Photon minitractors. Series overview, properties

Chinese mini tractors photon scatter all technical clichés from the realm of the middle


Despite the fact that the min i-tractors from the Chinese manufacturer Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co only relatively short time ago, they managed to create a lot of excitement around them. Factors such as excellent costs, reliable assembly, high functionality, performance and availability of the necessary spare parts in the country addressed the Russian users.

Which models are most popular?

Small tractor Foton TE-200

The specified option is characterized by a 4-stroke diesel engine with a capacity of 20 liters. with., noise, the presence of power steering and hydraulic connections. Established users pay particular attention to the European joint system of a thre e-point plan.

Technical characteristics:

Photon small tractors with rear wheel drive have a differential lock, a glow plug and separate braking. The unit existed all European controls and, before it was sent to the country, succumbed to serious tests that apparently passed.

The device will be a big helper for farmers and farmers who have to work on large plots every day. Powerful wheels and the availability of spare parts help to fix many problems themselves, since all useful points of the design are shown in the operating instructions suitable for many photon models.

The dashboard of the Minitraktor Foton TE-200

Small tractor Foton TE-244

The mini tractor has a more comfortable workplace for the operator compared to the previous model. In addition, the makers equipped the “thought child” with an electronic operating hour counter that is installed in the dashboard, power steering, rear protective devices over the wheels, a singl e-pane coupling and rear lifting lever.

Technical characteristics:
Manufacturer Photon / photon
Number of cylinders 3
Drive unit 4×4
Workspace up to 10 ha
Working in cold weather Да
Engine model 3 cylinders
Type of the engine diesel
Horsepower 24
Performance, KWT 17.6
Fuel consumption g/kWh 272
Punch speed, rpm 540/1000
Number of splines, pto 6
Trace, mm 1250-1450
Train force, KN 7,2
Wheelbase, mm 1740
Minimum floor clearance, mm 254
Rady size at the back 9.5 x 24
Front wheel size 6 x 16
Type of the engine start Electrical starter
Cabin availability no
Type of steering hydraulic
Type of the paw wave independently
Remote hydraulics Two channels
coupling Dry single disc
Length, mm 3030
Width (mm 1470
Height, mm 1889
transmission (4+1) X2
Weight (KG 1230

The photon minitractor only consumes 72 g / kW for an hour, even though the fuel tank can grasp about 72 liters. Fuel. The option belongs to a number of garden devices, but can perform work in completely different areas in practice.

Sign: October 1st to 5th

Small tractor Foton TE-354

The device can certainly be referred to as universal, since its power can operate the device for both earthworks and industrial work. The model is supplemented by a heated cabin and an adjustable seat, and it is very easy to repair or replace spare parts, since all basic units are arranged close and easily accessible.

Technical characteristics:
Bike formula 4×4
Dimensions, mm length 3383
Broad 1770
Height 2450
Engine power, PS (KW) 35 (25.7)
working volume of cylinder, l 2,592
The number of cylinders 3
Fuel consumption, ≥ g/kW hour 239
VOM rotation frequency (RPM) 540/1000
Wheelbase, mm 1924
The track of the front wheels, mm 1250
Rutus of the rear wheels, mm 1200-1500
Minimum agrotechnical clearance, MM 280
total weight, kg constructive 1750
operational 1940
Train force, KN 10.5
Carrying capacity of the hinge system, Prince 10
steering Mountain
checkpoint 8/4
Speed, KM/hour Forward 2.54 – 33.25
return 3.76 – 11.48
Additionally. intelligence Cabin with heater

The fuel tank capacity is 32 liters, which means that with the above consumption, you can safely work on the device for more than an hour without stopping for the delivery of fuel. Strong, large and reliable wheels allow you to move more comfortably and quickly on the ground, and the motorized tractor can develop decent speed even through off-road.

Scheme of the control handles and control pedals of the photo tractor

Common problems with photon minitors and their solution


The engines of the photon have gained incredible popularity in the country for a reason, since they are easy to analyze and repair, so having familiarized yourself with the solution of basic problems and other data in the instructions, you can not be afraid of any Malfunctions because the responsible owner can fix them and return to former functionality.

Review of the lineup of the Foton Min i-Actractors. Properties, Attachments, Instructions

The mini tractor Photon (the Loll’s second name) was originally designed to operate in garden areas. However, over time they have been modernized and all cyclist models have been used locally.


Most of the parts for Foton are manufactured in the PRC, and the full assembly takes place on the territory of the Russian Federation. The manufacturer pays special attention to the quality of components, and in the end high-quality and durable technology is obtained. The best confirmation of these words is to increase the number of sales of mini – Photon tractors.

Mitsubishi mini tractor. Overview of the model range, add-on parts, test reports

During the expansion of the lineup, Foton Mini tractors use the world experience in creating small agricultural equipment, original technical solutions, evaluation reviews and customer requirements.

Foton minor

The most popular models are considered:

Photon 244

Small tractor Foton 244

  • The Photon 244 is equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 25 hp.
  • The mini tractor Lovol 244 is equipped with a ride for all 4 wheels.
  • The distance between standards can be adjusted from 115-135 cm.
  • The weight of the Bool 244 without a cabin is 1160 kg and with a cabin 1459 kg.

Photon 354

This machine is intended for operation on medium-sized farms.

Small tractor Foton 354

  • The Bool 354 is equipped with a diesel 4-speed engine with a capacity of 35 hp and water cooling.
  • The drive on this machine is 4×4.
  • Photon weight 354 is 1750 kg.
  • Thanks to a powerful engine and large mass, this model can transport goods weighing up to half a ton.

Photon 404

This model is specially designed for agricultural, construction and gardening work.

Mini Tractor Photon 404 has a modern look and streamlined shape. It has a diesel engine with a capacity of 40 hp that meets the requirements of the Euro 2 standard.

Foton 404 Mini Actionor

For the convenience of the owner, the boot 404 was installed power steering and a cab at the minister’s management. The latter is equipped with air conditioning and fans to maintain the optimal temperature.

  • The gearbox can be adjusted 8+8 or 16+8 at the discretion of the future owner.
  • Cooking 404 mini vector wheel formula – 4 × 4.

Photon ft 504

This model has a number of technical functions: compactness, simple control, high operating speed, high traction strength and simplicity of daily maintenance.

Photon FT 504 has a fou r-cylinder engine with a capacity of 50 hp and fluid cooling. The engine begins with an electric starter.

Small tractor Foton_ft 504

A thre e-point coupling is installed behind it so that you can reliably repair the fastening devices, and an output at two speeds enables you to control the speed of the Hitch.

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A 4 × 4 drive is installed on Photon 504.

Photon TG 1254

This is the powerful professional model of Foton Min i-Actractors used in the processing of large farmers. It has 125 strong diesel engine with water cooling. In order to facilitate the process of controlling the min i-Tg125 4-min i-tg1254 tractor, the steering hydraulic operating was installed.

Motoblokschneider - assembly, cultivation, review and owner reviews

Small tractor Foton TG 1254

The fastening equipment is connected using a thre e-point coupler of a European model.

The equipment lever is located on the right hand of the seat of the owner and enables you to easily change the speed of movement. A German clutch of high quality is installed on a Mini tractor TG125 4-Photon, which significantly extends the lifespan of the device.

Unmounted equipment


This fastening equipment is designed in such a way that it mixes the upper layer of soil and increases the fertility of the earth. The entire installation of Foton Lovol Min i-Actractors has a wave of power with which you can set the speed of the mill rotation.

Soilofrera IGQN-140 disc Harrow


After the field has been cut with grinding, large pieces of breed remains. Harrows are used for your grinding. They are a metal frame and steel rods that are welded with them.


This problem is a modernized mill. It not only turns the floor, but also breaks large floor blocks immediately. This effect is reached with Jabrenes thanks to the Spitzer Knife.


They are mainly used to mark the beds for the further sowing of agricultural plants.

Cultivating KU-3-70 plow PN 325 for PN-220 plows

If it is necessary to dig the virgin soil, it is better to use the plow. It falls into the ground over a greater distance. Cutters simply cannot deal with a solid breed and constantly jump the areas.

It is better to plow plowing, it has a special shape of a lemha on which the earth first turns around several times and only then leans to the side.

Reversible (reversible) plow

The entire installation of Foton Lovol Minibrators is a powerful technology that can actually drive several plows at the same time. Therefore, the surface treatment area increases significantly during plowing.


Foton Lovol Min i-Tractor can wear heavy loads with trailers.

Pts-2 pendant

Recommends to use sel f-specific options for trailers, since unloading can be carried out with a simple buoyancy in the body, which saves a large amount of time and time for this procedure.

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Small tractor Chuvashpiller 354. Overview, properties, equipment

Rotor mower

Rotary braids are used in order to maintain the order of the House Territory and the use of hires in rural areas. They are able to produce herbs at a speed of 2 to 4 ha/h. Rotorkosters are able to clean rough plants and mediu m-sized shrubs.


In order for the grass to be dry after mowing, it is necessary to dry it. To turn it around, enums are used.

Sun 2 Lobs Mowell Rotor Rakes R-Rake mechanical


A rake is used to collect grass after a forces. They are connected from behind and allow you to collect hay from a spot 1m wide in one way.

Potato pies and potato dwellers

The potato beginner represents a single design consisting of a plow (it makes a ditch), a tank (where potatoes are poured and watered from there) and cigns (which bury a RUT).

Monotonous KS-1 potato trailer conveyor DMTZ-1TM

The easiest option for cutting potatoes is the plow, but when working with it you need to be careful because it cuts a large amount of potatoes. To prevent this, you can use professional potato crusher. She picks up the bottom layer of soil along with the fruit, sifts herself to a roar, leaving the fruit whole on the ground.

Snowman, dumpling and brush

In the winter season, Mini helps with snow cleaning. Due to the possibility of installing dumplings in front, you can easily remove roads and areas of roads from snow.

Snowmen allow you to throw a layer of snow cover at a distance of 10-15 meters.

The blade brushes are planned

The brush is used for cleaning snow and garbage.

User Guide

The beginning of the operation

Before the Foton Lovol minibrators begin full operation. At this point you cannot use the device at full power because the engine parts have not yet been lubricated and there is a lot of friction. After the completion of running running, be sure to pay attention to the engine oil.


For the correct maintenance of the Foton Lovol Mini tractor, the following actions must be carried out:

  1. Put the car in a closed and dry room:
  2. Drain the oil and fuel, remove the spark plugs and battery;
  3. reduce tire pressure;
  4. Remove dirt and dust from the car.

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Pruning grapes in the middle belt


  1. In order to extend the period of use of min i-Actractors, the cattle photon must be maintained in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions.
  2. The engine oil should be changed after 250 hours. For this it is recommended to use lubricants with a classification of 10W-40.
  3. TAP-15V or TAD-17I should be used for transmission. In this node, the oil should run after 500 hours.

Basic malfunctions and repairs

If the appendix does not climb:
  • The oil level in the hydraulic system fell below the minimum mark (oil release);
  • The hydraulic system pump is turned off (turn it on);
  • The hydraulic system safety valve freezes (crush and clean the valve).
If the motor does not work stably, these are possible reasons
  • The fuel level fell below the minimum mark (it is necessary to add it).
  • belt stretch (must be set correctly);
  • Fuel or air filters have become clogged (clean);
  • The carburetor became clogged due to dirt (it needs to be disassembled, rinsed and cleaned);
  • Problems with the ignition system (the candle most often left or it became unusable).
If the braking system does not work:
  • The free stroke of the pedal has increased (adjust its position);
  • The brake disc or block was worn out (replace the relevant details).

Video assessment of work

Below is a video review of Pfluging Mini with a Photon 244 tractor:

And here is a video view over the string of the field with the Minitraktor Foton 404:

The following video view demonstrates the operation of the Photon 354 with a snow plow cultivation device:

Owner reviews

Owners of Russian photon tractors in thematic forums say the following:


First of all, I would like to say that the Chinese have finally learned to produce hig h-quality devices at low costs. I have been using the photo minitractor for a year and a half, the mileage is 900 hours. It is mandatory to record the screw connections regularly, set all mechanisms and replace the oil and filters.


I recently bought a new photon. The first impression: The machine is powerful and worth its money, simply and intuitively waiting, tw o-stage tap wave, the speed can be adjusted in wide areas.

Advantages: hig h-quality equipment in every respect

Negative: I drove without a taxi, but if you want to work in winter, it is better to pay for it.

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