Review of hinge devices for engine blocks Agro

Review of hinge devices for engine blocks Agro

These devices are representatives of heavy professional motoblock. High reliability and performance are seen as distinctive features of Agro. At the same time, the designers managed to maintain simplicity in operation.

The mass of the motor blocks of the Agro is 160 kg, thanks to this they have increased traction and are better able to cultivate the soil. These devices perfectly show themselves during agricultural work, both in small areas and on large agricultural plots.

Motoblocks have gained great popularity thanks to a variety of compatible attachments. Let’s look at each look in more detail.


In the summer and spring period, a big problem is the rapid growth of weeds that need constant picking.

To keep the site in reasonable condition, an Agro motblock with a mower is perfect. They come in two types: rotary and segment.

Segmented mowers are two rows of sharp teeth moving in a horizontal plane. These models can cut not only grass, but also small shrubs. But the minus is the fact that they can only work on a flat surface.

Separate rotor roto r-dawn for motobloks

Rotor braids work due to three blades rotating and cutting the grass. This type is more popular and used much more often, since they can work on an inclined surface. After mowing, the grass is behind the mower in an even layer, and if desired, such attachments can be prepared for a large amount of hay for the winter.

Press Catraerer

After the grass has been beveled, it needs to be assembled.

This helps the Agro motorcycle unit along with the press as a collection – with a special mounting device that selects mowed hay or logs and directs them for further pressing.

The press composers are of two types: rolled and global.

Rolled models wrap the mass into round bales and the heat is tapped and compressed into a rectangular shape.

Knyasp Work Press Collection on video:

The hay compressed by the baler takes up much less space and this is very convenient in terms of transportation, storage and further use in winter.

This is the simplest hanging equipment for plowing the soil. The plow is a plug that falls into the ground and cuts the top layer of soil to increase fertility. It is used in spring (before sowing) and in autumn (after harvesting to harvest weeds).

Sushnik WIP plow plow standard PM-1

There are two modifications of plows for the Agro motoblocks:

Such a model cuts the lower layer of soil and simply throws it to the side.

Such plows are additionally turned over and mixed with the soil on the lemeha before discarding. This effect is achieved due to the special shape of the revolutionary plow. It is made in the form of a pen. Therefore, the soil first rises to the plow plow plug, and then falls to the ground.

Frasen are a cultivator

When working with heavy virgin lands, it is recommended to treat the soil deeper, since fertile lands are located below.

The plow does not deal with such a task, but with the milling cutter – the cultivator works perfectly. The depth of the land extension with a milling cutter can reach 30 cm. The difficult to wal k-Tractoragro can do this task without any problems.

Mildew on roses and other colors

Soiline are installed instead of pneumatic bikes.

Cutter’s sabe r-pushed grinding cutter hussian paws floor

In the classic form, the grinding cutter is made in the form of a saber that enters the ground and loosens. If you fail, a cultiva part can be easily replaced by a new one, since the saber mill consists of several parts.

Another version of the cultivator is “goose legs”. This means that several steel rods with triangles at the end are welded on the strap. This model carries out the ground grinding deeper.


All residents of rural areas and owners of suburban cottages looked like the planting of potatoes. This is a long process that is carried out by the usual family. If you have an AGRO block block, this is no longer a problem.

There are special potato räsiden under the line of the fastening equipment for the AGRO Motor note. They enable them to minimize it mechanically to minimize manual workers and potatoes.

The process of planting potatoes with potato residents in the following video:

The potato is a large tank in which potatoes fall asleep. A plow that makes the ditch under the landing is forward.

Potatoes are delivered from the tank with a strip method. The sponsor contains special baskets over the same interval to record and submit fruits.

At the end of the landing, the ditch falls asleep with two disc cakes (around them a little later).

This adhesive equipment is simply indispensable for owners of large areas.

Potat o-capt.

It is not enough to plant only potatoes, it must also be dug out of the ground after maturation. To do this with a shovel, if you have an agros motor block, is at least inappropriate.

Some owners of these devices use a plow to dig root plants. The plow is exhibited in a row and when driving potatoes throws from the floor to the side. But there is a big minus. If you express it wrong, there is a great risk of cutting potatoes and putting it into expression.

Special assembly devices for this task are a potato drop.

The work of the potato cutting edges is presented here:

The Roar options for this attachment are the most popular.

There is an active knife forward that selects the floor and leads it to a coat. During operation, it vibrates, which broken the clumps of the earth and only left fruits on the surface.

At the end of the work, only root plants remain on the surface on the surface.


How to plant and put together potatoes for this is necessary to be careful and fit.

The AGRO motor block will help together with the censorship course with the implementation of these works.

The hip has the shape of two slices that are fixed on the frame and turn freely. When you immerse yourself in the floor, start turning with potatoes and peeling the floor in beds.

The angle of inclination and the position of the windows are adjustable so that you can configure the cakes for working with any website.

Electrical or gas milling- what should you choose?

The angle of inclination and the position of the windows are adjustable so that you can configure the cakes for working with any website.

If you don’t have Hiller, but two plows, then you can finish. However, caution is required, because the Agro singl e-axle tractor is heavy and the plow must not sink deep into the ground. In this case you can dig out the potatoes before ripening.

Snow mill and plow

For many owners, the Agro singl e-axle tractor stands quietly in the garage in winter and is waiting for the beginning of spring and the start of work. In this case, the snow is manually removed with a shovel.

Motoblocks were created for the maximum automation of manual work and you have to use them.

A snow blower helps with snow removal.

The snowman is rotary

These are special shovels in which there is a pulley that shovels the snow and leads to the rotor. It turns and throws the snow aside through the shaft. Thanks to the high performance of the hand-led agro tractors, the snow cover can be thrown 10-15 meters. This distance is sufficient to clean a large area.

Dumpe for a wal k-Tractor

If you don’t want to buy snow blower, you can use a normal sign and attach it to an angle. As a result, the snow is repeatedly thrown to the side.

The sign can also be used in the construction industry when distributing the embankment of sand and gravel.

Bikes for Motoblock Agro

By default, the singl e-axle tractor with air tires in size is sold 6.0 x 12 inches. For normal operation, the pressure in the wheels should be 0.8-1.2 kgf / cm 2. Do not inflate tires because the agro singl e-axle tractor is heavy and may not withstand excessive pressure.

It is also important to ensure that the pressure in the wheels should be the same. Otherwise the agro on e-axle tractor constantly leads in one direction.

With these devices, coupling problems are extremely rare. When working with heavy soils, however, it happens that the device slips over the surface. In this case, it is recommended to replace the air tires with port birds.

This is a disc welded with steel sheets that penetrate safely into the ground when driving and increases the gravity.


Another way to solve the coupling problem is to replace the wheels with chains. A special caterpillar cultivation device is sold for the hand-led agro tractor.

You can change tires for tracks, and in this case the traction area of ​​the machine increases with the floor.

Caterpillar module for a walk tractor

Caterpillars are particularly relevant when using the AGRO singl e-axle tractor in winter when the device slips on dense snow or ice cream. This problem is not observed in caterpillars.


Almost all of the work while standing is carried out on the agro singl e-axle tractor. It is physically very hard. The owners buy adapter to make this work easier.

This is a simple seat that is mounted on a frame and enables you to control the hand-led agro tractor while sitting.

On the back, all tools are connected to the adapter.

If you have a large area, it is difficult to forego this device.

Review of the Caiman Vario 70S TWK+Walk behavior tractor. Features, reviews

The video shows the operation of the AGRO singl e-axle tractor with plow and adapter:

Small tractor of Motoblock Agro

If the adapter is not sufficient, you can turn the hand-led agro tractor a full mini-tractor with your own hands. These machines have a hig h-performance engine that can not only set the attachment device, but also the design of the mini tractor.

In the forums there are many descriptions of various options to assemble a min i-tractor. Starting with the simplest to complex design solutions. Before you start the renovation, you need to study the drawings and kinematic diagrams of the hand-led Agro tractor.

To produce a homemade mini tractor, you need:

  • engine and transmission (we leave the old walk-behind tractor);
  • bridge (can be taken from Moskvitch);
  • 80 channel for the frame;
  • Steering block and hubs (can be taken from VAZ).

These are standard parts that have already been tried and tested many times. A large number of home-made mini-tractors were made from them. So we recommend using them.

It must be understood that the conversion of the walk-behind agro-tractor into a mini-tractor takes a lot of time and effort, and also requires certain skills in handling metal and equipment.

owner reviews

On the forums there are a large number of owner reviews about the operation of the agro walking tractor.

Attachments for engine blocks Agro. Properties, application, mini tractor from Motoblock

Motoblock “Agro” or “Agros” is very popular among farmers. The reason for this is the high-quality assembly, durability and functionality. Agro and Agros are two names for the same model.

Motoblok Agro

This walk-behind tractor is the development of a plant in Ufa – Ufa MPO. Agros have been produced in Ufa since 1998, shortly after the start of production the model was called Agro, but farmers know it by both names.

Which model should be used as a basis?

The power of “Agro” is 8 hp. or 5.8 kW, has gained great popularity for many reasons, the most important of which are the build quality, Russian production, as well as the high quality of the parts from which the walk-behind tractor and high power are made.

The motoblock is equipped with a UMZ-341 carburetor engine (4 cycles, 1 cylinder, fuels with gasoline). In terms of power and performance, the engine is similar to the Honda GX240.

UMZ-341 engine gasoline engine HONDA GX 240

Due to the high performance and the good traction performance, the Agro single-axle tractor is a popular basis for conversion to a mini tractor. Since the manufacturer has only one model in the Agro line, it is used as the basis for creating a mini-tractor. The weight of the walk behind tractor is 160 kg.

Equipment of this weight can withstand many additional structures – a pair of wheels, a frame, a driver’s seat and the weight of the driver himself.

Farmers who have converted a two-wheel tractor into a mini tractor on their own also recommend using weights with an average weight of up to 40 kg.

We bring to your attention a video about the walk-behind agro-tractor converted into a homemade mini-tractor:

If you have experience with similar conversions and modernizations of your garden tools, you can put a link to your video in the comments to this article.

STIHL 141 C-Q: Technical data, safety and operating instructions

What is required to turn a walk behind tractor into a mini tractor?

To make a mini-tractor with your own hands, you will need not only the walk-behind agro-tractor, but also a certain set of additional components, namely:

  • welding device;
  • wheels (you can use wheels from VAZ 2106);
  • driver’s seat or car seat;
  • Steering wheel;
  • steel profiles, steel sheets;
  • fasteners (screws, nuts, angles);
  • grinder with discs “for metal”;
  • electric drill;
  • hammer and other tools;
  • bearings, bushings;
  • metal pipes of the required diameter;
  • hubs with brakes.

School of a home made Min i-Atractor by Motoblocks

This diagram is not a direct guide to action, but an approximate drawing for creating a design of your own making.

Minitor from Wal k-Behaviou r-Traktoragro

Overview of attachments for engine blocks “Agro”

The walk behind agro tractor, considering its power, can be used with a variety of additional attachments for tasks such as ploughing, cultivating, harrowing, mounding, mowing grass, planting and harvesting potatoes, transporting goods or crops.

Read more: Review of the Plowman MZR-820 motoblock. Technical characteristics. Device. User Guide

Working with such heavy equipment such as a press collector or a caterpillar prefix is ​​allowed. In addition, we will take into account more details with which the adhesive devices can be operated by the agricultural walk behavior tractor.


You can use these models of mowers with the AGro Motor note: Rotor Forza FZ-1RM, RM-1, Dawn; Console KN 1.1 to m/b “Agro”, hard drive DAWN-1. It can connect the mower that are suitable for NEVA, Cascade, Greetings, Oka and Siels from other Russian engine blocks.

Rotorrotor Forza FZ-1RM with Rotor Dawn with combined KN 1.1

Snowman, dump, brushes

The AGRO motorcycle unit is combined with such types of snow pock and cleaning devices:

Snow removal nozzle for sweeping machines (width 55.8 cm, outlet area of ​​11 m), motor block-forza-BM (width 100 cm, height 40 cm), engine block dumplings of 1 m and a knife angle 30 degrees, dumplings with a caterpillar prefix, dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, dumpling s-Crebk, SHCHRMM-1 rotor brush, motor block brush-pin-09 Tornado, snow removal machine SMB-1M-021, snow-outer rotor SM-0.6 megaladon.

Snowman Forza brush shchrmm-1 jar with a gunper prefix.

You can use devices that are compatible with the KADWI, MB-2 and 1 Motoblocks, Greetings, Lander, Favorites, Neva, Cascade.


Cigns models for the aggregation with the Agros Motor note: the swing Tinker is classic, the width of the recording is 420 mm. Motoblock Hip RM-1. You can use cakes that are installed on the engine blocks of Kadwi, MB-2 and 1, Salute, Lander, Favorit, Neva, Cascade.

Cinch hip circuit disc double cinch

Frases, cultivating

Possible options for cutters and cultivating for the agro motor block: the cutter “goose” is classic, the mill cultivator CHF 40,000.1 with dimensions of 318 × 420 mm, diameter 34 cm; Frasure cultivator of Pr.30,000.1, integrated soil size 61 cm wide. The use of soil and Swedish is permitted by Polish production.

Cutter Hussian Paws milling cultivator Soilofrez

Models of plowing for the aggregation with agros: a G-power connector, a motor block PM-1 case with a border width of up to 215 mm, the dimensions of the 535 × 310 × 410 mm, the motor block PM-1 and the bracket, a plow made of structural steel; The motor block-Anm-4-assembled type with a planter depth of 220 mm, p1-20 plow, a series of cigarettes with two rows and plow, PN plow with a capture width of 200 mm.

Overview of the petrol-and-axle tractor foreman GT 710 SK. Video of work, properties, reviews

Standard standard PM-1 Pnm 1-20 plow PN-1-20MB

Agro is also combined with plowing for OKA, NEVA, UGRA, cascade, greeting, Kadvy.

Press calculation

Models of press recipients for the Walk-Hindt-Auto driver “Agro: Press Collector PP-80/70 80 cm wide; Rolonnoye collection of PR-50” Cossack “, Press Collection Press; Rolling SIPMA PS-1210 Production of Poland; 9YK-8050 unit and others, suitable for engine blocks with a capacity of more than 7 hp.

Press the collection of the PRP-80/70-press roller P-50 “Cossack” spokesman Rolonnoye Collection SIPMA PS-1210 (Poland)


Options for adapters for AGRO: Universal, with an operator seat such as the AM-2 or TP-1500 as well as all adapters for engine blocks with a capacity of 3 kW. Other models of carts with seats and adapters: Forza-M motor block adapter with a load capacity of up to 400 kg; a trailer for the Forza-1 motor blocks with a load capacity of up to 500 kg; A trailer for the engine blocks of the Forza-6 Economy Class; Cock of Forza-2, Forza-3 “Universal”, the Forza-5 supporter for the agro engine unit; Front Block adapter Forza; Pun-2 trailer (APM-350); Freight pendant PMG300-1; Tag print TPM-350-1.

Adapter front AM-16 with a body adapter Walk-Block Forza-M TPM-350-1 trolley


Caterpillars (another name – GoSyanka or Caterpillar consoles) can be used in winter to improve the ability of the engine block to cross in the snow and to clean the territory from snow blocks.

One of the universal models for heavy motoblocks: the Caterpillar consoles “Lynx”, “Ant”, “Buran”, Talon 380, Talon WT, as well as Polish and Chinese snowmobile modules.

Motoblock Caterpillar console “Buran” cleaning prefix lynx wheel for a walk-on tractor 5.00-12


The dimensions of the wheels for “Agro”: 4.00-8, 5.00-10, 4.00-10, 5.00-12, 6.00-12. Wheel manufacturers: DTZ, Delitire, Sosoon and others.


Models of potatoes for engine blocks “Agro: potato conveyor KST3-AMT per 3 buckets; Single-row potato resident KS-1 with a bunker volume of 40 l.; Potato resident KST-1A Tomarovka; Saganda Kadvyk with a bunker volume of 33 liters.

Potato Resident KS-1 Potato Resident KST-1T Potato Vibration Techno

Potat o-Cap

Recommended Excavation Models: VM-1 Potato Capital, Potato Capital. 01.0433.000 / KNM, Vibration Trench Techno, Classic Bigger; Signer VM-1 (Kadwi); Potat o-Capt. agro.

Video review

Video about the Agro Motornote with a revolutionary plough

Video about the Agro Motornote with the tiller cutter – processing the site for planting potatoes

owner reviews


“I saw the video about changing the tractor’s walk behavior. Very impressive! I myself don’t have that much knowledge in locksmiters and mechanics to modernize the tractor for the walk. But I will say it, since 2007 I have been using my Agro and if suddenly it becomes unsuitable for work I will buy the same only for it. This is a really cool technique.

Advantages: heavy, powerful, copied with each work, good carrying capacity. How he helped me! After buying it, I forgot what it is like to break every joint from working in the garden. The seasonal nightmare turned into a joy that probably every farmer gets when looking at their website.

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