Peony in a summer garden

When and how can I transplant a peony in the garden?

Peonies are one of the main decorations of the summer garden. The botanical garden of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Yekaterinburg once again organized an exhibition of these beauties at the peak of their blooming. Visitors were able to admire the peonies and get acquainted with their new varieties. OBLGAZTA took this opportunity and learned all about the varieties that grow and transplant these flowers.

Japanese and pink.

White and pink, terry and Japanese, large and small – about a hundred varieties of peony, which since ancient times has been considered the king of flowers, are on display. Eyes from such an abundance of colors simply diverge, and the thick smell of honey from the flowers attracts even more visitors.

– Today in the Urals there are dozens of peony varieties of different selections, forms, colors and most of them are in the Urals. Of this variety, our gardeners can make anything the Academy of Sciences likes. -pure vegetable pink peonies, others Japanese peonies, and someone prefers only the results of hybrids – a mixture of woody and herbaceous peonies.

Exhibition of peonies, peony

In the photo one of the organizers of Piono exhibition, Natalia Noiminoma (left), leading engineer of the place of decorative perennials of the Botanical Garden of the Ural Branch of RAS, and Ninel Suganova, ancestor of the peony collection in the Middle Urals. Photo: Pavel Vorozhtsov

Ninel Suganova, founder of peony collection in the Middle Urals, who will soon turn 90, recommends old tried-and-true varieties of French and German selection: Maxim Festival, Duchesse de Nemours, Miss Edlund and others. There are about 70 peony varieties growing on his garden plot now, but for collectors, it’s anything but borderline.

-I can’t single out the best and preferred peony variety. There are very beautiful ones, even with a simple flower shape, which look great, especially in a large bush,” says Tatiana Smetanina, a Piono collector from Yekaterinburg, who has 250 varieties of these flowers growing on site. – I still replenish my collection of peonies: I buy some varieties from other collectors, some I order from foreign gardens via the Internet – and they take root too.

Garden planning - you need to start now.

Exhibition of peonies, peony

Repotting once every five years

When can peonies be prepared for transplanting and comfortable wintering? This should be done immediately after flowering, so that the plant will like its appearance and the next year, says Natalia Neuiminym. Some varieties of peony bloom in two weeks, others – in five to seven weeks. All fading inflorescences should be cut off immediately, so they do not spoil the appearance of the plant and do not take away its strength. In addition, it is important to regularly loosen the floor under the peony, water it in dry weather and fertilize with phosphorus-potassium fertilizer until the second decade. The dosage of fertilizer depends on the size of the peony, but on average it is 70 grams of phosphate and a glass of ash. This is necessary for the best establishment of peony flower buds, which occurs in late July and early August.

– Peonies can be transplanted not earlier than the beginning of September and not more often than once in five years. First, it is worth thinking about the pit for planting peonies in advance: it should be prepared at least two weeks before planting peonies, so that the soil settles”, – recommends Natalya Vyacheslavovna. – The hole should be dug deeper, about 60 centimeters deep and the same in width. At the bottom we lay drainage of sandstone or rubble stone about 15 centimeters high, then a layer of fertile soil 40 centimeters high (we mix humus, one hundred grams of superphosphate and 250-300 grams of ash) and ordinary soil from the plot on top. Then it is necessary to well water the pit.

Exhibition of peonies, peony chuck-chuck

A few days before transplanting, you need to remember the peony itself. As a rule, transplanting requires large bushes – they are divided. Therefore, you need to carefully dig the peony bush in a circle, backing off about thirty centimeters from the center of the flower and deepening the shovel into the ground.

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“You should not dig too close to the plant, otherwise you can break its root system,” warns Natalia Nonimina. – It is possible to transplant peonies with an envelope, but only if it is a small bush.

Immediately after digging, you need to carefully separate the peony’s roots with a knife, clean them from the soil, cut off the rotten parts and long shoots. Healthy roots should be disinfected with a greenhouse, wooden corner or a special biological preparation and dry them well for one to two days. Only after that, you can plant the peony in the prepared hole, but in no case deepen it, otherwise the plant will lag behind in growth and bloom poorly.

– In one place, the peony can grow and five or fifteen years. It is only necessary to properly and well nourish it. It is best to fertilize peonies at least four times a year: in early spring, in the middle of May and in summer, but only from the second year after replanting the bush,” says Natalia Nemina. – If the peony grows for a long time in one place, then once every two years it is better to add disinfectants to the soil under it. Sprinkle it with ash, for example.

A small peony bush can bloom the next year after transplanting, but according to our expert, it is better not to let this happen, so that the damaged root system of the plant comes back to normal. It is recommended to bloom in inflorescences. But on the second and third year after planting, the peony is sure to please with its magnificent blooms.

Exhibition of peonies, peony


Today, peonies can also be grown at home. It is important only to buy the right, low-growing (border) varieties, such as Rome, Moscow, Oslo, London. The growing technology for them remains the same as for garden chubules. But at home, peonies are best planted in early spring. For planting, you should choose flower pots with a volume of at least five liters and a diameter of 25 centimeters. The optimal height of the container should be 45 centimeters. In summer, experienced gardeners recommend taking pots with peonies to a glazed loggia.

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Where to admire peonies in St. Petersburg?

Peonies bloom in city parks and yards. Bright and festive or, on the contrary, delicate as a zephyr. Lovers of these flowers better read our material, in which we tell where in St. Petersburg there are the largest plantings of peonies. Bonus – atmospheric photos!

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The most important flower spot in the city is, of course, the Peter the Great Botanical Garden on Aptarsky Island. Every year the exhibition-festival “Peonies of the Northern Capital” is held here. And all over the garden dozens of different varieties bloom, including rare Japanese peonies.

You can find almost the largest plantings of peonies in the center of the city if you walk through Mars Field. Many of them bloom here, so the sweet fragrance spreads throughout the area.

The city’s Palace of Youth Creativity has courtyards and gardens with flower beds and flower beds. A passageway here is available to every citizen. Here you will find the peony in bloom.

The first peonies appeared in the post-war years in Moscow Victory Park and to this day delight people with their incredible beauty. In 2019, one of the largest flower beds was planted here: more than 300 bushes.

Also large flowerbeds with peonies can be found at Kirovsky Platz on Kirow Platz, in Pushkin in the square on Magazeinaya Street, on Bahnhofsplatz and Orangerie Street.

Slightly less numerous, but at least near the Kazan Cathedral were spotted bushes with peonies. Peonies bloomed in other parts of the city as well. These flowers will not delight the eyes of the citizens for a long time: the season for peonies lasts from May to early July.

And where did you hit the peony beds in St. Petersburg this year? Share in the comments!

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St. Isaac Cathedral, Peter the Great’s Bin Ras Botanical Garden, Moscow Siegespark, Marsfeld, Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg City Palace of Young People’s Art

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