Partner for chainsaws. Overview of the model range. Features of operation, advantages and disadvantages of chainsaws

Partner for chainsaws. Overview of models at a glance

Partner brand supplies the market with quality chainsaws for more than half a century. For those who are more comfortable working with power tools in a limited space, there were specially designed electric saws Partner – exact copies of gasoline counterparts.

Like the gasoline versions, Partner electric saws can cut wood, stumps, branches and logs. They are used in the construction of various wooden structures. In addition, electric saws are about half the price of chain saws.

Partner chainsaws are produced by world famous Swedish concern Husqvarna in its own factories in Norway, part of the production is located in factories in China.

Description of the range of chainsaws Partner

Modifications of Partner chainsaws differ in the main technical parameters: the electric motor power, bar length and weight. The weight of electric saws ranges from 3.5 to 6.3 kg, the model P2140 has the lowest weight in the family – 3.5 kg. Chain speed in electric saws is in the range of 13-15 m/s. The chain pitch is 9.3 mm (3.8 inches).

Partners 2140

The range of the most popular electric saw models and their main technical characteristics are presented in the table.

Model/characteristics Electric motor power, kW Cutting length of bar, cm Saws weight, kg
Partners P818 1,8 35 4,3
Partners P820T 2,0 40 3,6
Partner P620T 2,0 40 4.25
Partners ES 1816 1,8 40 3,8
Partners 1900 1,9 40 4,2
Partner ES 2200 2,2 45 4,2
Partners P2140 2,1 40 3,5
Partner PC 2600 2,6 40 6,3

Features of using Partner saws

Chainsaw models with lower power are designed for domestic use, the powerful 2.1 kW modifications allow you to perform more complex work. The Partner PC 2600 2.6 kW chainsaw can be used at home and for woodworking.

Partner PC 2600

For home use, the Partner P820T, P620T chain saws are most commonly used for light weight, but with high performance and optimal technical characteristics of the model.

Partner P820T Power Saw

Advantages of chainsaws Partner:

  • automatic chain lubrication;
  • mechanical braking and kickback protection;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • improved chain tensioning system;
  • precision fine cutting;
  • accidental lock and start lock;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • emergency braking;
  • Robust, impact-resistant plastic body;
  • Visual oil level check.

Partner P820T Electric Saw Instruction Manual

Using the example of the Partner P820T chainsaw, one of the top household models, let’s look at the features of operation, maintenance and safety of the tool. The manufacturer strongly recommends strict adherence to the rules of operation when working with the chainsaw:

  1. No unauthorized persons should be in the working area. It is necessary to properly prepare the workplace to calculate the place of the possible fall of trees and branches.
  2. It is necessary to follow the recommendations regarding the clothing of the worker: tight overalls, gloves, goggles, headphones.
  3. Do not use the various attachments on your Partner chain saw unless specifically instructed to do so. Do not use the tool for purposes other than those described in the instruction manual.
  4. Always have the chain serviced: an unlubricated, loosely tensioned or not properly sharpened chain can cause accidents.
  5. The handles of the chainsaw must not be oily, otherwise loss of control of the device cannot be ruled out.
  6. It should be noted that the tool generates an electromagnetic field that can affect the functioning of medical implants to some degree.
  7. When working with an extension cord, it is important to consider its length and cross-sectional area.
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Main malfunctions of the electric saw “Partner”:

  1. If the saw does not start, you need to check the mains voltage, check the mains cable and input/output sections.
  2. The engine overheats – possibly from contamination with wood debris, the gearbox is jammed.
  3. Partner electric saw stops while operating – main reason is worn brushes or faulty gearbox.
  4. Brushes and the collector are worn and burned out – it is manifested by sparks, deterioration of the interaction of electrodes with the armature. It is necessary to replace the brushes with new ones, carefully clean the gap between the slats in the armature.

For more information on the manufacturer’s instructions, please follow this link.

The HUSQVARNA chainsaw line also includes cordless chainsaw models. Charging takes 35/35 minutes with the battery. With such a saw you can, regardless of the power and fuel connection, do the necessary work within half an hour and then recharge the unit.

The advantages of a cordless saw in some cases are obvious, and experience shows that cordless saws are very handy.

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owners’ reviews

Yuri, 44, Khabarovsk:

“Good quality and durability. performance is normal. Made firewood for the winter, the vegetable garden is fine. The chainsaw partner r818 is a suitable tool.”

Sergey, 45 years old, Zaporozhye:

“I have been using the Partner R820 T chainsaw (engine power 2 kW) for 3 years. I mostly work in the store. If you need to work in the garden, I use an extension cord with the appropriate cord.

From the advantages of the saw, the partner would note a fairly quiet, noiseless operation, independence of the fuel, the automatic protection without turning off the engine – the parts and components are not destroyed, the body is made of very durable plastic. If not sawing at maximum load, it works very stably.

Chainsaw partners: overview of the range

A subsidiary of Husqvarna, known for the highest quality of its range, specializes in the production of domestic chainsaws under the Partner brand. At the domestic market, the Partner brand chainsaws are represented by a model range, the cost of which ranges from 6 to 14 thousand rubles.

The manufacturer carries out its activities on the use of high quality raw materials and modern production and assembly technologies. Placing production in China has stabilized the price range of products at an affordable level for consumers.

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chainsaw partner


Powerful, economical and reliable in long-term use chainsaws Partner is designed to carry out sawing work in the private and agricultural sectors, in construction machinery and for the care of forestry woody decorations.

  • Gasoline saws of this brand are largely adapted to work in difficult climatic conditions.
  • is characterized by reliable starting at temperatures up to 20 ° C.
  • Stable traction parameters in nominal and maximum operating modes.

Household saw Partner successfully combines the classic layout, new developments in the field of industrial design, special technology for high-precision processing of metal.

Evaluation characteristics

chainsaw partner

In a relatively short time, the manufactured range of the brand has reached high ratings. Positive feedback from owners and specialists of service and repair structures can serve as proof of the excellent technical and operational properties.

The quality, reliability and durability of the component parts meet the status of modern standards and the current official documentation. The affordable cost of chainsaws Partner did not affect the complete set.

The standard list includes:

  • easy start systems;
  • easily accessible mechanisms for tool-free adjustment of the chain tension;
  • Air intakes with combined air cleaning.

Design parameters evaluation

The manufacturer’s official website, published on the Internet, provides an overview of the technical properties of the entire lineup, which allows the buyer to choose a chainsaw that in every respect meets the features of the subsequent operation.

Notice to the user:

  • Effective operation of the quick start, fuel supply, electronic ignition, vibration compensation and emergency stop systems;
  • Partner chain saws take advantage of the automatic lubrication systems of the saw system;
  • Your Partner chain saw is a high-maintenance chainsaw.

Guided by the recommendations set out in the instruction manual, the owner of the tool can adjust the carburetor, saw chain tensioning or perform other simple repair work on household appliances on their own.


Partner brand chainsaws are very popular in their price range among consumers. The rating provided shows the properties of the highly rated models.

Partner P340S

Partner P340s

The model at a price of 6,000 rubles is focused on getting the job done:

  • Cutting firewood for the stove or fireplace;
  • Care of the garden and forest stands;
  • Croning of wooden plant decor.

With a moderate cylinder volume of 35 cm, the two-stroke quarry drive develops up to 1.0 hp.

The tractive parameters are sprawling enough to drive a professional 14-inch headset. Autonomy of operation is provided by fuel supply and chain lubrication in 300 and 150 ml service tanks.

The 4.5 kg tool is well balanced, and the shape of the body provides a secure grip. Low-vibration operation and back handle mounted controls provide smoother operation.

Partner P350s

Partner P350s

The commercial success of the P340S spurred the development of a chainsaw with improved traction and performance. The next saw in the lineup gained a 38 cm³ unit with 1.96 horsepower and a 410 mm professional-grade headset.

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The selling price of the new development rose to 6800 rubles, weight to 4.7 kg. The partnership of the P350S series is improved in terms of reliability and durability of the clutch mechanism, the oil pump drive of the automatic lubrication system.

The tool differs from the same-type counterparts:

  • Availability of semi-automatic carburetor air damper control;
  • Additional vibration protection on the rear handle.

Partner 351xt Chromium

Partner 351xt Chrome

The chrome series of chainsaws extends the life of the gas engines by coating the inner diameter of the cylinder with a durable chrome layer. The performance of the 351xt chrome model tool corresponds to the semi-professional level.

The full ride of a professional headset with a length of 400 mm, which is realized due to the traction properties of the carburetor engine with two carburetors with a passive current up to 1.9 hp. The operating time in autonomous mode is increased by increasing the volume of the fuel tank to 380 ml.

The use of light metals allowed the model to remain in the same weight group – 4.7 kg. The design of the tool is supplemented by an inertial type of emergency braking activator and starting primer. The last price of the 351xt chrome-plated model is fixed at 7,700 rubles.

Partner P352XT.

Partner P352XT

The model has been modified due to the increase in performance, and the power of the 39-kg economical carbureted drive increases to 2.15 hp. There’s enough engine power for a full 400-millimeter headset.

In operational advantages of the tool:

  • Simplified upgrades with fuel blends;
  • Availability of booster pump and reliable electronic ignition system in operation;
  • CCS system stabilizes drive traction and extends inlet air filter service intervals.

A design feature of these chainsaws is a special fan wheel device that protects the air filter from sawing.

Partner P360S

Partner P360s

The characteristics of this model, positioned by the manufacturer, confirm the assigned certificate of conformity of the European model. The domestic category costs 5,000 rubles, and at a weight of 4.8 kg gets from the engine cubic capacity of 40 cm3 and power up to 2.1 hp.

Productive and durable 450-millimeter tire and wear-resistant chain belongs to the company-supplier. Problems with starting the cold disc unit are eliminated by the soft-start mechanism.

The ability to make crazy adjustments to standard saws and the air intake with combined air cleaning help reduce forced downtime.

Partner 370

Partners 370

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use on a daily basis, this 36 cc, 1.9 horsepower chainsaw is indispensable in the home and is also used as standard equipment on scientific expeditions and hiking groups.

The tool can be successfully used

  • For sawing fuel, stoves, or firewood;
  • in the construction of houses and in the upkeep of trees in wooded campsites.

The tool weighs less than 5 kg and is especially suitable for sawing work in the construction of high-storey timber structures and for cutting large trees.

The 400 ml or 300 ml consumable volume allows a long working time in standalone mode. The tool can be equipped with 14″ or 16″ headsets, depending on the complexity of the planned work.

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Partner 371

Partners 371

This versatile, certified tool is a modified and improved version of the Partner 370.

The new model has the same performance-to-weight ratio:

  • More efficient dosage of chain lubrication applied to the cut;
  • Faster emergency-stop mechanism;
  • Centrifugal air cleaning circuit to clean the air entering the engine.

Using the appropriate chain sharpening angle, the chainsaw can be used for cross-cutting, longitudinal and more complex diagonal cuts, business and construction wood. The specified rpm is set on the chainsaw with a slight movement of the gas barrel.

Partner 391

Partners 391

Home-grade saw functionality is designed for a wide range of domestic and construction jobs. The tool is powered by a 45cc de-energized engine that develops up to 1.7 hp.

The tool has received a small cover with which the chainsaw cleans the saw chain, tightens or replaces it without using a special wrench.

The bar length recommended for standard jobs is 16 inches. The last selling price for this model is fixed in the range of 8800-9200 rubles.

Partner P842.

Partners P842

The domestic version of the powerful and durable saw for the home is equipped with a 2, 1-horsepower drive for the chain saw range. The cylinders of the power units in this series received decompression valves and wear-resistant chrome coating. As far as durability is concerned, the saw’s drive sprocket is complete.

The design is complemented by the Ecoboost exhaust cleaning system and an improved drive oil pump. Also involved are the operational benefits of dual air purification and the efficiency of the company’s innovative vibratory rail.

Carburetor Adjustments

The fuel system is factory-set to standard air temperature and atmospheric pressure settings. Additional adjustment of the carburetor is required if after warming up the engine does not start or does not develop revolutions. In another variant – it stops when pressing the gas or does not work at idle speed.

The most probable cause of this malfunction is too rich or bad fuel mixture entering the engine. The recommended sequence for adjusting the fuel system is given in the service and company manual.

Turning the gasoline emulsion quantity and quality adjusting screws brings the oil to the standard 1:16 content.

The key to successful operation is:

  • High quality gasoline and a properly prepared fuel mixture;
  • Pre-cleaning of the air filter;
  • Warming the engine up to working temperature.

If there is an engine in the design, it is necessary to make sure that it is repairable. Constant ignition clearance adjustment is not required. Adjusting the spark plug gap is sufficient for proper ignition adjustment.

All models of the brand range run on a fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil for two-stroke gas-distributing engines. The proportion of oil is the standard 40: 1, for individual models. At altitude, the figure is 50: 1.

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Depending on the air temperature, consumables are selected from a list of brands recommended in the manual. It is possible to use an identical counterpart of appropriate quality. Engine oils and their chain counterparts are not interchangeable.

Failures and troubleshooting

A significant portion of malfunctions are the result of lack of skilled maintenance, illiterate and improper use of the tool.

If the saw does not start in another version, it starts and fails and can be the cause of failure:

  • Water trapped in the carburetor;
  • Expired fuel mixture timing;
  • A receiver filter clogged with sawdust.

If the engine does not run steadily at the speed of the selected operating mode, you should check the quality of the gasoline itself, the cleanliness of the fuel filter and carburetor jets.

In difficult conditions the injectors work. In a situation where the chain is not lubricated in working mode, its life is reduced by several times. If there is no oil supply to the headset with a cistern, operation should be stopped until the fault is corrected.

advantages and disadvantages

The technical and performance parameters are identical in various countries. With timely and complete maintenance, all models produce the allocated resources with a significant reserve.

  • A sufficient range of spare parts, oils, spark plugs and other consumables ensure that owners can do their own maintenance and up-to-date repairs. The domestic part of the repair stock is replenished by China, but the quality level of cheaper parts and assemblies is much lower.
  • The list of advantages is good for its category, interchangeability of unified parts.
  • Users positively noted the absence of problems with engine starting. Despite the lack of additional equipment, starting the chainsaw, which is moderately adapted to the cold climate, is without problems

There are practically no serious design flaws. There are separate complaints about the quality of plastic, the budgetary life of the saw sets, increased consumption of chain lubrication.

owners’ reviews

Partner P842 Partner P842 series according to the main parameters is one of the most successful models. The budget cost of the tool affects everything, including the quality of materials and durability of components. But for home use the option is the most optimal. For a new tool, a temporary setup is required. Only in this case, its functionality can be used at 100%. Leva

The work of the new chainsaw Partner did not get along from the first day. The engine started badly, unstably worked at idle when giving the load. After two failed adjustments, the carburetor was replaced under warranty. Since then, my problems are over, the saw was back to normal operating level. The engine is great, the chain after a few cubes of sawed firewood had to be replaced early, the tire is still holding up. And another thing, in the cold the oil pump almost does not work, I have to dilute the oil with gasoline. Peter Alexandrovich

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