Powerful productive Motriot MBP. Assessment of the list, video, reviews.

Powerful productive Motriot MBP. Assessment of the list, video, reviews.

Motoblocks Patriot facilitates the process of field work. They are indispensable in every season and the quality has been tested for years. Read more in the article.

Peter Mikhailovich

I know everything about motoblocks and tractors.

The patriot of the brand units of brand have long been known, and the history of its appearance began with simple unemployment. The founder lost all existence and the possibility of earning them did not give up and decided to act. The result can be seen on the lawns of our compatriots.

The company’s name appeared due to the name of the Creator’s favorite football club. Strangely enough, it has become happy. The company developed very quickly and over time it became possible not only to produce units for farmers but also aid.

Motoblock Patriot

History of creation

The story resembles a typical American film about how a large company is created from a regular workshop in the garage. The founder of this brand was reduced as early as 1973 and founded a small company to repair garden tools. After a while Patriot started to deal with the service and the state has expanded considerably.

The main reason for the success was the ruin of most large companies due to a crisis in the United States in 1973. Therefore, profit increased more and more every year. This led to the production of garden patriot chains saw in 1992. The technology has become popular almost immediately. The main reason for this was the low price and the high quality, reliability.

Today the company organized production lines in large cities in Russia and many others in the GIS. Therefore, there are no problems with the service and the purchase of parts for the Patriot engine blocks.

Which one is better

In fact, such a question should not be when choosing a tractor for a walk. Finally, such a technology should be selected for certain tasks. For example, an aggregate with an engine output of 3.5 l/s is sufficient for processing 6 to 8 hectares. Large areas – from a hectare – require more powerful devices with a motor of 9 l/s. A universal technology is considered a middle class with a petrol or diesel engine with a capacity of 7 l/s, a mechanical gear (three forwards and one back) and a figure (in the form of a hexagon) with a power wave.

With regard to price and quality, these brands are approximately the same. For those who appreciate reliability, however, are more suitable. But motlock and cultivating with an electric motor have already appeared in the line.

We hope that this information helps summer residents, gardening, gardening and farmers to make the right choice that should not suffer, but can enjoy suffering during the Sat and harvest.

Minitor Rusich T 224 - description and characteristics

Technical features of the walk tractor

An extensive number of different model lines are available under this brand. They have significant differences. This applies to both appearance and work properties. The parameters of the most popular and required models in the form of tables become clearer.

Technical features “Patriot MPB-9.0/900”:

Engine power, L.S. 9
Advance width, see 125
speed 2 back/4 forward
transmission Chain
coupling Belt
Connect active hitch With a pulley
Farah Absence
Wheels Pneumatic type, 450-10
Weight (KG 105

Technical properties “Patriot Nevada 9”:

Engine power, L.S. 9
Advance width, see 120
speed 1 back/2 forward
transmission gear
coupling Disc in an oil bath
Connect active hitch Bom
Farah Absence
Wheels Pneumatic type, 500-12
Weight (KG 101

Technical features “Patriot Ural”:

Engine power, L.S. 7.8
Advance width, see 90
speed 2 back/4 forward
transmission Chain
coupling Belt
Connect active hitch With a pulley
Farah Absence
Wheels Pneumatic type, 400-10
Weight (KG 77

The main advantage of all models mentioned above and other of all models is the small weight of all models without exception. This is achieved by using parts of light metals (aluminum), plastic in the design of parts. The service and repair process is as simple as possible. There are usually no difficulties in assembly.

Many models are compatible with attachments from domestic manufacturers – detailed information can be taught on the company’s official website.

Motoboblock engine “Patriot”

All motoblocks are equipped with single cylinder engines without exception. The operating principle of the engines of this kind is 4-stroke.

The main features of such units:

  • Reliability,
  • Small fuel consumption,
  • Easy.

The main feature of the patrio is to use its own engines in the design of its motoblock. Their development has become possible since 2009 – a merger was carried out with a large manufacturer of Ranger electricity equipment. Ordinary petrol of the AI-92 or diesel brand is used as fuel. The main feature is the lubrication system: special oil should not be added to the fuel. It is important to observe this rule. Otherwise, a engine note may require expensive repairs. At the same time, the technology is not sensitive to fuel quality.

Most motoblocks are delivered with the petrol engine from Patriot P175FB. His main working features:

  • Power, L.S. – 7.8;
  • Motor start system – manual;
  • Weight (Kg. – Fifteen;
  • Fair diameter, mm – 19;
  • Fuel tank capacity, L – 3.6;
  • Motor volume, CM3 – 220.

The engine uses a cast sleeve. For this reason, the average lifespan is increased significantly – up to 2,000 hours.


Depending on the technology produced under this brand, it can be equipped with various gear types:

  • Gear;
  • Chain.
Garden care before the holidays

The Gearbox type is used for models with a more powerful engine. These are Nevada 9 and Nevada Diesel Pro. The main difference between gear rotary maker is the type of coupling – disc in the oil bath. The resource of the company of such devices is quite high. However, maintenance and repair take a lot more time.

Chain equipment is used for Patriot win and some other models. A rit clutch is installed with similar gears. If necessary, it is quite easy to replace it. The required details can be easily bought in a shop or on the Internet.


The transmission of the belt type installed in Patriot Victory has its advantages and disadvantages – typical of all transmissions of this kind. The main advantage is the simple repair and exchange if necessary. All work is easy to do in the field with a minimum work of tools.

The clutch of the disc type in the oil bath is more reliable due to its design features and has a much larger resource. At the same time, it is quite difficult to repair it independently on the field. But in fact this is his only disadvantage.

Reviews – The opinions of the owners of this model

Reviews on this model are contradictory on the Internet. Users notice the performance of the unit and the width of their recording, but at the same time consider liability weakly, in particular at an inflated price. Ilya, Rostov: “The car is powerful, 6 speeds are no joke! When the earth is heavy, the reverse movement is simply a necessity. My management experience is positive – the tractor of the walk behavior is simple, the only difficulty is to adopt as it moves. It was, so to speak, with an idiot, but with this weight of the car it was the norm, and other rated motoblocks work in the same way and jump a little on the virgin countries. The capture is also impressive – more than a meter country. I liked the quick start, it works great on 92 petrol. “

Unmounted equipment

In addition to the moto blocks themselves and various details for their production systems, Patriot makes the compilation of various types of attachments. All range can be found on the official website of the company https://www.onlypatriot.com. The company produces hanging devices that are compatible with the equipment of other brands.

As a result, it is possible to install applied devices from other manufacturers on the Patriot. The most popular goods in this segment are the Patriot KHO-HG attachment set. It contains the following:

  • Floor – 300 mm;
  • Hitch and hip;
  • The hub’s extension cable is 270 mm.
Motoblock Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S. Review, features, reviews

By purchasing this set, a farmer can significantly expand the functionality of its migration tractor. Strong steel with ant i-corrosion coating is used to manufacture components of the kit. No special requirements for storage and maintenance are presented, the installation even on the tractor for the sidewalk is simple and does not require any special tools.

Operations and reviews of the owner

The equipment of this brand has long been presented on the market in the Russian Federation. Therefore, a lot of information about the operation of the Patriot engine blocks was accumulated. The main disadvantage of most buyers indicate the problem group. The reason for this is the complexity of the design and the instructions for compiled illiterate.

Half of the details in the kit are often not given at all.

In the absence of experience in assembling such mechanisms, it is best to seek help from experienced mechanics. For example, if you put together “Patriot Dakota Pro”, you have to drill holes under control to attach a protective cover of a belt transfer.

The model mentioned above contains a number of other design functions – when assembled, they must definitely be taken into account.

Some wires happen very close to the heated parts of the hiking loss – the insulation can be damaged as a result of contact. This problem is solved by using special terminals for attaching living parts at a distance from heating components.

The most common problem is the oil flow through the gear seal at the point where it is connected to the handle. This problem is remedied by the production of a new seal made of thicker and thicker material (paranite or your analogue). In some models, a gas tank cover can be leaking. As a result, gasoline sprays directly on a walk tractor.

However, against the background of all the advantages of Patriot products, the above disadvantages are not significant. In addition, they can be eliminated without much difficulty.

Users of this technology among the main benefits include the following:

  • The metal chain is made of high-strength alloy steel – there’s just no chance of it breaking or stretching;
  • Due to the use of aluminum in the manufacture of the gearbox housing, the weight of the device is minimal – which makes it easier to use this technique.
  • easily copes with very difficult soils – plowing of new land is possible with minimal expenditure of time;
  • Profitability;
  • It is possible to use it as a mini tractor – just remove the attachments (most Patriot engine blocks can easily handle a load of 350-400 kg).

Such a technique is inexpensive. Reviews of operators speak of full compliance of price with quality. After purchase, some models should be slightly modified. But usually such procedures do not take much time, no special tools are required.

Potato Beetle. Methods of Colorado potato beetle control

Another feature of Patriot walk-behind tractors, which is pleasant for buyers, is their suitability for winter conditions in sub-zero temperatures. Due to some design features, it is possible to use it as a snowmobile. Caterpillars are presented on the manufacturer’s website. They can be installed on some models.

In the reviews of the resources associated with the sale of such equipment via the Internet, there is information about the possibility of starting the engine a t-290 ° C and working successfully. If necessary, it is possible to install a starter, as well as lighting devices (headlights). Connection is made using standard blocks with terminals, there are no difficulties.

Before start-up, it is worth letting the equipment idle – this way you can spot any possible problems even before the start of the arable season. Particular attention should be paid to gaskets. However, there is no need to worry about engine damage due to a complete leak of oil – since a special pressure sensor is installed. If the oil level falls below a certain amount, the engine simply will not start.

Comparison with other manufacturers

Brait and Energoprom

In order to understand which models are better from which manufacturer, it is necessary to make a small comparison of the main parameters.

TOP 10 best Patriot walk-behind tractors: 2021-2022 rating and review of the model range + reviews of owners


Motoblocks PATRIOT are real helpers for farmers and gardeners.

Devices do the most tiring work and free a person from using an inconvenient garden tool.

On the market you can find many models from this manufacturer, which have different technical characteristics and capabilities.

The buyer is obliged to study the equipment of the desired walking tractor, and this article will help in this.

location Surname Price
TOP 10 best models of Patriot walk behind tractors
1 PATRIOT Victory (440 10 7212) Ask for a price
2 PATRIOT Nevada 9 Ask for a price
3 PATRIOT Nevada Ask for a price
4 PATRIOT Urals (440 10 8000) Ask for a price
5 PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel) Ask for a price
6 PATRIOT Kaluga M Ask for a price
7 PATRIOT Samara M (440 10 7576) Ask for a price
8 PATRIOT Volga Ask for a price
9 PATRIOT VEGAS 7 Ask for a price
10 PATRIOT Samara Ask for a price

distinguishing features

This technique is developed and produced by the American company PATRIOT under the direction of Andy Johnson. The first model appeared in 1973.

But motoblocks appeared on the Russian market in the 2000s. Today, every gardener knows and appreciates Patriot products.

Motoblock Saljut 5x 6.0 Honda GC 190 Ohv. Overview, properties

The main purpose of the equipment is plowing land with a large area. However, you can achieve the versatility of a walk-behind tractor when you combine it with attachments. So it becomes possible to plant and dig up root crops, clear areas of debris and snow, mow grass and so on.

A feature of Patriot walk-behind tractors is to equip them with engines whose power can reach 7 horsepower and more.

They have classic structural elements:

  • gears, often mechanical;
  • reducer;
  • Main and auxiliary pneumatic wheels (there are models with cast rubber wheels);
  • Engine;
  • control handle.

If we consider the type of engine, then all units are equipped only with a single-cylinder four-stroke.

Since 2009, the company has been developing all of its engines in-house. The main fuel for engine blocks is AI-92 gasoline, but diesel can be used. The device is able to work with fuel of any quality even in severe frosts.


series and its brief description

  1. Ural. The most demanded line of products among Russians. Motoblocks performed well in rough conditions. They are equipped with a high-quality petrol engine that consumes fuel economically.
  2. victory . The equipment is light, excellent maneuverability. Petrol engines have a 4-stroke engine with a rated capacity of 7 liters. With.
  3. Nevada. A wider range, including gasoline and diesel modifications. They are equipped with reapers with reinforced knives that easily cope with virgin and difficult soils. Another difference lies in the record-breaking width of the floor.
  4. MBP. The series consists of two models that differ in working width and engine power. The technique has no distinctive features, but the quality and simplicity of the design influenced its demand.
  5. Boston. These are diesel engines. They have high functionality. Often used with seat adapters.
  6. Vegas7. The walk-behind tractor has an air-cooled petrol engine. It features low vibration and noise and easy operation.
  7. Detroit. This is a heavy machine with diesel engines, large working width. Despite the rather high price, a walk-behind tractor of this series is purchased by large farmers.
  8. cupid The ruler is compared to small tractors. Models are functional, durable and productive.
  9. DakotaPro. Affordable price and good functionality. The engine delivers 7 hp. with., runs on gasoline.
  10. ontario. Includes two models with petrol tanks with a capacity of 6, 5 and 7 liters. With. Suitable for plowing new land.
  11. Samara. A simple petrol car with a powerful engine. Equipped with a manual transmission with two forward and one reverse gears.
  12. Vladimir . Differs in the compact sizes, existence of 2 speeds.
  13. Kaluga. Motoblocks are fueled by gasoline, have a cast-iron gearbox and an opener. They work on small lots.


Rating TOP-10 best models

In this review we have compiled for you the best models in terms of price, quality and reliability.

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