Patriot Arizona lightweight gasoline cultivator. Model description, specifications, customer reviews

Patriot Arizona lightweight gasoline cultivator. Model description, specifications, customer reviews

Patriot T5.0/600F PG Arizona belongs to the class of lightweight – its weight is only 32 kg without additional equipment.

This unit is designed to perform gardening and agricultural work on garden plots of 6-10 acres or in greenhouses.

In terms of its technical characteristics the device is quite versatile.

This model can be aggregated with such folding equipment as a crabber, plough, soil tiller, potato trowel.

Arizona Patriot is equipped with active cutters of special design. Width of cultivated area is 56 cm.

The Arizona Paratriot is powered by a Patriot Garden OHV 4-stroke gasoline engine.

The engine’s valve arrangement is overhead. Power output is 5 hp.

Due to the low weight of the machine, it is not difficult to operate it, and even beginners can work with such a device.

The device is started by using a manual starter. The clutch in this model is belt, worm gear.

package and manual

  1. Pneumatic flame thrower (2 PC);
  2. Protective wings (2 PC);
  3. Screwdriver;
  4. Instruction manual in Russian;
  5. 4 cutters;
  6. Adjustable straps (cushion) with a clip for fastening.


engine power 5 hp.
working width 56 cm
transmission worm
Cutter diameter 26 cm
speed 1 forward
weight 42 kg

Distinctive features, attachments

  • Maneuverability which the machine acquires due to its low weight;
  • Low engine noise and moderate vibration;
  • Work with all types of attachments;
  • Easy operation, quick start (jumper cable, manual start);
  • Switch is located on control handle;
  • Convenient wheels for driving on wet or level ground;
  • folding handle;
  • smooth throttle adjustment;
  • 20 cm working depth (with the use of weights);
  • multistage oil filter (saves when working with a lot of dust or in the heat);
  • oil level gauge;
  • Freight wheel to transport the tractor around the site;
  • Fracking – diameter of 16 cm;
  • The presence of only 1 working speed (no need to switch modes, easy to work);
  • Inexpensive;
  • The manufacturer’s warranty – 12 months.
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To keep your Walk Fehd, Patriot Arizona tractor running for a long time, follow the maintenance, oil and fuel recommendations in the owner’s manual.

For the engine of your Patriot Arizona power tiller, choose Patriot oils of the following types: Supreme HD SAE30, Expert SAE 10W-40, Specific SAE 5W-30.

During a routine maintenance inspection, pay attention to such points and components of the tractor’s walking behavior:

  • engine operation and the condition of the oil filter (clean the filter and the tractor’s exterior elements with loss of travel, if necessary);
  • noise level during operation, presence of extraneous noises;
  • oil and fuel level (to fill up the engine Patriot Arizona, gasoline AI 92 or AI 95);
  • condition of the grinds (clean them of dirt after each use);
  • If stored for more than 30 days without powering up, drain the oil and fuel from the travel tractor’s tanks.

Video review

There is currently no video available. If you own an Arizona engine grubber, please post your video rating on our site.


According to online reviews, this model is the easiest to administer without losing functionality and performance. However, for difficult areas it is better to choose another, more powerful model.

Vitaly, Voronezh: “The tiller is small and compact. Of course, you should not expect heroic feats from it. But for its price it is quite a decent offer. Fortunately, Patriot in recent years has expanded the model range so much that you can find a heavy and medium-heavy tractor with manual control. I picked up a lightweight so my wife could work on the construction site. I do not see any disadvantages, except that there is no choice of speed, but its skills are modest: only the essentials. It consumes very little gasoline, it seemed to me that such devices consume even less than conventional ones. If you want to buy a compact, economical, small tractor with manual control, then Arizona is what you need!

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Patriot patriot arizona power tiller. Features of use, properties, reviews of owners

Motobloc Patriot Arizona belongs to the class of lightweight devices, which are designed for processing small areas. The main advantage of the hand tractor is its compactness, which is an advantage for use on small farms, cottages and vegetable gardens. But despite its modest size and low weight of 50 kg, the cultivator is quite functional.

Motobloc patriot arizona

It comes with a cutting unit, but you can also connect a variety of attachments, with which you can cultivate hills, plow, plant potatoes, sow grass and perform other functions.

The four-stroke engine can not be called powerful, as it is equipped with only 5 hp, which makes the device no less functional. It is characterized by the treatment of dense soil. Thanks to the economical engine, it also consumes about 1 liter of gasoline per hour. The device is equipped with a sensor that blocks the engine start in case of lack of lubrication. The plowing depth reaches 25 cm.

The kit also includes a transport bike, with which the Patriot Arizona hand tractor can be conveniently transported to the site. The handy handles are adjustable, allowing you to adapt the controls to your individual requirements. See the specifications below for detailed information about the Patriot Arizona hand tractor.


Engine power: 5 PS
Engine type: Four-stroke
Engine displacement: 198 cm3
Working width: 25-58 cm
Working depth: 28 cm
Number of forwarders: 1
Number of reverse speeds: no
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.5 l
Volume of the oil tank: 0.6 l
Gearbox: worm
Cooling: Air
Starting system: Manual
Bowl diameter: 30 cm
Translation ratio: 22.6: 1
Reverse (reverse): no
Dimensions (d/b/h): 71 x 38 x 66 cm.
Weight: 35 kg.
Country of manufacture: United States of America
Warranty: 1 year

Operating Characteristics

It is recommended to let the single axle tractor run for all parts to run in before commissioning. The entire process takes about 8-10 hours of running with decreasing performance with gradual increases. After completion of the commissioning time the oil and fuel must be changed. Subsequent change of fluids is done after 25 or 50 hours of operation.

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Motobloc patriot arizona

Read the owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with the features of the Patriot Arizona hand-held tractor and the maintenance instructions.

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Lubricants such as Supreme HD SAE30, Expert Sae 10W-40, Specific Sae 5W-30 should be used for the Arizona power tiller engine. Gasoline AI-92 is used as fuel.

Manufacturers recommend regular maintenance to avoid serious failures. A commissioning stage should be performed before commissioning, which extends the life of the engine. More detailed information can be found in the instruction manual.

Before use, inspect the unit for possible malfunctions, clean the filter and check all threaded connections, as they regularly come loose due to strong vibrations.

If you plan on not using the Patriot nemnation tractor for a long time, you should clean it, grease all parts to avoid corrosion, drain the fuel, cover it and store it in a dry place.

Owner reviews

On forums, owners of Patriot Arizona power tillers determine the economical fuel consumption when using the device and its functionality. They emphasize the strong vibration due to defects and poor assembly of parts.


The power of the tractor with manual control is enough to plow new land. It works confidently with the included cutters, but with additional cutters the quality deteriorates noticeably. Another disadvantage is poor transportability, because despite its low weight, it tilts on its side. Despite the Chinese assembly, the single-axle tractor can safely be called of high quality.

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