Partner Lawn Mowers: Description, Features and Rules of Use

Characteristics of partner legislator and trimmer

To bring order to the lawn and cut the grass, some people prefer partner mowers and trimmers. With their help, it’s easy to give aesthetically pleasing personal actions and parking areas.

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Lawn mowers of the popular Swedish brand partner are made in Europe and the United States. The company has no assembly shops in Southeast Asia. The products undergo strict technical control and meet European quality standards. The company is known for many innovative developments. It has a wide range of multifunctional gasoline and electric mowers. When working, the operator deals with a safe and simple machine.

The engine is easy to start, the speed can be switched and a suitable rhythm of work can be set. The foam air filter increases the life of the engine.

The large mowing width allows you to work quickly and efficiently. The cutting system has durable steel blades which are resistant to obstacles. The Bioclip mulching system enables powerful shredding of greenery. This greatly saves mowing time, as the fine grass on the plot eventually turns into an organic fertilizer. Some designs have a roomy container for collecting grass, which greatly increases the duration of the operator’s work.

The volume of the grass catcher box can be up to 71 liters. Competent arrangement of the front drive, special suspension of the cutting units and large rear wheels allow to mow huge areas with uneven terrain and sloping surfaces. Of great importance is the high quality of all parts of the partner brand.

The self-propelled mower moves independently, rotating the wheels with the help of the engine. The machine is controlled by the operator. There are self-propelled gas and electric mowers. The gas-powered units are very popular. Motokos offers a rugged steel housing. Most models have a grass collector, a device for adjusting the cutting height and a mulcher.

The Partner gasoline mower has an air-cooled four-stroke engine. The crankshaft is arranged vertically. Equipping the engine with aluminum cylinders and the top position of the valves allows the models to work quietly and does not allow them to overheat. The units differ from each other in terms of power. Low designs have manual start. A gasoline lawnmower with a seat is very convenient to use. The miniature tractor is used for mowing a large area. Models are equipped with innovative technologies that make the operator’s work much easier.

Electric self-propelled mower is environmentally friendly. It does not produce harmful exhaust fumes, it works quietly. The disadvantages include the fact that the equipment does not start when the power is turned off. The presence of a cord often interferes with the productive mowing of grass. Such a machine is suitable for processing a small area. In wet weather, the electric device should not be used, as an electric shock is possible.

The Partner gasoline trimmer is in great demand. Most manual models have a shoulder strap. The mechanical lawnmower is Partner’s most basic model. The design of the Partner 440 is lightweight. It is easy to use.

Mowing requires some physical exertion.

Rating of the best models

  • Non-self-propelled miniature gasoline mower Partner P40-450C is very popular. The weight of the construction is 23.8 kg. The machine is capable of processing an area of 800 square meters. Most often the model is bought for country houses. The reliable design is equipped with a powerful engine, has an exhaust gas cleaning system and low noise level. Non-removable body is not afraid of mechanical damage and natural disasters. The height of the wheels is adjustable. The mulching system is not provided. The model has 5 levels of grass height adjustment: from 2.5 to 8 cm, a collector for grass with a volume of 50 liters, the blade of grass is 40 cm.
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  • Partner P51-500CMD, even when mowing with a gasoline mower, is among the most popular models. The service life is increased due to the steel housing and air filter. The weight of the construction is 37 kg. A mulching function is provided. The model has a voluminous grass catcher made of two nylon ones. It is treated with a special substance that prevents the loss of even the smallest particles. The capacity of the container is 71 kg. The width of the grass catcher box is 51 cm, the vegetation height adjustment varies from 3.3 to 9 cm.

  • Gasoline mower Partner P56-500SM Lush features a side discharge of the mowed mass.

  • The best garden tractor recognized Partner P145107HRB. It is famous for its wide tires, on which there is no crushed greenery due to a special grip. Mowing speed is 7.3 km / h, the width of the border of the strip – 107 cm.

  • Electric mowers Partner P1340 and Partner P1540E have a panel to pick up a strip of 40 cm. The height adjustment is in the range of 2.5-5.5 cm. The first model weighs 16 kg, the second – 20 kg. Both mowers are equipped with a rigid container for collecting weeds.

  • The Partner P1746E electric mower weighs 28 kg. The model is equipped with 3 positions of grass adjustment: from 2.2 to 7 cm. The soft grass catcher box holds 50 liters of vegetation.

  • Partner Colibri II mower. Basysokos is renowned for its compactness, low weight and reliability. The lightweight line head is quick and easy to disassemble. The trimmer has low fuel consumption. The center of gravity is balanced.

  • Partner P305CBS gasoline trimmer is equipped with a two-row engine, anti-vibration system. Comes with fishing line, blade and shoulder strap.

Directions for Use and Maintenance

Before using the high-speed mower, carefully read the instruction manual. Strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions will help extend the life of the unit and prevent many problems. Do not change the factory settings or engine parameters. The spark plug connector wires should be disconnected during machine maintenance or repair.

Only fill the tank with fuel when the engine is bloated and cooled. The first oil change is made after 5 hours of mowing. Then the substance should be changed as needed and after the end of the season.

The oil volume should be checked regularly. Do not wait until the oil level is too low. Excess oil is also undesirable.

Great care should be taken when servicing the cutting system. Rotating one of the blades may set the other blades in motion. It is recommended that you check for damage, wear and tear on the cutting units and the strength of their mounting. At the end of the season, the blades should be sharpened and balanced.

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Don’t riddle with mowing early in the morning. You need to wait until the grass is completely dry. While mowing, you should not push the unit, but only in the right direction. When you are finished, you need to thoroughly clean the mower from the remains of greenery, various contaminants and dust.

See repair and maintenance of lawn mower Partner. For more information, see.

Partner lawn mower: models of their characteristics

Partner trimmers have long been popular among foreign and domestic gardeners. Garden equipment of this brand is characterized by reliability, excellent selection of components and high quality of the factory groups. Another important advantage is the affordable prices that allow you to buy a Partner model for almost every homeowner.

Advantages of the partner brand

  • Experience in creating high quality equipment;
  • Innovative views on modern developments;
  • High quality of all structural elements;
  • Favourable price of products;
  • Variety of types of products;
  • Multifunctionality of the departments;
  • Demonstration of high production performance.

Despite the fact that among the proposed models there are petrol and electric mowers, it is the first variants that are in the greatest demand and are ideal devices for working in difficult conditions.

The basis and formation of the partner

Partner was created on the basis of borlocks in post-war Europe Swedish company from the mining Borr Maskin, which produced fast equipment for ore mining. In 1949, this problem decided to radically change the direction of its activities and switched to the production of chainsaws for the forest floor.

The first “Partner” brand chainsaw hit the market in the 1950s. With this model began a rapid development of production technology for export to Europe, America and Asia.

Today, Partners actively produces high-quality chainsaws and cutting accessories. Among the gardening machines, trimmers of this Swedish manufacturer deserve special attention. They differ from their market competitors by modern design, ergonomics and good factory compensation. The high quality of components and units allows the use of electric and brushcutters in the most difficult conditions without damage to important working mechanisms.

Lawnmower installation

The Partner family of petrol lawnmowers is represented by a wide range of models – from 3.5 hp to 6.5 hp. The functionality of machines is so different that it takes into account the most selective needs of consumers.

Partner Lawn Mower Advantages

  • All line bodies are absolutely easy to use, providing total safety for the operator during work.
  • The Ready Start Light easy start system ensures easy engine starting.
  • Thanks to the Autowalk speed variator you can set the most suitable rhythm for your Partner lawnmower.
  • With a powerful engine, wide detection range when giving out, you can get the job done efficiently and promptly.
  • The cutting tool is made of strong steel that is resistant to obstacles.
  • Equipped with a foam air filter, the service life of the engine is considerably extended.
  • Some mower models of the Partner have a large grass catcher box with a capacity of 71 liters, which allows you to work long hours without the distraction of having to empty the grass cuttings. Compare: Lawn mowers normally have a standard grass catcher box capacity of 40 litres.
  • Thanks to the oversized rear wheels, your Partner lawn mower can effortlessly navigate over uneven surfaces and large areas.
  • Equipped with the special Bioklip mulching system, the mowers ensure a thorough mowing of the grass. You save time, and the mowed grass remains on the lawn as an organic fertilizer.
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Let’s look at the specifications and functionality of the most popular top models.

Partner P40-450s lawn mower

Gasoline Partner P40-450C

Lightweight, compact model with 3.5 HP. Designed for small areas. Features: easy starting, with Purenpu l-Purenpu l-hand pump, Lowto n-muffler. The partner grabs the lawnmower at 40 cm. The cut is adjustable in 5 heights from 25 to 80 mm. The grass catcher box is 50 liters, wheels 170/170 mm. The weight of the machine is 28 kg.

Lawn mushroom partner P46-450CD

Lawn mushroom partner P46-450CD

This self-propelled version is more productive and designed for medium-sized areas. It differs from the previous model with improved technical parameters: cutting width 46 cm, cutting height 30-80 mm (6 steps), larger wheels 190/210 mm, speed 4 km / h.

Partner P51-500CMD lawn mower

Partner P51-500cmd lawn mower

Even more powerful model for medium-sized areas, with mulching function. The power of the unit is 4.1 hp, width of mowing – 51 cm, the height of mowing – 33-90 mm. The machine is self-propelled, with a speed of 3.5 km/h. There is a large grass catcher box of 71 liters, the front and rear wheels are the same with a diameter of 200 mm. The weight of the mower is 37 kg.

Partner P56-500 SM lawn mower

With an engine power of 4.1 hp functionality of this model is greatly expanded: working width of 56 cm, the height of cutting from 35 to 90 mm, available mulching function and side ejection of mowed material. Partner lawn mower is designed for small to medium-sized areas, the model weight is 30 kg.

Partner P56-500SM lawn mower

unit: 3/8 | Summer performance: 3096 Source:

Top models from partner brand Rasen

Partner P53-625 DW (Impact mower, 4,000 watt, withstands maximum use. Running time on a charge is 40-60 minutes, depending on load and speed).

Partner P51-500 CMD (3600W, slightly less powerful standing counterpart, an excellent option for medium lawns, personal space and common areas treatment). Instruction manual, garden mower maintenance.

Benzosa Partner DX 42 – equipment model

This professional Partner trimmer features increased torque. This enables its owner to use the garden tool to combat high thick growth, large dried bushes and weeds, shoots of wild trees with a trunk not exceeding 7 mm.

The model’s basic package includes a 2-stroke, 1-cylinder gasoline-powered ice pick, controlled by a forced-air cooling system. Despite the high power, the Braid engine is characterized by low noise and vibration even when working with permissible loads.

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The technical features of this chainsaw include:

  • The factory engine output is 5.7 hp. C. at 10,000 rpm;
  • Cord/blade mowing coverage is 41.5/25.4 cm;
  • allowable cord diameter – 2.5 mm;
  • Weight – 7 kg.

The basic equipment of the trimmer includes a mowing head with a semi-automatic filament feed. If necessary, the garden trimmer can be equipped with a 3-blade cutting blade, 40-tooth disc or metal grinder.

Basic rules of operation

  • Do not run the unit indoors to avoid injury from exhaust fumes.
  • When dispensing, don’t push the mower, just guide it (self-propelled units move even more easily than conventional units);
  • Do not mow early in the morning; wait until the grass is dry.
  • Clean the grass catcher box in a timely manner so that its fullness does not affect the power of the mower.
  • Read the manufacturer’s manual carefully, it contains all the information you need to start, operate and maintain your mower and engine.
  • Work in protective gear (long pants, waterproof shoes, plastic mask, bears or headphones).

oil and fuel

For lawn mowers with four-stroke engines, you need to choose high-quality lubricants and good-quality gasoline. Types of fuel: Gasoline AI-95 and AI-92. Oil for air-cooled four-stroke engines.

Recommended oil type: SAE10W30 or as recommended by engine manufacturer.

First oil change should be made after 5 hours of operation after the first start of the unit. Subsequently, the oil is changed either according to the load and occupancy of the mower or every 50 hours (every three months). Oil with water impurities has a whitish patina, overheated oil is very dark – both are not suitable for filling the lawnmower.

Use only high-quality fuel and lubricants to extend the life of your mower.

Partner DX 56 Moto Lawn Mower – Tool Features

Your Partner ride-on mower in this professional specification is built with quality parts and mechanisms that are highly resistant to overheating, corrosion, and deformation. If necessary, each element of the model can be replaced with your own hands due to the free access to its housing.

Increased endurance and significantly increased working life of this trimmer allows you to use them for the most demanding tasks. The advanced rotational system of the tool successfully copes with the removal of the largest weeds. At the same time, there are virtually no restrictions on the area of the plot for the Mothmower’s work.

The parameters of this professional mower include:

  • The power of the factory engine is 5.4 hp. C. at 10,000 rpm;
  • Cord/blade mowing coverage is 41.5/25.4 cm;
  • allowable cord diameter – 2.5 mm;
  • Weight – 7.2 kg.

Trimmer partner DX 56 European production is distinguished by a good plant growth. This allows the owner of the lawnmower to put it in an upright position to remove the stems of wild curly plants.

Lawn mower operation and maintenance recommendations

Gasoline lawn mowers are quite complex machines, so owners should carefully study the manual before use and strictly follow the manufacturer’s requirements for safety, proper care and operation.

Learn how to operate and maintain your Partner P340S.
  • Clean grass residue and dirt from the unit thoroughly after use.
  • Check the oil level systematically – it must be exactly between the “full” and “refill” marks. Avoid overfilling and underfilling.
  • Use SAE 30 engine oil at the end of the season or change it every 25 hours of operation.
  • Before using your Partner lawn mower, visually inspect the machine for possible damage, worn blades, and condition of fasteners.
  • All nuts and screws should be replaced every 5 hours of operation.
  • The blades should be sharpened and balanced annually at the end of the operating season.
  • Fill the fuel tank only when the engine is cold.
  • If you use your Partner with more than one blade, special care must be taken: Rotating one blade may set the other blades in motion.

Block: 5/8 | Number of characters: 1235 Source:

Trimmer Partner V 250 V – the advantages of the model

Motor trimmer Partner in this amateur package is designed primarily for the care of small areas with low soft vegetation. If necessary, the tool can also be used to mow some weeds, the thickness of the spot which does not exceed 2 mm.

At the heart of this proprietary model is a 2-stroke internal combustion engine equipped with a 25 cm3 chrome cylinder and a wear-resistant forge with an enlarged hub. The mower is equipped with a standard manual starter with an optional manual fuel pump for fast, smooth starting.

Enable the mower’s factory settings:

  • The factory internal combustion engine output is 0.95 hp. C. at 8,000 rpm;
  • Cord/blade mowing coverage is 40 / 25.5 cm;
  • Allowed cord diameter – 1.6 mm;
  • Weight – 6,5 kg.

Benzokosa in this configuration is characterized by the simplicity of the device and free access to the most important consumables, which greatly simplifies self-repair and maintenance.

Trimmer Partner XS – tool functions

When developing this hobbymaster, the manufacturer settled on a standard scheme with a 1-cylinder gasoline engine, a rigid drive shaft and an all-aluminum transmission. The trimmer doesn’t stand out for high output or great torque delivery, but the curved shaft gives it the ability to tackle weeds in the hardest to reach places. If necessary, the mower can also be used for clean trimming of ornamental grass, sidewalks, and flowerbeds.

For easy operation, this partner mower is equipped with an ergonomic D-handle, which can be moved along the entire length of the boom or removed for transport. The handle is covered with a pleasant rubberized material that prevents the tool from slipping in your hands.

Mower options include:

  • Factory output of 0.95 hp. C. at 8,000 rpm;
  • Cord/blade mowing cover – 41 / 25.5 cm;
  • Allowed cord diameter – 1.6 mm;
  • Weight – 4 kg.

Most of the internal parts of this brushcutter are made of reinforced plastic, which makes the trimmer easier to operate and eliminates the risk of rusting inside the body.

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