Review of chainsaws and electric saws. Instructions, reviews

Review of chainsaws and electric saws. Instructions, reviews

The Russian company “Khoper” appeared in Volgograd in 1991. At that time, the main specialization of the company was trade in agricultural products. Later, in the early 2000s, the company began to produce motor blocks and other agricultural work. The power tillers came from a sponsor to be sold on the domestic market for several years, and then to be exported abroad.

Khoper Gardener Hoeper power tiller Khoper Trimmer Khoper

Choice of Hopper manufacturer:

  • electric saws;
  • Gasoline saws;
  • Motoblocs;
  • Snow Sea;
  • Trimmer and mower;
  • Car charger;
  • Sidewalk attachments.
The best models for electric saws and chainsaws s-hopper

Popular models from Electric Saw Hoper:

  • Electric magic hope PC-16/2000 chainsaw;
  • Electric magic hope PC-16/2400 P.

Electric saw Nadezhda PK-16 2400

Popular chainsaws y-hoper:

  • Cetting sockets 3816 farmer;
  • Cooper 5220 Farmer.

Cooper 3816

Scope of electric saws

The electric chainsaws of the Hooper are represented by the following models:

  • KHOPER PC-12/1000;
  • KHOPER PC-16/2000;

Electric saw Nadezhda PC-12 1000 Electric saw Khoper PTS-16 2000

  • KHOPER PC-16/2400 P.

The power range of electric saws is 1000-2400 watts. These tools can be used for domestic work, as well as semi-professional, requiring a longer operation.

Chainsaw installation

Current chainsaw models:

  • Hopper 4518; Farmer;
  • Hopper 5220;
  • Khoper 3816;

Chainsaw Khoper 4518 Farmer Khoper 5220

  • Hopper 3816 Farmer
  • Khoper 5220 Farmer.

Power of the chainsaw is in the range from 2 to 3.5 hp. Purpose: household.

The “Farmer” series is new, the power of the regular model and the new is identical.

Available for purchase “Farmer” series and conventional models.

Advantages of gasoline and electric saws Hopper:
  • high reliability of operation, availability of service centers throughout Russia and other countries;
  • The housing is made of heat-resistant plastic;
  • Easy access to the air filter;
  • Easy maintenance of both gasoline and electric tools;
  • Fuel pump for easy starting.
  • Efficient fuel consumption without exceeding (petrol saws);
  • Environmentally friendly and able to work in confined spaces (electric saws);
  • Decent technical characteristics, which are not inferior in their list to more expensive models of Swedish or German manufacturers.
Disadvantages of gasoline and electric saws Hopper:
  • Noisiness of gasoline units;
  • With intensive use of the domestic model may require rapid replacement of the chain.

Owner’s Manual

Description of rules for safe use of chain saws:

  • Operate the tool only when properly assembled and fill the unit with a fuel mixture high in gasoline (1:40 ratio).

Ratio of fuel mixture for chain saw

  • If you have not kept the chain saw with a full tank of fuel mixture, always refuel for long periods of inactivity.
  • The duration of continuous operation of a domestic model chainsaw with a hopper should not exceed 2-3 hours per day.

Description of rules for safe operation of electric saws:

  • Make sure that the electric cable is not damaged.
  • It is necessary to take breaks between the sawing process – 10 minutes of work and then 10 minutes of rest, longer work hours are also allowed, provided you use the device correctly.
Get ready for spring and choose cordless devices!


The spring for the SAWS Hoper works as follows:

  • The electric chainsaw is connected to a maximum voltage of 230 volts. The tool must not be used with a lower mains voltage.
  • Both types of devices should be cleaned regularly after each use (air filter cleaning if necessary).
  • Carburetor adjustments are made at a service center as long as the funnel is under warranty. Thereafter, the owner may perform adjustments no more than twice a year.

Construction of a chainsaw

  • The chain is sharpened with a special file, and if the chain is worn, it is replaced by a new one, suitable in the number of links and length.
  • The spark plug is replaced on average once every six months for light use with active operation. Once a month, if necessary, the primer is removed and the spark plugs are replaced.
  • The duration of the break is 2-3 hours, the power plant can be used without work, which gradually increases the intensity of work (remember about the breaks needed to cool the engine).

Main malfunctions and remedies

  • overheating

Cause: Too much use. Remedy: Take short breaks between working sessions.

  • Does not start or stops after starting

Cause: Fuel filters are clogged, low fuel quality or sudden increase in line. Remedy: Clean filters, use high quality gasoline and oil or check that the power grid is working properly.

Video review

Hopper PC 16/2000 electric saw review

Power saw Kettensä k-Hooper 4518 overview

Reviews of owners

Nikolay, Rostov:

“An excellent option from the Budget. Despite the fact that many are used to look for flaws in domestic equipment, I believe that every brand has successful and unsuccessful models. About “Khoper” I can say that the saws work and do an excellent job. I have experience using motor blocks of this manufacturer: workhorses, with competent work show themselves perfectly.”

Roman, Chernigov.

“The second year I have a chainsaw Nadezhda 4518: Advantages: Starts easily, works well. Once I had to replace the chain, but I damaged it through ignorance, I had no experience. Now I use it carefully, according to the instructions. Cons: noisy, pretty heavy. “

Hopper gasoline and electric saws. Preparing for work in the company. reviews

In the network, you can find information that the company “Khoper” was founded in Volgograd in 1991, where devices under this brand are produced. However, this does not quite correspond to reality. Indeed, in 1991, a company with that name appeared in a city on the Volga, but it was engaged in investment projects and went down in the history of Russia as one of the most scandalous financial pyramids.

5 reasons to buy a lawn mower

Whether the manufacturer of gardening tools is this project, we do not know. However, it is safe to say that the “Nadezhda” chainsaw, like other brand-name equipment, is made in China. In addition, the manufacturer’s official website states that Hope is a Chinese brand. It is worth noting the extremely wide range. In the catalog of there are various models of gasoline and electric saws, power tillers, power equipment and other power tools.

It is worth noting a fairly high quality of electric and chain saws. They are made at the factory under the control of foreign specialists using imported components. At the same time, the company’s management maintains a fairly balanced price guide.

Today you can buy a Hoper chainsaw at a price of 3,500 rubles.

Features of the Hoper model:
  • High-quality chainsaw assembly using Western European and Japanese components;
  • High reliability of the tool, long overhauls and good maintenance;
  • Extensive network of service centers, large quantity of original spare parts in the market.

Chopper Chainsaw Replacement

Today we find only four chainsaws of this manufacturer on the company’s list. You can get acquainted with the functions and technical characteristics by reading the following section of our review.

Hopper 3816 NEW. Universal chainsaw of the household class has gained popularity due to its high performance and high-quality assembly. Thanks to the relatively low weight (net 4.8 kg) and a fairly high power (2.0 hp), this tool can be used both at home and in industrial production. The chainsaw is equipped with a 400 mm guide bar and a 57-tooth saw chain. The vibration is carried out by four modern shock absorbers, the starting of a cold engine is facilitated by the presence of the Primer.

Today the new model 3816 is available on the official website of the manufacturer at a price of 3500 rubles.

Hopper 4518 NEW. This Chinese manufacturer has seen the light of another popular model of a universal household. The tool can be used for various repair and construction works, cutting firewood, cross and longitudinal sawing of wood. The saw is equipped with a powerful 3.0 hp two-stroke engine, which allows the use of eighteen custom tires and a 72-member saw chain. Operator comfort is ensured by the ergonomic, well-designed body and the vibration system consisting of four shock absorbers. The chainsaws are adjusted so that they work in low temperatures. It is better to start a cold engine with a primer.

Note the attractive price of the 4518 new – 3,735 rubles.

Hopper 5220 NEW. A completely new model, which immediately became one of the touches of sales. The chainsaw is equipped with a modern high-powered 3.4 hp engine and a saw unit with a 20-inch guide bar and a 3/8-inch chain. This engine and cutter configuration allows you to use the saw for construction and repair work, sawing wood, making firewood and felling trees. The chainsaw is equipped with an effective multiple vibration damping system, a metal head and a primer that facilitates starting a cold engine.

Today, the model HOPER 5220 is available in domestic online stores at a price of 3,870 rubles.

Hopper 3816 Bauer. The most popular model in the manufacturer’s lineup. This powerful semi-professional chainsaw can be used for various heavy works. The saw is powered by a 2.0 hp high-speed two-stroke engine. Comes with a 16-inch guide bar and a 57-link saw chain. The model is equipped with a quick-start starter and manual fuel venting, making it easy to start the engine at low temperatures. Note the economy of the engine, while the manufacturer has taken care of the roomy fuel tank (0.55 l). Now you no longer have to turn off the engine to refuel the saw. The vibration damping system includes the installation of four shock absorbers on damper springs.

On the manufacturer’s website semi-professional chainsaw Khoper 3816 Farmer costs only 4 830 rubles, and you get a 12-month warranty.

Chopper chainsaw model palette

Over its history, the company has developed several models of electric snow saws and launched them into production. In this section of the review, we offer a closer look at three of the most popular and interesting tools.

Motoblock Weimar WM1050. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

KHOPER PC-12/1000. Universal chainsaw of the household class, which was developed for a variety of jobs. The owners of the tool appreciate it for its efficiency, reliability and safety. The chainsaw body is made of shockproof plastic, the 1000-watt motor has double insulation, the electronic block protects the motor from overheating. The model is equipped with a 12-inch guide bar and a 45-tooth saw chain. The electric saw is equipped with an automatic lubrication system and an instant-stop chain brake. The disadvantages of this model can be attributed to the rapid heating of the engine: the recommended mode of operation is 10 minutes.

On the manufacturer’s website, the KHOPER PC-12/1000 chainsaw is sold at a price of 2,525 rubles.

KHOPER PC-16/2000. The advantages of this model include high engine power (2 kW), which allows you to use it intensively for a wide range of tasks. With the help of these electric saws you can perform repair and construction work of various levels of complexity, make firewood and sawing, care for the garden and the territory of the backyard. The tool is powered by a powerful 2 kW dual-insulated motor that features a 16-inch guide bar and a 57-tooth saw chain. The electric saw is designed with overheat protection and an automatic lubrication system.

Today, the model KHOPER PC-16/2000 can be purchased at a price of 3,350 rubles.

KHOPER PC-16/2400 P. The most powerful electric saw in the manufacturer’s model range. The device is driven by an electronic-phase electric motor power of 2.4 kW, which allows you to saw wood in intensive mode. Electric saw Khoper PC-16/2400 P is defined for repair and construction work, cutting and sawing firewood, work related to the care of the garden and the yard. The model is equipped with a 16-inch bar and a saw chain with 57 teeth, has an electronic protection against engine overheating and a double insulation of the case. An ergonomically balanced body with a longitudinal motor helps avoid fatigue despite the rather impressive weight of 4.8 kilograms.

This electric saw model is available on the company’s website at a price of 3,890 rubles.

Acquisition and preparation for use of the chainsaw Khoper

  • Purchasing a gas or electric chainsaw firm Hoper, make sure that it is complete and has all accompanying documents: product passports, warranty coupons and company manuals;
  • the seller’s requirement to make sure that the engine is in working order after a test run;
  • Before starting the tool, carefully read the instruction manual and study the rules of operation of the devices and safety regulations, if you work with chainsaws.
  • Assemble the chain saw according to the recommendations in the chain tensioning manual.

Important: When tensioned correctly, neither limb is affected by its own weight and the saw chain spins freely on the bar without stopping or making unusual noises.

  • Prepare fuel mixture and fill up the gasoline engine, pour oil into the automatic chain lubricator in the tank.
  • Check the body of the chainsaw Hopper for oil or fuel a-o- boat if recognized, leaks.
  • Before you plug in the saw, check that the electrical outlet, power cord and extension cord are in good condition. If defective, replace the outlet or cable.
  • Engage the chain stop brake and start the engine.
The chain tension on the chainsaw. Device, customization, reviews

Fuel and Lubricants

Both electric chainsaws and chain saws are equipped with automatic chain lubrication, which requires high quality chain oil. Be warned at once – if you want to take care of your tool and prolong its life, do not use different replacement, spindle and waste as a lubricant. It is not recommended to pour transformer and diesel oils into the system.

List of recommended chain oils for l-hoper electric and chain saws:

  • Hopper: chain oil;
  • Stihl HP;
  • Husqvarna;
  • Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T;
  • Champion Jaso Fd.

Electric magic sayings are powered by a regular budget 220-volt shutterbug, but a chainsaw requires a fuel mixture that is based on high-quality high-octane AI 92-95 gasoline. The fuel is available in a 1/50 ratio, meaning a liter of gasoline is mixed with 20 milliliters of motor oil. According to the manufacturer’s statement, the engine does not require any special running-in. However, we recommend running out 5-7 fuel tanks in economy mode without overheating the engine or sawing thick tree trunks. When preparing fuel for your chainsaw it is important to use only high quality engine oils for air-cooled two-stroke engines.

  • Mineral oil for Hooper two-stroke engines;
  • Echo Premium B&C;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • Oleo-Mac Polar Lubricant;
  • Stihl Forestplus.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hooper chainsaws


  • High-quality, high-quality engine;
  • Reliable ergonomic body and high sport against plastic;
  • High performance characteristics, correlating to the properties of brand-name models;
  • The presence of an effective brake and modern automatic lubrication system sawmill.


  • The electric motor of a hopper-type chainsaw heats up very quickly;
  • Many users complain about excessive noise from gasoline engines.
  • The saw chain and guide bars do not stand up to heavy use.

Chainsaw electric and chainsaw hoper: Video review

Inexpensive tool with high quality – the HOPE P-PC 16/2000 saws performance review:



Video evaluation of the chainsaw Hopper 4518:



Energomash BP-45-3,5: description, characteristics, use and safety equipment

Reviews of owners of gasoline and electric saws Khoper

Nikolai Skachkov, 43, Zelenograd:

Last summer I bought a house with a high landing. Of course, I had to clean, repair from bushes and old trees. In order not to spin a lot of money, I bought a hoper-popper RS-16/2000. In general, a good tool is: quality assembly, good plastic on the body, automatic lubrication system works properly, and the engine can not be called low-power. But as any economical tool, this electric saw has its disadvantages. First of all, it is annoying that the engine warms up quickly: 12-15 minutes of intensive work and you have to turn the engine off. It is impossible not to mention the low quality of the saw head set: This remark applies both to the chain and the bar.

Victor Pethinsky, 39 years old, Tambov region:

Khoper 3816 Farmer I have the second year, but some impressions of this tool have already formed. I go out for different types of work with the chainsaw, the currency of trees, up to 70 centimeters in diameter – no problems. Once I had to start the engine when it was 17 degrees below zero in three to four minutes. The anti-vibration system and the plastic also have no claims. From the disadvantages of chainsaw I consider the excessive sound (really more than 110 decibels), large for such capacity, weight and weak saw. I have long ago changed the bar and chain, but the weight and noise remain.

Advantages of the chainsaw: price, reliable engine, start in any temperature, effective shock absorbers, quality plastic in the body;

Disadvantages: low weight, very noisy, the bar and chain are made of bad materials.

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