Review of power tiller NEVA MB compact: reviews of owners, photos, video, characteristics and operating instructions

NEVA MB-B 6.5 RS Compact

NEVA MB-B 6.5 RS Compact is a popular lightweight tiller, which is produced in Russia. It has compact size, high performance and maneuverability. The machine is simple and easy to operate, easy to transport and even to carry small loads. The walking tractor is mainly made from imported components, which doubles the reliability and increases the service life of the device.

General information, purpose and design features

The model under consideration belongs to the initial class. Despite its compact size, the performance of the walking tractor has not suffered. An American Briggs & Stratton engine is provided for the unit.

As for the NEVA MB-B 6.5 RS compact, it can be used in weather conditions. The well-optimized design provides a perfect temperature differential, with which you can work in hot and cold conditions or on heavy road conditions, including crazy soil. Thanks to its low weight and large pneumatic wheels, the tractor shows an excellent ability to geometrically intitrigue. At the same time, the machine is used to handle different types of floors by certain methods – depending on how the units are installed. By the way, it should be noted that the model NEVA MB-B 6.5 RS supports a large list of attachments, which positively affects the versatility of the device. The high potential of the walking tractor allows the agricultural sector to cultivate garden and vegetable plots. The walking tractor is also in high demand among farmers and suppliers.

Under the design features of the model under consideration, you can include a gearbox made with aluminum. This composite element is adapted to the frozen soil for the operation of the Wal k-Fehind power tiller. Note the advantages of the Neva MB Compact power unit. The four-cylinder engine has an overhead layout and a cast liner. At the same time it provides support of gasoline not lower than AI-92. The power plant meets all modern safety and environmental requirements, and has a low noise and vibration level under increased load. The engine is powerful enough and perfectly matches the compact and lightweight power tiller. The engine disadvantages pale in comparison with the available advantages, therefore the power tiller will be actual for many years.

The NEVA MB-B 6.5 RS compact already includes steel cutters for the working width of 86-120 mm. We draw your attention to the fact that by its performance characteristics the same-name motorcycle tractor can be compared with the more spacious models MB-23 and MB-2, despite its compact size, and may even surpass them. , in terms of cross-country capability, maximum speed and, of course, the same cost.

Also included is a power shaft, with which you can install the necessary package of devices. Choose the necessary options should be very carefully, as the market is now very rich in various proposals.

  • In many cases it is the same part, but at different prices. Therefore, let’s consider additional
  • components that are essential to the NEVA MB-B 6.5 RS compact:
  • Master
  • cultivator
  • Potato mower
  • Potato
  • Grass spike
  • plow
  • mower
  • Hook
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water pump.

From this list we can single out the potato digger and plough, the mag and cutter as the most popular attachments for the NEVA MB-B 6.5 RS compact.

Company and running-in advantages

The Walk behavior tractor has a special hatch at the bottom of the shield. By lifting it, you can install various attachments. All of the loose items of the active type (snow blower, lawn mower, water pump, brush cleaner) are connected directly, while the passive items (potato planting equipment, plowing equipment, dump truck and trailer) are attached. Due to the relatively large lifting capacity, it is possible to carry loads of up to 500 kg.

The machine has a steering column that can be adjusted in height and horizontally. The workplace can therefore be adjusted to suit the driver, no matter what shape he or she is. Air bikes with 4×8 dimensions deserve much more attention and allow to overcome various obstacles.

  • In order to provide stability and increase stability on difficult terrains, the developers equipped the tractor with walking behavior with a support bike. This implement is used for plowing on sandy soils. The support wheel serves as a support for floor surfaces, which are usually installed instead of bicycles. This item is included in the basic package along with the floor cutters (4 PC), pneumatic fires, voucher and user manual.
  • Before full operation of the trauma tractor Walk should be raised – this is a very important recommendation of the manufacturer, as the reliability of the model depends on the mileage over many years. Proper running-in eliminates the need for the tractor, as it remains as sturdy and reliable as it was after purchase. The running-in is designed so that all the important systems are checked, including the engine, transmission, chassis and various brackets. The procedure usually lasts 10-15 hours and consists of several simple steps:
  • Filling up with engine oil and fuel if necessary.
  • Checking the operability of all systems
  • First start the engine, let it run for 40-50 minutes, watch the idle speed
  • Check all gearbox positions and check each speed manually

Operate the walker for the first time (for example) and evaluate all systems and components. Can handle soils of varying degrees of difficulty, including virgin land. The maximum load must not exceed 50% of the permissible load.

After 15 hours of operation, it is recommended that the machine be serviced again – oil, gasoline, etc., etc.

Characteristics, transmission and engine

The walk-behind tractor is equipped with a manual 3-speed transmission, which has two speeds for forward travel. There is also a reverse that provides 360-degree reverse of the equipment. This feature doubles the excellent maneuverability of the walker.

A 0.2-liter four-stroke engine with 6.5 horsepower is responsible for power. The fuel tank capacity is 3 liters, which is enough for a 6-hour working day. The tractor can move at a maximum speed of 11 km/h. Among other parameters, we note the ability to handle areas of width 65-100 cm, the working depth is up to 16 cm.

Type: October 25 - October 31st

fuel consumption

The Neva MB-B 6.5 RS Compact motorcycle consumes an average of 1-1.5 liters. The 3-liter fuel tank is enough for 6 hours of work before refueling.

Prices in Russia

At the Russian market the price of a brand new Neva MB-B 6.5 RS walking compact tractor ranges from 30 to 35 thousand rubles. A good specimen can also be found on the used market, but it costs about 25,000 rubles – this is the price of a car in excellent condition.

In terms of performance and controllability, this tractor, coming from behind, has virtually no equals. In its price category, the machine is considered one of the best. And yet it has to compete with models of foreign and foreign brands. For example, these models are “Forte” and “Sadko”.

All about “Neva” cultivators

Motor cultivators “Neva” are reliable helpers for dacha owners and farmers. Such durable units are used not only for tillage, but also for other types of work. Let’s consider the design features of such devices and the scope of their use.

features and device

Motor cultivators “Neva” are equipped with gasoline engines from world manufacturers (Honda, Subaru, Robin-Subaru, Briggs & Stratton) of up to 7 hp, which drive various attachments that facilitate the processing of hard soils and soils of increased complexity in the garden or vegetable garden. In order to cultivate the soil, cut hay, transport loads or perform other work, you can attach various attachments to the cultivator: plows, ridges, potato diggers, spiked wheels, wheels, carts, mowers, tillers and the like. Cultivator usage for agricultural works is reasonable at ambient temperature about t-5 to +40 C (though there are reviews of owners, who claim that they worked with tillers “Neva” at temperature about t-30 C).

Full device of “Neva” motocultivator is shown on the picture below.

1 – nut 3301A-10, 2 – washer 10-Fos. ok, 3 – pin, 4 – screw 10-70-Ts, 5 – wheel, 6 – wing, 7 – plug, 8 – nut 8-Ts, 9 – washer 8-Fos. OK, 10 – carburetor, 11 – screw 8-50-C, 12 – screw 8-44-C, 13 – throttle cable, 14 – bar, 15 – rudder, 16 – shackle, 17 – chain, 18 – rod, 19 – screw 8-18-C, 20 – bar, 21 – washer 0. 5-20-35-Ts, 22 – body, 23 – hinge, 24 – bracket, 25 – bracket, 26 – limiter, 27 – washer 8.01 .019, 28 – shield, 29 – screw M8-6gx25.58.016, 30 – rocker, 31 – pulley, 32 – washer 2.5-20-35-An. Axis, 33 – belt reverse drive Z (0) -1400, 34 – belt forward drive A-1213, 35 – spring, 36 – bracket, 37 – pulley, 38 – screw, 39 – spring, 40 – washer, 41 – bracket, 42 – gearbox, 43 – pulley, 44 – cotter pin 2×16.019, 45 – spring, 46 – rod, 47 – pulley, 48 – wedge, 49 – retaining ring B25.

The working principle of the cultivator is to transfer the torque from the engine to the chassis. In addition, it is possible to start the rotary devices on the attachment landing. To control the device, there are handles, on which the levers of the throttle, clutch and gear are fixed.

  • what are there
  • Motoblocs are commonly classified according to the following characteristics.
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Depending on the capacity of the engine, gasoline-powered devices are suitable for work in different areas. Basically, such units are equipped with a two- or four-stroke engine. In addition, the four-stroke engine has a higher motoresource (compared to the two-stroke), works on fuel with a high octane number (AI-92 or AI-95) and does not require mixing oil with gasoline.

  • Electric tillers use, as the name implies, electric motors to cultivate small areas or enclosed spaces due to the impossibility of using gasoline models. Such cultivators are usually lightweight and compact in size. Despite the small weight, a good weight distribution has helped electric cultivators acquire good stability, which makes it easier to work with them.~ There is also a classification based on the weight of the design.
  • Devices weighing up to 30 kg (mini-cultivators). Such units are compact and mobile, have relatively low power. Suitable for dacha with a small area (
  • 15 hectare).

Aggregates weigh from 30 to 60 kg, the power of engines installed on them can be up to 5 liters. C. This allows their use on large plots with any type of soil: whether it is uncultivated land or already ploughed fields.

The devices weighing up to 100 kg and more are equipped with 8 hp engines. C. And more. Such equipment is suitable for working hard soils and soils of high complexity on large areas.

model evaluation

The following is a list of popular models from the brand “Neva”.

“Neva Mk-200”.

Has a large number of modifications. The main difference between them is the model of the installed engine. Neva MK-200″ is equipped with one of the engines from Subaru, Robin-Subaru, Honda and Briggs & Stratton. By highlighting the model name, you can specify which engine is installed. For example, Robin Subaru engines are designated by the Latin letter C, and the number indicates the power of the installed engine (for example, 5.0 means 5 liters). This model is equipped with a gearbox with 3 gears (2 front and 1 front). Shifting is carried out by a mechanism mounted on the steering wheel and the gearbox. Thanks to the use of aluminum alloys in the details of the body, the design is simple (58 kg). Adjustable handlebar handles allow you to adjust the steering wheel so that it is comfortable for the owner.

  • “Neva MK-100-07.”
  • Despite the smaller capacity of the Robin-Subaru four-stroke engine (5 liters), this device has an expanded configuration, which includes:
  • A hitch;
  • Plow;
  • Chopper;
  • Plough; Plow; Chopper; Plow Cutter; Plow;
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Thanks to the gearbox with gearbox, this model has only one gear to advance, not one opposite. The relatively low weight (51 kg) can be compensated by additional weights mounted on the stand on site. This model also has steering handles that are adjustable in three positions.

“Neva MK-70”.

It is lightweight (44 kg) and equipped with a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. C. It has great technical possibilities at a relatively low price. Despite the fact that the transmission consists of a toothed reduction gear, the unit has only one gear for forward movement. There is no reverse gear, but given the weight of the device and the low center of gravity, steering the cultivator should not be a problem. The handle is also adjustable in three positions.

“Neva MB compact

This unit weighs 70 kg and has a compact size that does not affect its performance in any way. It is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 6.5 HP four-stroke engine. C. This allows the cultivator to work on difficult, sandy or loamy types of soil. The transmission includes an aluminum gear clutch and a three-speed gearbox (two for forward travel and one for reverse travel). The model has a steering wheel, which is adjustable in two positions.

“Neva MK-80R-KASEI 168F”.

This model features good maneuverability, economy and a small weight (50 kg). A four-stroke Kasei 168F engine of 5 hp is installed. C. engine and is designed to work with various types of soil on small plots. Transmission includes a chain reduction gearbox and a two-speed gearbox (one for forward travel and one for reverse).

  • Appendix
  • Neva motoblocs have a fairly wide range of attachments.
  • Cutter. This type of equipment comes as an additional in a set with the main body of cultivators and is used for loosening the soil. With their help, there is an intervention in the top layer of soil, thereby increasing the yield.
  • Plow. To avoid damaging the blades when working on soil with rocks, roots, or similar obstacles, they can be replaced with a plow. Plows are often used to work uncultivated land.
  • Mower. A worthy device for solving the problem of making hay. When buying a cultivator, the company offers to buy a set of rotary mowers, which, thanks to durable steel blades, “mow” the grass and do not break it when stones, roots, etc. are hit.
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Potato diggers and potato planters. The Neva power tillers have the ability to plant and dig potatoes, which is a very useful skill for a farmer who has large plots with this crop.

In order to move smoothly on dirt roads, the cultivators are equipped with rubber wheels. If such wheels are not enough, you can buy spikes, which can move on sticky ground thanks to the metal plates.

User’s Manual

  • An owner’s manual is included with each unit. Before starting to use the cultivator, pay attention to the following points.
  • Unpack the unit and get it in working order. The hand-held tractor is delivered to the user already assembled. In rare cases, large parts may be disconnected for easier transport. Parts must be installed by yourself:
  • externally check the condition of the unit and its completeness;
  • install the axle extensions;
  • Check reliability of fastening of wires to the starter and to the battery (if the complete set provides for their presence).
  • Install the steering column and steering wheel.
  • Install the clutch lever on the left side of the steering wheel.
  • The half-wave split levers are installed on the right side of the steering wheel;

Gearshift lever installed on left side of steering wheel.

  • Install the throttle on the right handle on the outside.
  • Next, it is necessary to prepare the cultivator for work:

Pour in technical fluids (fuel, oil);

Check the tights and if necessary tighten the fasteners, chains and the like.

  • During the first 20 times of work, do not load the device with maximum loads. During this time there is a “lapping” of all the nodes of the engine, they are lubricated. After work it is necessary to change the oil completely. The units are serviced according to the schedule provided in the manual.
  • Make sure of this each time before work:
  • if necessary, strengthen the reliability of fasteners of parts and assemblies of the cultivator;
  • condition of insulation of high and low voltage cables;
  • Condition and voltage of the drive belt;
  • The condition of the drive belt; The absence of oil or fuel leaks;

Functionality of attachments or additional devices, tighten all connections if necessary;

  • After finishing your work clean the machine from dust and dirt.
  • After every 25 hours of operation:
  • Lubricate throttle cable;

Lubricate throttle cable; lubricate clutch cable;

  • Unfreeze cable to disengage wheels.
  • Each time after 100 hours of operation, the transmission should be: Lubricate the throttle cable; Lubricate the clutch cable; Defrost the wheel release cable:
  • Change the oil;
  • Clean the drive belt lever axle and bushing of debris;

Lubricate drive belt lever axle and bushing with motor oil;

Make sure that the clutch mechanism for setting the tension of the drive belt is functioning.

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