Review of chainsaws. Rating, best models, test results

The best chainsaws for home and garden

At the beginning of the last century, felling wood was a complex and labor-intensive process, but the production of the first chainsaws began in the 1920s. Since then, technical progress has not stopped, and today there are many different models. So that you can choose a good chainsaw, which is in no way inferior to its professional colleagues in quality and reliability, we have made an assessment of the best chainsaws for cottages and households, which included a variety of models from well-known manufacturers in this category.

  • The main criteria for choosing a chainsaw
  • chainsaw power
  • weight
  • fuel consumption
  • Additional criteria for selecting a chainsaw
  • Best inexpensive chainsaws (under 10,000 rubles)
  • 1 Partner P340S
  • 2. Echo CS-353es-14
  • Makita EA3202S-40
  • Best semi-professional chainsaws
  • 1. Echo CS-260TES-10
  • 2. Oleo-Mac 941 C-16
  • 3. Husqvarna 450e
  • 4. Stihl-MS 260
  • Best professional chainsaws
  • 1. Husqvarna 395XP
  • 2. Stihl-MS 661-28
  • 3. EFCO MT8200
  • What chainsaw is better to buy

The main criteria for choosing a chainsaw

Before you start buying a chainsaw, you need to decide what you want to use this tool for. It’s no secret that the cost of this type of tool is determined by a combination of factors such as performance, working time – i.e. class. Modern chainsaws are divided into three main classes:

  1. Domestic. These saws are ideal for gardening and light repairs.
  2. Semi-professional ones are used for more demanding jobs, including construction.
  3. Professional saws are the most powerful and reliable chainsaws designed for industrial cases.

chainsaw power

The performance of a chainsaw is directly related to the power of the engine. The maximum power of this gas device is 7 kW, which corresponds to 9 hp.Such saws are used when cutting firewood. The power of household devices does not exceed 2.5 hp, semi-professional devices are available with engines up to 3.5 hp, and professional devices have a power up to 6 hp.


Domestic devices with low power consumption weigh the least. An increase in the power of the saw is usually accompanied by an increase in the weight of the tool. The average weight of chainsaws ranges from 3 to 6 kg.

fuel consumption

Another aspect when choosing a chain saw is its fuel efficiency. Domestic products are the most economical, while professional products are more insatiable. The tank volume of a chainsaw is traditionally calculated for 40 minutes. Work, the larger the fuel tank of the model, the greater the fuel consumption.

Additional criteria for selecting a chainsaw

Other but important “little things” when working with chainsaws are:

  • Anti-vibration system. Its presence is necessary if you work with the tool for a long time.
  • Air filter. Protection against dust contamination ensures a longer life without premature repairs.
  • A reliable brake is an important criterion for tool safety. Depending on the manufacturer, you can be equipped with a vibration and test protection system, the so-called inertia brake.
  • The length of the rod determines the length of the cut. When selecting a tool, keep in mind that the linear size of the bar must match the performance of the saw.
  • Prolonged use of devices with low performance leads to their rapid failure.
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We’ll review chainsaws in each class and rank the best models according to user ratings.

Best inexpensive chainsaws (under 10,000 rubles)

Domestic – the most common class, which has minimal functionality, but is perfectly suitable for working at the cottage, in the garden and for small construction works. In addition, thanks to a small (400 to 1000 hours) resource, compactness and low weight, they are relatively cheap. If you are looking for a tool for budget needs, the consumer saw is the best value for money.

1 Partner P340S

Partner P340s

The Chinese Husqvarna chainsaw brand Partner P340S belongs to the domestic class and is designed for short-term gardening and construction work, as well as for making firewood. This inexpensive chainsaw is ergonomic and easy to use. It is equipped with a reliable braking system, has a level of vibration and noise that is rare for tools in this class, and features quality components and a good fit of parts.


  • Fuel prior suction greatly improves engine starting, especially in the cold season;
  • Lightness;
  • Anti-vibration system reduces the load on the hands of the operator;
  • Low consumption of fuel mixture.


  • Inaccurate fuel and oil quality;
  • There is no window to visually check oil and fuel residue;
  • There is a possibility of spontaneous loosening of the intake manifold fasteners during operation.

2. Echo CS-353es-14

Echo CS-353ES-14

Inexpensive but good chainsaw Echo CS-353es-14 is a great saw for chopping firewood in the country or at home for felling small trees. The carburetor heating allows you to use the Echo CS-353es-14 in winter. The steel springs and rubber dampers with which this model is equipped greatly reduce vibration during operation. The use of advanced Japanese technology combines maximum ease of use and high performance. Although it is made in China.


  • Ergonomic design;
  • Best performance in its class;
  • Easy and simple to start;
  • The presence of the air cleaning system G-Force allows you to clean the air filter less often.


  • Inconvenience when refilling;
  • Lack of a window to check the remaining fuel and oil.

Makita EA3202S-40

Makita EA3202S-40

The Makita EA3202S-40 chainsaw is a handy household chainsaw with a 1.81 horsepower engine. Easy starting thanks to electronic ignition and primer. This model has an active vibration damping system, a safety chain brake and a controlled oil pump. Unlike previous models of this manufacturer, there are almost no complaints from users. Within the budget saws tested, the Makita EA3203S-40 is one of the best chainsaws in the ranking. Although Makita is recognized as the best manufacturer of power tools, the brand’s gasoline tools are also worthy of attention.

No wires and no exhaust. Lawn care with batteries


  • Light weight; easy starting;
  • easy reach of the chain;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • large fuel tank capacity;
  • The ability to set the oil flow to the saw chain;
  • Best in its class for price and quality.


  • According to user reviews, the drawback is one – a sensitive start button, but this is rather a matter of habit.

Best semi-professional chainsaws

More serious tools include chainsaws of semi-professional or agricultural class. Models in this class have medium power and increased motor life. They are capable of working up to 5 hours a day, but with significant downtime. A good semi-professional saw will become an indispensable assistant in running a personal subsidiary or farm. Making firewood in the winter, construction and repair work, clearing the site of old trees – with all of this perfectly cope chainsaws of this class.

1. Echo CS-260TES-10

Echo CS-260TES-10

The simplest saw in the review Echo CS-260tes-10 is designed to work with any kind of wood. This chainsaw is light and handy, weighs only 2.9 kg, a special coating of the body increases durability. Thanks to its low weight, it can be used at height and safely perform the necessary work with one hand. Electronic ignition and easy start system allows you to work in all conditions. The oil pump has a professional program and feeds lubricant into the chain only when sawing. The power of the motor allows you to install a larger guide bar.


  • Lightness;
  • Small dimensions;
  • easy starting;
  • reliable operation;
  • Easy to work with one hand.


  • Monitoring user reviews complaints about this model did not find.

2. Oleo-Mac 941 C-16

Oleo-mac 941 C-16

One of the best all-purpose semi-professional saws, the Oleo-MAC 941 C-16 provides maximum productivity while working. Featuring a three-box clutch, chrome plated piston, and forged steel crankshaft and horns, the saws offer high reliability and features that bring them closer to the class of professional saws. Easy starting is made possible by an electronically controlled magneto, and an automatic oil pump ensures no oil consumption when idling. According to owners’ reviews, this is a quality, durable and comfortable chainsaw.


  • Powerful dual-lift engine;
  • Easy starting in all weather conditions;
  • Reliability;
  • Ease of operation.


  • High noise level;
  • Uncomfortable location of the chain tensioning mechanism.

3. Husqvarna 450e

Husqvarna 450e

Husqvarna saws are widely regarded as some of the best. Husqvarna chainsaws are no exception. This is one of the best semi-professional saws in terms of reliability and quality. Despite its low weight it has a rather powerful 3.2 hp engine. Ergonomic handle, quick access to the filter and spark plug (the cylinder cover is fastened on snaps), fuel level indicator and boom direction marker make the operator’s work with the Husqvarna 450E much easier.


  • Easy starting, even after long downtime;
  • Reliable components;
  • Business;
  • Good power delivery.


  • High price;
  • Expensive spare parts.
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4. Stihl-MS 260


The most popular chainsaw in the ranking e-STIHL MS 260 was in the leading position among semi-professional saws. Due to its versatility, strength and durability, it is deservedly popular among loggers and builders. Suitable for felling and construction work. With a relatively low weight, it has a good power reserve, which allows using it in any conditions during the day. Comes complete with 37 and 40 cm long bars, but its power allows for long bars up to 50 cm.


  • easy starting;
  • low vibration level;
  • high quality chain and tires;
  • easy maintenance and cleaning.


Best professional chainsaws

Professional saws are used for long periods of time in continuous operation, with high performance and reliability. The ability of such a tool to work 8 hours a day for many years is achieved through the use of durable, hard-wearing materials in its manufacture. These saws are primarily intended for felling trees on an industrial scale, but are also used in construction and large-scale logging.

1. Husqvarna 395XP

Husqvarna 395XP

Husqvarna 395XP professional saw is used for cutting hardwood. It has plenty of power and 7.1hp performance, yet it is lightweight for its class. The high engine torque provides fuel economy. It has an excellent anti-vibration system, an easy start and quick start function, and a centrifugal air cleaning system. The saw is equipped with an ergonomic handle for long hours of use that doesn’t tire your hands when you’re working.


  • adjustable oil pump;
  • Robust sump made of magnesium and aluminum alloy;
  • quick-release air filter bracket;
  • high power.


  • High noise level; operation without headphones is simply impossible.

2. Stihl-MS 661-28

STIHL MS 661-28

Stihl MS 661-28 chainsaw is designed for extreme loads, has high performance and power. This is the best model for cutting large-sized timber. This model is equipped with “slip-on” nuts for fixing the sprocket cover, which is very important when working in the woods. Anti-vibration system is of fairly high quality, the saw does not stress the body. The presence of the compensator ensures cost-effectiveness and continuous operation of the unit. The carburetor is heated, there is a switch for winter-summer modes.


  • power and high performance;
  • easy starting;
  • Single-lever control provides comfort during operation;
  • Effective antivibration system.


  • High price compared to competitors.

3. EFCO MT8200

EFCO MT 8200

Chainsaw from the Italian manufacturer EFCO MT 8200 is excellent for forest and construction sites, as well as for owners of country houses. The model is equipped with a decompressor, thanks to which even a novice can start the chainsaw. The controls are conveniently located on the handle of the saw. The cooling of the mechanism is improved thanks to the original electronic coil. The low weight and anti-vibration system ensure comfortable work.


  • easy starting;
  • easy operation;
  • reliability and durability.

We suggest you to watch an interesting video about how to choose a chainsaw correctly!

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What chainsaw is better to buy

We hope our review of the best chainsaw models for home and garden for 2022 will help you decide which tool to choose for work. In this category of gas tools, when choosing devices, our experts were guided by such parameters as reliability in operation, build quality, functionality, and most importantly – the reviews of users who have already had the opportunity to assess the quality of each chainsaw presented in the review .

15 best chainsaws

Rating of the best chainsaws 2021-2022: will the “Druzhba” win?

  1. Best chainsaws under 5000 rubles
  2. Best chainsaws for home and garden
  3. Best semi-professional chainsaws
  4. Best professional chainsaws

The mechanization of logging labor is not a new invention: the growing appetite for industry and construction, the cannon bear and axe, was satisfied in the late 1800s. Then the basic elements of the modern chainsaw were invented, which eventually assembled the saw chain, and in the early 20th century led to the tire and lightweight gasoline engine.

Much has changed since then, but the chainsaw’s design has retained time-honored features: a two-ton engine, a centrifugal clutch, and a sharp-toothed chain that rotates around the perimeter of the guide rail. But even with the age of this mechanism, when it seems that it has already been perfected, the choice of a reliable and convenient chainsaw can cause difficulties. Let’s try to understand what the market offers us today. We present the rating of the best chainsaws 2021 – early 2022, and we will tell you how to choose a chainsaw and what model is better to choose for home or cottage.

What is the best firm?

First of all, the most famous chainsaw brands come to mind: Husqvarna (which, by the way, started doing Rupers out of necessity – the demand for mopeds fell in the late 50’s, so they had to find a new use for two-stroke engines with small volume), Stihl. But it’s clear that in the affordable segment they have long become a way to reduce costs, and not always useful – the same problems with oil pumps in budget “quieters” have long been the voice of the factory. So we should not forget about Asian manufacturers “of the first link”: with sufficient budget Japanese Echo will be very interesting, Koreans will fit in less – Daewoo and Hyundai. Makita, which is officially a Japanese brand, actually sells German Dolmar saws under it and is also very interesting.

The Chinese brands of “lower connection”, including Mimic “for Europe” (like the same Huter) – only for occasional use at home or on the cottage – yes, they have chainsaws, but they can’t boast about the resource.

How to choose a chainsaw?

Of course, first of all, when choosing a chainsaw, the future “front of work” is taken into account. Amateur chainsaws, as a rule, small in volume and with a short bar, are designed only for occasional use in uncomplicated work around the house or at the cottage. Frequent use quickly exhausts the resource, and trying to set the bar is likely to lead to a noticeable overload of the engine. But such saws are simpler (the manufacturer can save on the strength of the nodes) and cheaper – that is, suitable only for their task. If the saw is planned to be used frequently, it is already worth thinking about the tool of the semi-professional segment – they usually do not differ much from popular amateur models in terms of power and the maximum length of the hoop. But they are more reliable: cheap cast sleeves are already being superseded by nikalium high-resistance cylinders that are more powerful than crankshafts. The bearings are more reliable – such a saw will not fall apart in a year if constantly used.

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Professional gasoline saws are created mainly for heavy work – here it is not uncommon that they are almost a meter long and are designed to shoot wood. The engines are just like them – powerful and with a very high service life, measured in four figures, but heavy. However, in this segment there are more compact models with tires around 40 centimeters – but they are still superior in terms of service life, not to mention purely “home” models.

The common problem of chainsaws of this class is vibration: A single-cylinder two-stroke at high rpm cannot vibrate by definition. Moreover, this problem concerns only the amateur segment, where the mass of the saw itself is less (and the heavier the saw, the more even the weak vibration, the engines to reduce the design simplified cheapened – especially if we are talking about “very Chinese” Pilas speak. But the vibration of the handles is a serious matter: the vibration disease is not a pleasant thing. In addition, the traditionally used engine suspension on the rubber handles has an unpleasant feature: rubber “hardens” in frost and it is transmitted to the hands Vibration is intensified It is not worth choosing a saw with increased vibration for temporary work, but for permanent use it will be a serious mistake.

Another useful thing when using the chainsaw occasionally is the presence of the manual fuel pump in the carburetor (primer), which may not be on the saw you like. But only with infrequent use, it makes it easier to start the saw after downtime and quickly fill the carburetor with fuel. Professional saws do not need this so much – with daily use, the carburetor does not have time to dry out, and due to the larger volume of gasoline, it is very effective.

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