Review of motoblocks at a reduced speed of the Virgin “NMB-603. Characteristics, attachments, video work, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Virgin Lands: review of popular models with a description of their technical characteristics and customer reviews

Motoblock Virgin Boden is a universal device for work on a personal plot at any time of the year.

Competent devices with connected equipment expand the range of tasks.

You can plow and loosen the soil, plant and fertilize crops, hills and potatoes, and clean the territory of snow.

There are dozens of models with different characteristics in the brand line.

In order to choose the most suitable option, you should familiarize yourself with the migratory loss tract and consider several models.

Features of Motoblocks “Virgin”

Motoblocks “Virgin Lands” are multifunctional units of the classic layout for solving household agrotechnical problems.


  1. Power block: high speed, lo w-noise; works in 4-stroke mode; adapted for plowing all types of soil in large areas;
  2. The control panel: characterized by an ergonomic layout of levers in combination with handles;
  3. The chassis: maneuverable in rows and corners; stable on uneven surfaces; walk through a wet substrate;
  4. Building: damp and dusty; covered with powder paint, against burnout in the sun and the effect of minus t 0c;
  5. Mills: made of strong steel; not prone to deformation; Don’t need sharpening.

Top 10 Best Models Rating

location Surname Price
Top 10 Best Models of Motoblocks Jungfrau
1 Civilian NMB-901 35 000₽
2 Virgin Country MB-600 34 000₽
3 Virgin Country MB-601 34 000₽
4 Virgin Country MB-912FR 37 000₽
5 Zeleeen MB-711R 33 000₽
6 Virgin Country MB-710 33 000₽
7 Civilian NMB-601 32 000₽
8 Zeleeen MB-700 32 000₽
9 Zeleeen MB-901 35 000₽
10 Civilian NMB-603 32 000₽

Device and variety of motoblocks “Virgo”

The external structure of the “virgin areas” of “virgin” is presented in the picture from below.

It is composed:

  1. slip support;
  2. Interconnects;
  3. fixing element;
  4. Shkvoren;
  5. steering column;
  6. clamping device;
  7. Pen;
  8. Fender;
  9. Holder.

The internal device of these mechanisms is represented by the following blocks:

  1. 4-stroke engine;
  2. chain transmission with 2 operating modes (in low and high gears);
  3. belt type adhesions;
  4. Equipment Management Mechanisms:
  • Steering wheel;
  • rods;
  • engine lever;
  • high-speed switch;
  1. Wheels, which depending on a specific model, may have a pneumatic or standard cast tire;
  2. Bodenofres.

The modern model line of Motoblocks “Jungfrau” Covers:

  1. light – with a traction of 4 hp;
  2. Medium-sized with an effort of 6.5 to 7.5 hp. MB series from 601 to 701, with and without electric steamer;
  3. Heavy professional machines with a capacity of 8 to 9 HP ..

Consider some of them.

Great gear

Motobobe’s Virgin Lands are working with a large amount of binding Permian production. Again, the equipment can be used with equipment from other brands, but here you need to see the mounting locations carefully. The most popular types of connected devices:

  • wheel hub extension cable;
  • adapter and diverse coupling;
  • Cutter Celina – the main equipment that is used in this technology. The difference to analogue is the high quality of the work. When cultivating the floor at low speed, weed roots remain on the knives and are not cut. This allows most rhizomes to be pulled out of the ground. The manufacturer offers several types of milling mills;
  • Potato rotor;
  • Plow;
  • Car.
Compact tractor Chuvashpiller 184. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Active devices from the Tselina brand are practically not manufactured. The only available models are the snow blower SP-70 and SP-56.

Properties of Tselina engine blocks:

  • Wide wheels with a diameter of 180 mm increase the continuousness of the equipment;
  • swiveling steering column with horizontal and vertical adjustment option;
  • Wide model range;
  • reinforced gear;
  • improved gear lever;
  • the possibility of using attachments from other domestic manufacturers;
  • Significant motor resource – more than 3000 hours;
  • Wide protective sheets and protective sheets offer additional protection for the equipment;
  • Many motoblock service points that are not only in Perm, but also in other Russian cities;
  • The possibility of equipment with headlights, battery and electrostart.

Motoblock “Celina” MB-600

Non-professional hand-led tractor medium performance class. With a torque of 3.6 thousand rpm, it creates a thrust of 6.5 hp, which is sufficient for all types of technological operations with the soil. Compact and easy to use. Compatible with all types of adapters of domestic and foreign manufacturers.


  • Chinese engine “Lifan” with a resource intensity of up to 395 g kW / h;
  • 4-speed transmission;
  • Large coarse tires with a diameter of 4 x 10;
  • Variable track width of 72 to 113 cm;
  • Lightness – 98 kg.

about the company

Since 2006, the production of landscape garden devices has been in the city of Perm under the brand name “Tselina”. Among the products offered are handleed tractors, cultivators and various devices that are intended to expand the functionality of the devices. In addition, the attachment of additional attachments of this company is not only suitable for products from our own production, but also for other brands.

The company has thus established itself on the garden products market as a provider of reliable, compact and hig h-quality devices.

Motor block “Celina” MB-601

It is started by the Lifan engine. Keep the ability to work in any weather and on different soils. Its power reserve is sufficient to plow new ground, and the good weight distribution of the structure enables the use on slopes and fields with a complex topography. Compatible with passive and active essays.

Technical characteristics:

  • 4 mode of operation;
  • 0.196 l-cylinder with frosted gray gas sleeve;
  • Cycle formula 2 times 2;
  • the possibility of transporting goods up to 4 Q;
  • Low dimensions (147 x 58 x 100 cm at a weight of 100 kg) so that you can edit 113 cm in one pass.
October in the garden: calendar of works

Run in

After buying a new or used two-wheel tractor, a running-in phase is required. Tselin models are no exception here either, since this process is very important and ensures the continuous operation of the equipment. Break-in is a gentle process that laps the key elements of the gearbox, gearbox and engine. With a walk behind tractor it is important to choose the right load (specified in the instructions). Usually the 50/50 rule (half the maximum parameters) is applied. Running in without oil in the crankcase is prohibited. The first launch should be done very carefully. Initially, you should only look at the operation of the two-wheel tractor and if no visible deviations have been noticed, you can proceed to the active running-in phase (operation at medium speeds). The duration of the process is usually 7-10 hours. After running in, maintenance must be carried out.

Motoblocks Tselina are considered one of the most popular in Russia. Many users value their durability and reliability. Together with an affordable price, these parameters make the device an indispensable assistant for every owner of a medium-sized plot.

Engine block “Celina” NMB-603

Universal mos power plant “VYMPEL” 6.5PRO. It has a modern and ergonomic design that is in no way inferior to imported brands. It starts easily in cold weather and doesn’t need frequent fuel refills. The increased detection range of rototillers shortens plowing time and reduces anthropogenic pressure on the agricultural landscape.

Operating characteristics:

  • excellent traction and wheels with a strong profile;
  • effective ventilation and overheat protection system;
  • trouble-free manual starter;
  • gear mechanism with reverse stroke;
  • Weight of 93 kg that does not over-compact the soil.

Motor block “Celina” MB-801

8-strong cultivator suitable for private and professional use. Feels best on heavy soils. For sale is a classic and a modified modification with an electric starter and headlights. Unlike analogues, it consumes fuel sparingly, the consumption of which is 1.5-2 l / h.

Working parameters:

  • 242 cc 1 cylinder overhead valve engine;
  • spacious tanks for this. Liquids;
  • chain coaster that works in low gears;
  • Rod control that allows you to adjust the height of the steering wheel to the height of the operator;
  • Weight of 110 kg, which does not require retrofitting with weights.

Motoblock “Celina” MB-900

Professional equipment suitable together with auxiliary equipment for loosening and cultivating the soil, sowing and harvesting, snow clearing, liquid pumping, forage chopping. It differs from other models with an advanced lubrication system, the flow and control of which is automatic.

Technical characteristics:

  • 9 hp with a fuel consumption of 374 g kW/h;
  • 2-speed gearbox;
  • large tires 19 x 7.8;
  • spacious gas tank (6 l);
  • vibration and noise absorption system;
  • the ability to unlock the wheels.

Possible malfunctions

If at work there are deviations from the permissible technical characteristics, or the device somehow behaves differently than at first, then you should pay attention to the condition of its main components.

  1. The engine is not running. Maybe the whole thing is just a non-activated start button. If the toggle switch is in the “on” position, you should inspect the candles: check the connection of the high-voltage wire, clean them from dirt or replace them completely. Another reason for a non-running engine is a closed valve in the fuel supply system or lack of gasoline in the fuel tank. Also, the engine will not start if the throttle is not adjusted properly. Another reason is the low oil level in the engine.
  2. Insufficient sales. Reason – closes the contact on the spark plug, the air filter is clogged or the air damper lever is closed; old, stale gasoline in the tank, irregularities in the carburetor adjustment.
  3. Strong vibration. This is caused by loose fasteners on the knives.
  4. The knives don’t turn. This is possible because clumps of dirt stick to it. A more serious reason is an unadjusted clutch cable.
  5. The engine stops. This is caused by a clogged air filter, the remaining gasoline in the tank before idle time, worn out spark plugs.
Motoko's Echo SRM-2305 Si. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Virginar M B-601 - Possible malfunctions

Motor block “Celina” MB-901

Motoblock heavy series, the most productive among those represented by the brand. According to the owners’ reviews, it is ideal for plots of 80 hectares or more. It has a wear-resistant design, suitable for daily use. Thanks to the reduction gear, the absence of belts in the drive and the multi-plate clutch, the power unit is not subject to frequent breakdowns and repairs.

Working characteristics:

  • PTO shaft for active implements;
  • competitive load capacity – 500 kg;
  • electric start;
  • lantern for the dark time of day;
  • Unpretentiousness to gasoline – AI-92 or AI-95.

owner reviews

We invite all readers of our online magazine to read the existing reviews or leave a comment on the presented models. At the forums dedicated to gardening tools, the owners of the Tselina models agreed that the main advantage is the Lifan engine, which has great power and efficiency.

Mikhail “I thought long and hard about which walk-behind tractor to choose and bought Tselina MB601 a year ago and I can’t get enough of the engine. High torque, starts quickly and has enough power to work the job site. Plowing was easy and quick. A problem arose after 2 months when the chain in the gearbox broke. However, the repair was carried out under warranty. A series of breakdowns spoils the overall impression – brakes are weak, you have to tighten them, the bracket for the car fell off twice, problems with the clutch belts.

Maxim “I’ve been working on Tselina 601 for a year. I saw a photo of the model and characteristics and decided to do it. The enema was carried out strictly according to regulations. The operation is intense. I carry many goods on a cart. I like that it starts with a half turn and has good maneuverability. Of the shortcomings – after 3 months the valve cover cracked and oil began to leak. Broken electric starter screw.

Overview of the model range of Motoblocks Lynx. Specifications, reviews

Valery “Motoblock Tselina MB-901 is an ideal solution for cleaning a personal plot. The engine runs like clockwork and starts with half a turn. A t-20 degrees it is better to replace the native oil with a seasonal one. The tread on the wheels wore out quickly, so I replaced it with a car. For ice, I welded the tracks myself and the two-wheel tractor became more stable.

Virgin Ground NMB-603 engine block. Review, features, reviews

Motoblock Tselina NMB-603 is a more advanced version of the NMB-601 model. The power of the engine installed in this device is 6.5 hp.

Motoblock Virgin Ground NMB-603

Motormark – Lifan (Chines e-Building). The engines of this brand gather in the factory and are among the most reliable and durable. The engine cools cool by blowing with cool air. Type of bubble: forced.

Cooperation of the Virgin model NMB-603

Protective wheels of the pneumatic protective wheels

In contrast to some analogues, the virgins NMB-603 are not equipped with grinders. The manufacturer recommends using the “goose legs” or six core mills for the walk tractor block (506 mm, 375 mm). The attachments for the cascade, NEVA or salute for this model are also suitable for this model.

Grind cutter 6 teeth cutter goose legs

The purpose of the virgin cuts of the NMB-603:
  • Agricultural work;
  • Community work;
  • Transport;
  • Cleaning;
  • Irrigation;
  • Working with a mowing;
  • Snow cleaning;
  • Plant root plants;
  • Collection of potatoes;
  • Sowing;
  • Crush food and be added to the floo r-top dressing for plants.

Technical characteristics

The advantages of the nung women cutting unit NMB-603 from other manufacturers: a reduced noise level and a small amount of harmful substances in exhaust gas. It can use a walk at places of common stay: parks, gardens, land cooperatives.

Properties of the virgin cutting unit NMB-603:
  • The dimensions of the device: length 110 cm, width 50 cm, height 90 cm taking into account the handle.
  • The weight of the structure is 100 kg.
  • The diameter of the engine cylinder is 68 mm.
  • The number of revolutions of the engine is 3600 per minute, the volume is 196 cm.
  • Gear gear, entry of a engine device – manual.
  • Wheels in size 4.00-10.
  • If desired, you can install wheels with a larger diameter.
  • The total number of programs: 4, of which vice versa – 1.
  • Retrifying oil: for petrol engines, 4 lines. The oil must be selected in the season in the season, hal f-synthetic or mineral – in summer.
  • Petrol: AI-92, AI-95.
Motor cultivator NEVA MK-100. Overview, rules of operation

Application and device

Features of the device of the virgin cuts of the NMB-603:

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Simplicity in operation;
  • Low noise and moderate vibration during operation;
  • operated with weakened devices of Russian motor vehicles;
  • Electricity is sufficient to work in areas up to 80 acres;
  • the use of reliable materials when creating a machine, hig h-quality assembly;
  • The turned handle is regulated and two provisions are accepted;
  • Stability, the presence of a transport bike;
  • There is a pen (in front of the housing, directly above the transport bike);
  • Operation in the range from minus 5 to +35 degrees;
  • Load capacity up to 400 kg;
  • Moderate fuel costs – 395 g/kW/hour;
  • Reliable Lifan 168F engine.


According to the operating instructions, the device may only contain a fully assembled and finished form. The assembly and the first start are also carried out in accordance with the instructions: This document must be saved throughout the life of the machine.

Important! Duration of runnin g-in: at least 5 working hours.

The duration of the continuous operation without switching off the walk-in wing can be 4-5 hours. Then the device must be switched off for 15-20 minutes.

The virgin device is virgin

The NMB-603 is supplied from the system of the virgin countries with an already seasoned oil gear. It is necessary to add oil if it is consumed. A complete exchange is carried out at least once all 100 mothers. Recommended by the manufacturer’s oil: speechol or an oil for petro l-fou r-stroke engines taking into account the operating season.

Video review

Checking the Virgin model NMB-901 with technical parameters similar to the properties of the NMB-603

owner reviews


“I acquired this Motobloc k-Jungfra u-and immediately decided to redesign it for myself. It came to the conclusion that they had to put a ratchet on the bike. He refused to use the opposite and equipped both wheels with rattles. And now the curve can take place in any direction. My personal opinion is that the back movement of this kind and even with a connected connected person is very harmful and not required at all. I go to the field with him on rubber wheels and then I change it. According to the properties and the strength, it is needed! I recommend everyone: Don’t be afraid and buy our walks, the Russian meeting is good. “


“It was difficult to adapt to the first with this unit to make Pflugman. Then it went easier. I bought Zykov’s plow and I don’t know of any grief. The car as a whole is mediocre, I plan to take something out of the same series in a year, but for more horses. “

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