Review of power tillers and trimmers from the brand Makita. Features, reviews

Makita chain saws and trimmers. Description, properties. Preparing to work

Lawn trimmer type is a variety of garden equipment. When taking care of the lawn, the use of gas and electric Makita trimmers is possible as an independent technique and as the last step after mowing the grass with a lawnmower.

Brand description

Makita is one of the world’s famous brands of construction and garden equipment, a unique power tool. Japanese engineer Masaburo Makita founded in 1915 a small company to repair and sell electric motors and transformers and lighting equipment. In the literal sense of the word a few decades later the company became known throughout the world.

In 1958, the electric steamer was born. Another 10 years later the first job was built in Europe. In the 1990s the company started production in its own factories in Britain and China. Today the range of the largest company has more than a thousand different products for household and professional use. More than 400 types of equipment are supplied to the CIS countries.

Lineup of Makita models

The main advantage of Makita trimmers and chain saws is the ability to work effectively in hard-to-reach places under trees, near fences and flower beds, along alleys and paths. In addition, Makita trimmers are considerably cheaper than lawnmowers and have less weight and dimensions. For small plots, areas with difficult terrain and farms, Makita brushcutters and trimmers are the best option for mowing grass, small brushwood and weeds.

Depending on their power source, Makita trimmers are divided into two subgroups: electric, battery- and mains-powered, and gasoline-powered.

The universal multitool, which recently appeared in the owners of dacha plots, is also appreciated. On the basic handle with a motor, you can install various attachments for the household: a saw, brush cutter, trimmer, garden shears.

The trimmer has a simple device: the motor, handles of various shapes and mowing tools are attached to the bar. The motor can be top- or bottom-mounted. Most Makita trimmers have a top-mounted motor. Lower-mounted models are cheaper and weaker in power.

A fishing line or a knife is used as the boom. The trimmer head is made with two or four lines, manually, automatically and semi-automatically. Depending on the purpose, the blades are made of plastic and steel: the more teeth on the makita chain saw line, the tougher the vegetation you can cut. Makita trimmer can be equipped with blades with 3, 4, 8, 22 teeth.

The shape can be straight or curved. For a sensitive area of the lawn, the best option will be a scythe with a curved rod with a cutting line and a plastic knife. Models with a straight rod and a steel plate are appropriate for mowing hard grass, weeds and bushes.

Shoulder straps are used to secure the tool. More expensive productive, heavy Makita chain saws are equipped with a special ergonomic bag, which can provide the operator with conditions for a longer operation of the mower.

Makita Electric Trimmer

This type of equipment is characterized by high performance, almost noiseless operation, easy maintenance, affordable price, environmental friendliness. Due to the certain length of the mains cable, the skills of electric shock are limited, so in the home they are used mainly in small areas.

Present the technical characteristics of Makita electric trimmers in the table.

model Power, kW Working width, cm Field thickness, mm Engine location dumbbell
UR 2300 1,0 23 2,4 Top, above Indifferent
UR 3000 0.45 30 2,0 Lower Telescopic line
UR 3500 0,7 35 2,0 Top, above Curved telescope
UR 3501 1,0 35 2,0 Top, above Brown indifferent
UR 3502 1,0 35 2,0 Top, above Indifferent
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Makita petrol tillers

Gasoline cutters are popular with owners of large lots. Makita Benzokos is productive, hardy, works effectively in areas with difficult terrain, suitable for intensive operation. The disadvantages of a power tiller are its higher noise level and high maintenance cost.

The line of petrol brushcutters of the brand compared to electric and cordless variants is widespread: there are models with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, less powerful and productive multifunctional machines. All chain saws are positioned as effective professional equipment.

Makita chain saws with 2-stroke engines

For clarity, the technical properties of Makita chain saws with 2-stroke engines are placed in the table.

Model/properties Power, hp Cutting width with line/blade, cm Field thickness, mm dumbbell
EM 3400U 1.42 25.5/25.5 2,4 simply
EM 2600U 1,2 23/23 3,0 simply
RBC 413U 2,0 30/30 2,4 simply
RBC 411U 2,0 40/25.5 2,4 simply
RBC 2100 0,8 40/40 2,4 simply
DBC 260U 1.13 40/25 2,4 simply
DBC 451okit 3,1 45/30 3,0 simply
EM 2500U 1,0 30/23 2,4 simply

As you can see from the table, the functionality of Makita chain saws is very versatile. The RBC2100 model comes with a multifunctional cutting system of blade+knife+hard disc. The very powerful DBC 451okit version is equipped with an ergonomic ranking belt.

Makita 4-stroke engines

Productive units can run for long periods of time. Equipped with modern easy start technology, fuel pump primer, ergonomic handle, comfortable shoulder strap, special lubrication.

Technical characteristics of some top models of Makita chain saws with four-stroke engines are shown in the table.

Model/properties Power, hp Cutting width with line/blade, cm Field thickness, mm dumbbell
EBH 253U 1,0 35/35 2,4 simply
EBH 252 U 1,0 40/25 2,4 simply
EBH 341R 1,5 45/40 2,4 bent
EBH 341U 1,4 40/40 2,4 simply
EM 2651Uh 0.95 30/30 3,0 simply
EM 2651LH 1,0 42/- 2,4 simply
EM 4350rh 2,0 25.5/25.5 2,4 simply

Makita rechargeable batteries

The cordless area is represented by a variety of devices with different functions. Owners can choose a tool that works only with a fishing cord or only with a cutting knife. There are models in the line that use a fishing line, a knife and a disc as a cutter. The advantage of Makita batteries is the ability to work safely in wet weather and mow wet grass.

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Model/properties Battery voltage in Cutting width with line/blade, cm Operating time with forest/blade, min.
UR 100 DZ 10.8 23/- 38/-
Dur 181 Z. 18 26/- 45/-
Dur 187 lz. 18 30/25.5 168/219
Dur 182 LRF 18 30/23 90
Dur 182 LRF 18 23/- 90
Dur 184 LRF 18 30/- 90
Dur 366 LZ 18+18 23/25.5/35 34/60 (5a*h)
BC 231 UDZ 36 -/23 45

The UR 10 0-DZ cordless trimmer is the simplest comfortable model. Makita UR 100 DWAE trimmer has similar technical parameters and is equipped with two batteries and a battery charger.

The version DUR 181Z has 5 stages of adjustment of the automatic mowing head. There is a possibility of adapting the mowing angle, which provides comfortable work near various obstacles.

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Features of Makita Dur 187 LZ cordless trimmer: telescopic handle height adjustment depending on operator’s height, innovative CRT protection technology against moisture and dust, modern shiny engine, battery output indicator, automatic rotation speed control of mowed plants quality, nylon line thickness 2-2,4 mm. Identical technical properties possesses Makita Dur 189z cordless trimmer, which is completed with a battery and charger.

The model DUR 36 6-delz has 2 speeds, as a cutting tool is used fishing line + disk. Makita trimmer BC 231 UDZ works only with the cutting disc, which is located as a productive hub.

Makita trimmer operation and maintenance recommendations

Every Makita trimmer or every trimmer comes with a detailed factory instruction manual. According to the reviews of owners, the maintenance of electric and cordless models is not particularly difficult. It is important to follow the basic recommendations for working with electrical equipment.

Makita petrolmowers have a more complex device. Therefore, it is extremely important for each user to study the manufacturer’s instructions in detail. In addition, the recommendations and rules of maintenance of models with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines differ significantly. In addition, engine oil of a certain class may be recommended for different models of Makita gasoline trimmers.

Let’s consider some specifics of maintenance and operation of one of the top models – Makita chain saws.

Getting ready to start

  • The Makita chain saw is equipped with a throttle valve that automatically locks the button. Before starting, it is checked to make sure that it works in no-load mode.
  • Next, the engine is started and the cutting tool of the Makita gasoline trimmer is checked for serviceability.
  • It should be noted that the cold start of the mower is possible thanks to the Primer fuel pump.
  • In idle mode, you should check the correct operation of the carburetor when rotating the cutting head set.
  • Check the condition of the protective shield, Makita cutting tool: The semi-automatic mowing head is designed to mow normal grass. It’s easy to download shrubs, wild shoots, and dead wood with a four- or eight-toothed blade.
  • Functionality of the stop button has been tested.
  • For comfortable operation, the Makita chain saw is equipped with an ergonomic double shoulder strap, which must be set so that the cutting disc is strictly parallel to the floor during operation.

Fuel oil

The fuel used is a 50:1 mix of AI-92 gasoline and Makita Genuine Two-Hour Engine Oil. Engine lubrication is done with the same engine oil. The fuel mixture should not be used more than 4 weeks after preparation.

Shell grease for two-hour engine


  • After operation, the Makit trimmer should be cleaned, the tool should be checked for integrity and serviceability, the air filter should be cleaned, and the switch, locking lever should be checked for serviceability.
  • Check the condition of the spark plug weekly, the gap between the electrodes should be 0.6-0.7 mm.
  • All 30 materiaal must be filled with Alvania 3 grease or a suitable analogue in the gearbox.
  • The muffler exhaust pid is checked at least once a week and the plaque is cleaned.
  • Makita fuel system, carburetor, checked quarterly.
  • Sharpening of cutting tools should be carried out only on special devices, as this leads to a force of construction, the appearance of vibrations and serious malfunctions.

Troubleshooting, breakdowns

  • Before carrying out repair and maintenance work on the engine of a Makita chain saw, you should always stop it in advance and remove the spark plugs.
  • If there are problems with a warm start, the carburetor must be cleaned.
  • Insufficient performance of the Makita trimmer is most likely caused by errors in several systems: filter, muffler, carburetor.
  • If the engine stops immediately after starting, check the idle settings and clean the carburetor of dirt.
  • Because of problems in the fuel system, the engine of your Makita chain saw may not start because of sparking problems, compression problems, and mechanical problems.
  • To avoid the chainsaw, only original parts may be used: cutting tools, consumables and spare parts.
  • Do not use the hedge trimmer to cut branches, young trees larger than 3 cm in diameter.
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You can read the Makita trimmer user manual by following the links:

Video review

Makita Electric Trimmer

Makita Dur 181 HF cordless trimmer

We recommend to read the ratings of the owners


“I was choosing between the Oleo Mack chain saw and the Makita EM2500U. I preferred the Makita chainsaw because there are no maintenance problems. I already have a Makita Strike and a drink and they work great. I hope the tiller doesn’t disappoint. “


“I have a Makita UR 3501 electric trimmer for the second year. I am very happy with the tool. Immediately bought an extension cord 50 m convenient.

Advantages: Lightweight, easy to operate and operate, there is a detailed manual. It easily rolls up bushes, such as raspberries and currants.

Disadvantages: After the winter and long breaks it does not start immediately. There is a little vibration. You have to keep the button pressed when working. Could earn a smaller diameter, then there would be great access to tight spaces. “

Makita trimmer: advantages, disadvantages and varieties

Makita trimmers are widely known among users. They are very easy to use, and bring the lawn in order with their help will not be difficult even for someone who picked it up for the first time. The device will be ready with the vegetation in places where it is not possible to use a lawnmower.

This brand is considered one of the most in demand, as it offers products of decent quality at very affordable prices.


Makita trimmers get high marks from users. They are considered reliable and high-quality devices. But not everyone knows exactly how a trimmer differs from a lawnmower. To make the right choice, it is necessary to consider all the nuances.

It is better to use a lawnmower in the case when it is necessary to trim vegetation on a large area with the same level. Trimmer is more convenient in other situations. It is light enough and very powerful, which helps the device to finish with the grass on any site.

It can also be used for young shrubs, but remember that the diameter of the branches should not exceed 3 cm.

An electric trimmer is much easier to use than a gasoline trimmer, which should be considered by beginners. In addition, the electric mower weighs much less, which facilitates the work of its owner. Even a physically not very strong person, such as a woman, can use it.

Consumers note that the trimmer is very easy to use. This is its main advantage. With its help, it is possible to prepare in various hard-to-reach places. This device greatly benefits in comparison with a less passable lawnmower. In addition, the trimmer is also mobile. It is easy to take it anywhere: it can be transported on a bicycle or carried on hands. It will be a great addition to your lawnmower.

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Before buying a Makita trimmer, the consumer should analyze for what specific purposes it is needed. Externally, all models are similar and represent an aluminum tube, which is equipped with a motor and a cutting unit. However, the devices have many differences. Among them are performance, functions, weight, type of design and many other components. The role of the cutting mechanism is taken by a special metal knife or fishing line, covered with a protective cover.

It should be noted that the choice of cutting mechanism has its own subtleties. The undeniable advantage of the fishing line is that, unlike the knife, it does not deform under the knife in hard-to-reach places where hard objects can get. It will not damage the coating, even if it touches it.

The metal blade is more durable, it will also handle young shrubs.

There are 3 types of Makita trimmers.

  • Gasoline or lawnmower. It has a two-stroke engine, the principle of operation is similar to a chainsaw.
  • The electric trimmer needs mains power. It is also equipped with a light electric motor.
  • Cordless models, which can work without an outlet after charging the battery.

Each of the varieties has its own advantages and disadvantages. To make the right choice, you should study each of you.


If we consider the question of popularity, it is worth noting that gasoline variants are more in demand than electric ones. For example, utilities use gasoline models in landscaping urban roads. Your positive points should be taken into account.

  • Such scythes do not work from an outlet, they can be used anywhere. The main condition is the availability of fuel.
  • In addition, the performance is different from electric models: the engine power is higher.
  • If you use the device correctly, these models will last a long time and will not cause problems in operation and maintenance.

However, there are also a number of disadvantages.

  • The need to purchase additional products. For example, the work requires oil and gasoline. And their purchase is an impressive item of expenditure.
  • Benzocosa works very loudly.
  • The presence of exhaust fumes. A person may not feel very well after work.
  • The weight of the device is significant. The electric mower has much less weight.

Judging by the reviews of consumers, we can say that they most successfully consider the model EM2500U. It has a small mass (only 5 kg) and does not cause difficulties in maintenance and use. The power of the engine is 1 liter. С. The role of the cutting element is played by a metal fishing line or knife. The operation is very simple.

Electric mower

Users believe that electric models have more advantages than gasoline models:

  • First, they have less weight;
  • No additional purchases such as gas and oil are needed.
  • The operation is quite quiet, there are no exhaust fumes.

But in this case there are some disadvantages. He is here one – it is possible to work only from one outlet. In this case, you need to keep an eye on the extension cord during operation. If you do not pay attention to it, there is a chance that it will get under the cutting mechanism and get damaged.

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If we talk about the most popular models, it is impossible not to mention the UR350. This electric mower has a 1 kW motor, located near the handle with an adjustment mechanism. The weight of the device is only 4.3 kg, which makes the work in the power of the fair sex or young people.

Cordless models

Such trimmers are considered the most interesting. They combine the best features of both gasoline and electric models. Among the advantages are the absence of the need for refueling and power from the network, as well as quiet operation. However, these models cannot be started. This is due to the fact that the battery has a very large mass, in addition, it is expensive. In addition, such trimmers do not cope even with young growth of bushes.

At the same time, consumers most consider the model BBC231 UZ. It has a battery with a capacity of 2.6 A / h and a voltage of 36 volts. The weight of the device is significant and is 7.1 kg, which makes it possible to work with it only for a strong person.


Let’s consider how to look after the device on the example of chain saws of different brands. Makita trimmers need to be cleaned after each job. It is necessary to see if all elements are intact and work properly. And also clean the air filter, check the locking lever and the switch. On a weekly basis, the responsible owner should check the condition of the spark plugs. The optimal electrode spacing is 0.6-0.7 mm. After 30 hours of operation the gearbox is filled with grease oil. The muffler is checked weekly, the exhaust port of which may be periodically clogged, the plaque is removed.

Once a quarter it is necessary to check the coil, the carburetor of the device and its fuel system. The cutting element of the mower is sharpened with professional equipment. Doing this manually may cause the bike to become unbalanced. This results in vibration and other serious damage. As a result, the unit may not develop revolutions or simply stop with the start.

Possible problems

The unit must be turned off before proceeding with repairs. The engine is stopped and the spark plug is removed. In case of warm start problems, the carburetor is cleaned first. If the user is not satisfied with the power of the unit, this may indicate a muffler, carburetor or filter failure. In some cases, the engine stops immediately after starting. In this case, the rest settings are first checked. Then the carburetor must be cleaned.

Problems with starting the engine may be due to ignition spark problems or mechanical faults. Compression problems and fuel system malfunctions can also affect this fact. All of these nuances should be carefully checked and, if necessary, corrected. To avoid possible problems, you should assemble only original design elements in your arsenal. Do not use spare parts of other brands.

And you should also follow the company’s basic rules. For example, the Makita trimmer can not cut branches, the thickness of which exceeds 3 cm.

The following video shows you a test report on the Makita DUR 181 RF cordless trimmer.

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