Review of NEVA MB-2 engine blocks. Reviews of the owners

Reviews of Neva MB-2

On this page you will find a list of the latest (new) reviews from the owners of NEVA MB-2, as well as the opinions and comments of visitors who are not indifferent to this technique.

MB-2 used since 2010.

When I bought there were several engines to choose from, including ours, but I was advised by the American – Briggs with 6.5 mares. I like the engine. For 3 years there were no problems with it – it works like a clock. It starts easy. Pour oil Mannol Molybdenum 10W40. I don’t save gas either – I only use the 95th. The only thing that came around the time to change the belt was that it turned out to be not so easy to find. Was very surprised by this. So I advise you to stock up in advance.

GPP – Two gams forward plus the back. The belt can be rearranged on smaller pulleys. I use the extreme when cultivating land.

He didn’t buy a weighting agent – he made it himself. I admit it helps a lot, especially when I’m working in the virgin lands. My mills are expanding – 3 on each side.

I carry the trailer factory (with brakes rated for 150kg). The seat began to climb, but it’s not scary – there will be time, I will.

There are no problems with patency – in this case you can always slide down and down. Maximum speed 12-15km/h. But more for a walk is not required.

I own the engine grade MB2-B 6.5. I took it recently – mid-March. It cost me 33,000 rubles. Two grinders were included in the kit. Separately, I bought a plow with a hook and a hip – gave them 2,200 rubles. I don’t know how durable they are. Perhaps in a year and a half the original will have to be removed from the Neva.

The engine is American – Briggs & Stratton (6.5 hp). A neighbor has a cultivator with the same engine, so he says it has been working with him for 7 years. There were no problems. I’m not arguing, maybe Subaru is better and more resistant, but I would have to pay another 10,000 rubles for it, and the budget was strictly limited.

The gear lever lengthened (it was too short). Now switching speeds is much more convenient. I hung weights along the entire perimeter: in front – 30 kg, from behind – 10 kg, and on wheels – 18 kg each.

The plow has already managed to try. In principle, he is done with his task, but only if you configure it correctly. I haven’t used the cigarette yet and, so I won’t say anything about it just yet.

For this, the wheels are provided quite easily specially. They are on extension cords that can be removed if necessary. The Wings Expanders are included but I haven’t installed them yet – so far I can usually do without them.

Pond in fall and winter

When the tractor of the walk was brought only was a camera with a hole. I put in a patch for a while and then came up with something. The cameras themselves are clearly Chinese – it feels like they’re not rubber but plastic (and they stink horribly). Tires are a little better.

In general, the impression is not bad. It’s too early to talk about reliability – time will tell. By the way, I already learned about spare parts. Getting them is not difficult – almost everything is on the Internet.

2 weeks ago Neva MB-2B bought a walk-in tractor. Engine – RS, 208 cubic meters, 6.5 forces. The enema, in principle, almost ended (drove 7-8 km).

It starts perfectly. It works evenly – interruptions were only the first 2 hours. The oil in the engine has not changed yet, but probably it’s time.

The box is normal (2 front wheel and 1 rear). But I don’t like the throttle grip – it’s very tight. If it is at least a little weaker, gas will be dumped due to vibration. Most likely I will put another.

There is no network on the tank neck – it is only on the reception tube. This is bad, because together with petrol dirt from the street, it can get involved. You have to come up with something. As I understand it, are not cast, but from the tubes inserted into each other. I think you won’t live for a long time – you have to sharpen new ones. But the paving stones are good, I won’t argue.

The gear doesn’t snort. The oil like in the engine has not yet changed (by the way, a kind of bay stall is uncomfortable). First I heard the chain knocking and ringing, but then everything went over.

The chips fly off the belt when I touch the 2nd. You always have to have a replacement with you, otherwise you will never know anything.

The bolt with which the steering wheel is attached must constantly be twisted. Fortunately, the kit contains a key for him. I drive him with me.

I have not yet processed the website – while I go with a trailer made at home. But I think there will be no problems – the engine is quite powerful.

I live in my house, on the farm two gardens, one next to the house, the second big one for potatoes behind the village. The strength was no longer sufficient to manually handle it. I decided to buy a walk tractor (I didn’t even consider Chinese, I looked around – how a familiar thing suffers from it: neither spare parts nor strength).

Overview of lawnmowers, lawnmowers and trimmer of the ECO brand

I wanted to ride it myself. As a result, I selected the NEVA MB-2 with Yamaha.

Immediately bought a car, a set of additional cutter, a plow. The sellers advise the purchase of weight agents and putting on with plowing.

I am very satisfied with the engine block, the plow pulls well. I work with 6 mills, so I dig a large garden one day a day. I’ve been with myself for about a year as soon as he spent one and that was it. Without it, like without hands.

Since 2012 I have been running the NEVA 2B Motoblock, an American engine 6 HP. General impression: does not match the appointment.

Want to explain:

The quality of the materials used is disgusting.

First of all, a spring tensioner is stretched when grinding with grinding cutter. I replaced it with several repairs of this unit by a spring from the Soviet iron bed – it does not expand!

The quality of the production of floor surface s-you do not offer the movement of walking behavior tractor with a plow itself with additional weighting agents! I had to weld pancakes made of leaf steel 40 mm. At the front I hang two weights of 16 kg. And only then does the ability to show movement with plow, cun, potato cape.

Now there are cracks on the frame platform to which the engine is screwed. What material is the manufacturer – did you make it? It is not possible to remove some thread connections in this context and to tighten yourself with the desired efforts!

Drive strap. Its exchange and reorganization are associated with the interference of several thread connections that hold the protective cover. I saw how such a housing is attached to Honda – with a bolt. The housing had to be dismantled.

Car. She is homemade. He wore manure. One kilogram of 250 – rides only 2 weights of 16 kg per front. Went to all 15 hectares! The main problem of the NEVA is a small weight! This is not a walk tractor! This is a cultivator with overweight!

Unlock the left axis!

The plow of land is the right. A motor block only unfolds on the left. I can’t plow without moving. Is that a technical idea?

“Red October” is time to take a walk that goes with a few cigns, for example!

MB-2 motor blocks since 2015.

I took it for the future because it was about buying a property with my website. The total area of ​​two sections is approximately 15 hectares, mainly beds and 2 greenhouses. Do not dig a bed manually, so I bought a walk tractor.

I will immediately say that I have never disappointed for 3 years.

The only costs are gas, oil changes and accessories. From mounted studs, double row ridger, potato planter. He himself thought of hanging the load so that the walk-behind tractor runs more smoothly.

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Assembling a cultivator yourself is not a problem, the steering wheel is easy to adjust, loosen a few screws, I assemble it immediately after purchase, and the mounting of the attachment is also easy to change.

Separately, I note the powerful Yamaha engine, I have not tried to transport cargo yet, but it has no difficulty cultivating the land

The MB-2 Motoblock is a good choice, the price doesn’t bite, service and parts are available for a penny, any attachment can be attached.

The two-wheel tractor itself does not jump, it drives without any problems even without weighing equipment. Everything is easy and reliable, the shifting is understandable, it starts with a kick starter, you can check the oil level without any problems, you don’t have to climb anywhere and disassemble. Adjust the steering wheel yourself and you’re good to go.

Engine — Americans will not be killed.

Motoblock Neva MB23. Good powerful engine 10 hp American production. The gear-chain transmission is also quite high-quality.

Of the minuses – in the walk-behind tractor, to change from lower to higher, you need to unscrew the shield and manually rearrange the belt. Of course, this is not convenient, especially if you have to do it in the middle of the workflow. This is the only one.

The number of gears in the walk behind tractor is 4 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. There is a function to uncouple the left wheel. The steering wheel can be adjusted left and right as well as up and down. The walk-behind tractor can work with 6 or even 8 knives.

Motoblock NEVA MB-2 – reviews

Review of Motoblock NEVA MB-2

Nice day! I want to share my opinion about this device. I bought this walk behind tractor 15 years ago. The technology is good, but not very reliable. The first three seasons went well and there were no complaints.

Motoblock NEVA – a return to the past

Prescribed broaching of all threaded connections required! Otherwise breakdowns are to be expected sooner or later.

I recently purchased a NEVA MB-2 walk behind tractor. I bought a ZARYA mower, plow and cleats in kit. I mounted a mower on the walk-behind tractor and started test mowing grass at a height of 0.5-0.7 m. Motoblock honestly worked for 30 minutes! (Thirty, Karl!). Motoblock stupidly stood up! What.

An assistant who never tires.

My cooperation with the NEVA MB-2 walk behind tractor started 2 years ago. I am an economical, practical person and I have a large garden. Manual digging, paid plowing – it’s long and expensive, so I decided to buy it. motoblock.

great motorcycle.

Vehicle with a lot of traffic, cultivator, rotary mower, persistent (operation 7 years)

Excellent walk-behind tractor, indispensable in home gardening. You can both mow and cultivate the land. He can easily complete this task. On the downside, you can’t stock up on straps for a rotary scythe. but she is worth it. For 1.

Reliable Motokos STIHL FS 120. Review of the model, characteristics, video and reviews

Reliable helper, proven

Good time, dear gardeners and summer residents! Motoblock Neva MB-2 was bought a long time ago (2006). The Neva single-axle tractor has proven itself for 14 years and there has never been a single failure over the years. On the.

Above average

It won the eyes of my relatives, as it is the best of its choice, it was bought back in Ukraine, now in Russia it costs 30,000 rubles. Quite expensive but very high quality product. work for him

Reliable maneuverability.

Reliability, maneuverability, versatility, the ability to adapt to your needs without limits.

The NEVA 2 Motoblock was acquired by me four years ago in the configuration with the Subaru engine. During the company, disadvantages were also found together with the advantages. Let’s start with advantages. Of course, the main reliability is reliability. For everything.

Persons! Motoblock Neva is just horror! You will not tire and do not work with you on the website, but even if you only come to the website. Reduce wheels – agony, codes are trapped in the axis, it is not possible to pull out. The extension cables of the wheels breaks.

A good powerful unit

Use the moment when I would like to tell about my hiking tractor under different conditions. Pascha in spring and autumn, Kosh Hay, I translate an incredible amount of freight and haven’t found it better for my small household. And I want to notice it.


He had a brief experience with this unit. I liked his strength, performance. As soon as I had to solve the floor, where the bike tractor turned for a few more days, the floor was so that you couldn’t drive the shovel and half a shit. Motoblock, of course.

No interchangeable thing for one page

The reliability is unpretentious, it works on 80 petrol. A good mass for the extension, cultivated deeply, better than imported.

I have been using it for 10 years, I haven’t changed anything yet, only once a belt, a candle, a wing network and an improved spring spring. I think this will not be much in ten years. The main thing in this walk behavio r-tract changes in time.

Comfortable, high, qualitative, light.

At the beginning of the company, I was a little confused with the adjustment of the drive belt. I found out in the end. The tractor for walk behavior indicates which electricity you have to express it. It is pleasant to work with mills. It processes the earth well. Ideal for small areas. You can thunder around the trees

Yes, this is a tw o-wheeler!

Good for the time of day, dear gardeners! I would like to share my impression of landfill, mower, carrier and just a very useful tool in the garden! This tractor for walks helps in all gardening. Thanks to huge and thick bikes, he has it.

Motoblocks Vanguard amb-1. Review, features, equipment

Good motoblock! Economically! Problem transmission!

Hello everyone ! I bought this miracle of the equipment in Special Salna in 2006. And then it stormed! He began to influence it, which is so to plow the gardens and so on! He cried out the cost of a walk in one season.

An engine block helps when you have to dig a garden

I have been using this tractor for walking behavior for 4 years. Basically for plowing the garden and loosening the beds. Kosh to them hay for cattle. I have a conspiracy of potatoes. The hiking loss tractor mows the grass with a Rotary mowing. The floor and even the virgin floor loosen perfectly. Motoblock.

Great tool

Hello, for a long time I couldn’t find a walk, read the tractor on the Internet and decided to get an NEVA. And did not regret it. The box works for 5 Conther of Heartity is combined at all, I don’t feel it at all. 15 tomorrow.

High and reliable technology

First of all, when I bought, I wanted a tractor for walks to be a good engine. I bought it as a gift to my brother. I examined many different models and manufacturers and stayed with the Briggs & Stratton CR950 engine (gasoline, single cylinder.

NEVA B10 Motoblock with a headlight and starter that was acquired at the end of the year, a marriage to production

Footballs from the service to the shop in which the engine block was bought, the work does not fulfill its obligations (if the money does not return, only recommends repairing it at the expense of the work).

In December 2021 I bought a walk tractor with Briggs 10 with headlights and starters. When using the chain in the SM B-Neva, a production secret was discovered. I handed over the snowman (nozzle) on request and returned the money. Thank you for.

Unkilled walk-behind tractor

I have been operating this walk-behind tractor for more than ten years, about 200 gardens have been plowed, there are no complaints about this technique, the engine is an American Briggs Straton, for all this time there has not been a single breakdown, the main thing is to water the norms . Change petrol, oil on time, and

Motoblock Neva MB2 – powerful and comfortable

Have a nice day! In this review I would like to talk about the Neva MB2 walk behind tractor with a 6.5 liter Yamaha engine. With. My father left a large garden and I decided to use it to plant potatoes. Sweep everything yourself.

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