Powerful lawnmower Husqvarna 235r. Properties of the model, video, reviews

Reviews Husqvarna 235r

1. Sparingly 2. Comfortable (mowing on steep slopes) 3. Relatively light. 3. Eas y-t o-use carburetor. Starts with half a turn.

Was bought for the work in 2001. Mowing almost every day. 5 years ago, when the work fell apart, I got it for personal use. Mowed for a fee of people. On average of 10 to 30 hectares per day hectares per day, there was an order from the company over 4 hectares. The mower withstood all loads. And I don’t think it’s heated. I charged it in the morning and every 8 hours with lunch break. I have never seen a better lawnmower. There were still mowers, but not.

Mows everything and everyone with a large fishing line, but at the same time a large consumption of fishing cord fuel consumption – a tank to mow a property of 25 hectares

1. Simple start – pasta on the ears of the people 2. When it stops during work or has switched off to change the fishing line – you have to wait at least half an hour until it is cooled because it is impossible too Starting 3 The vibration, especially the right hand, is strong – and that with a vibration damping system.

Bought from a local caretaker for 5 tr. After a season work (before buying I did a diagnosis in the technical center for 100 rubles – they said that everything was okay). Cut an area of ​​25 hectares without any problems, or mow to mow with a machine with a machine, where it is impractical. I’ve been using it for 3 seasons – a problem starting a hot engine. Be sure to use a “muzzle” :-) Made or plastic, because with every little thing that flies under the braid, you can easily injure your eyes. I don’t use a knife at all, so I can’t say anything. After 2 years of use the coil was worn out, so I bought a new one. The central closure on the unloading tape is broken, so attached with insulating tape, so I pulled the belt over my head like a T-shirt. I agree that this coma is not worth the 25,000 ruble, the red price is 10,000 rubles, max. 13-15

Minitor Chuvashpiller-120. Overview, characteristics, equipment

I have had it for more than 6 years, it works like clockwork, it cuts slightly high grass, it makes it possible to lay it in paths. I just can’t get enough of it for 5 years. 10 hectares of grass above the waist, mowed in half a day without effort. I think the price of 20,000 is very appropriate

1. difficult. I have changed the tension of the straps, but I still can’t adjust it so that it is comfortable (like some people write, I don’t want to stop). I really want to stop and push it on my shoulders as soon as possible so that my head starts to hurt. 2. loud. Don’t mow without headphones. 3. Very strong vibrations and rattles somewhere inside and from the beginning. I check the gear and add lubricant before each use. In the first year the gear nut (lubrication) was turned up and lost. Probably through strong shock. Came from the Zhiguli fastening door. A little trimmed and a safety disc. 4. The processing quality and the plastic are disgusting. There are gaps of different sizes between the plastic parts, and the plastic itself is somehow rough and cheap. This product left no aesthetic pleasure. If the inscription were not, you could think that this is a local or underground Chinese product.

Closed for the brand. The price is very overvalued with this quality of assembly. The red price is 10,000. I bought in 2007. for 18000-19000.

Hardy motorcycles – high quality, waiting (very popular model of the communities) – is suitable for daily use. In my case – three motorcycles every day. Comfortable, with well though t-out protection against vibrations.

Not enough strength for thick grass. This is when working with a fishing line. (There was no knife and would not be used – there can be glass bottles in the grass, there are only a few pleasure in fragments.) A weak place in the structure is a square wave. In my case, he was worn out from overload in the fourth year of professional use. Repair is expensive.

Opening grapes in spring

I recommend. A reliable, comfortable network is suitable for regularly baking the territory up to 2 hectares. If you use strictly according to the instructions and for a smaller website, it takes ten years. p. p. The current modification of the 235R braid in production since 2002 without changes in design. It is really done in Sweden. p. p. p. Default to overheat the braids! The tank is over – a break of smoke for half an hour!

Powerful lawnmower Husqvarna 235r. Properties of the model, video, reviews

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General information

KHUSKVARNA 235R is one of the hig h-quality garden equipment that can cultivate small plots.

Husqvarna 235R is a universal motorcycle that is equipped with a triple knife, a trimmer head and a mounting peri.

This mower can easily be finished with many rough weeds and small bushes.

The increased rotation speed ensures a hig h-quality cut with a young grass.

Basic equipment

Benzokos Khuskvarna 140c has the following configuration:

  • The cutter meter and mowing line with a diameter of 3 mm
  • dumbbell
  • Belt
  • Manual
  • A small set of tools for small repairs

Technical characteristics

The work volume of the cylinder, the cube. cm 36.3 cm3
Номинальная мощность /td> 1.3 kW / 1.8 hp
Maximum curves 9000 rpm
The volume of the fuel tank 0.5 l
weight 7.3 kg


Motokosa KHuskvarna 235R was developed to ensure the maximum comfort of the operator.

The rod is installed at an angle of 35 ° with regard to the trimmer so that you can simply arrange the machine in parallel with the floor.

Outgoing vibration is absorbed by the special lowvib system.

Starting the engine of the benzoco 235R is light due to the presence of a primer for pumping the fuel mixture.

Functions of the application

Before every start of work with the Husqvarna 235R mower, ensure that the tool works and that the presence of a fuel mixture is. The latter can be easily checked due to the presence of a transparent fuel tank.

During the grass evenings, they have to be careful because the knives rotate at high speed, and there is the probability of flying away stones and other solid objects.


Husqvarna 235 R does not work on pure fuel, but at the mix. For the preparation, it is necessary to use gasoline and company oil from the manufacturer.

It was specially developed for a garden tool and prevents the formation of soot for pistons, which significantly increases the lifespan. Oil and gasoline must be mixed in part of 1:50.

User Guide

This document contains all basic data on the structure of the machine, operation and maintenance. The user manual must be examined by the new owners of the KHUSKVARN 235 R-Mowels.

advantages and disadvantages

This mowing model is mainly used by owners of small garden zones or lawns. It starts easily, has a small fuel consumption, greater performance, a long service life of knives, but there are disadvantages.

The Husqvarna 235R Benzokos are not intended for longer operation, as it is hung on the shoulders of the operator over time. The owners also notice the larger costs of the components.

Video review

An example of working on Motokos Khuskvarna 235R is demonstrated in a video check:

Reviews of the owners

This is what the owners of the KHUSKVARNA 235R gas troops write in thematic forums:


“I work in security and partly maintain the territory our task clean. The company is not bad and bought several trimmers. One of the most convenient is Khuskvarna 235. It distributes the load evenly along the spine, and it is not as difficult as others. The grass cuts the grass beautiful and fast, but shrubs are not always “ This mowing model is mainly used by owners of small garden zones or lawns. It starts easily, has a small fuel consumption, greater performance, a long service life of knives, but there are disadvantages.

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