Review of power tillers and trimmers from the brand Honda. Reviews, characteristics

Top 2: Honda gasoline grass trimmers 2021-2022 rating.

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Updated: 10.10.2022

Rating-2021-2022 Best petrol trimmer Honda (Honda) for the grass according to customer reviews: What grass trimmers are better to buy, how to choose at the right price, buy at a reliable online store in your city.

Comparing products: Choosing which model to choose and buy

Honda gasoline trimmer for grass

Model Properties:

  • Weight: 7.6 kg
  • Power: 1,35 hp
  • Engine: gasoline, four-stroke
  • Type: portable
  • Working width: 44 cm
  • Hopper: none
  • Handle: height-adjustable
  • Building material: plastic
  • Decidium: plastic
  • Working volume: 36 cubic meters
  • Fuel tank: 0.63 l
  • Line: fishing line (2.4 mm), blade, shoulder strap
  • Ring: straight
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bike-shaped)
  • Wheels: none
  • Engine location: top

Model Properties:

  • Weight: 7.51 kg
  • Power: 1,35 hp
  • Engine: gasoline, four-stroke
  • Type: portable trimmer
  • Working width: 44 cm
  • Hopper: none
  • Arm: height-adjustable folding arm
  • Engine speed: 7000
  • Dimensions (SKDXV): 64x188x46 cm
  • Working volume: 36 cubic meters
  • Fuel tank: 0.63 l
  • Engine manufacturer: Honda
  • Summons: fishing line, knife, shoulder strap
  • Ring: straight
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bike-shaped)
  • Wheels: none
  • Engine location: top

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Other reviews in the trimmer category:

Advantages: 4T engine. Starts well and runs powerfully. Noises like a vacuum cleaner, exhaust smell is not acrid or smelly, neighbor’s bees do not react. No need to mix gasoline and oil and afraid to dilute those proportions. No need to store gas diluted with oil (can be stored no longer than 2 weeks)

Disadvantages: In Thailand, the keys need to assemble themselves, I have a staple on the straps at home – I immediately threw them out. The rope included is short, immediately replaced by a square one.

Comments: I have used the Alpine trimmer 2T for 7 years until recently, still working (20 acres 2 times a month for 3 summer months, total 700 hectares or 170 matting). Very comfortable belt and quality. A true European, it would seem, almost everything is like it is now. Maybe that’s why it still works, but so far I’ve decided that the prices haven’t gone down – I’m buying a Honda for 18k r. Bought and ran to my cat. Hid the Alpina until better times from new plugs. Set a goal for myself, to move all my gardening equipment to 4k. I already have a Catka Mosquito from the factory with an MTD 4T battery, have a 4T contenter and now a 4T trimmer. Of the 2 beat only a Merc15 boat motor and a Husqvarna 450 saw. Yes and smokes less, runs quieter and purely personal – the 4T will last longer.

Advantages: Be kind, read the comments first and then come back here. Didn’t know about the letter limits. The rubber boat turned out to be a little small and sold it. But need to go fishing. Agreed with friends – together we decided to buy a boat Cobra 1850 (5.5 meters) with the motor. Honda. Up to 90 hp. We “destroyed” the motor twice in Astrakhan and on the Oka – drowned and put on peso k-agarik. But he kept it all – we continue to be enthusiastic about his work. And so decided in 2019 to change the scythes – Husqvarna, Shindai, attack (electric) for the “native” – Honda 435. And once again, it did not go wrong. It still has a drawback – weight. But it is easy to get used to it by adjusting the complex shoulder strap. However, the indisputable plus is the absence of petrol and oil mixture. It starts “perfectly from the third time” (and never from the 4th). Electricity enough for 30 acres. I never put a knife in it. I bought a fishing 3-mm, not round shape (square, star) and do not know grief. 5 meters of fishing connections fit in the villains! It’s not much, but just enough to recharge the batteries. What a conclusion – very reliable equipment, albeit more expensive than all others, but this is the most important thing in our not – stable Russia. It is not surprising that Honda is the fourth most expensive in the world. That means something. Next year I will definitely buy a Honda lawn mower! All the same e-12 acres.

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Comment: The history of my Honda started a long, long time ago! Back in 2003. Please read to the end. Needed to buy a new car – the choice fell on the Hond a-Akkord. In terms of features, it was the same as a BMW 525, but half the price. Thanks to the staff of Flyite Car – they provided the opportunity to take a test drive, which was considered crucial when buying a car in this salon. I am also an avid fisherman, but not a fan of fishing. Where else to take a break from work outdoors. I decided to buy a rubber boat and motor. There were many motor options, but something “otherworldly” played “Insider” – I bought an outboard Honda 20 HP. Immediately went with the family to the Valdai. Inflated the MNEV 420m and suspended the Honda. Started on the first try. The experience was breathtaking. After that I bought a Honda 5 hp for trolling. Never had any complaints. Sold everything at a profit. I’m sure no one regretted it. Honda Accord was stolen under hull insurance three days before the end of the insurance (after three years) – I sued Ingosstrakh for a long time. But I won. But that is a topic for another story. The time came and I bought a Honda TSivic for my wife. Went in the same breath for 5 years. In all that time, replaced the battery under warranty (mis-recognized the Flyte car) and had no more problems. Wanted to trade the CR-V for a Honda, but Flyte Auto couldn’t help with the credit deal and the cost of the swap. Had to buy a Mitsubishi Outlander – no regrets about the Yota. But the Honda story didn’t end there. During this time we built a cottage outside the city. Very often we were left without electricity. Decided to use battery (automatically put in reserve) and power plant with engine (.), right – Honda. Bought a machine – Europa 12000 in Flyte. The ABR system consists of many blocks and components – but the powerplant itself has never broken down. Honda is Honda. But the best part is ahead.

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Honda cymbal 4-block trimmer: technical characteristics, advantages, features of operation

Honda gasoline four-stroke trimmer is a powerful, portable and productive tool for trimming shrubs, thin shoots, weeds, tops and weeds on the lawn. The farm equipment is designed by Japanese engineers. Licensed to manufacture certified products by companies in China, South Korea and Taiwan. The product is used for destroying large and medium-sized areas outside the city, in public places associated with production and educational institutions.

Powerful tool


Portable haymaker is available in the following configuration:

  • stand with power station and protective cover;
  • blades with petals;
  • spool with fishing line;
  • measuring cup for mixing fuel and oil;
  • filling funnel;
  • handle with controls;
  • shoulder strap;
  • tool kit;
  • manual;
  • packing box.

Honda gasoline trimmer has the following technical specifications:

  • number of cylinders – 1;
  • engine power 2,8-3,45 hp;
  • displacement – 38-50 cm³;
  • air cooling;
  • Maximum rotational speed of the cutter per minute – 2800;
  • Fuel tank capacity-600-800 ml;
  • Noise level at full load-102-111 dB;
  • spool – semi-automatic;
  • Diameter of cutting disc – 254 mm;
  • field diameter – 2,54 mm;
  • disc thickness – 1,4 mm;
  • Mower radius – 22 cm;
  • Weight without filling – 6.9-8.0 kg.

Changing cutting tools is done with a button and takes seconds. This allows you to quickly work on areas with different vegetation with just one piece of equipment.

Advantages of the model

The Honda lawnmower embodies Japanese quality, based on new technology and a thoughtful approach to every detail.

The advantages of this brand:

  1. Overheat protection. As a result, the engine runs quietly and steadily. Piston burnout or jamming is eliminated.
  2. Easy starting. Easystart system and automatic pumping make the engine easy to start. High-quality carburetor ensures even fuel delivery.
  3. Excellent ergonomics. Levers are conveniently and compactly located on the tiller. Shoulder strap evenly distributes weight of equipment on the captain’s shoulder belt.
  4. Safety. Wide body prevents grass, stones and small objects from getting into the drive. Inadvertent start protection eliminates the possibility of injury. Vibration suppression system dampens almost all vibrations of the unit.
  5. Powerful engine. The four-stroke gasoline trimmer easily copes with the high load that is created when cutting bushes. Due to the traction force, you can easily fell corn stalks and thick tops.
  6. Product life. Chromed cylinders and rings with paronite seals are designed for intensive operation for at least 5 years. Forged crankshaft and engine pleats are resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion.
  7. Easy maintenance. Access to the spark plug, air filter, blades and carburetor is maximally simplified. Disassembly and reassembly of the product to meet the prescriptions is not too difficult.
  8. Low toxicity of exhaust gases. Their degree of toxicity corresponds to the criteria of Euro 5. Specially designed shock absorbers ensure quiet mower operation in all modes.
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Casing of the tool is made of lightweight plastic, which does not burst on impact and does not fade in the sun.


Equipped with a four-stroke air-cooled engine, the Honda Umk435t lawnmower will last its owner a long time if the following recommendations are followed:

  1. Before using the trimmer, read the instruction manual carefully. It describes in detail the assembly process, the first start-up and the commissioning of the devices.
  2. It is recommended to observe safety rules at work:
    • Use protective clothing, safety glasses, noise-canceling headphones, gloves, and other personal protective equipment;
    • All people other than the operator and pets must stay at least 15 meters away from the mower in operation;
    • Do not operate the trimmer without setting its balance and handle position to the proper height.
  3. It is important to know what gasoline is better to pour and what oil for the trimmer should be chosen from the many on the market.
    • Gasoline should be used fresh, without impurities, with an octane number of AI92. Do not use AI95 or AI98 gasoline, as its additives can affect the engine piston system. Do not use gasoline, oil, or alcohol gasoline containing more than 5% methanol as fuel, even if it contains solvents and corrosion inhibitors.
    • Engine oil is poured into the engine crankcase and must be changed every 10 hours of operation. Select oil for 4-stroke engines of classes SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ, CD or higher according to API classification. Viscosity grade must be in accordance with outside temperature: SAE 30 (5°C or higher), 5W-30 (5°C or lower) or 10W-30 (t-18 to 38°C). Use of non-detergent or two-stroke engine oil may shorten engine life.
  4. Maintenance is performed according to the schedule recommended in the manual and includes the following measures:
    • changing the engine oil;
    • flushing the air-cleaner filter element;
    • changing the filament in the trimmer head;
    • checking the spark plugs, cleaning or replacing them, adjusting the electrode gap;
    • adjustment of throttle cable;
    • flushing the gas tank and cleaning the fuel filter;
    • Tighten the bolts and nuts on all your power tiller.
  5. If you do not plan to use the tool in the winter, it is necessary to carry out its preservation.
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reviews and price

Pavel, 35, Simferopol

Bought a dacha, for which I spend all my free time. Since it is necessary to regularly mow lawns, mow the tops in the garden, the grass by the house and the fence, I decided to mechanize this process. Most of all I liked the gasoline made in Taiwan by a-Honda. If you prepare the right mixture of fuel, the car will run well. It starts well, the noise is not strong, the power is high. To treat the yard, it is enough for an hour. It is easy and fast to change the nozzles, the metal on the blades is durable, it is necessary to sharpen once a month.

Vladimir, 44, Nizhny Novgorod.

Ererit got a dacha with a total area of 30 acres. Decided to get a cow to feed it, using the grass from the plot. I chose a professional honda gasoline-powered 3 hp. I have not regretted this decision. At first, it seemed that the machine was heavy, but when I hung it on my shoulder, I understood that this was not so. Thanks to the well thought-out ergonomics, no weight is felt. The machine is productive: at first it was easy to clean the bushes and weeds, and then I began to make grass and hay. The device is powerful, productive and economical.

Alexey, 69, Yeisk

Household area is large, requires constant clearing of grass. It is difficult to do it by hand, and power tiller does not work everywhere. Asked my son to help me choose a trimmer, he gave me a gasoline Honda 2.4 hp The technology is reliable, lightweight, quiet and productive. Allows you to turn hard work into a pleasant and easy activity.

Prices for new equipment range from 10-30 thousand rubles, depending on the model, current and basic equipment. With virtually the same level of quality, the cost of Japanese-made equipment will be higher. Dokosinte equipment is sold for 5-15 thousand rubles. The price is influenced by the technical condition and the degree of wear of the product. Rent per day will cost the buyer from 200-300 rubles.

If you are the owner of a trimmer with a 4-stroke engine, what are its pros and cons?

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