Review of NEVA MB-1 engine blocks. Technical characteristics, operating instructions, review ratings of the owners

Motoblock Neva MB-1: characteristics, operation, reviews

For a long time, agricultural machinery has ceased to be a curiosity resembling a tractor with a loaded trailer. Such devices are called a walk as a tractor, and its popularity is growing every year. This is due to the versatility of the device, multifunctionality and ease of control. An engine block is good because they are self-propelled devices and can pull a cart behind them. You can use it along with attaching devices and make the functionality even better.

Which model to choose?

Motoblocks are available for sale in several varieties. They are light, moderate and heavy. The former can cultivate land with an area of ​​15 to 20 acres. With the help of the latter, you can master up to 50 acres. Copy heavy engine blocks with 50 hectares and more. Light motor blocks have a lot of disabilities. On average, the air cooling system of the engine, they are not intended for long hours and complex tasks.

Engine block MB 1

As for heavy equipment, it usually has impressive general dimensions, the operation provides the availability of technical and special knowledge, and the cost of the equipment is quite high. Based on the characteristics, you can choose the devices that can perform the tasks set for it, and also meet the expectations. Among other things, the MB-1 walk-behind tractor should be especially distinguished, which will be discussed in the article.

advantages and disadvantages

OoCO MB 1D1M10 motoblok has gained sufficient popularity in many regions of our country.

MB 1D1M10

MB 1D1M10

This is no coincidence, as it has a number of obvious advantages:

  • The presence of a chain transmission, as well as a cuneiform transmission.
  • Adjustable steering column;
  • In the design of this walk there is a box silencer that allows to significantly reduce the noise level (about 30%).
  • The presence of a large range of speeds. The highest speed is used to transport goods of various nature.
  • A fairly high maneuverability in confined spaces thanks to a small radius of rotation.
  • The possibility of aggregation with the device of different devices.
  • Small dimensions that allow you to transport the device in a passenger car.
  • A large number of certified centers across the country, which positively affects the speed of providing repairs, maintenance services, etc.
  • The presence of an automatic decompressor, which facilitates the starting process.
  • Fairly acceptable unit cost for the majority of the population.

Regarding the shortcomings of this tractor from walk, they are formed entirely from personal feelings during the work of certain people.

This doesn’t mean that there are some obvious disadvantages, but some users with this technique note certain points:

  • The weight of the walking behavior tractor is quite small, which causes certain difficulties when working with heavy soil areas.
  • Some are dissatisfied with the presence in the design of drive belts, which wear out quickly enough. Basically, there is some truth in it, but the belts are initially positioned as consumables. In addition, there are several replacement pieces with the tractor for Walk behavior.

Basically, the existing shortcomings are covered with more than a large number of advantages. In addition, the cost of the ART of the OKA is very low, and the issuance of the prize has become increasingly determined lately. In particular, this problem is acute in areas of rural areas where a motorcycle block is actually operated.

Reviews of the main characteristics of the tractor’s Walk behavior

Engine block Neva MB 1

The Motblock mentioned above was produced from the 84th year of the last century. During this time, the technique managed to gain the trust of many consumers. Over time, the device has improved and modernized, but you can still find working copies from the 90s. The manufacturer is in the city of St. Petersburg. The company specializes in the production of motorcycle networks.

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Consumers emphasize that the MB-1 walking tractor is tirelessly modernized and popular with buyers, as it is tested over time. Over time, this technique was equipped with a new gearbox with an increased number of gears, which the owners of the country really like. The technique provides for three variables and a reverse transmission. If the belt rearranges on a dual-armed pulley, you can get another set of gears.


The season of OKA has long been released with many modifications. The company itself has its history since the Soviet times of the middle of the last century, specializing in the production of various garden equipment.

All models of the OKA series motoblocks have quite powerful engines from different manufacturers from 6 hp. and higher. The model of OKA MB 1D1M10 is 6.5 hp.

This unit has been tested by more than a decade of use and has shown fairly good working indicators to compete with European models.

Recently, the company began to use the Lifan engine on its models, which significantly improved the already good technical characteristics of the device.

Read more about the OOCO MB 1D1M10 engine Watch the video:

The new engine made it possible to use this tractor for the walk, which is necessary for the proper preparation of the soil for the purpose of its further use. Here is a list of the Oko MB 1D1M10’s engines for what can be used:

  • plowing and cultivating land possessions;
  • Clear the ground of weeds and other vegetation;
  • shake.

This list of works relates to work “in the field”. However, if you provide additional attachments for it, then this list of works can be significantly expanded:

  • transportation of various loads;
  • Haymaking and a haircut of lawns;
  • cleaning the snow;
  • sidewalks and paths;
  • planting and digging potatoes;
  • processing of the space between the beds;
  • cleaning of various construction waste from the area, etc.

As we see, the front of the work knows no bounds. This became possible thanks to the aggregation with the engine of the OOCO MB 1D1M10 of a series of connected and trailed devices: potato tanning and potato cutting weighing, outgoing trolley; Snowman, brushes, garbage copies, mowers of various types, etc.

About the gear and the electric steel

The gearbox is characterized by an increased ratio of gear, which helps to improve the quality of the wal k-in tract. There is a gear lever on the steering wheel, which, according to consumers, is convenient as a vehicle when operating devices. The hiking loss tractor of this brand is shown by several modifications. One of them is FS/MB1-FS Premium. This technology has an electric starter that eats the battery and the generator on the engine. With this function you can make the start easier and make it possible to use the headlights at night. To start the device, you don’t have to pull a hand starter on this device. You just have to turn the ignition key.

Reviews of technical features

Motobloce MB repair 1

As mentioned above, Motoblock MB-1 is offered for sale in several changes. They differ in the properties. Consumers like this because they can choose the right option for themselves from their words. For example, the simplest modification has sizes of 1600 x 660 x 1300 mm and the following MB-1-PrimeMeiUM. But “MB1-FS” and “MB1-FS Premium” are somewhat larger, the width and height remain the same, but the length is 1650 mm. Dry down is also different. In the first two models, the weight is 75 kg, while in the last two of the 85 kg mentioned.

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The traction effort in all models is equally and equally 140 kgf. This parameter is relevant to move transport bikes with a load of 20 kg. The statistical stability is 15000. The MB-1 walk-behavior tractor can be operated regardless of the modification in the same temperature range. This limit i s-25 …+35 ° C. Consumers really like that the device can use it with the attachment of devices. It can be active or passive. The first shows the following options:

  • Snowman;
  • Hotpin;
  • Mowing machine;
  • Water pump.

Passive assembly equipment is:

  • Plow;
  • Hiller;
  • Car;
  • Potato trailer;
  • Snow dump.

Description of the engine block beam MB 1

This type of technology has established itself well in the garden and a personal economy. This model differs from the following striking features:

  1. The correct quality of the device’s assembly.
  2. Lon g-term resource of the Walk behavior tractor service.
  3. A reliable engine for the brand beam is installed.
  4. The device differs from other technological unprotitation.
  5. An impressive lead between maintenance.
  6. Low oil and fuel consumption.
  7. High efficiency of efficiency compared to similar models.
  8. A large selection of fastening devices for the cultivator.
  9. Simplicity when repairing and maintaining the device.
  10. You can easily find spare parts for the device for sale.

All of this makes this type of special devices indispensable and also able to use modern models. It should be noted immediately that this version of Special Transport received a number of improved modifications. This is interesting: Belarus Motoblock 09n. In this video you will learn more about the amount of the beam:

Important! Despite the quality of the assembly and the unprotitation of a long service of the Luch brand, it is necessary to regularly maintain maintenance and replace consumables.

Additionally about the properties

The ground clearance is impressive enough for comfortable operation and is 120 mm. The track width can be normal and expanded. The first parameter is 320, the 2nd – 570 mm. The diameter of the noble meters is 360 mm. If consumers consider the hand-led tractor NEVA MB-1 before buying, they particularly emphasize that this model has a fairly impressive depth of soil processing that is 20 cm.

User Guide

Motoblock reduction MB 1

After reading the instructions for the hand-led tractor MB-1, you can understand that you have to fill the petrol tank with gasoline before starting the engine. The engine has a hand starter. It is important to ensure that you have enough distance from the rotating parts of the singl e-axle tractor when starting. The engine drive must be switched off before starting. The petrol valve opens, then the air damper of the carburetor must be covered by the lever down into a horizontal position. The gas lever must be brought in the middle position.

Motobobok gearbox Neva MB 1

Next, the operator takes the starter handle and pulls on it. These processes may have to be repeated with less throttling. The heated engine of the hand-led tractor NEVA MB-1 does not have to cover the air flap. Put the gas lever onto the medium position and then tighten the starter handle. As soon as the engine is started, the air flap must be brought back into its previous position.

To park the engine, the gas lever is brought into the “stop” position. 1.5 liters of gear oil are filled into the gearbox of the MB-1 motoblock. Its level should be checked before the first commissioning and before each company. The device is inclined so that the gear is in a horizontal position. In this case, the oil level should be just below the filling opening. The oil in the gearbox of the hand-led Neva MB-1 tractor is changed every 50 hours, at the same time the oil in the engine must be changed.

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Available models “Luch” – engine types, performance

The model range of luch motor blocks is represented by the following positions:

  • Beam MB-1 (performance 5 hp, motor Kadvi 168f-2a);
  • Beam MB 5040 (a number of hand-led tractors with DM51, 52, 53 and 54 engines, had a simple starting function and a forced lubricating system, the performance of hand-led tractors of this series was 5 horsepower, in fact 5040 was a more advanced version of M B-1);
  • Luch MB 5141 (DM51 engine, performance 5 hp, a model that has not become popular, is now mainly represented by used models, new hand-led tractors of this series are not produced).

All of these representatives of a series of motoblöcken are only produced Luch MB-1 for mass consumption.

The design features of the hand-led Luch tractors are generally similar, the units are similar, in different series only the shape of the fuel tank can change, e.g. B. at MB 5040 the tank is square, closer to the engine.

Motoblock repair: troubleshooting in fuel supply

Motoblock MB 1 instruction

If you have any problems with fuel supply, you can repair the mb-1 single-axle tractor. It is expressed in the fact that the engine does not work when starting. The reason can be in the starting system or in the engine itself. To fix the problem, you have to check the spark plugs. If it turns out that they are dry, no fuel gets into the engine cylinder. This malfunction can be caused by gaps in the fuel cap. A closed supply valve also leads to such a nuisance. The tank is filled with fuel, after which the attempt can be repeated. The fuel tap should also be checked. If it is closed, its position must be changed to open.

Next you can clean the drain opening of the fuel tank. The gasoline is drained from the tank, the fuel valve is removed and then rinsed with clean gasoline. The connecting hose near the carburetor must be removed and blown with the nozzles.

If all of these manipulations have not helped, the fuel gets into the carburetor, but not in the cylinder, the malfunction lies in the carburetor. It has to be checked carefully.

Motoblock NEVA MB-1: Technical specifications and instructions for using the device + reviews of the owner


Motoblock NEVA MB-1 is a device that can replace heavy manual work.

It is used to process areas of different sizes.

It is intended for use in combination with attachments.

Due to the high performance and high terrain, combined with minimal effort and simple operation, it is suitable for people with weak physical skills.

Distinction features

The equipment is produced by Zao Krasny Octyabr-Neva. The work is one of the leaders in Russia in the production of motorized devices for the agricultural industry.

The company has a powerful production cycle that enables reliable and durable devices to be produced. The quality of the motoblocks is confirmed by international certificates.

Moto blocks have been released since 2001. The manufacturer uses engines of leading Japanese and American brands. They are characterized by high reliability and performance, which means that the entire model range has the best properties.

Last cleaning - overview of the work in the late autumn house garden

In model development, the engineers took into account the special features of the Russian climate. Devices are very popular with owners of huts and farms. Thanks to motorized equipment, it is possible to edit the soil, harvest hay, to chop, to chop, snow, snow and rubble.

The models differ slightly, but the principle of the device is identical:

  1. Engine . The units are equipped with four-stroke petrol engines up to 9 hp. This performance is sufficient to work under all conditions and in every season.
  2. Transmission. It consists of several parts that are connected to a common structure. This is a gear, gear and clutch. Some models are supplemented by a differential.
  3. Chassis. It consists of a frame on which the mechanical basis of a powerful axis and a wheel is attached.
  4. Handle. It contains gas, special equipment and a transmission to facilitate control of the singl e-axle tractor. Due to the compact node arrangement, high ergonomics and low weight, the on e-axle tractor can also be easily moved on small areas.

Motoblock NEVA MB-1 is used for a variety of work:

  • Floor processing before sowing and during the maturation of crops when the device is used for the plants of plants;
  • Plow the floor to remove weeds;
  • Harvesting and harvesting hay on small and medium-sized plots;
  • watering plants and treating them with chemicals;
  • Dig up root crops to facilitate their collection;
  • clearing snow and cleaning paths from ice;
  • Transport of bulky goods by attaching a trailer.

By using additional equipment, you can significantly increase the functionality of the two-wheel tractor.

It works well in soft soil and soil that contains sand and clay. No special skills are required to use the technique. It is enough to understand the principle of gear shifting and adhesion, as well as the separation of the wheels.


Technical characteristics

parameter description
brand of engine GX270 (Honda, Japan)
weight from 75 to 85 kg
nominal pulling force 100kgf
forward gears 4
reverse gears 2
Forward/reverse speed, km/h 2.6-11.4/3.0-5.35
Ground clearance, mm 295±5
Walkable tractor track, mm 450±30, 600±30, 700±30
Dimensions of the walk behind tractor 1780x846x1070
Maximum trailer weight 500 kilograms
Maximum turning radius with a track width of 450 mm 1 м
The maximum drawbar load that acts on the two-wheel tractor hitch from the mass of the loaded trailer 50kg
perfomance 9 hp
speed 3600 rpm
fuel consumption 320kWh
fuel A-92, A-95
fuel tank up to 6 l
Oiled Cartner 1.1L
Transmission in oil bath 3.5L
The temperature at which it is permissible to use a walk-behind tractor -20-+30 0 С

Rating TOP-4 of the best models

location Surname Price
TOP-4 of the best models of the MB-1 series
1 Neva MB-1B-6.5 40 000₽
2 Neva MB-1B-6.0FS 47 000₽
3 Neva MB1B MA (RS950) 40 000₽
4 Neva MB-1N MA (GP200) 41 000₽

The best models of the MB-1 series

The manufacturer produces high-quality and multifunctional equipment designed for use on private plots, farms and utility companies. The entire model range of the Russian manufacturer is of high quality and versatility due to the possibility of using additional equipment. There are some differences worth fate when choosing a walk behind tractor. Consider the four best models according to consumers.

Neva MB-1B-6.5


The most ergonomic walk-behind tractor in the brand’s range. The design is such that operator stress is minimized during operation by lowering the center of gravity.

Using the device does not require much effort, which greatly simplifies the work.

Overview of Hiller for Neva walk behind tractors. Its adaptation, owner reviews

The presence of a chain transmission in an aluminum case increases productivity.

The knives rotate at up to 120 revolutions per minute and offer a working width of up to 160 cm.

Powerful 6.5 HP motor ensures high performance. The large fuel tank allows you to work for a long time without refueling.

Characteristics :

  • cutter speed – 28-120 rpm;
  • processing width – 90-160 cm;
  • processing depth – 20 cm;
  • engine power – 6.50 hp;
  • Weight – 75 kg.

Advantages :

  • quality construction;
  • easy construction;
  • Quick Start;
  • powerful engine;
  • comfortable working.

Defects :

  • there is no separation of the wheels;
  • a light weight.

Neva MB-1B-6.0FS


Medium-heavy model from a reliable manufacturer. Belongs to the professional class of small agricultural equipment for summer cottages, farms and utilities.

Differs in a wide range of uses by a powerful engine, the presence of a PTO shaft and the ability to attach attachments.

The cutters rotate at speeds of up to 124 revolutions per minute and offer high performance. The fuel tank contains 3.8 liters of gasoline, so you can work for a long time without a break.

Characteristics :

  • The rotation speed of the cutter is 25-124 rpm;
  • processing width-86-127 cm;
  • processing depth – 20 cm;
  • engine power – 6 hp;
  • fuel tank – 3.8 l;
  • Weight – 75 kg.

Advantages :

  • compact size;
  • Convenient transportation;
  • quality building;
  • well done;
  • high energy;
  • Adding additional devices.

Defects :

  • not suitable for large areas;
  • Working with the plough, too small wheels.

Neva MB1B MA (RS950)


The walk-behavior tractor is great for medium-field soil processing and hauling a large load when you attach a trailer to it.

It perfectly copes with plowing the soil, cultivating, creating furrows, hilling plants, watering and other tasks.

It is equipped with a capacious fuel tank that allows you to work on it for a long time without interruptions.

Due to the compact size and light weight, people with small physical ability can easily cope with walking behavior tract control.

Characteristics :

  • The rotation speed of the cutter is 25-124 rpm;
  • processing width-86-127 cm;
  • processing depth – 20 cm;
  • Engine volume – 208 cubic meters. cm;
  • engine power – 6.53 hp;
  • fuel tank – 3.1L;
  • Weight – 75 kg.

Advantages :

  • Convenient transportation;
  • reliable design;
  • high quality wheels;
  • little noise;
  • Convenient inversion.


  • too light weight;
  • Small wheels.

Neva MB-1N MA (GP200)


Motoblock is great for various household and farm work. In one pass it covers up to 127 centimeters of the earth.

Equipped with a powerful engine with an electric starter.

The Multiagro transmission (unique manufacturer development) allows you to choose the optimal speed and offer high performance.

A convenient steering wheel adjustment makes using the machine as convenient as possible. The model is ergonomic and suitable for various types of work.

Characteristics :

  • The rotation speed of the cutter is 25-124 rpm;
  • processing width-86-127 cm;
  • processing depth – 20 cm;
  • Engine volume – 196 cubic meters. cm;
  • engine power – 5.85 hp;
  • fuel tank – 3.1L;
  • Weight – 75 kg.

Advantages :

  • Quick Start;
  • good traction;
  • lack of overheating with prolonged work;
  • optimal speed;
  • Good capture.


  • awkward throttle position;
  • Vibrates a lot when they work.

User Guide

When operating the tractor of walk behavior, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. In summer it is better to fill up your SAE 10W-30 series fuel in winter Sae 5W-30. Before the bay, the new oil must be cleaned with the tank.

It is also recommended to adhere to the following rules regarding the care of the tractor of Walk behavior:

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