Review of cutters, cultivators and harrows for MTZ power tillers

Cutters, cultivators and harrows for MTZ. models from the manufacturer. Homemade devices

Cutters on a walking tractor MTZ is one of the most effective devices for plowing the soil after winter, weeding, loosening the soil and mixing fertilizers with the soil. Feature of the design allows effective plowing of wet soil.

The tiller creates homogeneous soil, the upper, dense layer is mixed with the lower, wet layer. The main purpose of the tiller is loosening, so on already tilled soil the result is almost imperceptible and the work is ineffective.

models from the manufacturer

Minsk tractor plant produces not only machines, but also additional equipment for them. Officially presented rototiller for MTZ 09H is model FR-00.010. You can see in the photo that it is made in a classical style with saber-shaped blades. The advantage is that it can plow the ground with a slope up to 10°. The knives are in a closed box, which protects the operator from flying clods of dirt.

Grinding cutters Fros F R-00.010

Production at the MTZ branch, which is located in the city of Smorgon, so the devices are also called Smorgon. Versatility of design, proven by years of consumer use, is confirmed by the fact that the shape of the blades is optimal for the most effective mixing of the upper and lower layers of soil.

Floor tillers with Belarus-09N MTZ power tiller FR-00010

Cutter FR-00010 advantages
  • 12 cm long farm blade;
  • Robust Smorgon rototiller body prevents clods from scattering;
  • Compact size and weight of 50 kg;
  • Travel speed of the tractor with this attachment is 2-3 km/h.
  • It is possible to adjust the width of the cutter by adding or removing design elements.

Third-party analogues

Alternatives to FR-00010 are presented in the agricultural market, but when buying, you should pay attention to the possibility of aggregation with the walking tractor MTZ-09H. The similar variant was developed and successfully produced at the Lida mechanical plant in Lida. Accordingly, it has received a national name – Lida tailor.

 Fros FR -.00010 (mechanical system Lida)

All working characteristics are the same as in the branded cutter FR-00010, but the length of the blades is slightly less and is only 8 cm.

Self-made devices

If you have the necessary tools and materials, it is quite easy to make a soil cutter yourself. And its main advantage is that its cost is much less than buying a new one. In addition, the quality of the assembly depends on the efforts of the master.

The design of the floor cutter is simple, and its assembly does not cause difficulties. The photo schematically shows all the necessary elements.

Motblock tailor module

In addition to the cutter with saber-shaped knives, there is a modification called “crow’s foot”. The model is relatively new, but also successful. The difference lies in the appearance when small plates, similar to paws, are attached to the ends of the knives. They also create looseness and snag the soil. On agricultural forums, craftsmen talk about how and what you can assemble knives from.

Time for your first mowing! Will your mower stand the test?

Below is a video overview of working with a homemade rotator

Video review

Below is a video review of assembling a cutting plotter

Video assessment demonstrating plowing a garden with a router

Owner reviews

Below you’ll find owner reviews of working on a walk-behind tractor with branded cutters


The Soilofrez cutter was purchased at the same time as the recreational tractor for plowing on the property. Great design that has not changed much over time. Nothing to break here, so I’ve been working for a year.


Soilofrez is clearly not suitable to work on the virgin soil. The walking tractor jumps and doesn’t want to cut into the ground. But this device is perfect for soft and wet soil. That’s why I go over the vegetable garden first with the plow, and then I do milling.

Cultivation and hilling for MTZ

The use of cultivators and boron has a place if you want to prepare the garden for the sowing of agricultural plants. With the help of a cultivator for MTZ 09n power tiller you can perform the following works:

  • Gravel the ditch;
  • Mix the soil layers;
  • Loosen soil layers and soil;
  • Prepare the floor for planting;
  • Mix the floor with fertilizer;
  • Shake the sides;
  • Till the ground at the end of the harvest.

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From the manufacturer

A great solution for preparatory work on the plot is to buy an attachment from the Smorgon system, which is a cultivator and harrow in one model. The official name is KB-000.

Cultivation Harrow KB-100,000

Under the characteristics of the universal cultivator you can display the following:

  • Compact dimensions, of which D*H* is 60*160*50 cm.
  • Due to the fact that the recording width can vary from 80 to 150 cm, the owner can configure the device as he sees fit. The blade can be reorganized depending on the purpose of the work.
  • The depth of burial in the ground, which ranges from 3 to 10 cm, is also adjustable.
  • Thanks to the universal hitch, the attachments can be easily mounted on the tractor for walking behavior.
  • Versatile design that is effectively matched to the task at hand.

Third-party analogues

As an alternative to corporate culture, you can purchase a device from another manufacturer. For example, a suitable model can make “Mechanical Plant” Kherson company. On the way MTZ power harrow, which is called BP1-2.

Chetra T-20 bulldozer - description and properties

Harrow BR1-2

In appearance, the harrow is similar to the BR: 2 rows of sharp tines. However, the crumbling depth is only 2 cm, as the tines are immersed shallowly. This device pulls the soil well to the surface as well. The weight of the construction is small, thanks to the use of high-quality but lightweight materials of only 15 kg. A walking tractor with such an ego device can reach a speed of up to 4 km/h.

Self-made devices

If you pay attention to agricultural forums, you can see that the owners of power tillers do not want to spend money on buying cultivators, but would like to make them with their own hands. The design of the harrow is so simple that you can figure out what you can fix yourself.

You take a steel tube and weld a frame from it. With the help of fasteners, the handles are attached to the frame. Specialists who have tested this design argue that it is better not to use welding, as the construction will quickly fall apart. It is preferable to use screws.

When selecting the metal, it must be taken into account that it is constantly in a humid environment and is therefore subject to corrosion. The next step is to connect the clutch tubes to the frame. It can be welded. As you can see, the construction is simple and does not require much effort in the creation. Therefore, it is under everyone’s power.

Video review

Video review of the cb-000 cup compared with the homemade one

The following video shows a self-made cultivator and how to work with it

Owner reviews

In their ratings, numerous owners talk about the benefits of using an Eggen cultivator to prepare the ground for planting.


I bought a hand tractor with two couplers, to which I hook up a tiller and a plow. This saves a lot of time because the ground is first loosened with the plow and then the Eggen cultivator breaks up the bunches and the surface is laid. I bought someone else’s because I didn’t want to do it myself and didn’t have time. I can’t say anything bad about it. The weld holds up, all the fasteners are well dressed.


I can’t call myself a wimp, but it’s hard to handle a 150 kg MTZ axle tractor. And when I attach implements it is hard to manage. It plows well, but if I could change something, I would take a lighter tractor with manual control.

Review of cutters, cultivators and harrows for MTZ power tillers

Cutters are used for plowing, removing weeds from the ground, loosening the soil and even spreading fertilizer. It is recommended to use it in areas where crust was formed on the surface after the winter, and underneath there is a country with high humidity. During its work, the rototiller mixes it and creates uniformity. First of all, it performs loosening, so it is not recommended to use rototillers on loose soils.

Gasoline, manual or electric - which lawn mower to choose?

From the manufacturer

On the official website of the manufacturer MTZ-09H there is a rototiller FR-00.010.

Fros FR-00010 for MTZ motoblock

This is a classic saber rototiller, which can work on any sites with a slope up to 10°. It is produced by MTZ ZAZ in the city of Smorgon. That is why it is also popularly called SMORGON.

Its design has been tested for years, and it has been proven that this type of blade is the most reliable and effective for loosening the soil.

Properties of the FR-00010 cutter
  • The blade length is 12 cm, which is more than enough for high quality surface treatment;
  • Thanks to the protective hood, the soil does not fall out of the cutter and stays in place;
  • Weight of FR-00010 is 50 kg;
  • When working with heavy floors, the speed of the hand tractor with the redotiller installed is about 2 km / h, when working on light surfaces, it increases to 3 km / h;
  • The width of the working surface can be adjusted by installing additional SMORGON cutter blades. The standard version has 4, but it is also possible to install 6.

Analogue of

If you are not satisfied with the properties of earlier rototillers, you can look at analogues from other manufacturers and their offerings. However, it is worth considering the compatibility with the MTZ-09H manual tractor.

One such option is the Lida Schneider FNM-1. It is produced at the JSC “Lida foundry-mechanical plant”, which is known for its reliable products since Soviet times. In terms of its technical properties, it is identical to FR-00.010. But the only thing is that the processing depth is less. It is only 8 cm.

Homemade version

For MTZ-09H power tillers, you can make the rotator yourself. This will require some materials and labor. It will cost much cheaper than buying ready-made products. But also its reliability will be lower.

In addition to the standard saber cutter, there are also “crow’s feet”. This is a newer model, which works with steel rods, at the end of which are attached special plates in the form of feet, which capture and loosen the soil.

Homemade cutters for the MTZ hand tractor

On the forums you can find a lot of different tips on how best to assemble, what materials to use, how to connect, etc.

video rating

Working on the Belarus МТЗ-09N power tiller with milling machine ФР-00010

Working on Belarus MTZ-09N with milling machine Lida ФНМ-1

The garden is a retreat in the spring.


Here are some reviews from these forums about the work of a walking tractor MTZ-09N with a harvester.


“Despite all the disadvantages, Smorgon products have one big plus – the name. Your technique is capable of working in the most difficult conditions for decades. From the beginning of its production until today, there have been no significant changes.” There are plenty of ads online for parts and all sorts of repair and parts replacement manuals.


“I have a virgin and the mill was having a hard time dealing with it. It’s bouncing and everything. That’s right, I have clay with limestone. And you just have to work it first with a plow, and then with a milling machine. Finally, I dig holes for fruit trees with a crowbar.

Cultivators and harrows

The harrow-cultivator is considered to be a highly effective equipment for the walking tractor MTZ-09H. It performs preparatory work when planting plants. In particular, harrow-cultivator for MTZ-09 caterpillar tractor allows: loosen and level upper soil layer, conduct preparatory works, remove roots of weeds, fertilize soil, harrow, cultivate soil after harvesting.

Harrow KB-000,000 for motor-block MTZ-09H

From the manufacturer

Smorgon factory offers its buyers two at once: a cultivator and a harrow. This subject is called KB-00000.

Features of the KB-00.000 harrow-cultivator
  • Its dimensions are 60 cm in length, 160 cm in width and 50 cm in height;
  • The working width can vary from 80 to 150 cm, which allows to adjust the harrow-cultivator for a walking tractor MTZ in the desired working area. If you need more precise harrowing between trees or bushes, the knives are set next to each other, and if the work is more voluminous, further away;
  • The penetration depth of the cultivator is adjustable from 3 to 10 cm;
  • Very high productivity, with its help it is possible to process about 6000 m 2 / h;
  • The cultivator is attached to the MTZ two-wheel tractor with a universal hitch. This allows it to be securely fastened for the entire period of work;
  • It is a simple design, which has passed the functional test of time. There is nothing superfluous in it, but at the same time it copes with its task on any soil, whether it is clay or hard.
Review of the KB-00.000 cultivator harrow for the MTZ hand tractor

Analogue of

The company of Kherson JSC “Mechanical Plant” offers its own version of the harrow for the walking tractor MTZ – BR1-2.

Harrow БР 1-2 for motor-block МТЗ-09Н

The characteristics of the harrow BR-00.000
  • This harrow, like the KB-00.000, has two rows of teeth. However, their working depth is less, only 2 cm, which is enough for the processing of average surfaces. It is not recommended for large areas.
  • This is a lightweight design, which weighs only 20 kg. In the production of Harlower BR 1-2 for MTZ Motonot high quality materials and components were used, which prevents mechanical damage.
  • By aggregating the harrow with the MTZ Motor note it is possible to carry out work at speeds of up to 4 km/h.
  • The dimensions of this harrow are smaller than the K B-00 000 and are 29 cm long, 165 cm wide and 40 cm high.
Overview of the list of the Varangians. Features, reviews

Homemade version

It is not necessary to buy a cultivator from the factory, you can make it yourself. This will require some materials and gripes. After all, the design of the cultivator is simple, and anyone who knows how to handle metal can be ready to make it.

Diagram of harrow for MTZ Moto-Block made at home

To make a cultivator, it is enough to take a square steel tube. Create a frame from it and connect it with screws with handles that go into the ground. It is recommended to use exactly a threaded connection, since welding is not as practical, and the louvers can cancel on external hard objects.

An important element is that the metal is not susceptible to corrosion. After all, it has to work with high humidity.

Next, a pipe is welded to the L-shaped coupling frame and the appropriate holes for the coupling are made. These are such simple steps are taken by the cultivator with their own hands.

video rating

Earth cultivation with a cultivator Belarus


Here are a few forums on the work of cultivators with Motorola MTZ.


“I have an undercarriage with a Honda engine. And an important nuance is having 2 tracks on the tractor for undercarriage behavior. And one of them can be adjusted for a harrow, the other for a plow. The hitch is presented with other power tillers, and if you work on a plot, to replace them required a lot of time and effort. Now all you have to do is remove the pin, pull out the plow, install the harrow, and insert the pin. That’s it! No need to carry around a whole set of wrenches and screwdrivers. When I was buying a walking tractor, I was also offered to buy a Soilofreza along with it. But then I didn’t take it financially, too expensive. And now I realize I don’t need it. I drove it once – plowed it a second time – sorted it, and the result is the same. “


“MTZ, of course, a reliable power tiller, but very difficult. When performing a crushing experience, you need to put a lot of force. After all, the MTZ weighs more than 150 kg. And the strength of it is great. In this case, there is no such powerful equipment. And at this point I envy my neighbor with his 85 kg owl. “” “”

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