Practical accessories for garden equipment. What should be on hand – in spring?

25 garden accessories

Journalists who surveyed nearly 400 Europeans who live permanently in the countryside received a strange list. They were asked to name the best of the last year or two. To make life a lot easier. The respondents ranged from professional gardeners and farmers to everyday middle-class people who prefer the outdoor life of the Stadtbuhlhuge. Many of these gizmos can be adopted by Russian gardeners …

Intelligent Irrigation

The most advanced irrigator, which consists of 12 nozzles, the number of which can be adjusted as desired. Irrigation occurs gently with a rain effect without eroding the soil. At the same time, the flexibility of the nozzles allows you to adapt the irrigation specifically to your plot and target it to each plant. The unit can be traditionally mounted on the floor or mounted on a wall, fence or tree… sold here

Living Hose

Imagine a hose that doesn’t rotate, doesn’t flow, weighs almost nothing and can extend three times its length under the pressure of water! And it’s cute and easy on the eye. Today you can find such a hose in almost any European private conspiracy. For us, however, it is a rarity, although there are already hoses on sale. Here, when ordering a hose as a gift, they give you a practical spray.

Faltes Greenhouse

A collapsible greenhouse that simulates a tropical climate in which plants feel great. The greenhouse is light, but durable. Holds even a thick layer of snow. Even allows you to keep plants suffering from heat all year round. Sold here at a discount.

Liquid Lawn

Do you want the perfect lawn – a grassy canvas? The most innovative way to achieve perfection is the so-called “liquid lawn.” With a special device, the seeds are not planted randomly – in the form of a solution. This method has many advantages. Firstly, it is the fastest and easiest. Secondly, the seeds are applied perfectly evenly, which guarantees the uniformity of the green cover, the lawn turns out ideal without gaps. Thirdly, a crust is formed on the surface that protects the seeds and guarantees a germination rate of almost 100 percent. Read more here.

By the way, read how to order seeds by mail.


The innovative hand trimmer for precision cutting your lawn. Works without plugging in (no wires). Powerful enough to cut even thick stems and difficult weeds (e.g. dandelion).

Who is suitable for:

  • Owners of very small lots where it’s impractical to buy a lawn mower.
  • Virtuosos who have to mow lawns in hard-to-reach places: between bushes, in corners, around trees. The trimmer perfectly copes with such tasks.


A revolutionary tool for soil cultivation. It turns out that you can loosen, dig and destroy weeds quickly and without damage. All you have to do is put the cultivator on the floor and turn the handle 60 degrees. You won’t even notice how it screws into the ground. The creators of the Tornado realized that they needed such a tool, with which everyone can easily cope – both a bogatyr and a pensioner. It was really something.

Pest-free action

A new device that works successfully in the garden and fights all kinds of pests. It is positioned as universal, but moles, mice, snakes do not like it. With the appearance of this thing, not only you, but also mites, Colorado beetle, aphids and others will go to the neighbors. The device is completely homemade, eats away at the light and scares away uninvited guests all day long. Absolutely harmless and very effective. You can order it here.

Mycorrhiza: a natural vaccine for plants


In the pursuit of the harvest, not all means are good. But only eco-friendly and safe for health. Gardeners of industrialized countries learned this long ago. Your main helper has become organic support, crap, compost, etc. The most advanced, have switched to concentrated organic support in pellets. In Europe, these are preparations such as Azotobacter, Beijerinkia, Clostridium. This is the most effective Russian analogue. It helps to get a decent yield even with weak fruiting and increases seed germination. It protects the crop from frost, extreme heat, drastic temperature fluctuations, and pests. And all this with 100% natural ingredients. See here.

Vaccine Separator

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With this device, you can perform professional, beautiful inoculations in seconds. The secreter cuts shaped incisions on the trunk and flower. The cut is smooth and perfectly aligned. For this reason, grafting is fast and the tree is virtually disease-free. With a second like this, you can get a large number of grafted branches much faster! Sold here

Portable Cooler.

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The easiest and most efficient way to get through the summer heat in comfort. It is essentially a small air conditioner that cools the air around it. It is quite capable of keeping a low temperature in a medium-sized room. It is easy to take with you on a trip, practical to use in the country house and even outdoors (unplugged). You can order something like this at a discount

Potato shovel

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Innovative shovel which makes digging out potatoes and other root crops quick and easy. Thanks to the convenient pedal and lever, there is almost no strain on your hands and back, and the speed of shoveling is 4-5 times faster than conventional shovels. here

Mosquito Lamp

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An insecticide lamp that protects against flying insects. It works great indoors and in gazebos. Important: The lamp is absolutely safe for children and pets. Charges like a cell phone. here

Climate protection film

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The climate film protects against the bright sun and blocking. The room is cool even without fans and air conditioners. The film adheres very quickly without water or glue. And just as easily, if desired, removed. No traces are left on the glass. Sold in rolls of three meters.

Intelligent Light

Energy efficiency is one of the main concerns of Europeans today. There are more and more ways to reduce energy consumption. Perhaps the most efficient of these is the motion-sensing lamp. It is wireless and can be installed anywhere in the house or farm. The sensor detects motion within a radius of 25 meters and turns on the lights. If there is no movement for 30 seconds, the light turns off by itself. This is convenient and very practical. By the way, the gadget also serves as a kind of light alarm clock in the dark. Sales decrease here


This device sells rodents and insects. Mice, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, flies, mosquitoes, bugs and other unwanted guests will bypass your home. For people and animals repeller is absolutely harmless. No chemicals, no smell. The gadget works via a network. Electromagnetic pulses are transmitted through electrical lines throughout the house. Sold here

Heating Faucet

If your dacha has hot water problems (or just no hot water), this gadget will come in handy. What is especially nice: the heater does not require complicated installation, you do not need to hang anything on the wall. Even a child can install it. Works from the network. Heats water for 3 seconds. Works smoothly. Maximum temperature – 60 degrees. Read more here

Motoblocks Fermer FM 1303 Pro-S. Review, characteristics, reviews

A smarter glove.

More than a glove. Replaces dozens of common work gloves, as well as rubber gloves, protective gloves and other varieties. The Smart Glove is designed so that you can, without taking it off, quickly do any job: digging ditches, planting, sorting, raking, watering, etc. at the same time without fear of cuts, stitches or burns. Hands stay clean and completely – no blisters or blisters. You can order here

Internet Amplifier

The problem of a weak Internet signal is now easily solved. If the source does not reach the place where you need the Internet, it is enough to place a special device between the two points. The amplifier will easily “pull” the signal to where it is needed. And the Internet will work quickly there. The device “picks up” the signal and expands its coverage area by approximately two times. It is very practical that the repeater is wireless and can be charged from anything – a power bank, a regular charger, a laptop, etc. At the time of writing this article, powerful WLAN amplifiers are available at a discount

Car .

The most convenient, which not everyone can afford. But in vain. There are very good budget options. One of the best in terms of price/quality ratio is this one. You just set the desired amount of water and specify the recording time. That’s it! Now you do not have to worry about watering your plants. And you don’t have to ask your neighbors for anything … Read more here

The anti-encephalitic suit

A suit that provides effective protection against ticks and other insects. Nowadays, when ticks are especially dangerous, this is a real salvation. It is better to be insured and wear a protective suit, than to lose weight and God knows how to bring to the examination. At the same time and leave the mosquitoes without dinner.

The suit is designed to the smallest detail. Taking into account that the wearer moves a lot (works in the garden, walks through thickets, etc.). It consists of innovative materials and does not constrain the movements at all. It is lightweight, breathable, silent and waterproof. It’s more comfortable than even your old favorite jogging pants – plaid!

The protection against ticks is serious: the system of 9 clever traps and the very way of sewing does not give these bloodsuckers the slightest chance to get to the meat. Read more here

Digital TV. Free.

This device gives you access to many channels in almost any wilderness area. And it’s completely free. You buy it once and install it. That’s it. Operators don’t have to pay a monthly fee. No need to suffer in search of a normal signal. This antenna itself will find all the channels and show them in digital quality. Suitable for all types of TVs. Read more here.


Weather conditions and infrastructure in the Russian countryside are such that mud and puddles are our usual habitat. It seems impossible to go out into the garden after a rain and come back clean. But here you can! If you prepare shoes (or clothes) with a special hydrophobic composition. By the way, in the city, this thing is indispensable. Especially in the off-season. Shoes are always clean and last longer, because they are protected from the damaging effects of moisture. A great price/quality combination hydrophobic active ingredient we found here

Smart Hacksaw

A compact, lightweight hacksaw that will give any sane saw in your garage a run for its money. Comes in a stylish case along with 10 interchangeable blades. It cuts literally everything, including nails, tile and glass. Because of its small size and weight, it’s very handy for garden work. It cuts through trunks and thick branches at two points. You can buy at a discount here

Designation of Kamaz 6350: model changes, application, functions, price


A clog in the sink is a common problem in suburban homes. You spend money on expensive chemicals, but it usually ends up with the plumber’s reputation. Unfortunately, with this magic wand, the plumber will soon be out of a job. All you have to do is dip the wand into the drain. Then it starts to work: interacting with water, it dissolves grease, food residue and even hair and washcloths. One wand is a one-month warranty. And there are 12 in a pack! Sold here


Using a pocket projector and a regular phone, you can set up an outdoor movie theater (anywhere there is a clean surface: wall, ceiling, fence, etc.). Any other source can be used instead of the phone. For example, a flash drive or a tablet. In terms of price/quality ratio, this projector is considered the best. Quality analogues will cost at least a thousand dollars.

water controller

Unfortunately, today, even well-known manufacturers can not drink according to standards: contain heavy metals and harmful microorganisms. What to say about water from springs and wells, which we often use out of town? In order to remove all questions and to drink such water safely, it is necessary first to check its composition. And it is advisable to do it regularly. Fortunately, today there is no need to take samples to the laboratory. A special controller gives the exact result in a couple of seconds, on the basis of which you can know for sure if the water is dangerous or not. For sale here

10 useful tools for the cottage, garden and private home

Good news! Self-isolation is canceled, the coronavirus is in retreat – let’s go out of town! What is a virus under the warm rays of the summer sun? But the big question is, have you prepared your dacha site for the new season? If not, I offer you a selection of fresh useful gadgets for use in the dacha or garden.

After carefully studying the needs of gardeners, I gathered 10 useful tools for the cottage and home.

And here they go!

Allsome T4 mini circular saw

Under number one I have a small, but very functional thing – a mini – circular saw all T4. The prefix “mini” does not mean that the circuitry with its tasks is minimally copied. It is made of durable aluminum, does not warp or bend.

Allsome T4 Mini Circular Saw

The maximum power is 96 watts. The tool is compact and does not take up much space. The weight is 3.9 kg, so you can upgrade this mini circular saw.

Allsome T4 Mini Circular Saw

It is powered by an adapter, they are also electrically controlled. The no-load cutting speed is 7000 rpm. Precise cuts can be made thanks to the ruler and stops applied to the edges of the table.

Allsome T4 Mini Circular Saw

Complete Power Kit.

The kit includes a table circular saw, a 110mm diameter blade, a B12 drill chuck, a sanding wheel and 3 pieces of sandpaper. In my opinion, a very useful tool worth placing in your country house.

☝ I advise you to hurry up, because at the moment there is a 30% discount and the price is 5656 rubles.

Deco Electric Blower

The Deco electric vacuum cleaner combines economy and good quality. It works from the network, but has a long enough cable for convenient operation. With a mass of the tool 1.9 kg can safely work with one hand.

Motoblocks Krotof. Overview of the model range, properties, test reports

Electric Deco

The maximum power output is 600 watts, which is enough for household tasks. The tool assembly and the materials of which it is made are reliable and durable.

Electric Deco

There is a speed control of 6 definitions, from minimum revolutions and up to 3000 rpm. Sawing at different angles is carried out due to the 4 angles of the file. Thanks to the features of the Deco Electrolobian handle, you can observe high precision with a deliberate cross stroke.

Electric Deco

The kit includes a metal insert in this jigsaw, 6 nozzles – 2 each for wood, metal and plastic, hexagon to change the position of the sole plate.

All in all, a really worthwhile thing for its money – 2799 rubles.

Sprayer for plastic bottle

Just a very useful thing for gardening. By the way, using a plastic bottle sprayer is useful for protecting garden plants from pests and diseases.

Spray gun for plastic bottle

This sprayer is compatible with bottles of different volumes – from 0.5 to 2 liters. It is made of durable plastic and brass. The sprayer itself consists of two brass heads that increase the working range. The kit includes a remote control of the pumping mechanism.

Spray gun for plastic bottle

This device can also be used for renovations – spraying primer on walls and treating them against fungus.

It is also useful when washing windows, carpets for applying soap and chemical solutions. The price is 665 rubles.

Deco DKGT06 wireless trimmer

Deco cordless trimmer is new on the market trimmers for grass. Very lightweight, maneuverable, well suited for work at home. Has an adjustable holder for easy use.

With the telescopic handle you can adjust the optimal trimmer length. On the front of the trimmer there is a metal guard to avoid damage to the blades by stones or other objects with grass clippings.

Deco DKGT06 cordless trimmer

The 20B lithium-ion battery pack lasts for an hour of use. I recommend this tool if you want to save time and money. The price is 4,524 rubles.

Vaccination priority.

The treatment betrayers have only just begun to declare their existence to the world. But even in a short time, this gardening tool has become indispensable when grafting.

Fujiware priority for vaccination

The high quality of this device allows you to create accurate cuts, as cuttings and carts are just perfectly connected.

Fujiware priority for vaccination

Convenient storage occurs thanks to the ergonomic carrying case. It contains everything you need – the secondary layer itself, 3 different knives, a setting key and a screwdriver. A layer of foam padding attached to the plastic walls of the case protects it from damage during transportation.

I recommend a reliable tool for only 1017 rubles.

Benzosaw-bracket for router bits

With just one attachment, you can turn an angle hinge into a chainsaw. The chainsaw bracket is made of high-quality materials: aluminum, steel, and durable plastic. Suitable for almost all angle saws, designed for 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm wheels. Length of the saw itself is 40 cm. Thickness of the chain is 5 mm. There is a capacity for oil on the nozzle for automatic lubrication of the chain.

Benzpila attachment for coffee grinder

It is very convenient that it is not necessary to remove the corner cutter to install the nozzle. First of all, you have to attach the drive sprocket instead of the cutting disc. Then we attach the nozzle itself and the tires.

Macronutrient deficiency symptoms in plants

Benzpila attachment for coffee grinder

Of course, the power of such a combination chainsaw is determined by the power of the cutter to which the attachment is attached. I think that such a device is definitely worthy of attention.

In addition, the 35% discount is another reason to think about buying it. With the discounted price is 1837 rubles.

Ramp selectors for the east

A useful device in gardening is a battery selector. Allows you to handle trees and shrubs without too much effort. Ergonomic shape of the body makes pruning simple and easy. The weight of this tool is only 1 kg, which is significantly less than that of analogues.

Rampod to the east

The 1.5 AH lithium-ion battery provides mobile operation. It charges in 4 hours. Steel sharp blades produce clean cuts without jagged edges.

Rampod to the east

The secateurs can cut soft wood with diameters up to 14 mm and 9 mm. Included in the delivery are the secateurs themselves, the instruction manual and the battery charger.

Definitely a good buy for the garden. The cost is 3568 rubles.

Garden trimmer Prostormer

I recommend paying attention to the Prostormer garden trimmer. It will come in handy for everyone who likes to take care of shrubs and hedges. Branches up to 14 mm in diameter can be trimmed with the sharp saw.

Prostormer garden trimmer

The length of the blade is up to 51 cm. The 2000 mAh battery provides long autonomous work of the tool. The handle of the device is soft, rubberized. The blade is slightly balanced.

Prostormer garden trimmer

A plastic case for the blades is designed for convenient and safe transportation. For safety reasons, the trimmer only works if you hold it with both hands. Kit includes:

  • Trimmer;
  • Battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • Plastic cover for the cutting part;
  • Instructions for use.

Price in the region of 5 200 rubles.

Ring nozzle for spraying

Everyone who grows vegetables and fruits knows how important it is to observe many factors to achieve good productivity. One of these factors is an adequate level of irrigation. There are times when plants need a gentler irrigation schedule.

Circular spray nozzle

In such cases I recommend a ring spray nozzle. This nozzle is made of brass for strength and durability. It has a pressure of 2 MPa. The opening for water is 1.5 mm. The heads through which water is sprayed can be removed for cleaning.

Circular spray nozzle

The ring spray nozzle has a number of positive properties:

  • Reliability;
  • easy to use;
  • water-saving;
  • Can be used in any area;
  • Uniform watering of the selected area.

You can choose from 4 sizes: 10 cm in diameter with 5 nozzles, 10 cm with 7 nozzles, 14 cm in diameter with 10 nozzles, 22 cm with 15 nozzles.

✨ Now available at a 40% discount from 593 roubles.

Aqualin timer for drip irrigation

Perhaps one of the best inventions in the field of irrigation is a timer Aqualin. The distinctive feature of this device is the ability to control two watering zones simultaneously. It is a reliable, waterproof, easy to operate irrigation timer. It operates with 2 AAA batteries.

Aqualin drip timer

The design is a rugged case with a large screen, closed by a cover of matte plastic. Equipped with clock, charge indicator, manual watering program.

Aqualin drip timer

With this timer, you can program watering duration from 5 seconds to 360 minutes, with watering frequency from 10 seconds to 10 days. You can also choose from 8 ready-to-use watering programs. In general, the mass of advantages for the reasonable price of 2403 rubles.

Friends, that’s all! Set ~ and subscribe to my technoblog if you found this article useful.

Good luck in the country .

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