Polycarbonate greenhouses for crop protection and growth

The 12 best polycarbonate greenhouses.

*Review of the best ones, according to the editorial board of Expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide for purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before purchase.

To get a stable crop of some heat-loving crops in the difficult climatic conditions of Russia is possible only in a greenhouse. Many dacha owners and professional vegetable growers have this tiered structure. Someone sets homemade structures, someone easier to buy, purchase a ready-made product with delivery and installation, and you can attach any covering material to the business frame with your own hands. With the help of our experts, we will try to determine the main criteria for choosing a polycarbonate greenhouse for the country house.

How to choose a greenhouse

Frame. The basis of the greenhouse is the frame. It experiences a serious load, both from polycarbonate and from accumulated snow.

  1. The traditional material for the frame is wood. The advantages of wood include environmental friendliness and low cost. But over time, the construction quickly saws the bottom contact with the floor.
  2. Lightweight construction offers aluminum. This metal is easy to work with and is resistant to moisture for a long time. But when exposed to strong winds or a large snow cap, the structure can break.
  3. Only steel is able to give the greenhouse maximum strength. Usually round or square tube is used to create a frame, less often – an angle and channel. Strength and ease of assembly should add pluses to this material. However, steel construction is expensive and, in addition, must have effective protection against corrosion (zinc coating, powder coating).

Covering material. Gardeners and gardeners use several covering materials to protect systems from the effects of negative weather factors.

  1. The most budget-friendly option is polyethylene film. Due to the fact that it is easy to install, it creates the right microclimate in the greenhouse. But the film is short-lived (1-2 seasons), and under the influence of the scorching sun can release harmful compounds.
  2. Glass has been used for a long time. Previously, such structures were built for the industrial cultivation of plants. Today, glass has become more accessible, it is resistant to snow and wind, and environmentally friendly. But it often breaks under the influence of hail, which means there is a risk of serious injury.
  3. Polycarbonate is very popular with dacha owners. It perfectly combines the advantages of glass and film. To ensure that the material does not break under the weight of snow, it is important to choose the right shape and design of the frame.
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The shape of the greenhouse. Several geometric designs are suitable for a polycarbonate greenhouse.

  1. The traditional arched model has a large interior room. In such a design, the minimum number of joints, it is resistant to the wind. But the snow from the roof does not always slide down by itself, so the frame must be strong.
  2. It is for greenhouses a gable roof is provided. The maximum height is retained in the central part. Such models take up more space, they are quite difficult to install.
  3. Bowling greenhouses are best for growing tall plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins). You have a solid roof connection from which the snow melts little. Owners have some installation problems; ridge sealing is required.

In our test, we have selected the 12 best polycarbonate greenhouses for summer homes. They are widely distributed in the trade network of our country. When compiling the rating, we took into account the opinion of experts and consumer feedback.

Evaluation of the best polycarbonate greenhouses for dacha

nomination place Product name Price
Best matching greenhouses 1 Royal Court 18 500 ₽
2 Glass House Dubrava 61 500 ₽
Best arched polycarbonate greenhouses 1 Dacha optima 13 500 ₽
2 Kremlin Luxury 28 250 ₽
3 Bastion premium, Bastion company 14,000 ₽
4 Harvest Elite Absolute 18,000 ₽
5 Shelterlogic in a box (round roof) 240×300 cm 29 900 ₽
6 Nordic from NZT 15 900 ₽
7 Uralochka 12 700 ₽
Best cone greenhouses. 1 Orange drops 11 471 ₽
2 Kremlin Arrow 19,000 ₽
3 Dacha arrow 12 100 ₽

Best matching greenhouses

A large number of plants can be grown in greenhouses with identical walls. There’s room for both low-growing plants and vegetable giants. Specialists have taken a liking to several protective structures.

Royal Court

The polycarbonate greenhouse for dacha growers Royal Yard was launched in 2017. Today, more and more gardeners are showing interest in it. Experts attribute this to the demand for a greenhouse with a reliable construction. The manufacturer used double galvanized arches, so the frame can withstand large snow loads. Since a lot of fakes have appeared on the market, the developers are advised to pay attention to the presence of crosspieces (40 x 20 mm), which are located at the same level as the arches.

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The advantages of the greenhouse include the use of high-quality polycarbonate with a thickness of 4 mm and double protection against ultraviolet radiation. Gardeners are offered different modifications with a width of 2.5 m, 3.0 m and 3.5 m, whose length varies from 2 to 10 m.

The best polycarbonate greenhouses in 2022

In the harsh climate of Russia, many heat-loving plants do not have time to give a harvest in a short summer – it is better to grow them in greenhouses. And the best option is a polycarbonate greenhouse. But it is important to choose the best variant

Best polycarbonate greenhouses in 2022

Polycarbonate greenhouses are easy to install and operate, they protect well from spring and autumn frosts and, most importantly, they are affordable.

Rating of 10 best polycarbonate greenhouses according to KP

A very robust greenhouse Fairy Tale (Polycarbonate Basic).

Greenhouse is a very accurate tale

Ideal greenhouse for snowy regions! Has a very strong frame of galvanized profile pipe and thick polycarbonate, which will withstand a huge snow load – 10 times more than most standard greenhouses. It has walls that allow a rational use of space. And 5 length options – allow you to pick the best greenhouse for each location.

The design of the greenhouse includes 2 doors and 2 ventilation holes. An assembly kit is included.


Greenhouse - Greenhouse Sota Bogatyr

This greenhouse has an unusual shape – like many others, it is not arch-shaped, but drop-shaped. It looks very elegant, but most importantly, this shape keeps snow off the roof, which is a problem for many greenhouses.

The frame of the greenhouse is made of galvanized square tube – it is light, but at the same time strong and does not rust. The frame parts are tightened with galvanized clamps – such fastening is stronger and more reliable than welding.

Doors are located on two sides and allow easy entry, even with buckets. The windows have 2 ends, which allows you to quickly air the greenhouse.

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The kit includes all fittings, fasteners and detailed instructions – the greenhouse can be expanded on its own.


Greenhouse Palram - Canopia Victory Greenhouse

This greenhouse has a very stylish design – it will not only help to grow an abundant harvest of heat-loving crops, but will become a decoration of the plot. Besides, the greenhouse is very durable because its frame is made of powder-coated aluminum frame, which means that the construction is reliably protected from rust. And the construction itself is very rigid.

In general, the design of this greenhouse provides everything for convenient work:

  • The height is 260 cm, so you can enter the greenhouse at full height and use the space to greater advantage.
  • Wide double wing doors measuring 1,15 x 2 m with a low threshold – even a car can be rolled into the greenhouse;
  • 2 windows for easy ventilation;
  • built-in drainage system.

garden gardener country

A greenhouse with straight walls and a sloping roof is elegant and stylish at the same time. The frame is made of reinforced galvanized profile pipe – it is durable and does not rust. Greenhouse construction includes 4 lengths – 4, 6, M, 8 and 10 m.

Greenhouse has 2 doors and 2 windows.


Greenhouse Wola Delta standard

A very stylish greenhouse, which perfectly blends in any garden design. Visually it is very light, but quite strong – the roof can withstand a very large amount of snow. The frame is galvanized, it does not rust.

The greenhouse has 2 doors and what is undoubtedly a plus – a hatch. The greenhouse kit includes an assembly kit, fasteners, sealing profile and detailed instructions with pictures.


Greenhouse Agrosfera Plus

Standard sturdy greenhouse with a classic arched shape. The design offers several options. Polycarbonate is thin, but due to the frequent arrangement of arches, the strength of the greenhouse is high enough – the roof can withstand a solid snow load.

Greenhouse has 2 doors and 2 windows.


Greenhouse Agrosfera-plus

The frame of this greenhouse consists of a square profile pipe with 20 mm cross-section. It is galvanized, which means it does not rust. Transverse arcs are spaced 67 cm from each other, which gives the frame extra strength (in other greenhouses the standard step is 1 m) and allows you to withstand a layer of snow on the roof of 30 cm.

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Greenhouse is equipped with 2 doors and 2 windows, which allows you to quickly air it if necessary. All necessary screws and bolts are included.


Greenhouse South Africa Maria Deluxe greenhouse

A classic greenhouse of standard width and height. Frame consists of galvanized metal profile pipe, which means it will not rust. Available in several lengths – 4m, 6m and 8m, which means you can choose the right one for you. The design includes 2 doors and 2 windows.


Novator-5 greenhouse

Very beautiful greenhouse with everything thought out – minimum frame (distance between arches 2 m), the frame is painted in the color of moss. Very airy! The roof is removable, this is a plus – it can be removed for the winter and not to worry about snow that can damage the construction. In addition, the snow does not attack the greenhouse in winter – it will nourish the soil with moisture.


Yenisey greenhouse - cool

Large 6m long greenhouse that requires a lot of space. Good for those who grow a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers. However it needs time to close – only the frame is on sale, you need to buy polycarbonate. The frame is made of galvanized pipe, which means it is not subject to corrosion.


Reviews of gardeners about polycarbonate greenhouses

Polycarbonate greenhouses are very popular, but at the same time reviews about them are often controversial. Here is a typical review, which absorbed all the essence of the controversy on the dacha plots.

“Without a doubt, the best option is a glass greenhouse. Glass lets in the best light, and in terms of aesthetics, such greenhouses are at the highest level. Labor costs for construction and repair are, of course, very high. Polycarbonate is the best option in terms of price/quality ratio. He is quite suitable for growing cucumbers and tomatoes, but such a greenhouse is not put in the area in front of the house. “

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Popular Q&A

About the choice of greenhouses, we talked with agronomist breeder Svetlana Mikhailova.

Can all polycarbonate greenhouses be installed in the suburbs?

In principle, any greenhouse can be used in the suburbs, but it is better to choose with a stronger frame, since in this region there are very snowy winters. Pay attention to such a parameter as “snow load. The higher this parameter, the better.

What density of polycarbonate is optimal for a greenhouse?

In addition to the thickness of polycarbonate, its density is also important. The optimal density of polycarbonate with a thickness of 4 mm is 0.4 kg / m². m. And if you get, for example, 2 sheets of different thickness but the same density, then that thinner – strangely enough – stronger.

When it is more profitable to buy a polycarbonate greenhouse?

The best time to buy a greenhouse – autumn. In September, prices are usually reduced by 30%. But in the spring it is overpriced – the demand is high, so the prices go up. In addition, you have to wait a very long time for delivery and installation.

The fall purchase is also beneficial because early crops can be sown in it in early spring.

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