Powerful bush with the sow pane Stihl FS450. Properties, equipment and advantages, video and reviews

Benzokos Shtil FS450. Description of the model. Operating characteristics, maintenance

The Stihl FS450 gas strike is a very powerful bush that removes the areas from wild shoots and diluted the thicket of shrubs and young trees. In the basic configuration, it is equipped with a saw washer with donut-shaped teeth (KSB MZ 225-24). Thanks to a high power engine of 2.9 hp, effective processing of large areas is possible in a short time.

A modification of a bush cutter with a shortened Stab-A-Benzokos-Shtil FS450 K has similar structural and technological properties.

Technical characteristics

Work volume 44.3 cm³
perfomance 2.1/2.9 kW/hp.
spit Dishioy with Donu t-fusing teeth, Ø225 mm
The number of Pmax revolutions 9,000ob/min.
overall length 176cm
Volume level with a metal knife 112 dB (a)
Sound pressure level with a metal knife 99db (A)
Sound pressure level with a plastic knife 100 dB (a)
Vibration level to the left/to the right with a metal knife 2/1.6 m/s²
Vibration level to the left/to the right with a plastic knife 2.2/1.7 m/s²
Tank volume 0.66l
The weight 8 kg
The diameter of the mowing 420 mm

Description of the FS450 Shtil model

Like the entire line of the powerful black cutters, an FS450 stand, a rational structure, a high ergonomic reliability in operation.

  • The innovative elastost start offers a smooth start without an alarm clock.
  • The component of the light system is a decompression valve. Its specialty lies in the drop in part of the compression force in the cylinder, which is why the traction is reduced on the start cable.

Elastostart start device

  • Thanks to the practical shoulder straps of the type shoulder with soft lining, a significant reduction in the load on the shoulder belt and the hands of the work is guaranteed.
  • With the grip adjustment system you can carry out the individual adjustment to the growth of a certain operator.
  • Thanks to the fou r-point system of deleting vibrations, a minimum vibration is created on the handles of the Benzokos Shil FS
  • In the multifunctional handle, all necessary elements of the control of the bushword are conveniently output.
  • With an ergonomic handle (bike type) you can control the Stihl gas cub and the maneuver easily when moving.
  • With the manual fuel pump, you can inflate the fuel mixture into the carburetor with a simple button pressure.
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Operating characteristics

The implementation of the requirements of the operating instructions, timely exchange of the consumables, compliance with safety precautions, the installation of only suitable cutting devices – the implementation of these simple requirements guarantees the permanent, uninterrupted operation of the bus cutter.

The Stihl FS450 petrol station is easy to use and affordable maintenance.

All Stih l-Benzokouses undergo in a factory that is suitable for the company. The only condition for the first start is the restriction of the engine power, including the full third refueling of the fuel tank. After the operation, 5-15 full tanks of the benzoco reach full capacity.

The fuel consumed is a mixture of AI-92 petrol and engine oil for two-stroke-style engines (50: 1). The best fuel is the original Motomix mix, which is saved for 2 years, but is not available in all markets.

Operating instructions Benzokos Shtil FS450

Advantages and disadvantages of the FS450 model

The Stihl FS450 petrol station is very ergonomic, the possibility of a company in intensive mode for a long time.

Thanks to the special Stihl compensation, stable work is created without breaks, which controls the degree of saturation of the mixture during air filter pollution. As a result of this process, the engine power remains constant for a long time and the air filter can be cleaned after 80% of the pollution of its surface.

As disadvantages, the owners of the coils sometimes notice great fuel consumption and rustling during operation.

The price of the Stihl FS450 Benzocouse is within 40 thousand rubles.

Video evaluation of the work of Motokos

STIHL FS450 Benzokos skills

Overview Benzokos Shtil FS450

How to carry the installation and work correctly with a Stihl FS450 Gas Crock with spi t-supercut and polycut

Reviews of the owners


“Power and strength, I caught fire as I saw a benzos shtil fs 450 in my work. I bought and don’t regret it. Justifies itself. The price seemed to be overrated at first, but the device is reliable in the company, so it is not a shame to pay the quality. The service is minimal, only change consumables. I work in season second, I recommend. “

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Powerful bush with the sow pane Stihl FS450. Properties, equipment and advantages, video and reviews

The FS450 gas flow is a universal bush that can easily be finished by mowing grass in the personal property and can also effectively cut the young shoots of shrub and trees.

Benzokos is equipped with a powerful engine with 2.9 hp, so that shrubs can not stop even when mowing knotty.

Motokos Shtil FS450 has three beaten knives used for thick shrubs. It is possible to change the cutting nozzles depending on the type of proposed work.

This makes the model universal. The cutting part provides for protection, the purpose of which is the protection of the operator’s legs from knives.

The mass of the gas troops is 8 kg, so shoulder straps are used to facilitate the use of the tool.

Standard equipment

  • Stihl petrol engine;
  • Three-charged knife customers;
  • Manual fuel pump;
  • Automatic decompression;
  • Ant i-vibration system;
  • Multifunctional handle, with the ability to adapt the height of the handle;
  • Handle two handles for comfortable operation;
  • Safety goggles;
  • The shoulder strap to facilitate the use of a FS450 car.

Decompression valve is part of a light start system. When the engine is started, part of the pressure pressure is stored in the cylinder. As a result, the necessary traction is noticeably reduced on the start cable. With a manual fuel pump you can press manually and your finger to pump the fuel into the carburetor. In this way, you can reduce the amount of starting yields after a long operation.

Technical characteristics

Working volume cm³ 44.3
Standard cutting tool Dolo t-similar to teeth Ø225 mm
perfomance 2.1/2.9 kW/hp.
Weight (KG 8,1
Tank volume L 0.66
Total length (4) 164 cm
The diameter of the mowing 420 mm

Usage characteristics

Pour a mixture of gasoline and engine oil into a motorcycle in a ratio of 1:50 (oil: gasoline). Before that, the mixture was diluted in the canister and then poured into the tank.

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It is impossible to harvest a large amount of fuel, as it quickly becomes unusable.

Only high-quality AI 92 petrol and steel engine oil are used. Details on concentration and composition that were described in the instructions.

Regular maintenance will be the key to the longer service of the device.

It is necessary to check the electricity unit for the presence of leaks and the condition of the candle. Make sure that the air filter is cleaned.

Every 100 hours of work is recommended to replace the candle. Attention! Since the section of the motorcycles is very acute, observe the precaution during operation.

Stihl elastostart This special trigger offers a smooth starting process without return and jerking. The built shock absorber plays the load of the loads, which prevents the mixture of the mixture during the air filter pollution during the introduction of the Stihl compensator – the regulatory organ in the carburetor.


The main advantages of motorcycles can be mentioned:

  • The dependence of the benzocos with the mowing only on the presence of fuel;
  • Low weight of the trimmer;
  • Simplicity of the company;
  • A petrol engine that is even adapted to mow even thick grass thicket;
  • Important economic, maneuvering and more functional than a lawn mower.

User Guide

Подробное описание эксплуатации и обслуживания мотокосы Штиль FS450 можно прочитать в инструкции—>.

Video review

Below you will find a video rating Motokos Shtil FS450

Reviews of the owners

The owners in their ratings agree that the office is reliable and power, so that mowing the thick thickness becomes more effective and faster.

Konstantin: “I use Motokos Shtil for 2 years and during this time I fully ensured the correctness of my choice. From the disadvantages only the price of the device itself and additional accessories on it. And there are no complaints about technical features and operation. “

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Andrey: “I mowed a season on a boose, but a lot. I took it for par t-Time jobs. In general, there were generally about 30 hectares. There were information – this is a gas and a groove mechanism, but everything was repaired. I liked to work with the device. At first it was difficult, but then it got used to it. “

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