Powerful trimmer Patriot PT 555 Garden. Specifications, reviews, video review


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Reviews about PATRIOT PT 555

Advantages: package. Good performance.

Cons: Less than a year after purchase, it stopped starting (the carburetor was changed under warranty).

Comment: I gave it to the store on June 10 under warranty (in the store the specialist who took the scythe split the neck through which the starter cable passes). Some time later (late June – early July) they invited me to pick up the scythe from repair, after examining it (the scythe), I saw that the split part had not been replaced, I was “scared” too pick two months after the repair on 06/10. about the whereabouts of the tool, the shop employee said I did not like it at all (“neither hearing nor mind”). In early August I decided to ask and found out that she was in a store with a broken neck. I have received a number of promises that the defect will be rectified as soon as possible and that the work will be completed. And, you might not believe it, but silence again. The other day I still took it, but it’s not a fact that it works. When asked if there would be a “plus” from the store, they offered a dirty cup. The store does not have its own service in our city (Cherepovets), hence the corresponding consequences.

Comment: Convenient location of the store, there is delivery, they delivered it to me for free. Everything seems to be comfortable

Pros: Powerful and convenient

Comment: Comfortable shoulder strap, easy to use.

Advantages: 1st prize, of course. Well-known manufacturers with such characteristics are much more expensive. 2. Performance and power reserve. 3. One of the best bang for the buck out of the competition.

Cons: 1. The coil is not very good. Line thicker than 2.5 mm – it is very difficult to get it out of the spool. 2. Normal candle – extremely poor quality. One uncertain spark and after 2 mowing cycles 10 hectares died. Changed into something. I just bought a Husqvarna spark plug. Haven’t tried it yet. 3. Gasoline eats, but advice: do not accelerate, although with such power it pulls :). At full throttle, of course, drive and adrenaline and generally mows chic, but. Even with little gas it mows very well.

Motoblocks Agro: technical characteristics of models, equipment, reviews of owners

Comment: 1. We use the 3rd season (from spring 2016) in the mode: 3-4 heavy mowing of 10 hectares per season. It takes a cycle under 10 liters of the 92nd Benz. 2. I agree with what was said before: Be sure to fully develop the fuel mixture from the tank. This eliminates many problems. 3. Bad start – very often not even a carburetor, but a regular candle.

Pros: Power, ability to use a saw blade (essential), starts well.

Disadvantages: after two days of use, an extraneous noise appeared, immediately began to overheat, unstable operation, idling. It started badly the first time, then wouldn’t start at all. It looks like the piston is starting to stick.

Comment: The device was satisfied, but the collapse overshadowed everything. Previously, I had already faced before the jamming of the butt in the Patriot model, but after 4 years the trimmer worked well for the mother in the village. Pour oil 1:30. I think I just had bad luck with a copy, but this is not a professional tool, not a Husqvarna. I think that is permissible.

Pros: power, reliability, devices (everything is necessary), efficiency (equivalent to power supply), power. The best option for the ratio of “price – quality”!

Comment: I bought this unit early last summer. He mainly used a triple plate. A fishing line was only required twice for the entire summer. During the season I blinked about 3 acres of hayfields. That’s what the mower was bought for. During the day I spent 4-5 gas stations, which were enough hectares 30. Despite the heat, the engine did not overheat. After refueling and not a big rest, it started easy. He followed the manufacturer’s instructions – at the end of the day he was producing to the end of the tank and carburetor to the end (until it stalled). The next day started without any problems. Despite the decent weight, thanks to the shoulder straps (you need to fit the right one), there was no particular fatigue. After reading the comments I immediately bought a replacement disc that was not needed! Yes, the native disk is relatively “soft”, but this has its advantages. Slightly straightened and sharpened (may the manufacturer forgive me). Vibration after these operations is not felt much – there is an anti-vibration system). Engine power is enough to “mow” (not on purpose) through this disk (not on purpose), not a thick bush. The protective casing had to be removed (may the manufacturer forgive me). The mower became simpler, less resistance to grass when mowing. Participated in the manufacturer. I didn’t win anything, but at the end of the season the manufacturer sent to El. I took advantage of that. I hope there are no problems with the mower this season! The need for hay did not go away.

Review of the chainsaw Husqvarna 353. Technical data. Usage features and safety instructions

Pros: First, of course, it’s better to work than constantly carrying a wire for yourself and unwinding the bolted weed

Cons: But what kind of trouble, candles are enough for a couple of cycles. It’s just a disaster with the motor factory, I just want to throw this garbage in the landfill.

Comment: I get into the cottage when the grass is already strong, a benzocos with a disc saw for knots and grass trimmings. But with the start of the engine. It will start then no. It turns out that a new candle is needed every time. For years, the candles on cars can not be changed, but here is just a separate income from the manufacturer. I am not satisfied with this quality.

Pros: I conquer from the first jerk, mows everything, even bushes, in the line of the fishing line, knife, disc, belt, tools and containers for measurement.

Disadvantages: if you mow it for a long time, you need physical training, tired in the first hands, I got used to it

Comment: the model is more than satisfied, cats all in a row, the side is large, in addition, the cat around the fence outside the place. At first it seemed difficult, but got used to it, more importantly, the result of the work. I was not a sign of the brand, I was afraid to take it, but I was glad that I did not overpay and the quality price of the Patriot is excellent.

Pros: price, electricity, good equipment

Cons: The trimmer factory inconveniences with an already worn shoulder strap.

Comment: During the work a knife was unscrewed and the knife was lost to cut the fishing line on the case. Check all thread connections before use. For dense thickets and shrubs the most.

Pros: price, features, powerful

Disadvantages: service life, gasoline eats a lot, problematic fishing line (if you buy, you will understand), strong vibration.

Comment: I decided to mow the grass on the site in the morning. Picked up the scythe with no problems. It started after the first fill up but worked for 5 minutes and stopped idling. 15 minutes after the start of work we started at full throttle! About 30 minutes later it stopped working completely. A couple of times went through the carburetor and tried to adjust, but it was all in vain. The next day I tried to take it to local craftsmen for repair and here was a surprise, no one wanted to mess with this company! As a result, I took a new carburetor and the braid came to life. But my luck lasted 4 hours, and then the piston jammed. The piston ring has collapsed, possibly due to marriage or overheating. This was my first and last purchase of an instrument with such a big name! The repair cost 2.5 thousand rubles, I waited 2-3 weeks for spare parts. Cylinder, piston, rings and piston seal replaced. Now it starts and runs perfectly, has already burned 5 liters of petrol.

Devices, repair and maintenance of mole engine breeders

Pros: performance, download quality, comfortable, but you have to adjust the unloading belt yourself. Cons A little gluttonous, otherwise a cool trimmer.

Advantages: price, knives in the set mow down your 15 hectares of hard weeds – like that.

Cons: The main cons with my purchase are the grips (bike grips) which don’t stay in the grooves well. The left handle kept moving forward, I was afraid to pull because the metal is soft. noisy (put on headphones) build quality (well, what did you want for 6 kilo-rubles) belts are miserable, poor quality, it is inconvenient to mow with them (two hundred is enough) small vibration (heavy post – hands hurt for a pair of days) lousy key that came bent (in the store a normal one costs 300 re) instructions for an older model

Comment: Conclusion: With the task (mowing 15 hectares of weeds mixed with shrubs) I managed 4. Generally, I’d advise a little less shaking, but if you’re looking after a plot of no more than 5-10 acres, without a heavy load, then it will do.

Pros: I bought a trimmer for my parents in the village, they are very satisfied, the trimmer is powerful, good equipment, comfortable straps, easy to start

Cons: I didn’t like the rigging system

Comment: Good trimmer, I recommend it

Pros: Great trimmer, powerful.

Comment: I advise you to buy a very good and quality product.

Pros: Powerful and that’s it.

Cons: After a year of use, the piston overheats. Technique drove as expected according to the instructions. After the tank, let it cool for 20-30 minutes while collecting weed. I took it to the service center and fixed it, same problem again after the third tank (worked intermittently). Fuel quality is ok.

Pros: Powerful, comes with blade and disc.

Cons: Overflows first, needs to be adjusted. gluttonous.

Comments: Good value for money.

Pros: performance. Equipment (the saw blade was very useful in an overgrown area, cut down bushes and trees up to 10 cm in diameter!). The price-performance ratio is optimal. Start with a half kick.

Cons: Loud. Vibration (I advise you to wear textile gloves to reduce hand fatigue). The instructions are not informative. The screw in the gearbox, through which the lubricant was stuffed, was barely unscrewed, almost torn off.

Comment: Before the first use, I recommend lubricating the shaft and filling the lubricants into the gear (suitable for simple lilet), there was practically no lubricant in my lubricant.

Advantages: The main advantage: a good power supply and the ability to work with a fishing line as well as with a knife and a hard drive.

Fulfill dew on trees and crops: apple tree, peach, wheat

Easy to mow advanced thicket of wormwood, swan, cassock, wheat grass and ambrosia with a knife. With the same knife, a trimmer collected the small trees from Vishhnyak with the same knife.

Thicker thicket of trinas are easy to saw with an contained hard disk.

The revolutions are only reduced with a strong touch with a knife of the earth.

Not a single mistake for all time (about a month).

Vibrations are practically not felt.

The measured canister, which is included in the kit, enables you to carefully observe the shares of oil and gasoline.

Disadvantages: not very comfortable shoulder strap. First you have to start a trimmer lying on the floor and then wear. It is very difficult to get straps with belts that are already worn on the shoulders.

Check all thread connections before first use. After the hour, 3 out of 4 bolts of the gasoline were not postponed.

Advantages: 1 price/quality 2 Power 3 devices (there is everything to buy and work immediately) 4 hard wave

Disadvantages: 1 heavy 2 fuel consumption is too much balanced by good performance

Comment: The goods were bought 5-6 times this year in June 2018, but the trimmer liked her with his power and the ability to deal with all difficulties this year. Full when I became a supporter of the mulch of landings, but I am sure that my patriot is 100%

Advantages: The force is excellent, you can work with a blunt knife, mow like thick stems, there is a small shrub.

There is centrifugal coupling, i.e. stones, anthills, etc. The engine is not afraid, the knife only stops, but the engine does not remain.

The price for such a strong trimmer is more than pleasant.

Rich equipment (even a discount and a bank to mix)

Disadvantages: 1. difficult. After 3 hours of work, the back hurts

2. You have to work on the wave in soft gloves

3. Petrol eats what is bad, but this is the back of the high performance

4. An unpleasant belt in the kit – plastic shoulder pillow have sharp edges, while operating you really scratch your neck (you have to sew clogged covers)

5. Inevitable start of the cold, you have to step on the starter for a long time with feet

6. Mixing the bank for part of 1:30 and 1:32 for a specific engine is characterized (if I do not confuse, the proportions do not match)

Comment: A powerful, unpretentious trimmer for more than appropriate money

Powerful trimmer Patriot PT 555 Garden. Specifications, reviews, video review

Recommend: 0%



Thanks to the fishing system, the petrol trimmer is able to clean the location from small weeds. If it is necessary to clean the area of ​​high and rough grass or bushes, a special knife is used.

Motokosa Patriot 555 has a bicycle handle that largely makes control of the machine easier.

Motoblock Luchs MBR-9. Review, characteristics, reviews

A special lock is installed on the throttle grip, which prevents the lawn mower from accidentally binding.

Basic equipment

The new owners of the trimmer are delivered in the following configuration:

  • Spuck head
  • 3 loved knives
  • Special plate
  • Belt equipment
  • Fuel mixing capacity
  • Protective cover

Technical characteristics

Engine volume 52 cmᵌ
perfomance 3.0 PS
The diameter of the knife 255 mm
Fishing diameter 3.0 mm
The width of recording 42 cm
Hard wave +
Clear bar
handle type U
saw blade
Easy start
fuel tank volume 1.2L
The weight 7.7kg


  • Motokosa Patriot 555 is equipped with a comfortable two-shoulder harness.
  • To reduce outgoing vibrations, a special anti-vibration system is installed on the machine. It is able to absorb more outgoing vibrations.
  • Many lawn mower owners find that the machine is easy to operate since all the control levers are located right on the control handle.

operation and maintenance

Due to its technical characteristics and structure, this motokosa model is intended for private use.

Before starting operation, it is necessary to check the tightness of the bolted connections, since they are regularly loosened and can lead to the breakdown of the device, which can cause damage to the operator and property in the area.

When working on a Patriot 555 lawn mower, it is necessary to wear special protective clothing: gloves, goggles, boots, headphones and a special suit.

This trimmer runs on a special 32:1 fuel mixture of gasoline and oil.

The manufacturer advises against the use of leaded fuel. Fresh AI-92 or AI-95 must be used.

Patriot has a specially formulated engine oil to significantly reduce carbon build-up. Therefore, this special lubricant is specified in the instructions for use.

User Guide

Before starting work, new owners should definitely study the operating instructions, they describe the structure of the machine, the principle of commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Электронный вариант инструкции по эксплуатации приведен здесь—>.

advantages and disadvantages

Based on the feedback from the owners, the following positive qualities of Motokosa can be distinguished:

  • High quality assembly;
  • Easy engine start;
  • Low price;
  • great power;

But what negative points were noted by the owners:

Video review

Below is a detailed overview of the operation, manual and characteristics of the Patriot lawn mower:

owner reviews

Here are some opinions from Patriot mower owners:

Igor: “A great thing for the household. Three horsepower and a volume of 52 cm is quite a lot. Therefore, it will serve for a long time and with high quality. Quality assembly can be felt, not China. It starts with no problems. But because of the performance, there is a lot of noise and it is problematic to work without headphones.

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