Review of NEVA MB-3 motor blocks. Changes, operating instructions

Motoblock Neva MB-3

NEVA MB-3 is the product of the automobile plant in St. Petersburg “Red October”, which is involved in the production of household equipment. The model considered is actually seen as the successor to the popular NEVA MB-3 engine note. The car has absorbed the best of the predecessor and also received many innovations. In general, the motoblock has become more maneuverable and more economical, as well as functional and convenient in lon g-term operation. At the same time, the service costs remained at a traditional low level, although the use of imported components.

General information, purposes and design features

The MB-3 Walk-Hinge tractor is intended for the processing of land and farm plots and is also in demand among gardeners and supply companies. Allows you to do plowing, cultivation, hilling, mowing and other types of work. The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with outstanding skills, including outside of road traffic and delayed soil.

Like the predecessor of MB-2, the new MB 3 motor block regularly receives different updates. The developers are gradually improving the design of the tractor of the walk behavior to keep up with the competitors. We draw attention to the fact that there are three modifications to the NEVA MB-3 family today: These are versions of MB-3B-6.0, MB-3S-Spr 6.0 Pro and MB-3.0 Pro. These motoblocks differ mainly from the performance and the support of a certain attachment device. In general, however, it must be admitted that the owner of the most expensive configuration (MB-3C.0 Pro) does not win much compared to the basic model (MB-3B.6.0) because the motblocks have an identical design. This means similar advantages and disadvantages.

We find that all motoblocks are equipped with imported engines from Briggs & Stratton and Subaru. Every motor change is a good choice. It is worthwhile to appreciate the developers that he has denied the use of Chinese power plants such as Lifan, which are significantly inferior in every respect, including reliability.

The list of the main structural elements of the NEVA MB-3 family of the NEVA family includes a gear transmission enclosed in the aluminum housing. We also notice a mechanical box with six speeds in which two four speeds move forward, and the other two are responsible for the reverse gear. It is worth noting that the first gear creates a traction of 180 kgf and does not exceed the speed 2 km/h. In this mode, it is very comfortable to plow and calm the floor and cultivate the soil. The performance of the tractor of the walk is such that it can be distributed over 12 km/h. The traction supply can already be seen in the lower revolutions, so that there should be no problems with the transport of heavy loads. The mass of the device exceeds 100 kg. Nevertheless, the technology has compact dimensions. Thanks to this, the walk tractor can be transported in the trunk of a car. The main thing is that the trunk volume is more than 400 liters.

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I have to admit that the motorcycle block does not require a lot of attention. A developed dealer network offers cos t-effective maintenance according to the modern methodology. In addition, the brands service centers of the NEVA Motoblocks remained almost throughout Russia. Thanks to this, the motoblock in the pos t-sovjet room is very popular.

Motoblock advantages:

Neva MB-3 is a truly versatile device in terms of its capabilities. Let’s consider the potential of the walk behind tractor and its universal features:

  • Support for a variety of devices depending on what you need, for example pumping water, cleaning areas, tilling the soil, mowing grass, planting and digging root crops and much more.
  • Up to eight cutterbars can be installed in the two-wheel tractor, which significantly increases the functionality of the two-wheel tractor.
  • The base kit includes large, deep-tread tires. This has a positive effect on the patency of the two-wheel tractor.
  • The design of the machine is complemented by an updated gearbox
  • Low fuel consumption
  • A PTO shaft is provided for additional options.

Neva MB-3 is a durable walk behind tractor at an affordable price. This model will be useful for those who need universal working equipment with a rational layout. The great potential of the walk-behind tractor allows you to turn it into a full-fledged mini-tractor. In this case, the possibilities of technology will be colossal.


As practice shows, many do not want to buy the Neva MB-3 two-wheel tractor in the basic configuration. The fact is that in the standard version there is practically not a single option that would be reasonably useful for processing areas. In this regard, most owners of the device prefer to buy a walk-behind tractor in assembly, that is, together with mounted options – this is cheaper, taking into account discounts and various promotional offers.

Consider the most common types of attachments for the Neva MB-3 model:

  • Hiller
  • plow
  • traction
  • follower
  • potato digger
  • potato planter
  • seeder
  • mower
  • snowblower
  • Additional cutters

Engine and technical data

The Neva MB-3 motoblock does not differ much in size from the MB-2 model. So, the hull length is 1740 mm, the width is 650 mm, and the volume of the standard gauge is 320 mm. Together with the axle extensions, the track gauge is already 567 mm. The ground clearance of the two-wheel tractor is 140 mm. At the same time, the turning radius reaches a minimum of 1100 mm. Of the performance characteristics of the MB-3 walk-behind tractor, the cutting diameter of 360 mm, the ability to till the soil to a depth of 200 mm and the processing speed of 0.12 ha / hour are particularly noteworthy.

  • Motoblock Neva MB-3 is equipped with various power plants. So, in the MB-3B-6.0 model, a Briggs & Stratton unit with a capacity of 6 hp is used. Its working volume is 0.2 liters. The engine supports the 92nd gasoline. The processing width is the same – within 86-127 cm transmission type – chain reducer.
  • The next version is MB-3S-6.0 Pro. This walk behind tractor is equipped with a 5.7 hp Subaru engine and is indeed the latest in the range. The other characteristics are the same as for the 6-liter unit.
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  • The flagship model is MB-3 S-7.0 Pro. Equipped with a 7 hp Subaru engine with a displacement of 0.21 liters.

fuel consumption

Compared to its predecessor, the Neva MB-3 is a fairly economical walk-behind tractor. As practice shows, many owners are satisfied with their equipment. The device consumes an average of 1.6 liters of fuel, and the tank capacity reaches 1.6 liters.

Prices in Russia

Motoblock Neva MB-3 costs from 40 to 55 thousand rubles. Keep in mind that the most expensive version is equipped with a 7 hp engine. Approximate prices do not include additional equipment. Along with this, the cost of the walk-behind tractor increases by 10-15 thousand rubles. In the supported market, a car in good condition costs 20,000 rubles.

The NEVA MB-3 models include the Greenfield MB-7N engine blocks and Fort Mk 2K.

Review of NEVA MB-3 motor blocks. Changes, operating instructions

Recommend: 100%


The NEVA Motoblock MB-3 is a universal agricultural and agricultural device with which you can process arable land, summer house, garden, medium and large gardens.

An engine block of this kind is designed in such a way that it works on complex soil, including the softening of the precipitation. It also works easily on floors with sound contamination. If such work as cultivated, hilling, mulching, plowing, wresting, can transport goods and with its help, areas are cleaned, transported to the storage location and goods are transported over short distances.

Motoblock Neva MB-3

The predecessor of MB3 is MB2. According to owners, it has more weight and less maneuverability than MB3.

The manufacturer is currently creating the following modifications “NEVA” MB-3: MB-3B-6.0, MB-3S-Senia Pro and MB-3S-7.0 Pro.

Shows “Neva” MB-3

  • Aggregation with all devices with strikers/trailers:
  • Work on eight mills;
  • The basic equipment of the Walk behavio r-tracto r-tires in the deep level increase the continuousness for viscose floors;
  • moderate fuel consumption;
  • Updated gear;
  • adjustable steering wheel;
  • Simple gang shift;
  • Mediu m-sized simplification of the control of the motorcycle unit;
  • Powerful engines (Briggs & Stratton or Subaru – depending on the modification).

Available modifications “NEVA” MB-3

The manufacturer offers the following types of the NEVA Motor note MB-3 for buyers. These are models of units MB-3B-6.0, MB-3-SP 6.0 Pro and MB-3.0 Pro. There are devices, mainly in the performance and number of connected aggregate and trailer devices. The design of all three varieties is identical to a certain extent, all models have similar technical properties.

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Technical characteristics

modification MB-3B-6.0 MB-3S-6.0 Pro MB-3S-7.0 Pro
The brand of the engine Briggs & Stratton Subaru Subaru
Engine power 6.0l.S. 5.7l.S. 7.0l.s.
Work volume 205 cm³ 169 cm³ 211 cm³
The volume of the fuel tank 3.8l 3.6l 3.6l
Number of programs 3 (1) 3 (1) 3 (1)
transmission Chain gears Chain gears Chain gears
Type of fuel AI-92 petrol, AI-95 AI-92 petrol, AI-95 AI-92 petrol, AI-95
The width of processing 86-127 cm 86-127 cm 86-127 cm
The number of revolutions of the milling system 23-124ob/min 23-124ob/min 23-124ob/min
The depth of processing 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm
The weight 70 kg 70 kg 70 kg

Modifications “Neva” MB-3 are equipped with various engines. For example, the Briggs & Stratton engine with a capacity of 6 HP with a operating volume of 0.2-liter engines is installed in the MB-3B-6B-6.0 model.

The manufacturer recommends using the 92nd or 95. Petrol for this engine. The weight of the Walk behavior model: 70 kg (without fuel and oil). A universal model for any kind of agricultural work on medium and heavy soils.

The NEVA Motoblock MB-3S-SP 6 Pro is equipped with a Subaru engine with a capacity of 5.7 hp. It is a “younger” model in the MB-3 line. Technical properties are identical to the parameters MB-3B-6.0. Recommended fuel type: AI-92 petrol, AI-95. The weight of this modification: 70 kg (without fuel and oil).

The walk behavio r-tractor is moved with floors of all complexity, moves quickly on the newly processed soil, and the operator can control the unit without efforts.

The flagship of the line is the NEVA MB-3S-7.0 Pro with a 7-horsepower subaru engine. and a work volume of 0.21 liters. Fuel type: petrol AI-92, AI-95. The weight of this modification is 70 kg (without oil and gasoline). It is rightly considered one of the most powerful models, it works excellently with dense floor, virgin floor and viscous floors.

The dimensions of the hand-led tractor NEVA MB-3 do not differ too much from its predecessor, the MB-2. Rum length – 1740 mm, width – 650 mm, maximum track volume – 320 mm. When using axle extensions, the track width is 320 mm. The ground clearance is 140 mm. The diameter of each milling cutter is 360 mm, the immersion depth in the soil during processing 200 mm, the maximum accumulation area 0.12 ha/hour.

Engine properties

Regardless of whether you choose a model with Briggs & Stratton or Subaru engine, the quality of the hand-led tractor will be high.

The stability and performance of the hand-led MB-3 tractors is guaranteed by a tooth chain gear with aluminum housings. A mechanical six-speed gearbox enables the movement in three forwards and a reverse gear, this applies to all three MB3 sub-types.

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The first gear results in a traction of 180 kgf, while you can reduce the speed to 2 km / h. This mode is suitable for hilling, loosening, cultivating, egging and plowing the soil.

The top speed is 12 km/h. It is best for the transport of goods and the transport of harvests.

The compact size and the weight of handleed tractors enable transport even in the trunk of a car (the capacity of the trunk must be at least 400 liters).

Further advantages are a expanded spare parts network in Russia and Ukraine as well as a sufficient number of service centers that carry out the maintenance or repair of your handled tractor if necessary.

Grown and pulled devices

Available types of trailer equipment for all representatives of the MB-3 line:

  • Harrow;
  • Water pumps;
  • Potato rotor;
  • Potato planters;
  • Mower;
  • mounted knife;
  • drawn plows;
  • Snow milling;
  • Weights with different weights (10, 15, 17 kg);
  • Cleaning brushes.

Available types of attachments for MB-3 and modifications:

  • Stollen (for pounding the soil);
  • Potato rotor;
  • Traction bikes;
  • Mulcher;
  • Hiller;
  • Atomizer;
  • assembled plow;
  • Jäuer-Riehr;
  • Rototiller;
  • Sears machines (normal and for garlic).

Growed and drawn devices enable you to comprehensively use the han d-led tractor in every company and to apply its properties for ful l-fledged soil processing and harvest.

This is how the hand-led NEVA tractor MB-3 works

Video check of the work on a han d-led tractor:

Start of the MB-3S engine block and edit new territory:

Maintenance MB-3

Which fuel and which oil use?

For all models of the MB-3 line, the manufacturer recommends using SAE85-W90 API GL-5 transmission oil for the transmission, TM-5 oil can be used in the temperature range fro m-25 to +35 degrees Celsius.

Recommended fuel type: pure petrol AI-92 or AI-95.

Lukoil oil is recommended for the engine-SAE 10W30 API SF / CC standard, as well as Ravenol SAE 30 API CD / SF or oils of other leading manufacturers. Use synthetic oils in winter, hal f-synthetic oils in summer.

Fill the singl e-axle tractor in the cold season with oil that was stored in a warm room! The tank volume depends on the capacity of the gear of the han d-led tractor.

Drive in and work rules “NEVA” MB3 on different types of soil

The run in the walk is carried out during the first 20 hours of operation. During this time, it is extremely important not to work with full performance without loading the tractor for the walk as much as possible. After 20 hours of operation, it is recommended to set the level of voltage of the drive belt with a special adjustment screw in the coupling body.

It is recommended to cultivate light floors and medium density in 2nd gear.

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The virgin land, floors with sound contamination and strictly eaten earth in 1st gear. Use a complete grinding to increase the width of the lane of the cultivated country.

Maintenance data “Neva” MB3

The daily maintenance of the tractor for walking, which cleans the surface of the device of dirt and dust, check the components for damage, scratches and corrosion.

Check the petrol and oil level in the transmission, engine. Perform a valve or replacement of raw materials as required.

After 25 hours of operation:
  • Lubricate the gas cable and the clutch cable with every motor oil;
  • If necessary, check the position of thread connections to fix them.
After 100 operating hours:
  • Replace the oil in the gear;
  • Clean the socket and axis of the drive belt;
  • Check and check the clutch work;
  • Clean and/or replace oil and air filters.

The engine of the Walk behavior requires constant control. Be sure to pay attention to the oil when changing the season (for example from winter to summer). Remove the remaining oil, the dust or the dirt with a clean dry cloth from time to time with a clean dry cloth. With a regularity of 1500 hours (1 – 1.5 years) that disassemble and clean the engine, this increases the lifespan and the durability of the tractor for the walk behavior.

Useful experience of the owners of the NEVA Motoboblock MB-3

Reviews about the NEVA Motor Block MB-3 on the Internet are mostly positive. Users notice the improved properties of MB-3 compared to the previous model and the high-quality operation of the device. Vitaly:

“In general, the impressions of MB3 are only positive. I had to get used to the start of “Hot”, but got up – he just opened the air damper and then everything was fine. I liked the pens – comfortable because they are set in height. At first I did not like that the engine has only 4 revolutions, there is no such smooth setting as the “gas” by car, but the performance and revolutions liked both when plowing as well as when idling. In about six hours he plowed virgin countries four acres, and he went through the walk twice. On a solved country it is fine, very cheerful, the driver only control and you have to turn the steering wheel. “


“Three years ago I bought a NEVA MB-3S Summer Pro, the EX17 Robin Subaru Motor.

If you compare it to the NEVA MB-2, my MB3 focus is below. The defects: a current on a motor disc. A new belt disk is required to install Active Schonded. There is no rising pen. I used MB3 to MB3 for 7 years. At MB3 there are 3 gears + vice versa, this is more convenient than in MB2. I am quite satisfied with the engine block. “

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