Power saws Interskol. Review, operating instructions, reviews

Chainsaw Interskol: Overview of the model range

Having a household electric generator in the household allows you to expand the range of electric-powered household appliances. With a mobile power source, Interskol chainsaws and their counterparts of the same type have the opportunity to realize a number of undeniable operational advantages.

Interskol Electric Witch Saw

Electric chainsaws of the Russian brand are simple in design and more reliable in operation, as compared to gasoline-powered models:

  • lower cost and compact size;
  • ability to work from any position;
  • economy;
  • No problems with winter starting and the time required to prepare for operation.

Design characteristics

In a relatively short time chain saw “Interskol” in its various modifications has proven itself as a productive and affordable tool, which by its characteristics in no way inferior to mid-priced chain saws.

At the heart of the design of the saw is a classic layout combined with a number of exclusive technical solutions.

The Interskol electric saw is one of the first designs, equipped with:

  • automatic lubrication system with adjustable plunger pump;
  • double insulation;
  • Electrodynamic brake emergency stop with inertia switch;
  • Reliable locking circuit against unauthorized electric motor start.

Performance Characteristics

Interskol Electric Witch Saw

Operational properties of both models in all respects meet the requirements of current official documents, production and European standards of operation.

We note the positive feedback from consumers:

  • The perfection of the industrial design;
  • The shape of the handles is convenient for reliable operation;
  • Well-designed arrangement of controls;
  • Good balance and high operating safety.

The guide bar and chain for electric saws are standardized, allowing you to operate the tool with identical dimensions and to attach similar parts to models of other brands.

Commercial original parts give the owner the ability to do their own maintenance or routine repairs. The repairability of both models reduces owners’ dependence on costly service and repair structures.

A quick overview of the model range

To date, the range of electric saws Interskol is represented by two models, developed using modern materials and manufacturing technologies.

Interskol PC-16/2000T

Interskol PK-16/2000

The manufacturer positions this model as a universal household device. Equipped with a powerful 2000-watt electric drive, the saw features high performance in cross-cutting and long cuts of medium and high complexity.

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PC-16/2000T Series Power Saw Advantages:

  • Longitudinal motor location;
  • Oregon universal tax rate with 1 6-inch guide rail;
  • Minimal vibration and noise pollution;
  • Moderate weight within 5.7 kg and good body balance.

The PC-16/2000T series model can operate in a voltage drop of up to 5%. The electric circuit of the tool is less sensitive to its drops. In different regions of the country, the selling price of the electric saw varies from 7000 rubles.

Interskol PC-16/2000

Interskol PK-16/2000

The PK-16/2000T series saw is a modified version of the previous model in terms of its technical characteristics and operating parameters. The differences lie in the change in the design of the bar binding node and simplification of saw chain disassembly.

The modernization of the tool has resulted in:

  • an increase in curb weight to 6 kg;
  • the ability to work for a long time without requiring labor costs for electric drive cooling;
  • the use of an effective, manually operated emergency-stop band brake.

strengths and weaknesses

The performance capabilities of the Interskol electric saws are formed on the basis of consumer testing.

  • Both models are equipped with electric motors and saws from the quality line of the famous Oregon brand.
  • The efficiency and reliability of the headset lubrication system is enhanced by the use of a simple piston oil pump.
  • The presence of locking devices and emergency braking system makes the electric saws “Interskol” safe when performing a large number of different types of drainage works of economic and construction profile.

According to many users, there are no disadvantages in the design of both models. Despite this, there are a number of comments on the quality of installation, the need for instrumental tensioning of the chain. And if you decide to do this, it is better to pay attention to Makita electric saws.

Reviews of owners

Surprisingly, the pull of the Interskol electric motor practically did not decrease when connected to the socket through a 150-meter extension cord. After an hour and a half of continuous operation, the engine warms up within normal limits, and there is almost no shortage of power. For a small suburban household, the machine is ideal. denis

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Dry with Interskol PTS-16/2000T worked diligently for 7 months to clear a plot and build a country house. Wore out two chains, the tire is still holding up. No claims to the tool, but the supply of spare parts leaves much to be desired. In particular, we had to wait more than 10 days for delivery of the ordered drive stars. Valentin Petrovich

Switching range of floats “Interskol”

In the distant past, the construction process took a long time. The reason for this was the lack of a set of tools necessary for work. Today, both small repairs and large construction are carried out much faster. And all thanks to the well-established production of construction units, in particular electric saws. The company “Intercommit”, established in 1992, has proven itself in creating modern, advanced models of this type of tool.

Features and equipment

In the countryside and in the field of construction work has been widely used. It is convenient to use this tool in the processing of garden trees, as well as decorating hedges of plants and making firewood for the winter. Despite this, the electric saw “Interskol” is in the greatest demand on construction sites. The high level of environmental friendliness of the tool allows you to use it not only on the street, but also indoors.

Absence of exhaust and pollution is one of the most important characteristics of the device.

Below are the main characteristics that the electric chainsaw has.

  • Thanks to a sufficiently powerful motor, you can perform work of increased complexity.
  • The shape of the body has smooth lines, which makes the work process even more comfortable, because there is no discomfort.
  • The forced start lock facilitates automatic shutdown of the saw in case of accidental winding.
  • Equipped with special Oregon bars.
  • The presence of a piston oil pump in the design.
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Each Interskol electric saw includes the necessary structural elements, the presence of which should be checked when purchasing:

  • Documents for the tool, namely the operating manual in Russian, technical passport and manufacturer’s warranty card;
  • The electric motor in the case of the product;
  • The saw bars;
  • Capacity for measuring the amount of oil and the oil itself;
  • A special case that protects the unit during transport;
  • Chain;
  • A small set of universal keys for assembly.

In the process, the functionality of the internal parts of the structure, namely the stock, stator and armature becomes clear.

What types are there?

Today there are several types of chainsaws that are suitable for certain jobs.

The most popular are:

  • Disc saw;
  • Puzzle;
  • ElektroSCHUNDER;
  • Chainsaw;
  • Sabel.

Each model of the presented varieties is designed for certain types of work. The manual model of the electric planer is used for straightening hard surfaces.

The versatility of the product lies in the possibility not only to process wood, but also to perform various works on metal.

Electric circular saw is used when working with moving material. The design of such models consists of two main elements – the disc itself and the motor.

A chainsaw is best suited for gardening. It can also be used for cutting firewood. The gasoline model is mainly used for heavy work, such as felling wood. In the field of construction systems, all installation work is done with a moving electric saw. This tool is capable of making the most precise cuts in any material. It is especially often used to cut parquet surfaces. It is worth noting that sabre saws can be used for the most unusual jobs, such as cutting out shapes.

Evaluation of the model

The company “Interskol” produces only a few models of chainsaws. On the one hand, this may seem like a disadvantage. On the other hand, each individual electric saw has many advantages, so you can easily choose from the range of options for your needs.

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Model pc-16/2000t

The design of this model has a powerful two-kilowatt motor, which greatly increases the scope of the device. It follows that the pc-16/2000t is capable not only of felling trees, but also of participating in global construction.

It is worth noting that the stuffing of this model is characterized by a bar area of 16 inches. Lubrication of the sawing part is carried out with the help of a piston oil pump.

As for the cost, the saw belongs to the class of cheap construction tools. Compared to other similar products in this price segment, the PY-16/2000T model is very reliable.

Model PY-16/2000TN

This version of the device was a modification of the previous electric saw. It received a reliable protection against overheating, which increases its service life and prolonged operation.

Another change is that the model is equipped with a clamp-less clamp, which makes the process of pulling the chain easier.

The versatility of the product remains unchanged, making it suitable for all applications except field scaffolding.


In order to expand the scope of the power saw, it is sufficient to purchase additional elements with which the material can be repaired for its subsequent processing. From this it becomes clear that an important addition is considered a table. On its surface there are special recesses for the installation of the control rail.

The rail itself consists of an aluminum profile. This is a lightweight, but sufficiently strong material. A special seal is attached to it, which prevents the processed material from slipping and protects the hands from scratches and damage.

User’s Manual

Before you start working, you need to understand the included instructions. Otherwise, the device may fall into disrepair. First of all, it should be taken into account that each model of the “Interskol” electric planer works for continuous performance. It follows that it is impossible to connect the tool to the battery. For prolonged work, the manufacturer recommends using an extension cord to avoid accidents. It is especially important to keep an eye on the extension cord while garden sawing trees.

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Poor weather conditions can adversely affect the power tool’s performance. Short circuits and even breakdowns of the device can occur.

In the case of malfunctioning parts after the warranty period, you should contact special stores, where experienced consultants will help you pick up the components.

To extend the life of the Interskol electric saw, it is necessary to regularly visit special points of technical inspection. A prerequisite for preventive maintenance is the timely cleaning of the saw section and Öler Satut.

Before you start your work it is necessary to install the sawing tool, fill up with oil and check the working place. It is necessary to install the saw unit in a condition separated from the electricity.

Then the saw can be installed. The protective cap is removed, the mother is removed with a special wrench, the gear cover is removed. The seating place should be cleaned of dirt and dust. Then the tires and bolts are installed. During installation, it is important to make sure that the dryer hit the mounting hole of the tire. The tire itself is installed in the rear position. The chain is put on the driving element in the form of a star and is placed in a special slot.

It is important to note that the adjustment of the carburetor in these models is not required. Unfortunately, quite often the design of the electric saw is confused with the base of the chainsaw, where the carburetor is located.

Frequent malfunctions

Each electric device has a number of advantages and disadvantages. In the case of the Intersil electric saw, the disadvantages are the possible breakdowns of the tool. But it is not necessary to disassemble the entire design at once, for each cause of possible destruction there is an opportunity to fix the malfunction.

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