty quickly, the split holes break. “

If you are the owner of a hand-led tractor, we invite you to hand over your evaluation in which you talk about the determined advantages and disadvantages of the model. Your opinion helps the readers of our online magazine to draw conclusions and choose a purchase.

Motoblock puberty: reviews

Motoblock puberty: reviews

The words of the sellers about the hand-led puberty tractors “Made in France” trigger a good skeptical smile. Without concentrating me on this statement and knowing that this product comes from the People’s Republic of China, I would like to understand what it is qualitative. Is it reliable? Such information can only be obtained firs t-hand – from the owners of the on e-axle tractor Pubert Vario 70b TWK+ or Pubert Vario 55H TWK+. There are only a few of them: this technique is more expensive than most analogues. So does it make sense to pay too much?

A little about the company Pubert

There was actually such a manufacturer of agricultural machinery in France, in the city of Chanton. This small company, which is a prime example of the s o-called “family business”, has been active since the distant 1840s and initially produced plows and then other agricultural equipment. The company has been producing moto r-growers and engine blocks since 1976. The Pubert brand has been used since the early 2000s to promote this technique that is produced in the Chinese province of Yunnan.

What is offered?

Currently, 5 types of motor cultivators are presented on the official website of the brand of the brand of potential buyers at prices of 37,900 rubles up to 49,990 rubles and 2 types of Motoblöcken of the Vario series – for 56,990 (with a petrol engine from Briggs and Stratton). and 58,990 (with a Honda petrol engine). Analoga with the same engine brands can be found on the domestic market and cheaper today. However, the real reviews of the owners of the puberty compact devices show that they are of decent quality, show reliability and generally value their money. In the past (early 2000s), the Pubert Primo series engine blocks were also sold in Russia, but are currently not represented on the domestic market.

Properties of Motoblöcken from the Pubert brand (Vario)

Motoblocks are completely offered with floor cutters and pneumatic bikes. Both models presented are characterized by high productivity, which is sufficient for the complete seasonal processing of areas up to 2.5 thousand square meters. Other attachments, with the exception of ground cutters, are available separately and offer a full range of agricultural work, not just soil processing.

The manufacturer directs the attention of all potential buyers of these products for an innovative patented gearbox as part of the trademark of Vario automat. It offers the possibility to select the optimal mode depending on the specific working conditions due to the tractor of the walk behavior on the type of soil on the binding equipment.

The movement forwards is carried out: with a variable change of speed, regardless of the load; The variant speed changes regardless of the load on a low gear. There is also a reversal – the possibility of reversal. The number of revolutions is regulated from 28 to 165 rpm. The “linear” sequential control of the movement speed is carried out: the back is centered between the first and second gear, so that it can be available at any time.

Review of the chainsaw Husqvarna 353. Technical data. Usage features and safety instructions

The clutch and the torque of the Pubert engine blocks are supplied with a riement type.

Properties of Motoblöcken from the Pubert brand (Vario)

The driving of the front devices is designed for the use of the lawn mower, the redary mowing of the grass, the snow brit, the cleaner brushes (all of this of course consists of additional options and additional bought fastening devices). Thanks to this option, Motoblock can be involved in the work all year round. The power selection shaft is a special pulley on the motor block motor shaft.

Pneumatic bikes are equipped with an “of f-road” agricultural protection – a “Christmas tree”. They help to work effectively with both the front as well as with the rear fastening equipment.

On the Pubert Motoblocks, chai n-unrecherable gears are installed with a “lifelong” lubrication that provide minimal current losses when issuing. This reducer is not necessary. It is possible to replace individual parts in cases of such a need. The seals of the gearbox (reference to the milling system) offer protection of the inner bearings before the penetration of dirt and sand and significantly extend the lifespan of the transfer of walking behavior.

The cultivation cutters of the razor blade are made of hardened steel, have a special configuration thanks to which you can enter the floor at a certain angle and be able to cope with all kinds of hardness.

Motoboblock handle Pertht – elliptical, wrinkle, adjustable. The adaptation of the vertical type offers the opportunity to work very comfortably a person of growth and complexion. The setting in the horizontal level should not trample the newly processed zone and work freely on the floor to the engineer of Walk behavior and work freely on the floor, which is located near the fences or in different types of structures.

A bilateral voucher can be adjusted in height to change work into the ground. The direct end of the coulter enables you to improve the penetration into solid ground, and the curved end – offers a stable further development of the device on the floor of a viscous type.

Motoblock Pubert Vario 70b TWK+

This model is equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine of the production of Briggs & Stratton 950 of the Chinese People’s Republic. The design of this CMPACT engine ensures the upper location of the valves (according to OHV technology) and the lubricating system. The work volume of this engine is 223 cubic centimeters. The maximum torque is 12.9 N.M, for engine speeds 3060 rpm.

Fuel consumption is 1.98 liters per hour. The capacity of the oil pan is 0.6 liters. cylinder diameter – 68.3 mm; Piston stroke – 55.9 mm. The output shaft diameter is 20 mm. The direction of rotation is clockwise.

The 950 series carburettor engine has been used in engine blocks and engine cultivators of various brands for many years. It’s a proven option that offers the consistently high level of performance, performance, and reliability you need to keep your day-to-day workload running smoothly. The 950 Series engine family is Briggs & Stratton’s most powerful small displacement vertical shaft petrol engine for walk-behind tractors and lawnmowers.

Single axle tractor Pubert Vario 70b TWK+

Hilling with the engine block Pubert VARIO 70B TWK+

The special “Ready Start” function and the electronic magnetron ignition system are designed to provide consistently easy and convenient starting without the need for additional fuel pumping into the engine’s carburettor. Even at an ambient temperature o f-10 degrees, the Briggs & Stratton 950 engine really starts very easily, according to experience reports.

The “Super Lo-Tone” silencer significantly reduces the noise level of the engine. The mechanical governor varies the speed of the engine to ensure maximum power output during intensive use and operation.

The dry weight of the Briggs & Stratton 950 Series engine is 14.2 kg. Its overall dimensions are as follows: length – 401 mm, width – 339 mm, height – 257 mm. This model’s gensets will last at least six years when working up to fifty hours a year (i.e. up to ten acres in most areas).

About the technical characteristics of the Pubert VARIO 70B TWK+ walking tractor

  • Performance indicators: cultivation area – up to 2500 square meters; plowing depth – 32 cm; The width of the processed strip is 90 cm.
  • Total weight of the motoblock: 75 kg.
  • Number of gears: 2 gears Vario forward and 1 gear – reverse.
  • Tank capacity: 3.1 liters.
  • The cost of the Pubert VARIO 70B TWK + walk-behind tractor on the official website in 2019: 56,990 rubles.
Minor Series MTZ SNO W-BUTS: Description, characteristics and reviews

Motoblock Pubert VARIO 55H TWK+

This modification of the walk-behind tractor successfully copes with all types of soil, including unprocessed pristine soil, as well as a number of other tasks that constantly arise during the season on private and small farms. Especially for them it is possible to pick up additional attachments (all these devices must be purchased separately). In addition to the walk-behind tractor itself, the original equipment set only contains soil cutters and pneumatic wheels.

A distinctive feature of the Pubert VARIO 55H TWK + walk-behind tractor is a four-stroke petrol engine of the Honda GX160 model with an overhead valve arrangement. This is one of the most common mini engines for walk-behind tractors, having been used for this purpose for many decades. It was originally developed in Japan, and then many Chinese manufacturers mastered its production. The Honda GX160 is a professional engine equipped with a simple starting system. The sleeve of its single cylinder is made of ductile iron, which offers excellent reliability and long service life.

Motoblock Pubert Vario 55H TWK+

Work of a floor mill on the engine block Pubert VARIO 55H TWK +

The compact Honda GX160 engine is traditionally the most popular engine in the Honda GX model area. It is not only used for motoblocks and motor types, but also in road construction devices (vibrations, vibration plate), gasoline power plants (with a capacity of approx. 2-3 kW), water pumps, water pumps. This is a proven option, economically and durable.

It has an engine volume of 16 cubic centimeters, electricity Oct 4 (5.5 hp) with a 6O speed. The maximum torque that demonstrates the electricity unit at 1250 rpm is 2200 N.M. The diameter of the cylinder of this engine is 68 mm, its piston stroke is 45 mm. According to the owners, the consumption of petrol lies in the area of ​​one and a half liters per hour. The volume of the machine oil in the crankcase is O, 6 liters. The basic weight of the compact motorhonda GX160 is 15 kg; Its basic dimensions form Z12 x Z62 x ZZ5 mm.

About the technical properties of the Pubert Vario 55n TWK+ MOTBLOCK.

  • Performance indicators: cultivation area – up to 2500 square meters; plowing depth – 32 cm; The width of the processed strip is 90 cm.
  • The weight of walkin g-tractor assembly group: 72 kilograms.
  • Number of gears: 2 gears Vario forward and 1 gear – reverse.
  • Fuel tank volume: 3.6 liters.
  • The costs of the Pubert Vario 55n TWK+ Motor note on the official website in 2019: 58 990 rubles.

The manufacturer’s guarantee for both types of motor blocks Pubert is two years (and not one, like most analogues on the market), and for this they have to register the guarantee card.

Real experience in the company of Motoblocks puberty

In both cases, gasoline is used by AI-92. Exchange of machine oil: The first oil change occurs after five hours of operation, and all subsequent work must be carried out every thirty hours.

It is not necessary to serve a gear (gear), and the lubricant is laid for the entire lifespan of the gear. According to the experience of the real owners of these motoblocks, there is no transmission.

Checks about the reliability of the Pubert engine blocks at work, through their functionality are mostly positive, with a great advantage in relation to negative. People notice an excellent performance with which they can process the floor of any density, relief and configuration. At the same time, the motblock is not “goat” on solid and dense soils (does not jump out of the furrow), but is confident. Good words earn a reverse function – in small areas of small areas, this is a very necessary and sometimes even indispensable thing.

The possibilities of transformation in these motoblocks are also impressive. All exchange of the connected devices can be carried out easily without preliminary preparation and in the shortest possible time.

After the stories of the owners of the Pubert Motoblocks, they decided to buy this technology in order to acquire independence in processing their personal conspiracy. At the beginning of spring and autumn, I had to look for the owners of tractors, mini-actractors or motoblocks in the seasonal cultivation of land. And this always became a real problem: in the season all of these employees are very busy and “smells” of such a state that it is difficult to invite them – to the yoke and they cannot attract promises.

Motoblocks Agro: technical characteristics of models, equipment, reviews of owners

According to the owners, the Puber t-Motoblock will be able to effectively work not only a healthy adult man, but also a physically strong woman and a teenager. The need to make all existing efforts of the body to move the tractor of the walk behavior is no desperate “holding” in the furrow (especially on regularly processed floors): The technology is quite successful and safe with this.

Real experience in the operation of hand-led puberty tractors

Motoblock Pubert + Dawn brand.

According to an owner, he not only processed the garden, but also plowed the virgin countries, compared the shaking frost that were left in the thaw of heavy equipment, cleared the snow in the house and on the entrance, mowed the hay and brought home. And also – I drove the next forest behind the brooms for the bath house and for the firewood for (where the car does not drive by).

And this is anything but through a list of the skills of this Walk behavior exhauste d-given the fact that the torque can be transferred from the wave of performance to almost everything that has a belt drive from the electric motor, without electricity.

Another important point is the compactness of the tractor of the walk behavior: With a control handle, a motorcycle block without wheels or knives that are separated in seconds can be placed in the trunk of a limousine of not the greatest volume.

The disadvantages of the Pubert engine blocks include people very expensive attachments for this technology. For this reason, many often follow the path of independent production of the trailer coupling and use the experience of the “Kulibins” -Scheiberger, which upload their videos on the Internet.

There can be big problems due to little things, almost “out of the blue”. For example, the drive belt is planned – it becomes almost impossible to buy it because none of the dealers knows his article. Even an inquiry to Moscow does not provide any results. If the selection method turns out which analogue can be adapted instead of a burst belt, it turns out that its costs (ordinary wedge belt) is about a thousand rubles.

There are also “pleasant breakdowns”. This is not a collapse at all, but such cases according to which the owner experiences a feeling of great relief. For example, a motorcycle block was stalled directly in the middle of the garden – that only its owner had not thought of “reviving” the technology. The reason for the “malfunction” was in a densely closed gas tank cover, which formed a vacuum there. The removal was only to open the lid, close and continue to work on the site.

What is the hinge equipment for the Pubert Vario side and what the owners say?

A worthy section of Puberts own binding enables you to use a tractor for a walk for various purposes and in the yea r-Rund mode. There is a snow discriminator, a Bulldozer jar, a brush, a brush and a rotary mower and a special mowing for cutting lawns. Small pump stations can drive with the engine of the tractor of the walk behavior. The technology easily carries a truck, an adapter carter with fastening equipment: the engine capacity is sufficient.

What attachments are there for Pubert Vario singl e-axle tractors and what the owners say

Motoblock Pubert Primo with floor surfaces.

The floor milling cutter is complete with the hiking loss tractor itself. Most of the time, puberty is bought for the Pubert Motor note: a plow, a potato cutter, a loading tape, two coupling cables, extension cables. This is what is required for comprehensive soil processing on the site. In addition, people buy a number of double belt slices for plus clips. Front counterweights, mower. Special nozzles “law n-Retans” are offered.

Conclusion on information from the owner of Pubert engine blocks

The Motoblocks Pubert Vario have been produced as improved versions of the Pubert Primo engine blocks since 2012, on the constructive basis of which they have been created. A special feature is the efficient vario automatic transmission with the possibility to choose the optimal operating mode. For the sake of simplicity, the gearbox was moved to the middle of the steering wheel, which became swivelable. Cutting levers and gas lever remained on the handles. The idle speed is rationally placed between the corridors.

Conclusion on information from the owner of Pubert engine blocks

Both versions-both with the Honda engine and the Briggs-and-Stratton engine-proved to be the best: as a reliable device that works perfectly 5-6 seasons and usually does not cause any problems.

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