Reliable petrol trimmer Patriot T545 Pro series. Specifications, photos and videos, reviews

Patriot T545 Pro

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We show all the advantages and disadvantages of the Patriot T 545 Pro that resulted during use by users. We do not hide anything and publish all positive and negative honest customer reviews for Patriot T 545 Pro and also offer alternative analogues. The purchase is worth it – the decision is only available!

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Reviews about Patriot T 545 Pro

Advantages: Very powerful, mowing everything up to small trees, has been working without complaints for over 5 years

Disadvantages: Difficult not very comfortable shoulder strap It is difficult to adjust the knife correctly, you have to look for the focus by chance, even a millimeter shift brings the trimmer to vibrate

Comment: completely satisfied, a real work animal. I didn’t even take care of the fishing line, it is still unused

Advantages: price, quality. Mowing everything.

Disadvantages: Not foldable, not convenient to transport. The thread of the screw of the protective holder has been torn down must be made a repair sleeve.

Comment: You took 15 tomorrow for a property. Used to the fullest

Advantages: really strong. Knife peels grass and bushes. Cozy.

Disadvantages: The unloading vest has burst in several places in three years (plastic), I tie it with insulating tape, but I will feel another year and it will be completely apart.

Comment: What can I say, in three years of active work it never failed. The grass in the country is difficult and more than 20 hectares in size. Mows everything (except thick trees)). Nothing repaired or set – fueled, started and mowed. The main thing is that there is enough power for the eyes!

Advantages: powerful, runs great and mowed everything. I use it for a short time while I’m satisfied with everything

Minitractor Rusich 184. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Disadvantages: The shoulder strap is totally rotten, the carabiner and everything that belongs was broken on the first day. I hung another carabiner on the old Sense +, a completely different thing

Advantages: powerful scythe. The fishing cord mows high, dense grass and even small tree growth up to 1 cm in diameter. The car is a beast. It starts easily, does not stop, not overheated from refueling to refuel.

Disadvantages: coil. This is ad. As for the grass wrapping, simply mow in several layers so that there are no long stems. Another bad thing. Until you understand this, the coil leads to overheating and begins to beat.

Comment: But there is always a way out. The old coil will prove to be useful. It is necessary to remove the fastening screw with a sharp object from the plastic mass of the coil, with which the coil is attached to the trimmer. This screw (i.e. hairpin) is an adapter for normal coils under M10. Fits every Husqvarn role. Including professionals. And my advice on her is to do it right after the purchase – there is much less headache and the reliability is simply incredible!

Advantages: powerful, good fit

Disadvantages: heavy, uncomfortable coil

Comment: 36 Acres Plus plus storms behind the fence. Due to the performance and size, a wide cramp of strips will be preserved. A knife that is slightly coordinated with weeds (Burdocks, nettles, etc.). It is impractical to change the fishing line – the coil opens hard; The fishing line holds together regularly and you have to rewind it. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase.

Comment: I bought a page, it was necessary to mow heavy weeds with bushes and young trees. I did not regret that I took this special braid because: it was equipped with a powerful and more economical engine (the tank was enough for~5 tomorrow heavy weeds); The braid is equipped with a knife and a fishing line (you cannot send with fishing cord, branches and thick weeds). The rod is no n-vertical and the drive is not a cable, but the cardan (the effort is transferred more to the knife). In a few days he blinked 30 acres without effort, on the first day with a knife, the second fishing line. On the first day, he touched a steel water tube with a thickness of 2 to 3 mm with a knife that was cut through. The knife was of course bent, but I directed it with a hammer and continued to mow. I didn’t like the fishing line. It breaks very quickly, you often have to stop and pull it out manually. It is written that the coil for the fishing line sem i-automatic and you can pull out the fishing line by hit it on the floor at work. Not true, doesn’t work, you have to get it manually every time. Ruts and vibrations are moderate. The kit contains safety glasses and a canister for mixing petrol with oil, it saves a lot of time. Petrol 92. If you exaggerate it with oil, it does not gain dynamics. Very comfortable dishes If you carefully select the length of the belts, the weight is comfortably distributed. From the posts I would make a gas trigger with fixation in 2 positions, otherwise the standard fixation does not always have enough performance. The bar holds the trigger and does not fly out. Despite the fact that the network is collected in China, it is generally made so good and accurate. Nowhere are inconsistencies and burrs, everything is clearly adapted. Slogo is satisfied.

MiniTractor Viking. Series overview, properties

Disadvantages: the flag of the air damper broken the next day

Comment: I like everything, especially the presence of several nozzles

Comment: Bought a network of around 40 hectares of storm for processing a location, which is overgrown with fruit trees, nettles were up to where there was a pig, the window mowed, everything spilled in pieces and nettles and thorns are not Too thick, Hogweed. , Wolves of apple trees and fat The thorns the same cuts more gas with a bang and works like a church. Pro belts were helped from excessive weight, comfortable.

The defects – great weight, vibration and noise. The role for the fishing line is not very well thought out, the grass is wounded between the coil and the gearbox.

It justifies its price with more than one braid with the same characteristics, but more companies cost about 20-30, and this is 6-7.

I do not regret the purchase.

Advantages: Everything fits! Do not believe those who write negative reviews! You yourself are to blame for everything that breaks! The technology smiles those who know how to deal with it))

Disadvantages: some design features

Advantages: A good trimmer, I bought myself and a mother in the country. And don’t pull your back. Productivity is at a height, is not overheated. Price quality. So far I use 2 seasons without complaints.

Cons: among the shortcomings I want to mention my own coil, I immediately took it off and put it down from the old trimmer. Reason: Due to the large protrusion of the button for releasing the fishing line, unauthorized lifting of the fishing line often occurs, resulting in an unnecessary increase in consumables.

Detailed specifications

General properties

Type portable trimmer Cutting width 46 cm Blade speed up to 6000 rpm. No grass catcher



Petrol engine, two-stroke Engine space above Displacement 43 ccm Engine brake yes


Height adjustable handle Cover material Plastic Body material Plastic Straight rod No wheels

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Reliable petrol trimmer Patriot T545 Pro series. Specifications, photos and videos, reviews

This is an efficient and powerful machine designed for professional cleaning of home gardens and parks. The trimmer Patriot T545 can clean not only young grass, but also dry swamp vegetation.

A reinforced gearbox and a rigid shaft enable long-term harvesting of large-stemmed plants and small shrubs over a long period of time.

To increase comfort during long-term operation, the Patriot 545 lawn mower is equipped with a noise and vibration reduction system.

basic equipment

The factory equipment of the Patriot T 545 Pro petrol lawn mower includes:

  1. Bike handle motor
  2. protective cover
  3. handle plug
  4. fuel mixture canister
  5. shoulder strap
  6. trimmers and knives
  7. operation manual
  8. a set of essential tools for lawnmower maintenance and repairs

Technical characteristics

engine volume 43 cmᵌ
perfomance 2.5 hp
blade diameter 250mm
line diameter 3.0mm
coverage 42cm
rigid shaft +
Collapsible beam
handle type U
saw blade
Easy start
fuel tank volume 1.2l
The weight 7.8kg


Benzokosa Patriot has comfortable and durable belt equipment.

The anti-vibration system absorbs more of the transmitted vibrations, ensuring a comfortable working experience.

Trimmer Patriot T545 Pro is equipped with a primer for pumping fuel, thanks to which the engine starts smoothly and smoothly.


Motokosa Patriot is able to work both in the private and in the professional sphere.

Before starting work on the petrol lawn mower, check the screw connections; they must be tight.

During operation, wearers must wear protective clothing: goggles, gloves, boots, suit and earmuffs.


A feature of the petrol trimmer is that it does not work with pure petrol, but with its mixture with oil in a ratio of 1:32.

The instruction manual recommends using the manufacturer’s branded oil. It was specially developed for Patriot trimmers.

User Guide

New owners should be sure to study the user manual before operating to understand the principle of operation of the device, how to start, stop and maintain the device.

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advantages and disadvantages

The Patriot T 545 Pro petrol trimmer is designed for professional use, but it has significant drawbacks, including:

  • Big vibration;
  • turning the handle;
  • When working with soft grass, it is wound onto a reel.

However, positive points include the following:

  • Budget;
  • Perfomance;
  • Large basic equipment;
  • The convenience of a belt harness.

Video review

The following video report demonstrates the launch and operation of the Patriot PT 545 Pro petrol lawnmower:

owner reviews

Here are some opinions from the forums about the operation of the Patriot 545 Pro trimmer:

Arkady: “This is a lawnmower that is designed for continuous use, so it needs to be treated accordingly. I regularly service and lubricate the gearbox (with SHRUS-4 grease) and it has been working for three years without failure. Practical suspension system, well assembled, mows everything without breaking, worked on it as much as possible 16 hours and there were no failures»

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