Review of NEVA MB-2 engine blocks. Operating instructions, scheme, reviews of owners about engines

Motoblocks Neva MB-2: technical characteristics, operating instructions in PDF, input, fuel consumption

NEVA-MB-2-small agricultural equipment, intended for processing soil of various types, from light and loamy areas to virgin lands with rocky inclusions, is gaining great popularity among farmers, summer residents and gardeners. In included mechanisms of hinges and excluded mechanisms, the device can perform the following work:

  • grinding, loosening and leveling the soil;
  • shake and cultivate;
  • hilling and digging root crops;
  • irrigation, spraying, pumping of water;
  • Squeezing and mixing feed and fertilizers;
  • transportation of goods over short distances;
  • cleaning the site from debris and snow;
  • bottom drilling.

Agricultural technology is produced by the St. Petersburg Machine Building State Enterprise “Krasny October”. The company’s activities are aimed at the serial production of multi-speed motoblock and types of engines using domestic and imported engines from leading foreign companies Subaru, Honda, Briggs & Stratton, modernizing the binding equipment, which allows people and create maximum comfort during the use of the device.

Motoblock is Russian

Modifications and engine scope

Thanks to the search for technological and design solutions to update the model range of the devices, the company has released several changes to the engine blocks. The farmer can choose the technique of any power and performance, taking into account the farm worker.

The most common modules are the following:

  • Machine MB-2K-7.5. It has a Russian engine with a capacity of 7.5 liters. With. The weight of the unit is 98 kg. The depth of soil processing is 32 cm. It features easy control and convenient operation.
  • Module MB-2B-6.0. Equipped with an American engine with a capacity of 6 liters. With. With an electric start has 4 speeds forward and 2 back, weight – 98 kg.
  • MB-2B-6.5. It has a more durable design and a power of 6.5 liters. S., has improved pneumatic fires with axle extensions and a weight of 94 kg. The depth of soil processing is 20 cm. An economical, comfortable model with high traction and resource characteristics.
  • Motoblock Neva MB-2B-6.5 Pro. It is equipped with Briggs & Stratton petrol of 6.5 liters. With. The depth of cultivation is 25 cm, weight – 89 kg. The number of gears is 4 forward and 2 in front of 2. Designed for long-term work in large areas.
  • Model MB-compact-2b-6.5 Rs. It differs in small weight – up to 65 kg with a small plowing depth – up to 20 cm, equipped with a remote Briggs & Stratton engine with a capacity of 6.5 liters. S. additional mechanisms for changing the walk behavior tract and the ability to expand functionality also has 2 transmissions forward and 1 back.
  • MB-2C-6.0 Pro. Identified by the Japanese power plant EX17D with a capacity of 5.7 liters. With.
  • MB-2S-7.0 Pro and MB-2S-7.5 Pro engine blocks of a heavy series with the latest EX21D carburettor engines with a capacity of 7.0 and 7.5 hp. respectively. Used for professional work in areas of large areas.

The MB-2 engine blocks are arranged according to the scheme of the single-axle pedestrian tractor.

View of the NEVA MB-2 Motoblok scheme

Technical characteristics of the NEVA MB-2 engine block

  1. Speed ​​at maximum power:
    • in first gear – 1.8 km/h;
    • in the second – 6.1 km/h;
    • Revitation – 1.4 km/h.
  2. Driving speed when changing the V-belt drive:
    • in first gear – 3.3 km / h;
    • on the second – 12 km / h;
    • backwards – 2.5 km / h.
  3. Transport route:
    • without anxle extensions – 320 mm;
    • With anxle extensions – 565 mm.
  4. Wenderadius – 1.1 m.
  5. Floor clearance – 145 mm.
  6. Operating temperature –5…+35 ° с.
  7. The ignition system is electronically contactless.
  8. Spark plug for the ignition coil-Funke A-11-1, A-17V.
  9. The starting system is a manual starter with a leash.
  10. Fleet system – bikes according to the 2×2 scheme.
  11. Tires – 4×10 model F-106.
  12. Tire pressure – 1.8-2 kg / cm³.
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Working properties of the ground processing unit:

  • Number of milling cutters – up to 8;
  • Miss diameter – 36 cm;
  • Processing depth – 20-32 cm;
  • Maximum fishing width – 120 cm;
  • Processing speed – up to 0.12 ha / h.


The carburetor of the hand-led tractor NEVA KMB-5 of the float type ensures the preparation of a air-fuel mixture, has a vertical arrangement of the mixing chamber and is attached to the circuit with 2 screws on the pipe by seals and bolts. Fuel made of a fuel tank with a volume of 3.6 liters flows through the connecting hose and the tap through the gravity into the device, then through the fuel valve into the swimmer, is sprayed with air in the mixing chamber and approaches this Combustion chamber of the cylinder block.

In the event of a fault in the drive system, the carburetor is set by turning the screw by 1 3/4 revolutions.

Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption for a hand-led tractor is 1-1.6 l / h.


Total dimensions of the equipment:

  1. Length – 1640 mm;
  2. Broad:
    • without anxle extensions – 600 mm;
    • With extensions – 850 mm;
    • With a cultivator – 600 mm.
  3. Height with wheels – 1200 mm.

Features of the combustion engine

NEVA modifications are completed as follows:

  1. NEVA MB-2K is equipped with a domestic DM-1K engine with a long lifespan and low price.
  2. NEVA MB-2B with an American engine Briggs & Stratton of different performance and performance.
  3. NEVA MB-2S with professional Japanese installations Robin Subaru or Honda.

The engine for the hand-led tractor NEVA is a 4-stroke 1 cylinder carburetor with manual start from the starter and air cooling. A thre e-stranded pulley is used to transmit the rotation to a gear or a hinge mechanism. The operation of the engine is controlled by an air flap.

The devices have a valve arrangement, a horizontal crankshaft position and a high torque.

You have the following properties:

  • Body force;
  • improved air purification system;
  • Production of a crankshaft made of forged steel and its assembly on storage from 2 sides;
  • the presence of electronic ignition;
  • Production of sleeves made of durable cast iron;
  • Installation of special cooling channels in block and head;
  • Use of metal parts instead of plastic parts;
  • Fast start through large coils in the starter and reduced compression;
  • Low size and weight.

The most popular are American installations Briggs & Stratton. They are characterized by longevity, wear resistance and high performance. The main disadvantage of engines is their high costs.


The reduction gear for the hand-led tractor NEVA MB-2 is a gear chain device that has been developed to change the speed of the output shaft or the cutting unit cultivator and to transfer the rotary movement from the driven pulley to the wheels of the hand-led tractor and to change the speed and change direction .

Scheme of the reducer Motobobok NEVA MB-2

Its performance is ensured by the presence of an oily liquid in the housing. The parts are lubricated by spraying oil during disassembly.

The kinematic diagram of the device is simple: a chain and 2 stars – upper and lower. The bottom or LED star is on a working shaft so that the system moves. The transfer number increases the force on the clothes and ensures maximum indentations in the ground.

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The transmission serves as a transmitter of energy from the engine to the wheels.

Configurations and Attachments

With the use of hinge and trailer devices, you can extend the functionality of the tractor’s Walk behavior. Such nozzles are aggregated to the NEVA MB-2:

  • ploughs;
  • cigarettes;
  • potato-coachman;
  • seeders;
  • floors; and Neva;
  • rotor brushes.

The hip for the walk-on tractor NEV processes areas with plants up to a depth of 80-120 mm and a width of 250-430 mm.

The motoblock pump for irrigation has parameters:

  • productivity – 12 m³/h;
  • suction depth – 5 m;
  • Water supply height – 30 m.

Snowman – Hing equipment for cleaning snow. The capacity of such a unit reaches 250 m³/h and the width of the capture is 700 mm. When using a lobby, the detection width of up to 1000 mm is completed.

As a towed weapon, a transport truck is accustomed to the NEVA walk-behind tractor with a lifting capacity of 150 to 250 kg.


Hitch – A device used to attach hanging mechanisms to the Walk’s tractor. Use makes it easier to work with plow, cun and other tools, reliable connection.

Devices have a P-shape and hold heavy loads.


The equipment of the walkable tractor includes additional mills in the amount of 6-8 pieces to increase the width of the land take per 1 pass.

The number of mills installed depends on the power of the engine and the purpose of the module.

Instructions for the operation of engine blocks NEVA MB-2

According to the operating instructions, before switching on the tractor of the walk behavior, prepared work must be carried out:

  • Check all knots and fasteners for tightness and reliability.
  • get acquainted with the security measures described in the tour;
  • check the oil level in the engine;
  • Recover the fuel tank with clean AI-95 or AI-92 gasoline;
  • reaches the traveling arrester;
  • Check for the presence of oil in the gearbox.
  • Check the tires.

Download the instructions for the operation of the NEVA MB-2 motor block in PDF


Playing is an important stage in the work of any technique. With the wrong process and illiterate maintenance of the tractor of Walk behavior, its service life is reduced, mechanisms come to malfunction.

The ru n-i n-in is carried out in light mode for 30 hours to rub all parts.

The depth of soil processing does not reach more than 10 cm. Experts recommend this process without loads.

After runnin g-I n-in, the following actions must be performed:

  • make the first oil change;
  • Check the strength of fasteners;
  • Adjust the belt for the tractor to walk behavior;
  • check the work of the left wheel;
  • Remove additional restrictive gaskets between the carburetor outlet flange and the pipe flange.


Working with a cultivator a tractor for walks, you need to adhere to such an algorithm:

  1. Install the devices in a horizontal position and check the steering.
  2. Set the soil processing boundary to the desired depth.
  3. Perform the installation with a half-covered gas barrier of the carburetor.
  4. At low temperatures, when the motorcycle block does not start, use the following ways:
    • The equipment stood for about 10 hours in a warm room and turns on quickly.
    • Pour oil into the engine at a temperature of + 50 … 60 ° C;
    • Warm the carburetor pipe and the system itself and apply a rag dampened in hot water to them.
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advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of MB-2 motor blocks:

  • Easy operation and maintenance;
  • increased efficiency and motor resources;
  • Operation at low ambient temperature;
  • Choice of optimal speed;
  • A large selection of attachments;
  • Reliability and strength of the nodes;
  • Comfortable transport;
  • Sparing fuel consumption.

Disadvantages of MB-2 modules:

  1. Light models have a low floor pressure and therefore work badly.
  2. Heavy device has a weight of 98 kg, so it is difficult to work with it.
  3. Shaky on the uneven surface, overturning.

Prices in Russia

The prices for MB-2 engine blocks are based on the performance and the country of origin of the engine as well as the technical condition. Devices from the manufacturer can be bought for 35-60 thousand rubles. The cost of cars between 15 and 25 thousand rubles vary on the secondary market.

Owner reviews

Vladislav, 37 years old, Wologda.

I bought a hand-led tractor with a Subaru engine with 7 liters for a summer residence. With. I plowed and planted my own garden. It would take several days by hand. With the help of the mechanism everything was done in a few hours. The good news is that the singl e-axle tractor can be transported without any problems, you can transport it in a car. The disadvantages are the high price and the high weight, hands tire at work.

Mikhail, 45 years old, Kemerowo area.

I live in the country and can’t live without technology. Mini tractors are expensive, so I chose a han d-led tractor. I bought a Russian engine on the advice of friends. There are cutter, I bought a mower and a knife.

It works easily, good grip, maneuverable, it is possible to edit the soil in a greenhouse, blocks breaks well. With the help of a mower, the entire garden property became clean, smooth and beautiful. It was not repaired for 3 years. The engine starts slightly in summer, worse in winter. This year I would like to buy a cart for the transport of grain, sand and hay.

Motoblocks Neva – properties, instructions, modifications, oil, belt

The first han d-led “Neva” tractor was launched in 1984. The manufacturer’s website does not indicate which MB-1 or MB-2. Nevertheless, this model has a long history.

Motoblock NEVA M B-2 – instructions and spare parts catalogs.

The very first operating instructions found in 1992. Accordingly, the first han d-led tractors in Novgorod were assembled under the control of the Krasny Octyabr company. If someone needs an operating instructions for the old NEVA MB-2 single-axis tractor of the 1992 model, they can download it here.

Motoblock NEVA M B-2 – Use instructions 2013 – download

Motoblock “NEVA MB-2” Motor DM-1K spare parts catalog 2013-Download

Motoblock “Neva” MB-2 of all modifications, complete with milling-ups, is intended for soil processing by milling and loosening in personal plots, in gardens and gardens for individual use. A han d-led tractor with the mechanisms, tools and devices mentioned above can work such as plowing, soil processing between the rows, pumps of no n-drinkable water, hay, snow spaces, cleaning of areas and transport of goods up to 150 kg.

On NEVA engine blocks, you can easily mount many useful attachments and drawn devices, from a reinforced plow to a mower and a snow blower. The original design of the gear chain coating in an aluminum housing offers a traction of at least 180 kgf, which guarantees high performance when working on heavy floors.

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With the gearshift you can choose a convenient speed for all types of work and the transport of goods (up to 4 forward and 2 reverse gears). The NEVA handled tractors have a shutdown of one of the drive shafts, which enables easy turning with 8 cutting plants. You can choose the desired position of the steering wheel, e.g. B. when using a doubl e-pounder and high tunnel, as well as turn the steering wheel and control the han d-led tractor without damaging the finished furrow.

The Krasny Oktyabr Neva plant only installs Japanese and American engines and generally does not use Chinese.

The engine block engine is equipped with a 4-stroke single engine of one of the world’s leading manufacturers or manufactured by CJSC Krasny Octyabr-Neva. A thre e-stranded belt disk is installed on the engine output shaft (PTO), which the torque from the engine to the transmission and active drive tool (mower, snow blower, etc.)

NEVA MB-2 has a number of modifications such as MB-2B-6.0, MB-2B-6.5Pro, MB-2B-7.5PRO, MB-2K-7.5, MB-2N-5.5, MB-2S-6.0PRO, MB-2S-7.0PRO and MB-2S-9.0PRO, which are equipped with different engines. Depending on the modification, you can choose a han d-led tractor that suits you in terms of performance, performance and country of origin.

You can find detailed information on the motors for the hand-led tractor NEVA MB-2 on the corresponding page of our website.

Technical properties of Motoblocks NEVA MB-2

Motoblock type (GOST 28523-90) Average
Total dimensions: LXBXH, MM, no longer 1740x650x1300
Dry weight, kg, no longer 100
Train force with maximum operating weight to stubble, horizontal surface, N (KGF), nothing less than 170
Prehand speed (second value when fitting the rest) of the movement on pneumatic bikes, with an engine speed of 2500 rpm (max, engine torque), km/h First gear 2.61/2.09 second gear 9.94/7.95 reverse gear 2.23/1.78
Prehand speed (second value when fitting the rest) of the movement on pneumatic bikes, with an engine speed of 3600 rpm (max, engine power), km/h First gear 3.76/3.01 second gear 12.3/11.45 reverse gear 3.21/2.57
Product performance at ambient temperature, ° C -25 to +35
Angle of static cross stability, degree, no less than 15
PTO (PTO) (GOST 28524-90) Side slide for V-belt transmissions, mighted to the longitudinal anthem axis of the singl e-axle tractor. The speed is equal to the speed of the engine crankshaft
Running system Single axis, wheel formula 2×2
Soil clearance, mm 140
coupling Permanently switched off, rear derailleur – clamping roller for V-belts
Reducer Mechanical, gear chain, with a mechanism for deactivating one of the gear waves
Number of gears Four gears – two gears forward – backwards
tires Pneumatic – 4.0 * 10; 4.5 x 10 cast – 5.0 x 12
track Variable, ste p-b y-step adjustable
Trade width, mm Normal 320 with extensions 570
Wenderadius, M 1.1
Diameter of the cutting grubber, mm 360
Recording width, M 6 Cut 1.27 4 Cut 0.86
Depth of soil processing, cm Up to 20
Steering gear Stage, with the possibility of intermediate installations of the steering wheel in vertical and horizontal levels
engine 4-stroke, carburetor, gasoline, single cylinder with forced air cooling and manual start
Fuel and oils, fill quantities:
engine Fuel notes, engine oil and petrol stations – according to the administration/instructions for engine operation
Gearbox (used oils and operating temperature) Transmission oil TEP-15 (-5 ° C to +35 ° C) GOST 23652-79, TM-5 (-5 ° C t o-25 ° C) GOST 17479.2-85 in accordance with the international system of classification of motor oils according to the viscosity From Sae90 Api G i-2 or Sae90 API G I-5. Refueling volume 2.2 l
Air pressure in pneumatic tires: 4.0-10 – 2.1 ± 0.2 kg/cm2 4.5-10 – 1.4+0.2 kgf/cm2
The distraction of a drive condry with the clutch and the application of the force to the belt of 3-5 kgf in the middle part 8-10 mm
Last cleaning - overview of the work in the late autumn house garden

NEVA MB-2-assembled equipment for the walk-in tractor

The tractor for walk behavior is convenient and easy to use and wait. With work, no special training is required, but if you use specific stored or follo w-up tools, certain skills are required that you acquire under the instructions for the operation of these tools and for further work with you. The manufacturer of NEVA Motobobloks “Neva” CJSC Krasny Octyabr-Neva is constantly developing new types of additional devices that are intended to expand the possibilities of the motoblock you have acquired.


Use clean, fresh unhealthy gasoline with a shelf life of no longer than 30 days. Do not mix a fuel with butter. It is not recommended to fill petrol under the upper wall of the tank. It should remain a free space above the fuel that is required for the additional volume if gasoline is expanded. This is possible if you work in a walk behavior tractor at high positive outdoor temperatures.

Motor oil engine oil is classified after two parameters: viscosity and quality. The SAE standard classifies the viscosity of oils in conditional units from 0 to 100. It occurs: – Summer (e.g. is a letter “W”, for example 10W30) for use at temperatures under plus 4 0C. The API standard classifies the quality of the oil in operational properties for petrol engines as: SA, SB, SC, SF, SG, SH, SJ.

The first letter S shows that this oil is used for petrol engines. The initial letter C shows oil for diesel engines. In order to designate general oils, i.e. those that can be used to lubricate petrol engines and diesel engines, double marking, such as SF/CC, SG/CD. In all cases, the closer the second letter at the beginning of the English alphabet, the lower the operational properties of the oil. Select an oil viscosity class (summer or winter), depending on the temperature of the surrounding air during the operation of the tractor of the walk behavior (see table).

What is the belt on the NEVA MB-2 Walk-Hinge tractor?

MB-2K-6.2; MB-2K-7.5; MB-2B-6.5 Pro; MB-2B-6.0 Pro; MB-2B-7.5 Pro; MB-2B-6.5; MB-2B-6.0; MB-2S-6.0 Pro; MB-2S-7.0 Pro; MB-2N-5.5; MB-2S-6.5 per; MB-2S-7.5 Pro

Rede r-mechanical, gait, oi l-in filled with an aluminum housing. The lubrication of the parts of the gear is ensured by spraying the oil. The gear shafts rotate in ball bearings and sliding bearings.

The transmission offers the message with the walk mark and a back. When converting a drive belt into streams on the leading and driven strap discs, the second area of ​​the turning speeds of the output disk of the gear is provided. Therefore, there is the possibility to offer four strikers and two backs.

Cup mechanism – consists of a V-belt, a tension roller with a lever, a twisted return spring, a traction and a steering wheel. When you press the lever, the video that moves creates the necessary voltage of the drive belt, and the rotation of the engine is transferred to the driven strap disc.

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