Review of chain saws brands Daewoo: technical characteristics, rules of operation and safety precautions

Overview of the range of chainsaws Daewoo. Features and rules of operation

The Korean company Daewoo gained popularity in 1982. Since then, it has opened many offices around the world and began to develop in several areas of production: electronics, trade and investment, construction and shipbuilding.

Several nearby branches have focused on the production of garden tools, producing affordable electric and gasoline-powered chainsaws.

According to reviews and specifications, Daewoo chainsaws are in the household class of tools, not designed for constant, active or extended use. Low weight and compact size allow any operator to easily and effortlessly use the chainsaw, sawing logs up to 40 cm in diameter.

Basic equipment and manufacturers of Daewoo chainsaws

In addition to the saw itself, the standard set of accessories in the box consists of:

  • Tires;
  • brand-name saw chain;
  • A guide bar cover for safe and convenient transportation and storage of chain saws;
  • Wrench set for assembly, repair and maintenance;
  • Fuel mixing tank;
  • Warranty card, technical documentation and owner’s manual.

Some saw models, such as the Dax 4516, also come with a special set of accessories for safe operation: safety goggles, gloves, and a bag to carry the saw. However, it is worth noting that many reviews indicate that this accessory can be replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion.

The saws are assembled almost all over the world, as Daewoo plants, workshops and production facilities are located in many countries. The main force is concentrated just in South Korea, but it is often possible to buy a chainsaw made in China.

Daewoo chainsaw range

The company produces five chainsaws, which differ in technical characteristics, performance, cost and tools.

Daewoo Dacs 4016 chainsaw

The chainsaw’s high power of 2.5 hp guarantees fast and smooth work. The 40 cm long bar enables tree trunks up to 35 cm in diameter to be sawn with no extra effort.

Daewoo dacs 4016 chainsaw

The new, powerful two-stroke carburetor with a capacity of almost 40 cm3 saves oil and fuel and significantly reduces the cost of refuelling and maintenance of the chainsaw. According to the reviews of the owners of this model, it is the most convenient and affordable saw, which is easy to use and handle.

It can work for a long time without taking frequent and long breaks, as the Daewoo chainsaw is equipped with a system that protects the mechanism from overheating.

Manufacturer daewoo
Production Country South Korea
food gasoline engine
stem length 400 mm
chain pitch 3/8″
rotational speed 9500 rpm
Oil tank capacity 210 ml
weight 5,2kg
warranty period 24 months
Characteristics of internal combustion engine
engine volume 39.5 cc
engine power 2,5 л
number of cylinders 1
Extra features
Easy start no
chain brake Да
vibration damping system Да
Keyless chain tension adjustment no
power button lock no
type of packing Cardboard box; Paper box; Cardboard box
additional features
Chain member 1.4 (mm)
Dimensions with mounted tires (L/B/H) 410/250/260 (mm)
Carburetor Adjustable
Tool class Domestic
Number of links 57
transmission Chainsaw, blade guard, bars, chain, universal wrench, bag, goggles, gloves, instruction manual, warranty card
Service life More than 1500 (lessons with engine)
Fuel tank capacity 310
Circular saw blade / chain Daewoo
Ignition system Electronic condenser
Starting system Manual starter
Circuit lubrication Automatically
Motor type push-pull
Fuel Gasoline + oil (1:50)
uniqueness Да
Number of teeth in gear 28

Daewoo DACS 4500 chainsaw

More powerful and more productive tool with a slightly higher price (9000-9500 rubles). Matching 3.2 hp with a 45.5L carburetor gives the owner an active and reliable working machine. The manufacturers also improved the C.d.I. ignition system, making it even more reliable.

Daewoo DACS 4500 chainsaw

The quality headset that comes with the Daewoo chainsaw, which is 40 cm long, guarantees convenience and comfort in work. Many positive reviews of the Daewoo 4500 saw point to the improved vibration damping system and conveniently located controls.

DT-75 tractor - description and characteristics

performance 2.35 kW / 3.2 hp
engine volume 45.5 cm³
Chain Manufacturer daewoo
Fuel AI-92
Service life more than 1500 hours
Maximal speed 10800 rpm
Ignition system Electronic C.d.I.
Easy start Yes
Fuel tank capacity 0.55 l
Type of engine oil Special oil for air-cooled 2-stroke engines
Chain oil tank capacity 0.31 l
Type of chain oil Special chain oil
stem length 40 cm
chain pitch 0.325 “
Chain link thickness 1.5 mm
Number of cutting elements 33 pcs.
Number of links 66 pcs.
Inertia chain brake Yes
Handbrake chain Yes
vibration damping system Yes
Automatic chain lubrication Yes
Dimensions (L × H × B) 450 x 300 x 225 mm
Main unit weight 5.1 kg
Weight of complete chainsaw (without fuel) 7 kg

daewoo dacs 4516 chainsaw

The owners of the Daewoo 4516 leave only positive reviews, which indicates the reliability, quality and durability of the chainsaw. It is the leader among the saws with DAX gasoline engine. The manufacturers have put a lot of emphasis on the quality and reliability of components and internal mechanism, as well as increased the volume of the oil tank.

Daewoo dacs 4516 chainsaw

The power of 3.2 hp and a 40 cm bar guarantee a powerful chainsaw. It allows you to chop firewood quickly and easily, prepare beams for building wooden structures and perform other simple household chores.

model Daewoo DAC 4516
Manufacturer Daewoo
Manufacture (assembly) China
Brand homeland South Korea
Engine displacement, cm3 45.2
Power, PS (KW) 3.1 (2.28)
Motor type Gasoline, 2-stroke
Chain division, customs 0.325
Chain strength, mm 1,5
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.55
Oil tank capacity, l 0.31
Tire length, cm (in.) 40 (16)
Number of links 66
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 5,3

Daewoo DACS 5218 XT semi-professional chainsaw

While almost all chainsaws are in the domestic class, this Daewoo Dax model has amazing features and a low price. For this reason, the 5218 chainsaw, as seen in the ratings, is an affordable semi-professional in strength, durability and performance.

Daewoo DACS 5218 XT chainsaw

Still new and strong features, the 3.5 hp and 53 cc carburetor guarantee a long and consistent saw without overheating. This model features Nikasil-coated internal mechanisms, parts, and replacement parts that extend their service life.

Type petrol
class Specialist
performance 2,6 kW
chain pitch 0.325 inch
stem length 45 cm
Tire groove width 1.47 mm
Idle speed 10 800 rpm
engine volume 52 cc
Fuel tank capacity 0.55 l
Oil Tank Capacity 0.31 l
weight 7,1 kg (without fuel)

Professional features DAWOO DACS 5820

This chainsaw model is the only instance of the professional type of tool under the Daewoo brand of gasoline saws. Huge power of 4.5 hp, 58 cm3 engine and a 2000 m/h life guarantee stable, accurate and long-lasting work.

Engine see. Daewoo DACS 5820XT

In their ratings, owners identify an excellent degree of vibration and noise. With a long bar of 50 cm, you can work with wood up to 45 cm in diameter.

model Daewoo DACS 5820XT
Manufacturer Daewoo
Manufacture (assembly) China
Brand homeland South Korea
Saws class Semi-professional
Power, PS (KW) 4.5 (3.3)
Engine displacement, cm3 58
Chain division, customs 0.325
Chain strength, mm 1,5
Number of links, PC 76
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.57
Oil tank capacity, l 0.55
Tire length, cm (in.) 50 (20)
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 6.74

For more details, please refer to the instruction manual.

Daewoo chain saw instruction and service manuals

When talking about the correct and safe operation of Daewoo chain saws, it is important to remember that they should only be used in special clothing, closed shoes, gloves and with eye and respiratory protection. The tools themselves should be carefully checked for maintenance, oil and fuel availability and composition.

A new season - a new lawn. When and how to sow grass in the garden?

You should not fill your motorcycle with regular, clean gasoline, as this can lead to frequent connections. Gasoline AI-92 is usually mixed with oil for two-stroke engines in the proportions indicated on the package. The mixture is poured only into a cold tank and not filled to the brim with about 4 cm so that the fuel can be expanded.

Due to the harmful and toxic exhaust fumes of the gasoline saw, it should not be used indoors.

As a lubricating oil, the manufacturer recommends Daewoo Eco Logic 2T special oil, which is suitable for use regardless of the season. SAE 10W-SAE 30W (all-season), SAE 40W (summer) and Sae 20W (winter) oils are also suitable. Avoid used and refreshed oil for the oil pump.

Daewoo Power Products Eco Logic DWO 600 oil

According to reviews and instructions, the first start of a chainsaw is most important when starting new units. This involves filling the chainsaw with fuel and oil, then starting it up and setting it on a level surface to work on. This is done to inspect the entire mechanism and warm up the engine.


To boost the engine, it is necessary to:

  • Monitor the amount of oil and fuel mixture in the tanks;
  • Check the brake system, oil system, and carburetor adjustments for proper operation.
  • Clean filter (air and fuel filter) as needed;
  • Clean the chainsaw after each use;
  • Harden the chain in good time;
  • Adjust gears.

Chain sharpening

Algorithm for sharpening the chain with a file:

  1. Set the chain tension and place the teeth on the universal sharpening jig.
  2. This is shown with a circular file from the inside to the outside of the saw teeth.
  3. To get all the teeth the same length, you must make the same amount of movement away from yourself while sharpening the tool.
  4. The correct angle of 30 degrees from the file being perpendicular to the plane of the hoop should be observed when sharpening.

You can also use electric units for sharpening chains. The most popular units are: STIHL USG, Oregon 32653a, Sadko SCS-85 Pro, Einhell GC-CS 85 E, Forte CT3-104. You can make an electric grinder with your own hands or upgrade an ordinary grinder for these purposes.

Sharpening the chain with a chain sharpener

The easiest option would be to use the services of special workshops, where professionals sharpen on special machines.

Troubleshooting Daewoo breakdowns

Real reviews of owners of Daewoo tracked chain boats show that this equipment fails very rarely and this is due to improper distribution, not regular maintenance and inattentive study of the instructions in 95% of cases.

The most common breakdowns are described in the manual. If you encounter a non-standard breakdown, it is better to contact a service center to have it repaired.

The most common malfunctions of the Deu hernia.

The engine does not start:

  • The ignition does not turn on;
  • The circuit brake is on;
  • Out of fuel;
  • Carburetor not tuned or dirty.
  • Problems with spark plugs;
  • Air filter or fuel actuator is dirty;
  • Air shock is in the wrong position.
  • Current drop during operation:
  • Fuel mixture quality is poor;
  • Ignition system is unstable;
  • Carburetor not adjusted;
  • Filter installation required;
  • Piston group is worn.

Vibration during operation:

  • Curve mechanism wear;
  • Loose fasteners.

Video review of the Daewoo chainsaw

Owner reviews of chainsaws and chainsaws Daewoo

After studying many reviews on websites and forums, real owners of this or that model of Daewoo chainsaws come to the conclusion that users are very happy with the new equipment. Many in their reviews note the high performance and excellent work, convenience in operation and economical fuel consumption with oil.

Tractor'serator: types and peculiarities of selecting the unit

Andrey, 56 years old, Kiev

“Bought a chainsaw for domestic needs: Sawing dried wood, dismantling wooden floors, etc., etc. With pleasant emotions from the purchase I sawed 12 cubic meters of firewood with a diameter of 35-40 cm. I can’t say anything bad about the performance of the saw. Vibration, of course, is there, but its level is reduced to the limit. A very important point: keep an eye on the chain, so that it is not very or slightly stretched, as well as the oil level. “” “

Artem, 32, Astrakhan

“I decided not to splurge on cheap tools and bought a semi-professional chainsaw Daewoo. I wanted it to serve for a very long time. I have been using it for a year now, and I don’t have any complaints. It all works properly, starts up with a half-circle, as they say, stops sharply. Yeah, a little heavy, but that’s what it is, that’s how much it weighs. The gas line is great, with the right fuel it runs great without interruptions or overheating. Saws very smoothly and quickly, that is just a good thing. All in all, I recommend it highly!

Pros: Reasonable and convenient price, low vibration, easiness in use, the minimum oil and fuel consumption, cheap maintenance.

Cons: In a year of active use did not reveal any special disadvantages, the weight is a bit much. “

Daewoo chainsaw: a review of the model range. Gasoline and oil for chainsaws Daewoo

Daewoo chainsaws: quality tools from a well-known manufacturer

South Korean company Daewoo Power was founded in 1982 and initially specialized in the production of cars. However, soon the company’s leaders decided to expand the product range, thanks to which Daewoo agricultural and garden equipment appeared on the market. Among the domestic buyers are hand-held power tools, as well as DeU chain power tools and, in particular, tillers.

Like other major manufacturers of garden equipment, Daewoo has moved its production facilities to China. A large factory has been built there, where German chainsaws and other tools of this brand are produced under the supervision of South Korean technologists and engineers. Transfer of production to the Chinese territory has not had a negative impact on the quality of the company’s products. All manufacturer’s machinery meets modern standards of quality and safety, which is confirmed by the responsible certificates. The fact that engines, carburetor and some other units made in South Korea are installed on DAWAS DAWAS plays an important role.

We have taken care of the company with warranty and service of your equipment. There is a wide network of service centers in CIS countries, where you can always get information and practical support. Daewoo Power has a loyal pricing policy and does not overprice its equipment. This remark fully applies to chain motorcycles.

Today, you can purchase a fuel-saving unit for between $120 and $200.

Features of the chain setter:
  • High quality build, components and parts;
  • True Daewoo power pricing policy;
  • Information support from the manufacturer, availability of an extensive network of service shops.

Installation of the car stereo

Although the production of gasoline tools is not a priority, the company offers about a dozen models d e-foam daewoo. With the most popular and interesting tools you can get acquainted with in our review:

Daewoo DACS 4500 (Master line)

Powerful, versatile chainsaw can be used for a variety of jobs, including logging and non-professional felling. The saw is powered by a proprietary 3.2 kW engine with a service life of more than 1,500 masses. It should be noted that all parts of the piston group are made of high-quality metal with Nikosil coating. The proprietary fuel system and C.d.I. adjustable electronic ignition help to save up to 20% fuel, and the efficient multi-point anti-vibration system reduces the strain on the operator’s arms and back at dusk. For its power, the Daewoo DACS 4500 chainsaw has a relatively low weight of about seven kilograms unloaded.

This model is now available on the manufacturer’s website for $140.

Daewoo DACS 4516 (Master line)

The household all-purpose model is designed for use in private households. You can use this tool to cut wood crosswise and lengthwise, cut and chop firewood, trim garden trees, and tend hedges. It is equipped with a DAEWOO 3.1 hp engine, which has a speed of up to 10,800 rpm. The model is equipped with a 40 cm long guide bar and a 66-tooth saw chain. With these devices you can easily cut tree trunks up to 45 cm in diameter. Operator safety is ensured by a metal chain catcher, hand guards, flywheel brake and an effective anti-vibration system that dampens up to 90% of vibrations.

Today, the Daewoo DACS 4516 chainsaw is available in company stores for $130 to $140.

Daewoo DACS 5218XT (control expert)

One of the most popular tools in the manufacturer’s lineup. The chainsaw is equipped with a professional brand 3.5 hp engine, which develops up to 10,800 rpm and can work long hours in intensive mode. It is equipped with a robust saw system, which consists of a 45 cm guide bar and a 72-limb saw chain.

Overview of the model of the UGRA NMB-117 Motoboglok. Operating instructions

Suitable for cold temperatures, it is easy to start the engine when cold, thanks to the primer and the starter with an easy start option. Owners note the well-balanced sawmill and the convenient location of the controls.

The Daewoo DACS 5218xt chain saw weighs 7.2 kilograms and costs about $160 when equipped.

Daewoo DACS 5820XT

This saw, another model in the Expert line, is designed for private and professional use. The productivity of this chainsaw is enough for all types of work, as well as for non-professional tree felling. The chainsaw is equipped with the original 4.5 hp engine, has a 20-inch bar and a saw chain with 76 limbs, 38 of which are sawn. The power saw has a motor life of more than 2,000 hours and the engine has up to 9,500 rpm. Such features and devices allow you to cut large trunks with a diameter of more than 50 centimeters, and with experience you can cut larger trunks.

The model has a rather impressive weight (about 7.5 kg), but thanks to the excellent body ergonomics and effective anti-vibration system the operator feels almost no stress.

Today, the Daewoo DACS 5820XT chainsaw is available on the manufacturer’s website for $200.

Daewoo DACS 4016.

A model from the Master Line series designed for home use. According to the ratings, with the help of this chainsaw you can perform repair and construction work, cut and chop firewood, take care of the garden and hedges. The device is powered by a fairly powerful 2.5 hp engine, which is equipped with a branded saw headset with an 18-inch bar and a 56-tooth chain.

Owners of the tool note the excellent ergonomics and balance of the body, as well as the convenient location of the controls. Another important advantage of the model is the effective anti-vibration system based on reinforced damper springs, thanks to which it supports the hands and back of the operator.

Today, the Daewoo DAX 4016 chainsaws are discontinued, but they can still be purchased in local stores for $120.

Gasoline and oil for Daewoo chainsaws

The Daewoo chainsaw is powered by an air-cooled engine. The engine parts are lubricated with heating oil. This mixture is prepared at home and consists of two ingredients: high-octane gasoline AI92-95 and special engine oil for two-stroke engines.

Overview of the Motoboblocks from Weimera. Features, reviews

According to the manufacturer’s statement, the Daewoo chainsaw does not require a special running-in. Therefore, from the very beginning, the fuel should be produced in a 1/50 ratio. However, when working out the first 7-9 fuel tanks, it is recommended to operate the engine in the economy mode: do not overheat and do not overload it.

Important: You should not use gasoline with an octane number of 95 to make the fuel mixture. Such fuel can be very harmful to your chainsaw engine.

Recommended engine oils for Daewoo chain saws
  • Stihl HP;
  • Husqvarna;
  • Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T;
  • Champion Jaso FD;
  • Semi-synthetic.

The Daewoo chainsaw is equipped with an automatic lubrication system that requires a high-quality chain oil. We recommend the use of special adhesive oils that protect your tools in all weather conditions. The manufacturer warns against using as a lubricant, forex, waste fluid and other substitutes.

Read also: ÖKO chainsaws. Composition, advantages and disadvantages. Fuels and lubricants

Daewoo chain oils
  • Echo Premium B&C;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • Oleo-Mac Polar Lubricant;
  • Stihl Forestplus.

Advantages and disadvantages of Daewoo chainsaws


  • Large selection of Daewoo chain saws;
  • Powerful, rugged Nikosil engine;
  • Upgraded C.d.i. ignition system;
  • Starter with easy-start feature that makes it easy to start the engine;
  • Ergonomic, well-designed housing;
  • Effective multi-point vibration elimination system for damping springs;
  • Optimal price-performance ratio.


  • Uninformative instruction manual;
  • Unfortunate location of the fuel filter in the gas tank.

Daewoo chainsaw: Video review

A review of the South Korean Daewoo DACS 4516 chainsaw. Fire cleanup:

Daewoo Power DACS 5820 XT: Chainsaw review and test:

What are they talking about on the forums?

Andrei Afanasiev, 39, Moscow region:

This is not my first Daewoo equipment – used the tools of this manufacturer and the reviews are good. When I bought it I had no doubts and chose the Daewoo DACS 4500. I spent my 70 cm protocols on the powerful tool – it cuts without any problems. The saw lies comfortably in my hands, the vibration is practically not felt, my back and arms don’t get tired after a few hours of work. Particularly satisfied with the engine – it starts up for the first or second time in any weather, the fuel consumes very moderately (economy of about 20% for a reason).

Bogdan Makovetsky, 32, Bryansk region:

Bought three months ago, there were good reviews. Assembled everything according to the instructions – fueled the engine and could not start it. Then I decided to take some mixture from the tank – and oh wonder, the engine started on the first try. Apparently, there was a vacuum in the system and the gasoline wasn’t reaching the carburetor. I like the starter, or rather the easy start, it’s good that there is a primer – also very helpful in cold weather. There are disadvantages, as with any tool. My first dislike is the lack of information about the fuel and oil tanks, and I had a cheap Chinese chain – threw it away after an hour of work.

Advantages: price, engine, starter, primer, modern design;

Disadvantages: no information about the gasoline and oil tank, cheap low-quality chain in the basic set.

On our site you will also find descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline) of the following brands: Bosch, Oleo Mac, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Lesnik, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Sturm, Parma, Bison, Champion, Hauter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Friendship, Kruger, Kalibr, Stihl, as well as reviews of chainsaws of these brands, If they have something to say about the quality of processing and the experience of operating certain models of these brands of chainsaws, Write your assessment in the comments, it will be very useful to our readers.

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