Raftsman 37820 Lawn Mowers. Review, instructions, reviews

Raftsman 37820 Lawn Mowers. Review, instructions, reviews

This is a member of the family of reliable lawn mowers, which is equipped with a 6.75 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. Kraftman 37820 supports work in three modes: mulching, grass in the grass box and side discharge. The first mode appeared comparatively recently, but is beloved by many lawnmower owners.

Craftsman 37820 Lawn Mower

It does not evaluate the grass catcher box (no need to constantly clean it), does not scatter the cut grass in a whole track (no need to collect it later) and at the same time fertilizes the soil. Kraftman 37820 Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers are designed for professional use and maintenance of large areas such as parking lots, golf courses and massive lawns up to 30 acres.


The Kraftsman 37820 lawn mower is a self-propelled model with rear wheel drive. This means that during operation, the device does not need to be pushed forward, but simply guide it. This saves the owner a lot of physical effort.

Handyman lawnmower control handle

The soft start system (SS) ensures a soft start of the mower without jolts or jerks right from the start. The engine speed is automatically regulated.

Artisan grass catcher box

The grass catcher box is made of light and sturdy nylon. The housing is made of high-quality steel and protects the lawnmower against mechanical damage from stones and bumps.


Type of power petrol
Power, hp. 6.75
Power, W 4964
Spring height, mm 30-89
Mowing width, mm 560
Grass box volume, L 65
Mulch Yes
Weight (kg 42.4

User manual

The Kraftsman 37820 lawnmower comes with an owner’s manual. If you are buying a used model, ask the previous owner for this document. The owner’s manual will help you understand how the machine works and how to maintain it.

Equipment for manual lawnmower

You will not find an electronic version of this document in your browser.

During work, the operator must wear protective clothing: goggles, rubberized gloves, protective chains and closed shoes.

Particular attention should be paid to the master 37820 even when working independently on sloping ground.

It is recommended to perform the work only from the bottom up, as it is much more difficult to control the movement of the device when moving from the top down.

How to choose good seedlings?

Kraftman 37820 lawn mower owners should keep the nuts and bolts in order. When you are finished working, you should remove any residual leaves, dirt and grass from the machine. For this purpose, there is a device in the device, to which a hose is connected and the lawnmower is cleaned automatically.

When repairing the cutting deck, turn off the engine and wrap the blade with a rag to prevent accidental cutting.

We recommend that you fill the engine only with high-octane Ai-92 or Ai-95 fuel. Lubricants must be SAE 30 grade.

Video review

Lawn mower craftsman overview

Owners reviews


“I have a plot of 20 acres, about 15 of them have grass growing all the time. The area is flat, no garden or hill, clean lawn. So I needed maximum detection width with a long working process. In this respect, the Krapstman 37820 suited me perfectly. It is comfortable to work with: rubberized handles, easy start, tightening and speed can be adjusted independently. Advantages: large width, multifunctional American assembly. Disadvantages: a lot of noise and cleaning with fuel. “

Craftsman lawn mowers: Checking out models and prices

Despite the fact that the U.S. was hit by a wave of crisis in 1927, Craftsman companies opened in the country, which were able to stay afloat thanks to the active development of farming. The main direction of the company – the production of construction equipment and appliances, which included a variety of files, axes, saws, hacksaws and other devices. Lawn mower craftsman appeared much later, but even with such a variety, the organization was able to overcome the crisis and become one of the leading companies in the European market.

Hand lawn mower

Quality is the key to success

The first electric devices, including mowers with mulching craftsman, were developed and produced in the period from 1929-34. In order to distinguish the products from those of competitors, they begin with a logo that undergoes changes over time.

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In 1945, a serial line of tools was launched, it had the symbol “V” in the sign and was the most popular at the time. A rattle, which was equipped with 22 teeth, was considered a novelty. In 1948, the first variations of electrical goods went into production. At the same time, a gasoline mower for mowing grass appeared on the market. The management committee of the company decided to start producing a whole series of gasoline-powered self-propelled lawn mowers and other garden tools. This was the beginning of the successful development of the brand.

At that time, all Kraftman products came with a “perpetual warranty. If a customer ever broke down, they didn’t need to look for their receipt to prove an actual warranty claim. Just bring the unit into the facility and have it serviced. All work was performed free of charge.

Today, the range of the company includes a variety of products. On the official site in the catalogs you will find such categories of products:

  • Car wash sinks of different capacities;
  • Self-closing mushrooms for lawns;
  • Garden chainsaws;
  • Blower for clearing leaves and dust from your yard;
  • Master lawn mower blade adapter;
  • Garden vacuum cleaner;
  • Powerful snow blower;
  • Trimmer;
  • Lawn mower blade and others.

It should be noted that all the constituent elements used in the assembly of the units are preliminarily subjected to rigorous quality checks before use. Parts are sent for testing under conditions that are superior to the actual elements in every way.

All this happens only to ensure that in the future the equipment rightfully bears the name of the master. It is worth noting that the Americans have already made a tradition of handing down appliances from this company. This confirms the responsible approach of specialists to the work and the long service life of the devices.

Evaluation of the best models of handmade lawnmowers

German engineers developed the technique in such a way that, on the one hand, the weight of the trunk does not press on the grass and does not interfere with its growth, and on the other hand, the force is enough to make a quality cut. Below are the most popular Craftsman models, so that everyone can choose the most suitable one.

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Craftsman 37705 (petrol)

A rear-drive self-propelled grass mower. The mower is powered by a 6.5 hp four-stroke gasoline engine. The list of features includes mulching and cutting height adjustment, which can vary from 35-90 mm.

Craftsman 37705 petrol lawn mower

The undercarriage of the lawnmower consists of four wheels with the same diameter of 200 mm. The design includes a brake unit and a catalytic converter. A practical handle with height adjustment is attached to the body. The mowing width in this case is quite large – 530 mm. All garbage can be thrown to the side or in a soft bag with a capacity of 106 liters. The cost of the unit is 35 500 rubles.

VIDEO: Craftsman 37705 performance review

Handyman 37093

The price excluding transportation at official representatives does not exceed 43,000 rubles. Self-propelled mower has large rear wheels with a drive. The working width is 560 mm with a height adjustment in eight steps.

Craftsman Lawn Mower 37093

The power unit here is a 4-cylinder petrol engine with a displacement of 190 cm3 and a high speed of 3600 rpm. The cut grass can be loaded into the grass catcher box, tossed to the side or back. The set includes a soft grass bag, mulching nozzles, height-adjustable handle. When assembled, the weight of the unit reaches 44 kg, and its price does not exceed 43 000 rubles.

VIDEO: How to Change the Oil in the Craftsman 37705 Engine

Handyman 37820.

The model is equipped with a robust steel body, which houses a four-stroke gasoline engine. The rear-mounted self-propelled lawnmower has a large cutting range of 560 mm and a device for continuously adjusting the mowing height from 30-89 mm. The device has a special holder for the mulching head.

Craftsman 37820 Lawn Mower

The design includes an adjustable folding handle, steel deck, body and 2 wheels with plastic rims. The total weight of the device is 45,4 kg. The price is 42 000 roubles.

VIDEO: Overview of the Craftsman 37820 rotor

Christmas garden decoration
Craftsman 37044 (gasoline-powered)

Unlike previous versions, this modification of the self-propelled mower has a front-wheel drive. It can handle an area under the mowing width of 560 mm. It has a mulching function, manual adjustment of the cutting height in the form of nine levels with a smooth transition.

Craftsman 37044 petrol lawnmower

Grass cuttings can be placed in the grass catcher box or tossed sideways to the rear. The powerful four-cylinder gasoline engine produces 5.5 hp at 3,600 rpm. The undercarriage consists of two wheels with a diameter of 30 cm and two wheels with a diameter of 20 cm. The wheels are equipped with plastic disks. The cost of the equipment is 37 000 rubles.

All of the listed units, depending on the modification of the device, can be equipped with various knife elements with a size of less than 22 inches or more. This gives the user the opportunity to improve the quality of the device and increase its service life.

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