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Trimmer petrol union BTS-9252L

Are you looking for positive and negative reviews about the Trimmer Petrol Union BTS-9252L?

From the 11 sources, we collected 18 negative, negative, and positive reviews.

We will show all the pros and cons of the Trimmer Benzinunion BTS-9252L identified when using it by users. We do not hide anything and place all the positive and negative honest reviews of customers about the BTS-9252L petrol union trimmer, as well as alternative analogues of the goods. Is it worth buying – the decision is only yours!

The most profitable proposals for the BTS-9252L from the Trimmer Benzine Union

Reviews about Trimmer Petrol Union BTS-9252L

Pros: – the available price is a service center, if suddenly something is covered – a year’s warranty – a powerful engine that indiscriminately hacks everything. He immediately planted tall grass.

Cons: – In the rod, the hole for fixing if necessary is not in the place I had to drill in place. – The loot candle is torn. Unpleasant. Enter if you are not visible then you can set the cracking. Later, while mowing, grass flowed three times with a candle with cotton. – After a long mowing, the coil cover started to fly. Fastened it with three screws. In the future I am thinking of a metal coil. – A strange design of the cups under the coil – A bit tighter stem lights up and hangs the coil. It is necessary either to gnaw, so that it is spat out, or steamed and cleaned manually. Later he put the rubber band under the cup – nothing is clogged anymore.

Comment: I bought from an online shop in June 2018. In addition to the benzokos themselves, the oil was given, a small strand of fishing line and a discount of 500 p. I am happy with the purchase. Now all the weeds are afraid of me in the land.

Cons: Belt is terrible. The steering wheel is short and not comfortable

Comment: I quickly gathered a Poke method. Before adjusting the throttle cable. Attach it along the bar and steering wheel (I managed with electrical tape). If you then set it first and then fix it, it will be shortened and all the Autogaz settings will come in!

Advantages: the ratio of price-functional quality!

Disadvantages: there are no instructions at all, the manufacturer did not bother to paint the assembly process in detail. The cutting ended after 30 minutes.

Comment: A very powerful braid, cut the bushes with fishing, easy to unwind. Assembly is good, looks inspire confidence. I recommend!

Advantages: Convenient movement of mowing. No weight, easy start, the disc saws small trees up to 15 cm in diameter.

Disadvantages: It does not correspond to the declared properties. A Nizo k-rotary but painful motor is made of silumini (can crack anywhere). The trash is tramp.

Comment: I took it for 3700. The first mower scattered his home roll after taking the Poloutomatic from the 1.3-ton champion all the norms. Gasoline eats a lot, but it mows it normally. I mowed 25 hundred and more for 2 hours. And you can blame small trees, shrubs and weeds. Of course it’s not quiet for 56T, but you can get it with your lures. Yes, and make sure you set a good candle so you don’t miss out.

Motoblock Yeniseei. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

Advantages: Super powerful more economical is not expensive

Cons: heavy but pumped over the summer

Comment: I use 3 seasons of discomfort, no flow, the belt changed to wider and hard, otherwise it fell into the shoulder.

Pros: survivability, tank capacity, killed as fast as he could, mowed the shoots of maple and cherry, bent the ride and broke off the handles, everything is fine, the 5th year, works with a bang, I recommend I))

Pros: Like a tank. He cuts everything in a row. Free line struggled with half a meter of grass. He won easily. First started: pumped, dryk and ready! The second season worked “for all the grandmothers”. After adjustment, gasoline became noticeably less.

Cons: There is none for me. She will not work for the girl (and she does not need her – let her cook culinary masterpieces in the kitchen))). Gasoline began to spill from the fuel tank where the hoses exited.

Comment: Steppie section! I am happy. There was an electric Ole o-Mac – a month later the engine burned down, but before that I mowed well. Then Bosch with antennas is a disgusting trimmer.

Pros: Powerful, not very loud, started immediately

Cons: The size of the bar is very long even for a height of 185 cm (we even chopping the gasoline To set the trimmer was still at hand. The protective case is quite high and this creates problems when bought under something must. The fishing line will never be independently settled. And most importantly, the instructions have nothing about the assembly of the trimmer. They collected guglu for about an hour.

Comment: We mainly use the lawnmower, but the grass collector gets clogged in wet weather. There is an electronic trimmer, but they cannot be lowered in the rain. We decided to buy this model on the advice of friends. In general, the quality corresponds to the price. The trimmer is clearly not for the ladies. Heavy and clumsy. Gas just flies away. Friends, I will definitely not consult him.

Pros: Powerful, starts well, not demanding on the mix

Cons: A year later, the removal of the deck was rotten, the pins live by themselves, trying to fix them, the silum clamp burst and at the end of last summer day It fixed everything, so after the second start of the gas tank and the foreman the fuel pump burst it seemed that I was hiding a grudge against myself.

Comment: If you’ve eaten a powerful engine and have a desire to poke around, then this is for you!

Pros: A powerful trimer cuts a weed that starts without a hitch

Cons: The crack flowed instead of the binding site. The belt had to be changed to the bicarry. After 2 seasons, the oil seal on the crankshaft died. And I also had to buy a more powerful coil of the TC. My dear couldn’t take it

Pros: Power and spacious tank.

Checking the Hoper MT 120E motor blocks. Description, properties

Disadvantages: cutout of the structure. Bad shoulder strap. Big weight. Marriage

Comment: relatives acquired a braid in July. When a candle ran after 1 tank, a new one died, bought a new one. For 2 months the braid worked normally, and then, according to a relative, the braid stopped a strong vibration and pounding in a day. The result was the flywheel. Searching the internet gave another similar case.

Pros: Power, with a winning saw – only great once you’ve been working.

Cons: I bought a Trimmer Alliance in September 2016. Sounded after 20 minutes of work. He cooled, then worked another 15 minutes and stood forever. Six months under warranty repair. After the repair, a strong vibration of the engine worked 1 day and again stalled. It doesn’t start, gas is pouring out of the tank – stands in the hallway as a monument to my stupidity.

Comment: The idea is good, the execution of garbage. In the factory, the manufacturer completely lacks the concept of quality control.

Advantages: price. Availability. To work

Cons: Gasoline could have been less hasty. Noisy. Details must be worn.

Comment: He practices 100 %for this money. I use the second season. It’s easy to start. It mows a little more revolutions and power. He is difficult with Buryan. If I had bought a similar miracle for 8-10 of the famous brands, I would be upset. But I bought for 4500 and found that the trimmer justified this price.

Advantages: powerful, starts easily.

Disadvantages: heavy, began to flow, replaced, replaced and everything was fine.

Comment: I use the second season. Black in a summer house, mowing everything, bushes and grass takes the grass, but it will go for a man. I bought a disc that cut the stump, a great thing.

Advantages: powerful network.

Disadvantages: After a month of the company, the gearbox had to buy a new purchase. Petrol eats with buckets, you don’t have time to refuel.

Comment: After 2 seasons with not very abundant operation, the engine died, the hairpin broke the fan. After the breakdown, I saw that all oil seals flow quietly. Do not save on a normal network.

Advantages: A network of work is already two years old, from power, he mowed Burdocks and a swan with a bang.

Disadvantages: It is difficult, but not critical, a question of habit, loud, a very bad coil is better replaced with a new one. Since the fishing line ends over time to get out


Disadvantages: they are not. The second season works without rejection, the main thing is not forgotten to empty the fuel mix for the warehouse time, otherwise it will start very badly, it is a technique

Comment: Big trimmer, powerful and affordable for the price. I gave my father on his birthday. An accusation for him to take care of a garden story, sometimes I come to mow it. I have overcome the hard grass and the thickest shrub slightly 5 cm.

Advantages: price, power. Two years ago, the price in Moscow was less than replaced when the clutch was replaced by Shindaiwa 450/

Disadvantages: Assembly for 3, the quality of the parts is mediocre.

Comment: I thought the season was crushed, but the unit worked in the third season, not without any problems. 1-blessed I took the Japanese. 2-rush with KHuskvarna. .

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Review of motorcycle, trimmers and lawnmower union. reviews

The Brand Union is part of the participation of the German company Sturm. Your products have an excellent combination of price and quality. Motokos and Trimmers Union have been active in popularity in recent years.

Trimmer Union

The number of buyers increases not only in Russia, but in all CIS countries. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular models of the Brand Union.

Top models from Trimmers Union

The main parameter when choosing a trimmer is the weight and performance of the engine. If you use a mediu m-complex man, it is worth choosing BCTS 9252L for professional use – BTS 9256L.

Trimmer Union BTS-926L Trimmer Union BTS-9252 Trimmer Union BTS-9256

If you work with the device on an older person, a woman or a teenager, enough BCC models 9226L or 9233L are not required.

Petrol cutter

The Motokos of the Brenda Union are used to maintain the lawns near private houses and community parks in cleanliness and order. The distinguishing features of trimmer, the union, is the presence of rubberized handles and primers for pumping the fuel mixture. The motorcycle is cooled with air.

Handweg Union

The length of the belt equipment can be adapted to the body size of the operator, which means that both large and small people can work comfortably. If you harvest grass vegetation, you can use a fishing line.

Trimmer angle line

A knife is used when cutting shrubs and young shoots with a diameter of up to 5 cm. The Soyuz trimmers are delivered with two knives for two and eight blades.

Soyus BTS-9052L

Trimmer Soyuz BTS-9052L is equipped with a 2-horsepower engine. Its working width is 42 cm. The speed can reach 3000 rpm at idle, while this number can reach 9000 rpm in real operation.

Trimmer Union BTS-9052L

The fuel tank of 1 liter is sufficient for 1 hour of autonomous operation. The weight of the lawnmower Soyuz BTS 9052 L is 5.5 kg.

Soyuz BTS-9052MF

This is a professional model that can also be used as free cutter. The performance of the BTS-9052MF engine is 4 hp with a chamber width of 42 cm.

Trimmer Union BTS-9052MF

The comfortable handle of the trimmer makes it easier to control the lawn mower, regardless of the surface to be mowed.

Soyuz BTS-9233L

This lawnmower is equipped with a 2.45 hp two-stroke petrol engine. The drive shaft of the lawn mower Soyuz BTS-9233L is rigid and withstands high loads.

Trimmer Union BTS 9233L

Due to the presence of a gentle running system, the trimmer engine Soyuz BTS-9233L can be started lightly and back without jerk. The presence of a bicycle handle promotes the natural movement of the operator.

Soyuz BTS-9243

This lawnmower model has a 4-horsepower engine. The Trimmer Soyuz BTS 9243 can work with a 2.5 mm thick fishing line. The single handle width is 42 cm.

Trimmer Union BTS-9243

The lawn mower Soyuz BTS 9243 weighs 6.7 kg. The maximum performance reaches 3000 watts.

Soyuz BTS-9252

This lawnmower is equipped with a petrol-two-clock engine with a displacement of 51.7 cm 3 and an output of 4.76 hp. The reliable protective housing protects the operator from fluid grass and stones.

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Trimmer Union BTS-9252

Due to the rigid drive shaft, the trimmer can be used as free cutter. Motokosu Soyuz BTS 9252 can also be activated with a primer in the cold season.

Soyuz BTS-9256L

This lawnmower is equipped with a tw o-stroke engine with 5.44 hp. The thickness of the fishing line used is 2.4 mm. The rod is not foldable and the setting is only due to the length of the shoulder strap.

Trimmer Union BTS-9256

The number of revolutions can be controlled in the range of 3 to 7 thousand per minute. The cut width is 42 cm The Trimmer Soyuz BTS-9256L weighs almost 8 kg.

Electrical trimmer

Many potential buyers opt for electrical trimmer options. Your choice is due to a lower price, less noise and emissions.

The Soyuus company only offers an option for electrical scyers.

The only disadvantage is the dependency on the power grid or the battery.

Soyus GKS-3510DL

This trimmer is equipped with an electric motor with an output of 1000 watts. The grip width is 35 cm.

Trimmer Union GKS-3510DL

For easy transport and storage, you can easily fold in the handle of the electrical scythe. This model weighs only 1.75 kg.

mowing machine

Soyuz is a young garden device manufacturer who mainly specializes in the production of petrol trimmer. Soyal lawnmowers are not available today.

User Guide


Lawn mower and free cutter from the Soyuz brand were developed for continuous use. In order to keep it in a functional state, regular maintenance should be carried out.

After completing the work with the Soyuz lawnmower, this must be cleaned by dirt, dust and grass residues.

Soyuz trimmer are operated with a fuel mixture made of gasoline and oil. Fuel from the AI-92 or AI-95 brand must be used. Lubricants should be chosen as a brand – Soyuz Moto 2T Universal. The recommended ratio of the fuel mix is ​​1:25.

Proper preparation of the fuel mixture

The fishing cord runs regularly during operation and must be refilled in the coil of the Soyuz brand. To do this, select the corresponding diameter that is specified in the technical data of the respective model.

Features of the use of electrical trimmer

Electrical trimmer from the Soyuz brand can perform a similar range of work compared to lawn mowers. However, your owners should carefully monitor the condition of the electrical cable. It must not be kinked, the insulation is broken, stretched or mechanically damaged.

The diagram of the electric trimmer

In addition, electrical lawnmowers cannot work on wet soil or after rain, since the likelihood of an electric shock is high. Immediately during operation, it is imperative to monitor the position of the cable. It should always be behind the device.

Work on the cable is strictly prohibited.

Clean the electric hedge trimmers with a dry or damp cloth, not with a water jet.

First start

Before starting work with the Soyuz trimmer, it is absolutely necessary for new owners and operators to study the operating instructions. This helps to understand the principle of safe handling of the machine and avoid personal injury.

First of all, you should prepare the fuel mixture in a suitable container and fill it into the tank. Then let the Soyuz mower run open for half an hour. This time is enough so that the engine parts are lubricated and function properly.

Do not cut shrubs or coarse plants in the next eight hours so as not to overload the engine of the Soyuz lawnmower.

The device is also ready for full operation.

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Main disorders and their elimination

Soyuz trimmer are of German quality, but this does not protect against possible failures and failures. The task of every owner is to know how the most common breakdowns can be resolved. Indeed, in most cases, it is sufficient to have a basic tool set and basic knowledge of building a free cutter.

If the mower of the Soyuz brand:

  • Make sure you have fuel;
  • The fuel mixture may not be correct. Replace it;
  • Clean fuel and air filters;
  • Moisture in the fuel tank (replace the entire mixture);
  • Carbon deposits have formed on the silencer, cylinder or exhaust pipe that need to be cleaned.

With bad or incomplete mowing:

  • Too much dense vegetation in the area that the lawn mower cannot master. Try to edit a smaller area in one round;
  • Wrapped nozzle (stop the trimmer and remove the wound grass);
  • If you work with a blade, it may have become dull and unusable. Only the exchange of the cutting tool helps here.

Video review

Overview of the work on a gasoline lawn mower Soyuz BTS 9256L

Overview of the work on the lawn mower Soyuz BTS

Owner reviews

Here are some opinions that were collected from thematic forums about the experience of using trimmers and lawnmowers Union:


“I became the owner of the Trimmer Union in the will of the work. I work in a security company and to keep the territory in order, the authorities gave me this miracle. This is clearly not the best representative of the trimmer. We were more than time with his repair than we worked. Many spare parts flew during the shutdown! Then they spent 6,000 for it. And that is clearly the money that is being thrown into the wind. And if you want a few hemorrhoids instead of motorcycles, buy! Advantages: price tag in 6k. Disadvantages: high fuel consumption, low quality of the parts, constant failures. “


“I bought my union a few months ago. I have a conspiracy of 10 hectares and didn’t want to rest because there is simply no big volume for him. He accepted the budget option, but asked the sellers how to expand their work resource. I was told that I should only take brand oil and AI-92+petrol and clearly mix the parts of the fuel mixture. It strongly influences the condition of the motorcycles as a whole. I liked the reinforced coil at work, it has more recording and the load on the gear is not that big. I passed it for a week and then brought him to duty to configure the carburetor because I don’t really browse in this area myself. As a result, fuel consumption decreased. “

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