Powerful stihl fs400 features and characteristics, video and reviews

Powerful stihl fs400 features and characteristics, video and reviews

Benzoko’s shtil fs400 belongs to the class of bushes due to being equipped with a two-speed engine with a power of 2.6 hp.

Despite this power, it is very convenient to work with a motorcycle rack in an area with thick vegetation.

The standard package contains a knife for young animals. This means that the gasoline can easily cope with mowing herbs, but also the young bush, as well as shooting trees.

The device can be used to cut forest plants in the area of ​​up to 30-40 hectares.

Benzokosa weight is 8 kg. Even with a full tank that can hold 0.67 liters. Fuel, the tool is not heavy for the male operator.

The control of the control is achieved due to comfortable handles, the inclination of which is regulated.

The vibration return system makes working with the Shtil FS400 Motokosa even more comfortable.

All the necessary line bodies are centered on the handle.

A feature of Shtil motorcycles is the presence of a carburetor, which stabilizes fuel consumption and performance even with a large amount of pollution in the filter.

Decompression valve is part of a light start system. When the engine is started, part of the pressure pressure is deposited in the cylinder. As a result, the required traction force on the starter cable is noticeably reduced. A manual fuel pump allows you to manually and your finger press to pump the fuel into the carburetor. This allows you to reduce the amount of starting wear after a long operation.

Technical characteristics

Working volume cm³ 40.2
standard cutting tool Thicket knife, Ø300 mm, 3 blades
perfomance 1.9/2.6 kW/hp.
weight (kg 8
tank volume l 0.66
overall length (4) 176 cm
The diameter of the mowing 420mm

serial equipment

  • Stihl petrol engine;
  • Stihl Elastostart Launcher;
  • decompression component;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • compensator;
  • manual fuel pump;
  • Handle with two handles for convenient operation;
  • Safety goggles;
  • The shoulder strap to facilitate the use of a car vehicle FS400.
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STIHL ELASTOSTART This special trigger offers a smooth starting process with no return and jerking. The built shock absorber plays the load of loads, which during the introduction of the Stihl compensator – the regulatory organ in the carburetor – prevents oversaturation of the mixture during air filter contamination.

usage characteristics

The Motorcosa Shtil FS400 engine works on a mixture of gasoline and motor oil. For two stroke engines, the ratio is 1:50 (oil:gasoline).

For a long service life, gas hoses only have to be used with an octane number of 92 and the special engine oil from the STIHL company.

Details of mixing the composition described in the instructions.

For early detection of malfunctions and prevention of their occurrence, it is important not to forget to perform shift maintenance.

Follow the precautions during the operation of the cutting part of the motorcycle.


As advantages, motorcycles can be distinguished:

  1. Full autonomy of benzocos in work;
  2. Low weight of the trimmer;
  3. User friendliness;
  4. A powerful gasoline engine that buys not only with grass, but also with shrubs;
  5. Great efficiency, maneuverability and functionality compared to the lawn mower.

User Guide

Детальнее ознакомиться с особенностями эксплуатации мотокосы Штиль FS400 можно в инструкции—>.

Video review

Below you will find a video rating Motokos Shtil FS400

In the following form, the review shows the work of the Benzoko Shtil FS400

Reviews of the owners

Maxim: “In my feedback I would like to recommend all petrol FS400 as a very practical device. Working with her is comfortable and easy. He cuts everything in his way without stopping. I think the grass is scattered on the sides and is not wrapped on an angeline line. There have been no breakdowns yet, although I have been using it for 2 years. “

Katerina: “You bought a motorcycle for part and not for the house because the considerable disadvantage is the high costs. It is very loud and the fuel consumption is high. We do not complain about the quality because there was no collapse for the entire operating period (2 years). “

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Benzokos Shtil FS400. Description of the model. Operating characteristics, maintenance

Stiihl FS400 Benzokos is a professional bush for the intensive use of employees of forest and community services – mowing of hard grass on motorways, cutting wild thicknesses, shrubs, thin trees up to 7 cm thick and landscape design.

A powerful engine of 2.6 hp, equipment with a special knife for dense shoots makes a trimmer with an indispensable assistant with a quiet FS400 when it clears impassable areas.

Benzocosa Stihl FS400

A modification of the bush cutter is also generated – an FS400K benzococo with a shortened bar. The model is equipped with a straight handle and a round sawcper for cutting hard plants, different bushes. It is possible to carry out a Sägeliskette and a thre e-meter knife for young grass.

Technical characteristics

Work volume 40.2 cm³
perfomance 1.9/2.6 kW/hp.
spit Thicket knife, Ø300 mm, 3 blades
The number of Pmax revolutions 9,000ob/min.
Total length 1) 176cm
Volume level with a metal knife 2) 111 db (a)
Sound pressure level with a metal knife 2) 98dB (A)
Sound pressure level with plastic knife 2) 100 dB (a)
Vibration level on the left/right with a metal knife 3) 2/1.6 m/s²
Vibration level on the left/right with a plastic knife 3) 2.2/1.7 m/s²
Tank volume 0.66l
Weight 4) 8 kg
The diameter of the mowing 420 mm

Description of the model

In the basic configuration of the Stihl FS400 Benzoco, it is equipped with a DM 300-3 chisel knife, another mowing headset can also be installed.

  • A sealed electronic ignition system offers a reliable start of the gas troops and stable engine operation.
  • With the innovative starting device from Elastostart, you can run a smooth, without shock and start the engine. Thanks to the decompression valve, the force required to start.

Stihl Elastostart Stihl compensator with two hand letters with two hands

  • With the equipment of the carburetor with the compensator, you can maintain a stable operating mode, since the compensator prevents the fuel mixture from oversaturation in air filter pollution. At the same time, regardless of the degree of filter pollution, the performance parameters, fuel consumption and the amount of exhaust gases are constantly preserved. This regime helps to expand the conditions of the Inter Service of the Stihl FS400 benzocouses.
  • Thanks to the advanced fou r-poin t-anti vibration system, the harmful effect of vibrations is reduced on the operator’s body.
  • All elements of motorcycle control are made on the ergonomic multifunctional pen, which is extremely comfortable.
  • A specially shaped backpack belt and special safety glasses increase the comfort and safety of the Stihl lawnmowers.
  • With the help of a manual fuel pump, you can easily pump fuel into the carburetor at the push of a button.
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Features of the company, maintenance

The FREICHNEIDER engine Stihl FS400 is operated with a fuel mixture made of branded gasoline AI-92 and Stihl motor oil for two-stroke engines (50: 1). According to the instructions, the best option of the finished original Motomix is, but the presence of which is not possible in all markets.

The manufacturer expressly warns users of the need to use spare parts and consumables in accordance with the factory recommendations. The use of unsuitable equipment, unsuitable mowing and cutting devices can lead to damage to the engine, other components and elements.

Operating instructions for lawnmowers Stihl FS400

Advantages and disadvantages of the FS400 model

The owners unanimously notice the performance of the lawnmower Stihl FS400, the ability to work in intensive mode for a long time. Reliability, freedom of failure and repair are also a big plus. The minimum maintenance of the free cutter consists in the timely exchange of consumables and, if necessary, the sharpening of cutting tools.

Stihl FS400

The defects include the high costs of a gastrome (approx. 36,000 rubles), a fairly high fuel consumption. The high noise level (more than 110 dB) with professional ful l-time use forces the use of protective equipment, which is not always possible and convenient.

Video consultation of the work

Benzocosa Stihl FS400 – maintenance, repair, operating functions

Stihl FS400 professional hedge trimmers in the test

Reviews of the owners

We recommend that you read the reviews from the forums for this lawnmower model Stihl FS400


“The Freimneider Shtil 400 is the third year on our farm. Used very intensely, works reliably. I recommend” .


“As you say in advertising – if a scythe, then rest. Disruptio n-free device, powerful. In a few days I cleared a new area that was overgrown with young growth. I would probably make these thicknesses by hand for a whole month. Everything mows, the belt is comfortably on two shoulders. A bit expensive.”

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