Review of motor-blade wheel “Sterwin”. Technical features and rules of use

Sterwins lawn mower: description, types and operation

For your plot to be good and neat, it is necessary to monitor the growth of grass. Timely and quality processing of the garden or yard area helps to carry out a high quality lawnmower. Today, a large number of domestic and foreign companies are working with the production and sale of such technical devices.

A popular company for the production of lawn mowers is the Sterwins brand. It is preferred by a large number of users. In this material, we will consider the main advantages of this brand. Also in the article you will find a detailed review of popular models and customer reviews.


Sterwin lawnmower is a product of the company Leroy Merlin, which has been on the market for about 20 years. The brand is focused on the production of simple and easy-to-use units.

When buying Sterwins devices, choose units at affordable prices. In addition, they are quite easy to operate and maintain.

In addition, Sterwin lawn mowers have the following advantages:

  • Reliability and durability;
  • Inconvenient in terms of fuel;
  • The high quality of all parts;
  • Low noise and vibration level;
  • Aesthetically appealing exterior design;
  • affordable maintenance;
  • variety of models;
  • affordable price.

The disadvantages are set by the fact of exhaustion.

Thus, the advantages of the brand “Sterwins” outweigh the existing disadvantages. This fact is one of the most important reasons for the popularity and prevalence of devices among consumers.


Various types of technical devices are produced under the Sterwins brand, including:

  • Electric, battery-powered and gasoline-powered lawn mower;
  • Three-wheeled and four-wheeled lawn mower;
  • Self-propelled device;
  • Mower;
  • Trimmer, etc.

Each of the varieties of lawn mowers has both advantages and disadvantages. Thus, gasoline mowers have the following advantages:

  • Compactness and mobility;
  • Easy operation;
  • Low weight;
  • durable outer casing;
  • availability of several operating modes;
  • Reliable engines from trusted manufacturers (e.g., Briggs & Stratton, Honda, etc.).

Depending on the operating conditions preference should be given to one or another variety.

In order to check the performance of the device and the technical properties of the lawnmower, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s manual, which is contained in every device you purchase.

Therefore, you should take into account that in order to operate electric lawnmowers, you need to be connected to the mains. This is not always functional and convenient, since plots (e.g. summer houses) are often not equipped with an electrical network. In addition, the mains cable can affect the operation. In turn, the battery must be constantly and regularly charged, which can use the work for a long time.


The Sterwins range of lawn mowers includes a wide range of equipment. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

Electric model 33 cm, 1200 watts

The cost of the device is about 4 thousand rubles (depending on the place of purchase). This machine is suitable for the care of small areas (for example, gardens and places adjacent to the house on private property). The model requires power from the mains. The width of the strip mowed by the lawnmower is 33 centimeters, as evidenced by the model name. At the same time, the device is easily adjustable in height: from 25 to 75 millimeters.

The outer body of the lawnmower is made of strong, reliable and durable material – polypropylene.

The handle can be extended or adjusted to the operator’s height. The volume of the grass catcher box is quite small – only 30 liters. Due to this feature, the device cannot be used for processing large areas. The tray itself is made of plastic and fabric. Thanks to this, it is easy to wash and clean.

Electric 40 cm, 1700 W.

This device is one of the most affordable, as its cost is only 10 000 rubles. The device has a fairly compact size, which makes it convenient to use. The weight is also small, reaching 17.5 kg. The power of the electric motor is 1700 watts. At the same time to work, the device must be connected to an electrical network with a voltage of 220 V. The outer casing is very durable.

Battery 36 cm, 3 wheels

Due to its small size, this model is quite maneuverable. It has 3 wheels, and the mowing width is only 36 centimeters. The price of the device is about 12 thousand rubles.

With the help of such a lawnmower processed decorative areas of no more than 500 square meters.

The lawnmower battery can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. The charging device for the lawnmower is included with the machine.

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Gasoline BS500E

The device costs about 14 thousand rubles. Such a lawnmower belongs to the category of semi-professional. Its main feature is a single-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine. Its power is 2.6 hp, and the volume – 140 cubic centimeters.

The device is started with a special cable. If an emergency stop is needed, a specially designed brake lever can be used. The operating speed is constant, without jumps and interruptions. It is important to note, however, that the lawnmower can only work on small slopes (no more than 40 degrees).

The mower blade is made of high-quality stainless steel and is 46 centimetres long. The height can be adjusted as desired from 2.5 to 8 centimetres.

An important advantage of the Sterwins petrol lawnmower is its ability to handle not only dry but also wet grass. If desired, the operator can set where the grass will fall after mowing: remain on the lawn or be collected in a special collector (holds about 60 kilograms of grass).

The manufacturer warns users that before starting to work with this equipment, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary test operation. To do this, turn on the device at 50% power for 6-8 hours. After completing the running-in, it is recommended to change the motor oil.

Electric 46 cm, 1800 W, self-propelled, with mulching function

The cost of the device reaches 16 thousand rubles. Due to the fact that the lawnmower by its internal structure is self-propelled, no great effort is needed to move it. The main task of the operator is to control the device. In addition, the presence of large rear wheels makes it easy to maneuver the mower and quickly change location.

The adjustment of the lawnmower is centralized, which is very convenient and practical. So you can change the height of the grass with one single touch.

The lawnmower is equipped with a modern display that signals when the grass catcher box is full. When you see the device signal, you need to clean the container.

Gasoline 150cc, 46 cm

Gasoline mower with a Briggs & Stratton four-stroke engine costs about 30,000 rubles. The width of the blade, which determines the size of the mowing, is 46 centimeters. The engine volume is 150 cubic centimeters, and the power is 2400 watts. In order to start the device without difficulty and problems, it has a specially designed electric starter. The mower is also suitable for use on large areas.

The engine is built according to the Euro-5 standard, which means low emissions during operation.

The cutting height can be set in 7 modes and the control button can be in one of 3 positions.

As you can see, the Sterwins product range includes all types of devices (cordless, electric and petrol). Thanks to this, you can choose the device that fully meets your needs and requirements.


Before using the unit, make all necessary preparations, including checking that all parts are intact (fasteners, power cords, etc.). Also make sure that the mains voltage is constant. Before starting the mower make sure that the fixing bolts and screws are tight. If necessary, the engine oil should be changed, the fuel changed, the blade assembled and secured, the gears checked for proper functioning, the contacts checked and a pre-reel performed.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that Sterwins lawn mower maintenance includes not only preparatory activities, but also maintenance, care, and preventive maintenance.

These processes include regularly replacing and sharpening the blade, cleaning the air intake, washing the outer casing, and checking the condition of the power cord.

If you don’t want to use the unit year-round, it needs to be “hosed.” Before you don’t use the unit for a long time, some preparations must be made, including removing the handle, separating the cable from the spark plug, and draining the oil and fuel. It is also recommended that the blade be removed. It should also be placed in special paper that has been previously soaked in engine oil. It is equally important to wash the lawnmower and lubricate all its mechanisms. In this condition, the lawnmower can sit without use for several months.

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Review reviews

In general, customer reviews of devices from Sterwins are positive. The main advantage of these designs is a fairly democratic cost, which allows you to buy a mower to members of the social and economic classes.

But at the same time, some users report that uninterrupted operation of the equipment is guaranteed only for the first or second year of operation. After that time, it will be necessary to replace some parts. Also, immediately after purchase, it is recommended to replace the filters for better functioning of the device.

One way or another, but users note that Sterwins devices fully justify their price, that is, the manufacturer monitors the value for money.

Electric lawns “Sterwins”: review of brand models, characteristics and reviews

Photo 1

Markensterwins (Sterwins) belongs to the chain of stores Leroy Merlin, but this network does not have its own production.

Therefore, since it places orders at various factories, it has and sells finished products.

That is why Leroy Merlin does not have a constant range of electric lawn models, because the factories themselves improve their products, making them more reliable and in demand, and sell them under different names. Often the same model, but from different factories, has different names.

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Photo 2

The main advantage of such mowers is their inexpensive cost, due to which their purchase can be afforded even by families with less than average income.

If Sterin mowers are used specifically for mowing lawns, and do not allow overheating and cooling, then these devices are not inferior to most Chinese counterparts in terms of reliability.

After all, in principle, it is not designed for mowing grass, the height of which exceeds 7-10 cm. If the vegetation is noticeably higher, it is better to use a trimmer or a gasoline lawnmower.

Some owners of these devices are dissatisfied with the low vitality of lawn mowers, as they break down very quickly. But other owners have the exact same mower equipment mowing the grass weekly or more often for 5 years or more.

In addition, a survey of owners of burned or broken equipment shows that almost all of them either mowed very tall grass, used the equipment without stopping to cool down, and forgot to service it after work.

However, the exact same situation with expensive premium brands shows the high reliability of Sterwins electric lawn mowers, which, combined with their low price, are very popular and in demand.

The policy of the Leroy Merlen network is that the product should meet the expectations of the customers as much as possible, so the marketing experts carry out extensive research to determine the optimal performance of an electric lawn mower.

Photo 3

The results are then sent to the design departments of the partner factories to improve the models produced and develop new equipment.

Thus, three rooms appeared, because all four-wheeled mowers, except for very expensive devices with front swarming wheels, require a lot of effort to turn them.

Most units are equipped with 2-B-1 systems (a detailed description of such systems can be found here), i.e., only in rear discharge mode with the option to install a grass catcher box. However, some models are equipped with 3-B-1 or 4-1 systems, meaning they can also operate in mulching mode or side discharge mode.

Most mowers are equipped with a polypropylene (PP) housing, making them noticeably lighter than their metal counterparts, but the most powerful units are available in a metal housing.

The most popular models

Due to its low cost, every Sterine-branded mower is of interest to buyers with a below-average check.

Such buyers understand that it’s not the brand name or the value of the mower’s many years of operation that’s the main consideration, but careful operation so that they work unreliably through the fault of some owners over the years.

Nevertheless, some mowers are in demand because they better meet the expectations of a certain group of buyers.

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To determine a list of the most popular models, we used:

    Published on-page models at various online retailers;
  • Reviews at pickup locations;
  • Videos of the density of use of these devices, as determined on YouTube.


Photo 4

This model with a 1200-watt motor power is designed only for cutting grass on a well-kept lawn and is not suitable for vegetation that exceeds 10 cm in height.

In addition, the dissatisfaction of many owners of this model is caused by the unfortunate reduction model, which fails even with small overloads.

After all, the strap disc is made of plastic, so not only under heavy loads, but also just on the motor shaft. With careful use, the device worked for several years, which made it very popular along with the low price.

The combined grass bag (soft floor, hard top) is easier to remove and wear out than the fully rigid one, but some users are dissatisfied with the short life of the bag and the inability to find a replacement, but this is typical of most lawn mowers with a soft bag.

In addition, not all owners are satisfied with the low range of adaptation of the handle length and the inability to change their tendency to change the grass.

Another serious disadvantage of the lawnmower is the engine sprocket lever, which cannot be activated with both hands, so the owner’s right hand gets much more tired than the left. Finally, the switch is on the right side of the handle, and if you hold it with your left hand, you have to walk toward the unit, which makes it harder to use and makes you have to exert more effort.

However, this position of the lever is typical of many inexpensive lawnmowers, so you should either get used to it, or take a model with a bracket, as it is devoid of this disadvantage.

There are no serious advantages of this model, but there are mistakes:

  • Weak gears, which are conspicuous because of the smaller recharge.
  • Small grip length area.

340 EP-3.

Photo 5

This mower is a somewhat improved version of the previous unit, but the engineers managed to fix the main flaws, that is, the unreliable pinion and unpleasant swivel motor lever.

Thanks to this, the number of negative reviews has become many times less, and most owners are happy with such a purchase.

Also on this mower, the mowing height adjustment system has been improved, now it is enough to move the lever to the desired position, and the metal comb not only provides a clear shot, but also does not wear out over time.

The combined grass catcher box has also become less problematic, although it differs from a similar part of the previous model only in volume.

Engineers have changed its design, as a result of which it has lost even that insignificant length adjustment, but it takes much less space when stored thanks to two latches on each side.

Some owners of this mower note in their reviews that it copes well even with relatively high grass (10-20 cm). The main thing is to monitor the operation/cooling of the engine and move the device so that the engine works without overloading.

Here are its advantages:

  • suitable for mowing relatively tall grass;
  • very reliable with careful operation;
  • convenient cutting height adjustment;
  • Practical engine starter handle that can be activated with both hands;
  • The handle requires less space for storage.

Its main disadvantage is the lack of height adjustment.

400 XP

This mower is an enlarged copy of the 340 EP-3, so it inherits all its advantages and disadvantages. The lack of handle height adjustment is compensated for by its small size when folded.

It also mows lawns faster than the above models thanks to its wider cutting width and handles long grass well, even though it is only designed for mowing well-tended lawns.

Here are the advantages of the lawnmower:

  • Mows young grass faster thanks to its increased cutting width;
  • Makes it tolerate relatively high vegetation;
  • It is easy to adjust the height of cut;
  • when folded, the handle takes up very little space.
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  • It’s impossible to adjust the height of the handle;
  • difficult to find replacement parts (this is a common feature of all Stervins equipment).


Photo 7

This model is a more modern version of 320-EP mower and differs from it by a little bit wider mowing width and more reliable transmission.

Due to the stronger gearbox this mower is able to cut 5-15 cm high grass. The main thing is not to overload the engine with too much forward movement and to give it a rest.

In addition, the design of the mower deck enables effective mowing of vegetation near obstacles, which makes the machine more versatile. However, all other drawbacks are not eliminated, which is not surprising for such a cheap device.

Here are the advantages of the ELM1-33P.4:

  • Due to the low price, even not very wealthy people can buy this mower.
  • The device is well suited for mowing grass near obstacles;
  • Handles relatively tall grass.


  • small height adjustment range;
  • not very reliable fixation.


One of the criticisms of the four-wheel models was their lack of maneuverability, because to turn the unit requires squeezing the handle to get the front wheels off the ground and reduce resistance to their sideways movement.

This is why the ELM2-36P-3W.4 was designed with a three-wheel configuration – the front swivel wheel turns after the mower changes direction, due to which there is no lateral movement and therefore there is minimal resistance to turning.

In addition, engineers completed the mowing adjustment and moved the lever to the rear left wheel. This simplified the design of the device a little bit, in order to adapt this parameter, it should be more robust, as the lever is lower than in previous models.

The device was equipped with a height adjustment of the handle, for which they changed the angle of its inclination. Despite the relatively small area of adaptation, in this respect, it is far superior to all previous lawnmowers. As with previous models, the grass catcher box is combined in such a way that it inherits all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of device.

Here are the advantages of the lawnmower:

  • The front swivel wheel makes mowing easier, because you no longer need to lift the front end above the ground to turn it;
  • By changing the angle of the handle, it can be adapted to the operator’s height within small limits.
  • With a comfortable engine tax class, the mower can be operated from either hand.


  • Length is longer than most peers, so more storage space is required.
  • Despite the increased mowing width, the performance of models with a mowing width of 32 cm due to the unsuccessful engine cooling system, so this mower works for less time, and the cooling time is longer.


Photo 6

This mower is a more powerful version of the previous unit and differs from it:

  • Mowing width;
  • Engine power;
  • The volume of the grass catcher box;
  • Weight;
  • Price;
  • Deci Design.

The device is made on the three-wheel scheme, so it has retained the main advantage of the predecessor model, that is, the highest controllability and comfort of work, as the mower wheel does not move side by side, due to which the resistance is minimal.

The deck is designed to have mowing wheels near obstacles, so this model can also be used where there are trees or other large objects in the middle of the lawn. Some of the owners of this mower in the reviews found that it copes well not only with the lawn grass, but also with weeds, as it is equipped with a very powerful synchronous motor.

Provided you follow the operating mode and carefully mow the grass, in which the device is slowly fed forward so that the engine works without severe overloading, the service life of this device often exceeds 5 years.

In addition, the mower turned out not to be too complicated for such power, so even women or elderly people can use it effectively, especially if someone helps them load the device into the car if they need to take it somewhere.

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Here are the advantages of the device:

  • Due to the high power of the motor, the net does well with tall grass and weeds.
  • Increased mowing width increases the power, so the unit mows the grass faster than the models described above.
  • By changing the working angle, the device adjusts to the height of each operator.
  • The three-wheel design makes this unit much easier to turn, even in areas with high grass.


  • Because of the three-wheeled scheme, it turned out that the body is noticeably longer than its counterpart. Therefore, you need more space to store it.
  • It is difficult to find spare parts, but this is typical for all Stervins mowers.


Photo 8

This mower is not only the most productive and powerful, but also differs from other models in that the drive is on the rear wheels, so he does not have to push it into place due to his physical capabilities.

The operator only chooses the direction and turns on the drive, according to which the device moves at the optimal speed for mowing the lawn.

However, when mowing high grass, you have to work without the drive, because it moves the mower too fast, so that the engine power is not enough, and it begins to overheat.

However, if you move it forward leisurely and cut the knife into small portions, the device will cope with the vegetation without overheating and will work for several years. The asynchronous motor installed on this model is noticeably more stubborn than the synchronous motors found on other devices, so it weakly tolerates short-term overloads.

Despite the four-wheeled “chiman” and its rather heavy weight, even elderly people or women can operate this mower, but they will need help in cleaning the rather complicated device and machine if they have to be taken somewhere else.

Also, this unit can be used in mulching mode or side discharge mode, so it is more versatile than all other models. The steel body and deck are very strong, so they are not afraid of stones flying off the blade, which sometimes break the plastic deck. Because of the use of metal, the device is very complicated.

Here are the requirements for the device:

  • A wheel drive eliminates the need to push a heavy mower all over the construction site.
  • Due to the large mowing width, the device has a very high output.
  • Thanks to the shape of the handle, you can operate the device with one hand.
  • By changing the inclination of the handle, you can set one person at any height.


  • The device turned out to be very heavy, so it is difficult for physically weak people to clean it or load it into the machine.
  • Due to the high cost, not every family can afford such a purchase.

Table to compare technical characteristics

We have prepared a table that contributes to the comparison of all popular models of lawnmowers sterwin both among themselves and with devices of other brands:

model Type and power. Engine kW See table. Weight (kg Upper wheels and wheel drive Wheel drive Volume of cables. L Grass throwing mode Price thous. р.
320-ED. С 1,2 32 11.5 4 No. ПП 30 2 в 1 4,5
340 EP-3. С 1.4 34 18 4 No. ПП 35 2 в 1 5,5
400 XP С 1,7 40 18.3 4 No. ПП 40 2 в 1 6,5
ELM1-33P.4 С 1,2 33 10 4 No. ПП 30 2 в 1 4,5
ELM2-36P-3W.4. С 1.4 36 14 3 No. ПП 35 2 в 1 7,5
ELM2-40P-3W.4 С 1,7 40 17.5 3 No. ПП 45 2 в 1 10
ELM2-46SP.4. И 1.8 46 33 4 this steel 65 4 в 1 17.5


We have prepared links to the most popular sites where you can read the reviews of those who have bought and for some time used electric lawnmowers mobv sterwin. This will help you objectively determine the potential use of the devices, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

These links:

Videos on the subject.

Please note the various video reviews of the different models from stervins:

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